Golden Age Advanced Game Guide

Golden Age Advanced Game Guide by electro

City Basics

A city is the place where players handle governing, developing buildings, learning technologies, and raising troops. It contains buildings for Domestic Affairs, Resource Buildings, and Military Buildings.

1. New Construction: Double-click an empty place in the castle to build constructions.
2. Upgrade Construction: Click build construction to check requirement. With proper requirements, click upgrade to level up the construction.
3. Demolish: Click to demolish constructions. (After pulling it down, not all resources will be returned, and your maximum population will be reduced.)
4.Conscript troop resources: City Square will offer free soldier source, you can also recruit soldier source in City Square by gold.
5.Train Troops: After you have activated a related technology in Seminary and have enough soldiers, you can train them in military type buildings.”
“Sanctum City

Sanctum City is a place where other players and NPCs reside. Sanctum City has three areas: the Palace, the Square, and the Market.

1. Palace: Here you can find the Lord Governor and other NPCs who can provide you with alliance quests, events, dungeon instances, awards quests, salary, etc.
2. Square: Located between Palace and Market. There are many NPCs here who handle daily quests, hero quests, hiring of heroes and secretaries, and some plot quests.
3. Market: The district mainly includes Resource Suppliers, Legendary Blacksmiths, Item Shops, Postman, and other quest NPC.

Sire Basics

1. Special titles are granted according to the Sire level.
2. Experience: It increases Sire EXP by constructing buildings and completing quests.
3. Strength: Reflects a Sire’s construction capabilities, population, output of resources, armed forces, and offensive and defensive abilities in total.
4. Hero’s Maximum: Normal heroes’ maximum will expand along with the Sire’s level, but an Epic Hero’s maximum is set to 20 with no change.
5. Castle upper limit: When your Sire level reaches Lv30, for each 10 levels the Sire upgrades, they can build one more Branch City.
6. Wilderness Limit: This depends on the number of owned cities. The more cities you have, the more wilderness areas you can conquer.

Wilderness Basics

1. Defense and Attack Types: Lv5+ wilderness will have an NPC counterattack army. Due to the differences between Offensive and Defensives, the NPC armies also have different numbers. The two types should be attacked with the armies of the corresponding type.
2. Wilderness: Wilderness areas include Resource, Stronghold, Marauder, and Resource Types. After capturing a Resource Type wilderness, the city will get a resource output bonus. After capturing a wilderness, the city will obtain special rewards. After capturing a Marauder Type wilderness, the city will get Gold.
3. Wilderness Dilapidation: If wilderness dilapidation reaches its maximum, it will disappear. Ordinary resource points only exists for 48 hours, and will be refreshed after that. Stronghold Type and Marauder Type wilderness areas only exist for 4 hours, and will be refreshed randomly.
4. Search for Wilderness: Resource wilderness areas are spread all across the world. Players can find them on the map, while other wildernesses can only be found by investigating.

Army Basics

1.Need to generate soldiers in the various military related buildings in your cities. This will consume corresponding resources and soldiers.
2. After the soldiers are produced, click the button under avatar to enter the big map, then click the Castle, you will see the New Army button.
3. First click the solider card below, then click “”OK”” to complete the army. You could also name the army under Recognized Armies: and change the supplying city.
4. Click the image of an army at the castle to check its details.

Army Actions

1. Scout: You can set out from any castle or village. When scouting faraway castles or villages, you’ll be able to see some wilderness areas that cannot be seen normally. If the target has many more Scouts than you, you won’t be able to collect any information. Also, you may lose some or all of your Scouts.
2. Garrison: Sends an army to stay at a designated location. The directive can be carried out by any army type from any castle or village. For faraway wildernesse areas, you will need to garrison the village or castle that the wilderness covers before you garrison the wilderness. When the directive is finished, the army will stay at the target location. If a war breaks out, the garrison army will join the defenders to defend that place.
3. Plunder: Use to snatch resources from other castles. The Marauder Army should set out from its own castle, and should not include any siege warfare units. After the battle, if the Marauder Army still has soldiers left, it will automatically return to the original castle with the plundered resources.
4. Attack: Used to destroy enemies’ Defense facilities and armies. Any soldiers can attack an enemy, starting with castles or villages.
5. Conquer: attacking the city can kill the enemy armies and destroy the city’s defense equipment. The city will be occupied if you win.

