Audition Union Battle Party Guide

Audition Union Battle Party Guide by Awd

What is it?
Union Battle Party involves a team of three players taking on a team of three NPCs.

To clear a Union Battle Party

  • Your team’s score must be higher than the NPCs at the end of a song.

You fail the Union Battle Party if

  • The NPC team’s score is higher than your team’s.
  • The pace meter is maxed out by the NPC team.


  • Level 6 Novice and higher.
  • 3 players, including the room host.
  • 1000 DENs for the entry, and additionally what’s needed to take on the NPC.

How to Play

  • Rules
    With two teammates, dance off against a team of three NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) according to dance modes. If you win a Union Battle Party, an amount of DEN is given to you, depending on what NPC team you take on, and how much they give.

The team scores are slightly unbalanced, as the NPC will always score higher than you, even if you get the same timing judgment as them.

After three victories against the same NPC team, their DEN rewards will be reduced down to the very least amount possible. This is a result of “draining” as used in other battle parties.


  • Interface
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    Two scores in the top center are shown: The NPC team on the left, and your team on the right. Below them is a pace meter, which makes and breaks battle parties. On each side, there is a Union gauge, which teams can use against one another to throw each other off once fully acquired.


  • The Pace Meter
    The pace meter is used to push the flow and pressure of a Union Battle Party match. Every time a person lands a PERFECT, the pace meter is pushed more toward the opposing team. The more PERFECTs you get, either in a combo, or more than once at a time, the further the pace meter will be pushed to your liking.

It’s important to keep an eye on the pace meter at all times. Prevent it from being maxed out by the NPCs, or else you face instant defeat. Don’t let the pace be pushed unto their favor, fight back with your own PERFECTs.

Should you push the pace far enough until it maxes out blue, you basically show the NPCs who’s boss, and will get a 1000 DEN bonus just for that. Don’t get comfortable, though, as the NPCs can still make a comeback. The bonus will be given to you if you clear the Union Battle Party.


  • The Union Gauges
    Image Image
    Union attacks – most commonly known as “bombs” – are used to make the opposing them mess up their next dance move and fall down.These gauges are filled up when two people on a team land a perfect at the same time. After five successful builds, it’s armed and ready to unleash against the opposing team. Press the [Insert] or [Num 0] key to fire. Once it’s been used, you have to fill up the gauge again.

    When you unleash your Union attack against the NPC team, the NPCs will have a 50% chance of messing up and falling down, which will prevent them from scoring. After they fall, they continue dancing on the next turn.

    If you get hit by their Union attack, you will need to pull off your next dance move with three red notes, which – like chance – you will have to press the opposite direction to clear a red note. If you miss, you fall over, lose an extra turn, and gain no points.



  • Tips
    • In Choreography, the NPCs always do the same moves. You can memorize which moves they will do next as an alternative to predict when Finish Move comes. This is recommended if anyone misses or does the wrong move during Team Choreography, and you will not execute a Finish Move the same time the NPCs do.
    • Even if you play using 8-direction moves on Freestyle, an NPC will still be able to score more than you, regardless if they are pulling off 4-direction moves.
    • You don’t score bonus points if an NPC uses Union attack on you, and you clear the dance sequence.
    • If chance is activated while this happens, you must clear a dance sequence with six red notes.
    • If this happens as a Finish Move comes, you must clear the sequence with four red notes.
    • It’s best to save up the Union attack until the NPCs’ Finish Move comes. Making them fall down on their Finish will give you a slight advantage, or a chance of catching back up.
    • Be careful with the [Insert] or [Num 0] keys. You don’t want to accidentally put your Union attack to waste and foil your chances of winning, just because you wanted to switch to 8-direction.

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