Dekaron How to Play Guide

Dekaron How to Play Guide by Christin

What is the Grade System?
– Grade system is a system you can increase your grade and get your own titles with grade points you have got from the DK Square and Quests.

– Grade system is sorted to Normal grades-grades you get according to your grade points, and Weekly grades-grades given to user who earned the most grade points from the grade groups.

Battle in DK square
As you enter the battle field, you will be chosen as one of Miseria or Ricchez. 11 o’clock of the map is Miseria’s and 5 o’clock is Ricchez’s base. Talk with a NPC in the base before the battle begins and every time you are resurrected for getting a decent buff.

Most importantly, you need to be in a party in order to get maximum DK point. DK square is not a battle for just winning by communing with the Guarding Stone for the Sun. You are here for DK point in order to promote and purchase better gears. So partying with others will grants you much better DK point than soloing.

Don’t run to the Guard stone of the Sun as the battle begins. Don’t forget you need to maximize your DK point within the time limit. So first, run to the nearest opponent’s 1st camp and destroy the guarding stone.

The last hit party will get 150 additional DK point. This is quite a lot of point comparing to the point you get when killing opponents which is just 10~20. And not only point, but also it grants a buff that increase your all status like atk, def, resist, shield, HP, MP, and so on. So destroy all the stones you can, there is tons of time left.

The battle is finished if you success communing with the Sun stone no matter what is going on. Then you will not get full point you can get from one game. So just fight with opponents until 5 minute is left. your party will get additional bonus point if individual gets more than 400 points.

Oh, the guarding stones will be regenerated after the time delay showing on the left upper corner of the screen. You will also get 1,500 bonus points if you get more than 600 points by destroying 4 guarding stones. 3,000 bonus will be obtainable if you success getting over 600 points and communing with the Sun stone at the end.

You can see the individual score by hovering on a new icon at the left upper corner.

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