Daily Quests

1. When: Quests will refresh at 21:00 GMT-7 daily!
2. Where: Obtains quest from NPC: Royal Advisor Dumont
3. Why: Complete quest for awesome rewards and prizes!

Chat Basics

1.Friend List: At the right side of game panel, click the Friends button, or use the shortcut key F to open your friends list. Click “”””Add”””” to enter a name and search. The target will be added into friend list. The system will send them a mail. They can also be added to the blacklist or note list in a similar way.
2.Chat System: There are three different channels: Alliance, World, and Horn. Using the World channel consumes your Sire’s vitality, and using the Horn channel consumes Horns. You can set which chats are displayed in the chat settings.

Resource Supplier

At the NPC Resource Supplier, you can choose to trade with NPC’s or other players.

1. NPC Trade: Players can buy Resources with Gold (1: 1), or sell Resources for Gold (10:1). They can also use a Commerce Guild Contract to exchange Gold and Resources (1:3 and 3:1). If they use a Commerce Guild Contract, the maximum amount of each trade is related to the marketplace level.
2. Sire Trade: Players can use this function to trade. Put a request on it and then time is decided by system. The trade amount is influenced by the market’s level.
3. Only resources under protection can be traded. Players can find activate protection for each resource in the upper right part of the castle.


Through the NPC Postman, you can give items or gold to other players, but no more than 3 at a time. There are also daily limits to both giving and receiving, depending on the resource output of both parties.

Auction System

You can sell and purchase items with the NPC Market Vendor. The currency used for this system consists the use of Ducats. The buyer and seller can set the auction price or the buyout price here. The item you purchased or auction that did not sell buy returned to by mail.

Ranking List

1. Sire Ranking: This rank will include the Power of Sires in army size (only counts units), resource output, defense and attack, population, etc.
2. Military Ranking: Assess the Sires’ ability to attack, defend, and plunder.
3. Alliance Ranking List: decided by members’ total capacities.
4. Hero Ranking List: Rankings by Level, Combat Power, Defense, and Government ability.
5. Castle Ranking: evaluating by population
6. Kingdom Ranking List: Based on the kingdom’s temple, members’ total powers, and population in castles.

Building New Cities

When player reach Lv30 they can establish a secondary city!

1. First, construct a Fort building. Then use it to train an Archon unit that will establish a new city. The type of archons you can train depend on your faction; there are Temple Inquisitors, Commerce Guild Agents, and Archons. The first Branch City needs 1 Archon, and the second needs 2 Archons, and so on.
2. After the Archon training is done, set up armies with Archons and assign them to the village in which you want to establish a castle.
3. Click the button in village to build a city. It costs 50,000 gold to construct a secondary City.

Burning Cities

1. When you occupy another user’s castle, you can choose to destroy the castle with Fuel Tanks by burning it down! Fuel Tanks can be obtained from Fuel Factories wildernesses found in the world map.
2. Burning will last for 24 hours. During this period, the conqueror can choose to stop action themselves or if the castle is re-taken.
3. In the process of burning a city, other players can use Extinguisher for reducing the damage and rate of burn! Extinguishers can be found in the pond wildernesses.
4. When the city is burnt down, the arson will receive a mail notice that the city’s constructions have been destroyed, and the burnt city buildings will degrade randomly. The owner needs to go to the Ruins Administrator to rebuild the city.
5. When rebuilding, choose “”Rebuild at Another Place”” at the NPC. If the player’s castle is the last one, the rebuilding time will be greatly shortened. The rebuilding time of common castles is 24 hours.
6. The system will grant the player a certain amount of Gold according to the ruin construction status, or you can receive the Gold from the NPC Ruins Manager.


Heroes can be divided into Epic Heroes and Common Heroes.

Common Hero: Can be hired from the Hero Employment Officer, certain items can help you get a rare Hero with higher attributes.

