Dekaron Staff Summoner Guide

Dekaron Staff Summoner Guide by SchwarzerPeter2

Hello Guys,

For those who play Staff sum u sure have heard comments like “Pff Tbs sums are much better cause they have more def and atk faster” and all.
But hey its true they have a lil bit more def and atk faster but…

You know why they think that? ´Cause they only met Staff sum who know ******** about tactics& strategy, thats why i post this thread so that staff sum dont die out.

First of All

I. The Build

As an ex 143 staff sum on 2 Moons i have a lot of experience
and i hope i can help ya. Alright so lets talk about the Build.

You stat minimum requirements of Str and Spr if u think that u
won´t deal dmg you´re wrong. A lot of ya guys think if u put
much into spr u will do more dmg, that´s not in the case of sum.
You will deal more with non poison skills like Blood Bats or Summon
Ghost, but that´s all. If you want to increase over all dmg use Poison gems and rings. If you match the min. req. for wep put rest on Heal.

II. Libido or Beast? (in PvP)

Most common question is if u should use Beasts or Libido pets in a PvP (Player versus Player). Well, Libido have more Debuff Effects than Beasts, but lack on ATK, but you also know (i hope so ;D) that atk isn´t everything of a pet. In My Case i still used at 143 my Tentator lv 5 in PvPs. Of course my m8s in game laughed at me and asked me why i still used Tentator instead of Agares (lv 108 beast pet). The reason is very simple. Tentator drains your enemy´s Poison Resistance about 16%, and that in almost every shot! So you have more or less a little version of Palpus in the whole pvp which is a great advantage. On The other side, Beasts have better dmg but dont have debuff effects or better said worse debuffs than Libidos, thats why TB summoners use Beasts cause they dont need debuffs like poison draining cause their skills are physical based (except Poison Sword).

III. The Skill Combinations
(Strategies in PvP)

As you know staff dont have much skills that hits 5-7 hits like the TwinBlade Skills, but they deal higher dmg. Thats where the Combinations appear. Twin Blade summoner have to wait till their skill which they use is done, but staff sum can do 1 skill after skill, even if the 1st skill didnt activate yet! Ye believe it or not! i tell ya a lil combo for the low lvls ^^

1. Combo

Increase Poison-Vicious Thorn- Summon Ghost

Explaination: As you may know the “Totems” SKill (Increase Poison)
last long to BLOW UP. Thats why you use Vicious Thorn to slow the enemy and then use Summon Ghost to Blow your enemy up

That is a fine and nice combo which works almost to 90%.

2. Combo (for the bigger guys ;D)

Palpus-Hell Burst- Increase Poison- Infected Earth and Venom Light

Explaination: Palpus is a very powerful skill which makes your enemy´s poison resistance 0% and slows and make ur enemys skill useless for 1.2 secs, Follow Palpus with Hellburst a very good 6 Hit Skill which hit with full power cause Enemy has 0% poison res cause of palpus, then during the atks of Hell Burst activate Totems, to unleash Hell around your enemy ;D. Good Follow ups are Infected Earth which poisons very good and also does a single great damage hit followed up of Venom Light which deals 2 medium damage hits.

I hope i could help ya and i also hope i will see some more staff sumis around ;D

If u like my guide or have questions about how staff sum should fight agaisnt every Class feel free to post it or whisper me in the game
maybe some of ya know my summoner CanIplayWithMadness.

See ya ingame ;D

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