Dragona Online Ranger Basic Guide

Dragona Online Ranger Basic Guide by Avion

I’ll keep it simple.

Basically my built is poison/dark, ignore other elements execept for 1 point in Flash trace.Rangers are not a burst as compared to other ranged classes,so what I suggest is to take any skills that has to do with CCs.

Ghost and Aimed shot -> Maxed (Your only crit/dps skill)

Paralyzing Arrow -> Lvl5 (for Dark Arrow)

Show tracks -> Include in your skill but how many points you decide (Pretty overpowered since it is in %, a perfect end game debuff)

Snare/Adaptibility -> Many people ignored Adaptibility because it’s a melee ranged skills, but chances are this skill could overturn melee dps like assasins, they have ranged stun and could close the gap between you, an extra stun gives you the edge, melee stun and then snare, imagine how annoying it is to melee players.

Poison arrow/Shower of wedges -> Poison/Dark built

Dark arrow -> Finisher skill


Keen eyes -> Don’t need to explain I guess

Arch nemesis -> Depends on you if you want to crit more

Spirit Protection ->Only useful defence buff


Agile steps, Stable Aim, Trained Body -> Add any two or it’s viable if you want to play hybrid because agile steps stacks with Spirit protection’s evasion.

Thats it for now! It’s not the best built, anything feel free to give constructive criticism.

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  1. olala says:

    no skill point to survive

  2. dsadsdsa says:

    wow this is the best build in ranger ever. keep up the good work

  3. Anonymous says:

    amazing this will help a lot thanks man :) you rock!

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