Fantasy Tennis Battlemon Guide

Fantasy Tennis Battlemon Guide by UserJm3073

Hi all, as against emerged to ask about the Battlemon I am going to make a statement on all current Battlemon with strengths, weaknesses and suitability for different types of players are posting.
And right in front off: no, Goliath is not the best Battlemon. The best Battlemon is what is best for you.

Next would be noted that all statements referring to Battlemon with full stats (Str, Sta, Dex, Will). Secondly Battlemon is not equal Battlemon now accommodate different views apart from the stats, intercorporate, some faster, others hit the ball harder and still others can to touch the ball more (will). Sun is not even suitable for each and you should think carefully to what you take. For the little ingame list is confusing and is consistent with the capabilities of Pets not always.

Taking care of your Battlemons
A Battlemon to get is not easy. It needs to be fed and supplied with Energiedrings and it kept alive. All three you get chatting in the house. It’s needed is an lvl2 house and a basket. By then shake the trees to get different kinds of fruit that can be transformed using recipe in Food, Drinks and giver of life. But get WARNING: Giver of Life, called Leaf of Life is quite rare which means that one out without Ap and against a lot of time needs to invest about his pet alive. Expected in the week with a good 3-4 hours to get it for another 6-8 days to (detailsfull vary depending on luck).

Pikaro max. stats: 30
Pikaro is probably something for beginners and casual players. You should try out with him if the Battlemon-Mod is something for you or not. Pikaro hatt a medium speed and the smallest ball speed. In addition, he had the slightest defense and makes the least damage, ball-damage (32dmg).

Poteko max. stats: 64
Poteko is for beginners but want to play more, and especially for Net-players the ideal Battlemon. For it is by far the fastest Battlemon and cuts the ball best to (will). The ball speed is Poteko’s greatest weakness. For he is just a little bit more time than Pikaro. His defense and his injury is still the medium degree. His ball-dmg, however, is the second highest (53dmg).

Boonga max. stats: 64
Boonga is for behind-the players put more emphasis on ball speed suitable. Although it has the 2 worst speed, but the only Battlemon with an extended range. The scenario is, it can spread his arms wide and achieve even been thought lost balls. It had the 2 best ball speed and Attention: the best max.Ballspeed of all Battlemon (Max-charged balls). It had a good defense and good damage. His ball-damage is medium (49dmg).

Goliath max. stats: 92
Goliath is a special Battlemon and probably something for experienced users only, and especially what behinde player. It is the ideal Battlemon for Guardian and Battle. In the Basic Mod only limited use and control by its low speed only with great difficulty. For it is by far the slowest Battlemon and has no compensatory range as Boonga. It had the greatest ball speed, but because it is charging no balls, is his normal ball speed the max. ball speed. It has (like some surprises), the best defense, the best damage and the greatest damage with Ball (57dmg). Goliath biggest strength: It is the only Battlemon if it is close to the net and centered the ball is played from a short distance to him, the ball back to crashing. But what is triggering due to its speed without Battlemon-controller very difficult.

Ninkaro max. stats: 92
Ninkaro, is the first Battlemon that plays in the same league as Goliath. It is for Basic, Battle and Guardian equally suitable. It is practical, a mix of Poteko (speed) and Goliath (strength). Its range is normal and his ball speed is somewhere between Boonga and Goliath. Because it has the same values as Goliath, are his defense, his dmg, and his ball-dmg identical with it (57 ball-dmg).

tips and tricks
If you are still not safe, it should first consider where he wants to play the self. Rear or on the net? From experience, I can say is at the net most successful but also the most difficult way to play. But with a little exercise and experience + a Poteko will propose later pro’s very easy. Simple but tedious: back-play. It is very easy to learn, but also with a lot of practice is not always easy, and against a good net-player, without Battlemon-controller, without any chance. The question whether or not then a Boonga or Goliath? A Boonga is more convenient and easier, also the only Battlemon which has, (besides a Goliath) in the Battle Mod against a Goliath a chance. Guardian Mobility to Life in the Woods. A Goliath on the other hand (even for yourself) very uncomfortable and difficult to handle. Just because there are many balls to which all other pet yet, no longer comes up. But as is he who carries a lot of defeats, in department takes and surrounded his game may have much pleasure in him and his (if it’s to get) butterfly balls delight. For Battle, clearly the best yet, one will find little adversary because it acts so superior. Mobility in The Guardian with a lot of exercise until Deverberg.

sincerely, UserJm3073

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