Epic Hero: You can obtain Legend of Epic Heroes when attacked or exploring wilderness. Use this item to be introduced with the corresponding Epic Hero.

You can’t recruit an epic hero the first time you meet them. You’ll have to persuade their loyalty for them to permanently join you. The higher Friendship a hero has, the higher chance you have to persuade them.
There are 4 ways to enhance Friendship: award, praise, persuade and talk. These “”Treasure”” type items which can be purchased from the Item Mall, or from attacking wilderness areas.

Epic Heroes

1. There are 8 basic epic heroes available. Each of them possess attributes and skills better than common heroes. What’s more, their leadership is far superior. They have obvious advantages in leading a troop in battles against your foes!
2. Each Epic Hero will be counted differently, and they are separate from Normal Heroes.
3. Epic Heroes have 3 skills learned.
4. Epic Heroes have special backgrounds and histories. They’re unique from common heroes, and their names cannot be changed.

Hero Skills

There are 45 hero Skills in all. Each has 3 levels of strength. A hero can have the same skill at different levels, but only the highest level one takes effect. Each Hero can only have 3 skills at most.

1. Instinct: A born skill with recruited hero. (After you get an epic hero, you will have three talent skills.)
2. Using Skill Books: A hero can learn new skills by using a skill book. It also has a chance of covering old skills.

Hero Quest

1. Each player can acquire hero quests from NPC Royal Advisor Dumont everyday. The maximum amount of the available hero quests is 45, and each hero can finish up to 15 quests.
2.After the hero is selected, you will get defensive quests if the hero is a Defensive, and offensive quests if the hero is an Offensive. The quest has 3 levels: easy, normal, difficult, and each level has 5 grades: primary, medium, advanced, elite and master.
3. Commands are absolutely necessary to receive the quests. There are 10 free Commands available every day. If you need more, you can purchase them from the Item Mall.
4. If you think a hero isn’t powerful enough, you can buy items from marketplace to boost that hero’s abilities.
5. Completing quests can earn you hero experience and hero gear, plus you might receive more advanced quests. You can also spend Crowns to help a hero who is undertaking a quest.

Hero Gear

1. The hero’s power can be enhanced with proper gear. Players may obtain hero’s gear by attacking wildernesses, finishing hero quests, and collecting materials.
2. There are four kinds of gear. From basic to excellent, they are white, green, blue and purple gear. The better the gear is, the less chance you have to obtain them. They can offer additional attributes, such as intellect, strength and vitality.
3. Fortify Gear: Players can gain fortification materials by attacking gem mines and fortify their gear by visiting the NPC Legendary Blacksmith. The maximum fortification level is 9 stars.
4. Dismantle and Reforge Gear: You can dismantle useless gear at the Legendary Blacksmith to obtain materials and gems. These gems can be used to reforge gear and add additional attributes to it. The fortification effect of the gear will not change.

Setup Alliance

When you reach Lv 10, you can create your own alliance with the help of NPC Alliance Officer Delilah. You just need pay 10,000 gold,a creative (non-offensive) name and a declaration!

Alliance Growth

Alliances have three basic attributes: Development, Capital, and Resources.

1. Development means the popularity of the Alliance, more active members, more Development points are available.
2. Money is necessary for any Alliance. Alliance members can use donations to increase the Alliance money quickly.
3. Materials are an alliance resource that will be consumed when members use alliance functions. Some alliance functions will not be available unless you have enough resources.
4. Completing Alliance quests or donations can raise Alliance Honor. You can use Glory to purchase special items in the Alliance shop.

Alliance Maintenance

There are 3 alliance statuses: Normal, Low, and None.
Alliance maintenance will be performed every 2 hours. This will consume some Development and capital, but also provides some materials. When an Alliance’s capital or Development is low, it will turn to low maintenance or even stop the maintenance. While the Alliance’s consumption becomes lower, it also stops producing materials.

Alliance Customization

Alliance Medal: In Golden Age, you can set your own Alliance medal for all to see! Click “Upload Pic” to choose the icon you want to upload. After uploading, you can edit it, such as zoom in or zoom out, and also preview the icon. At the end, click “Save Medal” to complete the act.

