Fantasy Tennis Enchanting Hints Guide

Fantasy Tennis Enchanting Hints Guide by Blaze

With the new enchanting system, you can add stats to equipment items you possess.

If you look at the stats of the items, you will see it now says beside the original stat, the MAX stat that can be added onto it, e.g

Dex 6 (0 :MAX 8)

In order to enchant you need a tablet of the stat you want and a jewel, the jewels range from onyx to Ionite, onyx having the lowest change of success, Ionite being the highest, ionite is only available through AP and all others are available through APs or recipes.

Here is wher to find ingredients for each item:

Enchanting Ingredients Guide

Tablets: All tablets require 1 seed of the correct type, 2 of one type of item dropped from guardians, two of two types of item dropped on a map, often the same map as the guardian.

Tablet of Str: Seed of Str x1 (found in trees in house chats, need a wood basket to collect)
Dokaro’s Whisker x2 (found when fighting guardian dokaro on low level maps like nest of rubycrab)
Broken Bottle x 2
Crab Shell x2 (both found in rubycrab)

Tablet of Sta: Seed of Sta x1 (same as above)
A patch of Penkaro’s fur x 2 (same as above but for penkaro)
Fish Bone x 2
Shell x 2 (same as above)

Tablet of Dex: Seed of Dex x 1 (..)
Bekaro’s claw x 2(same as above, emerald beach too)
Coconut x 2
Shark Tooth x 2 (rubycrab)

Tablet of Wis: Seed of WIS x 1 (GUESS)
Hokaro’s Tail (where could hokaro be…emerald beach!)
Bad Mushroom x 2 (rubycrab)
A Tooth Belonging to Blood x 2 (from Blood ((WHY THE HELL IS WIS SO IMPORTANT??)) thats right folks, fight blood in arena in guardian mode..good luck!)

Remember karo’s also appear in twinkle town and life woods

Gems: The first three need you to beat guardian bosses, the last two require rare items.

Onyx: Red Gem x 2 (Rare item from life woods in guardian mode)
The rest must be obtained from Goliath from life woods as well. You need 2 of each

Moonstone: Green Gem x 2 (Rare guardian mode item..monslava, never know if its arena or monslava when blood’s involved)
The rest are all found from Blood in Arena. 2 of each again.

Jasper: Diamond x 2 (rare gem from devaberg)
The rest are all found on the devaberg guardians.

My theory is these last two gems range from drops on maps from aeolos to blue monslava, but im not entirely sure. These drop in normal matches, not guardian.

Spinel: Turban Shell x 1 ( ive heard rubycrab)
Wing Sculpture x1 (maybe twinkle town, maybe aeolos)
Mana Fruit x 1( LIFE WOODS)
Mana Flower x 1 (Probably life woods…)

Peridot: Devil Eyes x 1 (Arena)
Root of Magma x1 (monslava obviously…)
Blue Star x 1 (devaberg)
Dragon sculpture x 1 (nobody seems sure about this one, either monslava or blue monslava, also seems to be guardian mode folks!)

That’s about it, quite a few inaccuracies but u get the basic idea, the first 3 tablets are easy, and spinel doesnt require guardian mode at all! Happy hunting!!!

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