Golden Age Hero Rebirth Guide

Golden Age Hero Rebirth Guide by masterzorc08

First, the basics, taken from the game:

Level 1 Rebirth

1. Lvl 1 Hero rebirth costs 1 Holy Water Vial. After rebirth, the hero can be upgraded to Lv 120.
2. Hero can be reborn after Lv 60. The higher level the hero is, the more success the chance of rebirth will be.
3. When hero reaches Lv 90, he will successfully be reborn with a 100% chance. There will be no level requirement and a 100% successful chance to be reborn after rebirth.
4. After rebirth, hero will return to level 0 and its attributes will go back its original.
5. If a hero has 4 skills, he or she will not gain any additional skills from rebirth.

Level 2 Rebirth

1. Hero must not have equipment equipped.
2. A Holy Stone will be consumed. [Holy Stones are not yet implemented, not to be confused with holy stones used in the Antis Map Collection]
3. A hero can be reborn after reaching Level 80. Success rate is 100% when the Hero reaches Level 100.
4. The stronger the Hero’s abilities were, the stronger the reborn Hero will be.
5. The reborn Hero’s Leadership will receive a bonus.
6. Upon rebirth, the Hero’s Level is reset to 0.
7. You can level up the reborn Hero to Level 155.
8. If the Hero already has 4 different skills, a new skill will not be acquired upon rebirth.

Now, for a step by step guide on how to rebirth your hero! I shall use a lvl 60 Monty as an example.

First, find the “Rebirth” button found on your hero’s sheet. Make sure you’ve removed your hero’s gear before clicking “Rebirth”

Next, you’ll have the above box pop up. Remember, you’ll need a Holy Water Vial, which is bought from the Item Mall. Assuming you’ve removed your gear, and have a vial, click “Begin Rebirth”.

Another window will pop up, showing you how many Holy Water Vials you have. Click it, and confirm its usage.

The above super sexy awesome transformation sequence (Go!) will begin!

Now, we see whether it was successful or not. If it was, you’ll see your hero’s improved stats compared to his/her old ones, and also his/her new skill Smile

Lastly, you’ll see on your hero’s sheet that it has been rebirthed, and it is back to level 0 Smile


What if I don’t like the rebirth stats I got. Can I try again?
-Yes, you may do a lvl 1 rebirth as many times as you desire after you’ve successfully done it the first time. Each time will give you different stats, and revert you back to lvl 0

Why did you make this guide?
– We have seen several threads asking about Rebirth in the past, and I was asked by GM Anya to make one. Ta-da!

Where do you find Holy Water Vials?
-They are found in the Item Mall -> Hero tab -> 2nd page Smile

What happens when a Rebirth fails?
-The item used for the rebirth is wasted, but nothing happens to the hero. You’ll have to try again.

My hero keeps failing the rebirth. How do I increase my chances?
-On the first rebirth, your hero will receive a 100% chance to succeed if he/she is level 90. On your second rebirth, your hero will receive a 100% chance to succeed if he/she is level 100. I do not have the exact % of chance in the levels in-between.

Why do you not have screenshots of a lvl 2 rebirth?
-I do not have a hero that meets the requirements, and lvl 2 rebirth is not yet implemented.

Where do I find Holy Stones?
-They have not be implemented yet. So for right now, lvl 2 rebirth can’t be done. They are not to be confused with the stones used in the Antis Map Collection.

Have any more questions or comments? Please feel free to post them below.

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