Your Alliance Declaration is a brief phrase you can use to explain what you are all about. It can be up to 200 characters, and will be displayed in the alliance window. Click Save after entering your declaration to display it.

Alliance Members

There are two ways to recruit members:

1.) Invite players: Enter the player’s name in the member management panel to send your invitation via mail. That player can join the alliance when he or she confirms.

2.) Players Apply: Players can apply to join an alliance with the Clerk of the Alliance. The alliance manager can see the information on the application list, then decide whether to accept or refuse the application.

Alliance Posts

In golden age, Alliance ranks are called “”Posts.”” There are 6 levels of Post. The higher the level of the post, the more rights you’ll have in the alliance. Based on different functions, the rights can be divided into information management, member recruitment, member management, administration management, diplomacy management, and welfare management.

One alliance officer can get a post quest from the quest NPC every day. Different officials will have different quests. There are a limited number of post quests per day.

Alliance Diplomacy

Diplomatic relationship statuses include: Friendly, Rival, and Neutral.

In the diplomacy panel, there are two options. One is to establish diplomatic a relation, the other is to deal with diplomatic affairs. You must select a target in order to establish a new diplomatic relation.

Each alliance can have up to 3 friendly alliances, but can add unlimited rivals.

Alliance Shop

1.) The welfare manager of the alliance can consume some alliance development to activate reward quests. The alliance members must turn in the item to finish the quest. After that, the alliance will receive funds and its members will keep the designated item.

2.) In the alliance shop, members can purchase items with Glory. These items vary depending on the shop level. The higher the shop’s level is, the more items it will sell.

3.) The goods in the alliance shop can be divided into three types: Free Purchase, Authority Purchase, and Limited Purchase.

A.) Free purchase: Any alliance member can purchase these items with Glory.

B.) Authority Purchase: Only Alliance Officers meeting the rank requirement can purchase these items. The Alliance leader can set the officer ranks.

C.) Buy (Limited): Each Alliance member can only purchase one of these items each day.

Alliance Quests

Alliance quests include: Daily Quests, Bounty Quests, and Post Quests.

1.) Daily Quest: These quests refresh every day at 21: 00, and can be received from Royal Advisor Dumont. You can earn rewards like Sire Reputation, Gold, Glory, etc.

2.) Bounty Quest: In order to access a bounty quest, you will need and alliance welfare officer first. You can get these quests from Royal Advisor Dumont. After completing them, you will recieve Gold, Reputation, and Glory.

3.) Post Quest: Any alliance member with an official rank can get Post Quests from Royal Advisor Dumont. He only sends out a limited number of quests each day, which vary according to different ranks. Each character can only 1 quest per day at most.

Establish Nation

When an alliance reaches Lv5 without joining a country, it can set up a country by taking over a Wonder. A country can contain up to 4 alliances.

Kingdom Management

1.) The alliance leader who established the country is the manager of the country. The leader has access to all the country functions. The country Diplomat has the right to change the country’s diplomatic state with other countries.

2.) One alliance can join a country if its leader sends an application mail in the state panel.


1. When your country is first created, the diplomatic relationship with other countries will be set to “”Rival””.
2. All the alliances can confer and agree to ally with another alliance, but one alliance cannot add another without the group.

Nation Ranking List

The rankings in the leader board are based on your: occupied territories, population size and army power.

Enemy Territory

An enemy territory usually has 130 villages in it, with only 1 or 2 entrances. All villages in these territories will come with a special bonus.

Unlike random wilderness villages, These only appear in their designated area, they cannot be refreshed with items and their attributes cannot be refreshed using items. Their special attributes include: Increased defense or Increased resources.

All enemy territory villages are defended by an NPC army. In order to claim these spots, you must first defeat their forces. If you do not succeed, they will regenerate their numbers over time. If the village has a defense bonus attribute, the defending army will also have the same bonus. These are not easy battles, so be cautious!

