Fantasy Tennis Shooting Guide

Fantasy Tennis Shooting Guide by BeatBoxerTR

Welcome once again =)
Here is another guide from me, Shooting guide !
Here you will learn how to do all kinds of shooting !
Dont forget, we have a training mode at single player section which u can train shooting alone for master workout!

Basic shooting (amateur):
this is the common shooting for any kind situation ball will fly strait
–performed with pressing S

Lobs (amateur):
in this shot you are rising ball to air for it to land backside of court. It will fly over heads of oppenents which is close to net.
–performed with pressing A

Slice (amateur):
oppenent’s returned ball must touch ground one time before you can perform this. in this attempt you are making ball get backspin and stop closer to net instead of flying strait. if oppenent is far from net this will make them be forced to run front to return your slice.
–performed with holding Back and pressing S at the same time

Charge shot (amateur):
this is same as basic shooting but with charged power. in this attempt you are charging your racket for a powerful return shot aganist your oppenent. ball will fly much fast and will have red tail behind.
—to do this you must stand where ball going to come then press S and Hold.

you can only do this when oppenent does a lob and you be at the place where ball will land before ball lands. When oppenent does lob the spot which ball going to land will be marked with pink circle. in this attempt you are doing a powerful smash to the incoming flying ball with a great speed.
–you must stand in this circle pink circle and press A OR S with true timing. (both will result same)

drop shot(intermedia):
important- you must be very close to net for this shot to work. in this attempt you are making enemy’s shooted ball hit ur racket and drop very close to net by a sudden suprise instead of shooting it back with power.
–performed in same way with slice shot by pressing Down and S at the same time.

slice smash (expert):
oppenent’s returned ball must touch ground once time before u can perform this. in this attempt you are making ball get back spin but land far end of court as the same time. ball will fly in air with backspin mark but will go in fast speed unlike slice shot. if oppenent returns this ball by staying close to net his ball will take effect of smash shot. should be used with high care.
–performed with pressing shortly Down,while holding down S then with releasing down but not releasing S to press up(hold)

Hope this guide helps,
Yours moderator & friend, BeatBoxerTR (aka.SlimShotTR)

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