Dekaron Segnale Skills Guide

Dekaron Segnale Skills Guide by AriX

Okay, this is a short guide i made for making a pwnazor segnale

First lets start with the skills.. ill simply use the Segnale Skill Simulator to make it easy for you

Here is a picture with all the skill you’ll need

Okay.. after you got the skills.. you gotta learn how to use it for good

Lets start with Heal chart..

Heal Mastery:
MAX – Increase MP recovery rate.

Self Healing:
MAX – Recover your own HP (Very useful for pvp!)

Wound Healing:
only 1 points (optional – you can max it if you like with your extra points)

Hyper Heal:
MAX – Recovers HP of party members that are near. (useful for pvp and party!)

1 point – Revives a fallen character (you wont need more then 1 point.)

Fast Healing:
MAX – Recovers the target player’s HP and sustains for certain amount of time. (Useful for everything!)

Great guard, Divine shield and Amazing attack:
MAX – Increase Defense , Guard rate and Attack power. (you should take just the party buffs and not the self buffs because you will need more points for the self buffs)

Okay, now for Curse.. simply leave it ! (optional – you may use it with your extra points)

And for my favorite ! *BLOOD* >:]


Blood Mastery:
MAX – Increase HP recovery rate.

Blood Hit:
MAX – Very good attack skill based on physical attack.

Curse Field:
MAX – Best AOE skill! Curse the ground for 8 seconds and the enemy get hit every second by the ground (Based on curse damage)

Evil Crow:
MAX – Attack skill that hit 6 times, the 1st and the last hits are AOE hits and its based on Curse attack and 4 other hits are normal attacks and its based on physical attack.

Spirit Emission:
MAX – a very good AOE skill based on curse damage.

Rise Pierce:
MAX – using the nails to attack the enemy.(AOE skill) the skill hit 3 times and its based on curse damage.

*Rest of the skills are useless and you should not waste your skill points on them.

Good luck and Have fun

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