Capturing Wonders

When you attack a Wonder, the NPC army will automatically be adjusted according to the occupation of the wilderness. If the attacker wins the battle, occupation will decrease. The player that puts the most soldiers in will occupy this Wonder.

To take over an occupied Wonder, you will have to defeat a few NPC troops first.

Wonder Reward

If you manage to claim a wonder, the game will reward you greatly.

1.)You will receive soldier cards in the mail to augment your armies with new powerful units.

2.)If you are in an Alliance, its Capital and Development are increased every 4 hours.

Knights Templar

These are the names if each type of the Knights Templar troops.

1.) Infantry: Attendant Infantry (Offensive). Tafuer Swordsman (Offensive). Spear Soldier (Defensive)
2.) Archer: Silver Crossbow Defender (Defensive), Dragon Archer Card (Offensive)
3.) Cavalry: Wind-Wing Cavalry (Offensive), Knights Templar (Defensive)
4.) Mage: Black-Cloak Monk (Defensive), Disciple of Holy Spirit (Offensive)
5.) Special Troop Types: Catapult (Siege Apparatus), Temple Inquisitor (Archon), Scouts.

Rhine Commerce Guild

These are the names if each type of the Rhine Commerce Guild troops.

1.) Infantry: Gladiator (Offensive), Shieldmen (Defensive)
2.) Archer: Rhine Archer (Offensive), Tetragrammaton Crossbowmen (Defensive)
3.) Cavalry: Guards (Defensive), Ranger (Offensive)
4.) Mage: Alchemist (Offensive), Holy Sister (Defensive)
5.) Special Soldiers: Stone Cannon (Siege Apparatus), Commerce Guild Agent (Archon), Spy (Scout)

Ibero Alliance

These are the names if each type of the Ibero Alliance troops.

1.) Infantry: Phalanx Pikemen (Defensive). Dragon-Spear Commando (Offensive)
2.) Archer: Bagpipe Hunting Archer (Offensive), Spearwielder (Defensive)
3.) Calvary: Chain Flail Cavalry (Offensive), Noble Cavalry (Defensive), Flail Cavalry (Offensive)
4.) Mage: Garland Warlock (Defensive), Sage (Offensive)
5.) Special Soldiers: Siege Trebuchet (Siege Apparatus), Archon (Archon), Scout (Scout)

Core Buildings

These are the buildings you need to unlock features necessary for managing an empire.

1.) Administration Hall: This is the hub of your city. Upgrading this building will increase your daily gold income, as well as open up new buildings to be made. You can set your town to defense mode, or assign a governer though your administration hall.

2.) Warehouse: This building stores your Lumber, Stone, and Iron. Increase this so you can store more resources!

3.) Granary: This building stores all your grain. Upgrade this so you can store enough grain to feed your people.

4.) Residence: You must build houses for your civillians to live in. Building/upgrading these units will increase your max population.

5.) Market: Once you build a market, you can move your resources from city to city. This is a must to expand your empire! Upgrading this structure lets you move more goods.

6.) Seminary: The seminary is where your brightest citizens research new technologies. Here you can unlock new army units to build, or increase the efficiency of your other buildings. Upgrading this building allows you to unlock higher levels of research and new units to recruit.

7.) City Square: You cannot build an army if you dont have any recruits! A city square will provide you with freh eager recruits to train into soldiers every week. Upgrading this buildign will grant you more recruits every week.

8.) Fort: When the time comes to expand, you will need to build a fort. Forts allow you to train Archons, which can go out and found a new city for you. Archons are exensive but having multiple cities is worth it in the long run. You cannot upgrade this building.

Resource Buildings

These are the buildings that generate resources to expand your city and feed your armies.

1.) Farmland: These produce grain by the hour. Grain is needed to feed your people and armies. Upgrade this unit to produce more grain every hour.

2.) Lumber Mill: This building provides you with lumber every hour. Lumber is a resource needed to build new buildings, train new soldiers, and research new technologies. Upgrade this building to provide more lumber per hour.

3.) Quarry: This building provides you with Stone every hour. Stone is a resource needed to build new buildings, train new soldiers, and research new technologies. Upgrade this building to provide more Stone per hour.

4.) Smithy: This building provides you with Iron every hour. Iron is a resource needed to build new buildings, train new soldiers, and research new technologies. Upgrade this building to provide more Itone per hour.

Military Buildings

These are the buildings that you use to train your recruits into soldiers for your army.

1.) Wall: In case you are attacked, a city wall will give your home troops a boost to defense. You can also build turrents and traps to help fight back. Upgrading this unit increases the defense booth and allws you build more turrets.

2.) Barracks: This is the most basic training facility. Here you can train your recruits into basic offensive or defensive solders. Upgrading this building reduces the time it takes to train solders.

3.) Archer Shooting Range: This building lets you train offensive and defensive archers. You must research them in the Seminary before you can train them. Upgrading this building reduces the time it takes to train archers.

4.) Spy Tower: This building lets you train scouts. Scouts can be used to investigate an enemy city’s defenses so you know what you are up against. Upgrading this building redices the time it takes to train scouts.

5.) Knight’s Stable: This unit lets you train offensive and defensive calvary. These units are much more powerful than basic soldiers. Upgrading this building reduces the time it takes to train calvary.

6.) Arsenal: This building lets you contruct siege weapons. Siege weapons are powerful tools and will help you attack enemy cities. Upgrading this building reduces the time it takes to build siege weapons.

7.) Cloister: This is where your recruits can study magical arts. You can build mages and priests in the cloister. Upgrading this building reduces the time it takes to train mages and priests.

8.) Refuge: If your soldiers are wounded in battle they will come back to your refuge, where you can heal them and get them back in combat. Upgrading this building makes it cheaper to heal your soldiers.

Unique Buildings

Depending on which nation you choose to join, there are special buildings you can create. These give you a unique edge you must take advantage of you defeat your foes!

Ibero Alliance
1.) House of Sages: This building allows you to further increase the defense of your city. Upgrading this building will increase the defense boost.

Knights Templar
1.) Arena: This building gives you a boost to your recruits per week, so can build an army faster than the other nations. Upgrading this building will increase how many recruits a week it adds.

Rhine Commerce Guild
1.) Guild of Farming: This building boosts your city’s grain output per hour. Upgrading this building will increase how many extra grain per hour you get.

2.) Carpentry Guild: This building boosts your city’s Lumber output per hour. Upgrading this building will increase how many extra Lumber per hour you get.

3.) Stonecutter Association: This building boosts your city’s Stone output per hour. Upgrading this building will increase how many extra Stone per hour you get.

4.) Guild of Forging: This building boosts your city’s grain output per hour. Upgrading this building will increase how many extra Iron per hour you get.

Sire’s Skills

On the Sire panel, click the “”Sire’s Skills”” to Open your Sire Skill window. Here you can research various skills which will give your armies a boost in battle. Sire Skills can get expensive, so don’t get carried away! The maximum level for all Sire Skills is 150.

1.)Infantry Close-quarter Fighting Skill: Increases your Infantry’s attack power against other Infantry while defending by 1% per level.
2.)Infantry Tower Shield Skill: Increase your Infantry’s attack against Archers while defending by 1% per level.
3.)Infantry Phalanx Skill: Increases your infantry’s attack against Cavalry while defending by 1% per level.
4.)Blessing from the Warriors: Increases your infantry’s attack against Mages while defending by 1% per level.
5.)Bracelet Improvement Skill: Increases your infantry’s attack power by 1% per level while attacking.

1.)Archer Salvo Skill: Increases your Archer’s attack power against Infantry while defending by 1% per level.
2.)Archer Arrow-rain Skill: Increases your Archer’s attack power against other Archers while defending by 1% per level.
3.)The Archer Horse-Rejecting Skill: Increases your Archers’ attack power against Cavalry while defending by 1% per level.
4.)Blessing from the Shooters: Increase your Archers’ attack power against Mages while defending by 1% per level.
5.)Ring Improvement Skill: Increases your Archers attack power by 1% per level while attacking.

1.)Cavalry Trampling Skill: Increases your Calvary’s attack power against Infantry while defending by 1% per level.
2.)Cavalry Running-Shooting Skill: Increases your Calvary’s attack power toward Archers while defending by 1% per level..
3.)Cavalry Assault Skill: Increases your Cavalry’s attack power against other Cavalry while defending by 1% per level.
4.)Blessing from Cavalries: Increases your Calvary’s attack power against Mages while defending by 1% per level.
5.)Stirrup Improvement Skill: Increases your Calvary’s attack power by 1% per level while attacking.

1.)The Flame-Wind Chanting Skill: Increases your Mages’ attack power against other Mages while defending by 1% per level.
2.)Chaos Chanting Skill: Increases your Mage’s attack power against Archers while defending by 1% per level.
3.)Perish Chanting Skill: Increases your Mage’s attack power against Cavalry while defending by 1% per level.
4.)Blessing: Increases your Mage’s attack power against Infantry while defending by 1% per level.
5.)Staff Improvement Skill: Increase mages’ fighting capacity by 1% per level while attacking.


You can research new technology in your seminary to learn how to build new units, or to make your buildings and units more effective. Researching can take a long time, but pays off in the end. Don’t forget to keep advancing!

New Unit Research:
In order to train the following unit types, you must first build their respective training building and research their associated technology.

Templar Troops:
1.)Phalanx: Unlocks Spear Soldiers
2.)Charge: Unlocks Tafuer Swordsmen.
3.)Diffusion: Unlocks Dragon Archers.
4.)Salvo: Unlocks Silver Crossbow Defenders.
5.)Lt. Cavalry: Unlocks Wind-Wing Cavalry.
6.)Oathbound: Unlocks Knights Templar.
7.)Monastery: Unlocks Black-Cloak Monks.
8.)Leverage: Unlocks Catapults.
9.)Blessing: Unlocks Holy Spirit.
10.)Alarm: Unlocks your castle alarm function.
11.)Gate: Unlocks Castle Defense.

Ibero Alliance Troops:
1.)Hunting Training: Unlocks Bagpipe Hunting Archers.
2.)Javelin Tactics: Unlocks Spearwielders.
3.)Assault Tactics: Unlocks Chain Flail Cavalry.
4.)Knight Etiquette: Unlocks Noble Knights.
5.)Meditation Skill: Unlocks Garland Warlocks.
6.)Siege Tactics: Unlocks Siege Trebuchets.
7.)Infantry Combat: Unlocks Dragon-Spear Commandos
8.)Wedge Cavalry Array: Unlocks Flail Cavalry
9.)Sage’s Rules: Unlocks Sages.
10.)Alarm: Unlocks your castle alarm function.
11.)Gate: Unlocks Castle Defense.

Rhine Commerce Guild Troops:
1.)Escort with Armed Forces: Unlocks Caravan Guards
2.)Militia: Unlocks Rhine Archers.
3.)Crossbow: Unlocks Tetragrammaton Crossbowmen
4.)March: Unlocks Rangers.
5.)Alchemy: Unlocks Alchemists.
6.)Cannon Forging Technology: Unlocks Stone Cannon.
7.)Cavalry: Unlocks Guards.
8.)Cloister: Unlocks Holy Sisters.
9.)Alarm: Unlocks your castle alarm function.
10.)Gate: Unlocks Castle Defense.

Enhanced Building Research:
The following technology will make your existing buildings more efficient. Each technology can be researched to lv. 30.

1.)Irrigation : Increases your castle’s Grain output by 3% per level.
2.)Bucksaw: Increases your castle’s Lumber output by 2% per level.
3.)Millstone: Increases your castle’s Stone output by 2% per level.
4.)Bellows: Increases your castle’s Iron output by 2% per level.
5.)Infantry: Reduces your Infantry troop training time by 1% per level.
6.)Calvary: Reduces your Cavalry training time by 1% per level.
7.)Targeting: Reduces your Archer training time by 1% per level.
8.)Gospel: Reduce your Mage training time by 1% per level.
9.)Castle Defense: Increases your Wall defense by 1% per level.
10.)Architecture: Decreases your building construction time by 1% per level.

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