Wolf Team Sniping Guide

Wolf Team Sniping Guide by slamDOGG

Good evening gentlemen, I am professor T.Bag, and i will be showing you the great art of not getting your *** shot.
first lets explain some of the stuff ill do… when i go “(blah blah blah)” that is my personal opinion or more information about what i said, its there so that the flow of my presentation isnt broken every time i want to expand on something. to help, ill colour it orange

to help you from going TL:DR I will add a table of content.

(codes given so you can ctrl+f to the page)

1111. Why sniper?
1121. What sniper?
1131. Aiming
1141. Were to Aim
1151. Knowing maps
1161. Looking for patterns
1171. General tips
1181. Closing

why sniper? thats a good question, a sniper, basically, is a team multiplier.. that means that when a team of say 3 has a sniper, it can act as a team of 5-6. now most snipers have a certain bit of ego just by being a sniper, like its the most precise skill-driven class to play (side note: that class is the pistoler, if you were wondering). The true coloursof a sniper is being able to lock-down a area, so people cant go within your sight without dieing [colour=orange](like camping the bridge from window, it will give your team enough advantage to completely take the bridge)[/color]. anybody that says otherwise CLEARLY hasn’t tried to snipe 1v3 on icehold.
as the title suggests, this is about choosing which of the many snipers, to use. Personally (as in my own opinion) i would never use anything but basic stout/EM-40. However you might find you want to use another, so ill list the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Basic Stout (a.k.a Scout)

Ah the stout, my favorite sniper, the one i can always rely on to cheer me up and bring my hs ratio up (36% now ) i personally use absolute basic (as in no upgrades) but thats me.. if you get the upgrades, i suggest not getting the scope, the two-click is annoying to use.

Speed|when you have this sniper out, you move as fast as when you have a pistol out.
Rate of fire|. It allows you to shoot almost twice as fast as the AWP
Skill raising| This is a two-shot sniper, one-shot if you hit their head. Believe me, if you need to hit the head you will hit the head.

Damage| I only add it here because technically its a disadvantage, though you’re skill will rise if you use it.

I-115t (a.k.a the AWP, a.k.a the nub sniper, a.k.a AIDS giver)

I hate this sniper…. more then the sniper, i hate the people who use it, its exactly the sort of “use the best method of winning” that only a noob has to resort to.. honestly NEVER use this sniper, if i had my way, i would ban it from the game. use the stout, get good at headshots, and in a week you will be laughing at the AWPers as you blow their nub little heads off [colour=orange](im a little biased… cant you tell? : 3)[/colour]

Damage| The (usually) one-shot kills with this sniper really is the only reason you would ever use it(Now .. thanks to Armor it also became a two shot sniper btw).

Speed|This think makes you move like you got glass in your shoes, seriously, it makes you SUPER easy to headshot
Rate of fire| Has the worst rate of fire out of any sniper, its so **** slow you have time to sip that beer before needing to aim again
Skill draining| I think i’ve said this before, this sniper will drain your skill, also, there is a peak of how good you can ever get when you use it. With a one-hit you basically stop headshotting
AIDS| yes… this sniper gives you aids (i personally think its cuz you get pwned in the pooper when you use it)

EM-40 (a.k.a …. you know, i dont think enough people even use this sniper to have a name for it)


I used to use this as my main.. the only reason i would use this one over the stout is the one-click 6x zoom, it makes the headshots a bit easier

One-click 6x zoom| The scope upgrade doesn’t just add another zoom when you click(which i personally found annoying as all **** before i stopped buying it) it replaces your zoom with a 6x zoom, giving the advantage of bigger heads, but not the low field of view a 9x zoom gives
Speed| This sniper moves just as fast as a stout, so no worries there.
Skill gaining| yes, because its a two-shot it will make your skill go up just as much as the stout will


Rate of fire| It doesnt shoot quite as fast as a stout, but still more then the AWP
Damage| two-shot

that pretty much sums up the snipers that you-noobs [colour=orange](because if you happen to actually read this,-you are a new player almost for sure..it means you can not afford AP sniper guns anyway..so i wont talk about them)[/colour] , i really recommend you use the stout… at first you will be awful i guess, but within a week you will notice a improvement
1141. AIMING
Ah you got your inspiration to be the most skillful and accurate player (next to pistolers, of course) and you have your actual sniper. Now all you need is to be able to use the **** thing. Aiming is more then hitting right click, did you know there are several methods to aiming?
Ill go over each in turn, and again, show you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

these are the ones ALL snipers should know, in order for you to play, you need to use at least one of these
(a.k.a moving the god **** mouse)
tracking is what you would think of aiming when you first start out. It is essentially moving your crosshair to their head and firing. pretty basic huh? basic, but extremely hard to get good at. the advanced form of tracking is Twitch-shots

When they are moving up a slope, tracking is one of the bests ways to hit them, also when they pop out and stay, and you need to stay in one place, tracking is the best method to hit them.

Its slow… and when they are moving not reliable at all, plus to effectively use it you need to be staying still. all in all the worst method of aiming.

ah this is the method for pros, it makes headshots easy, and a person tracking seem like nubsplay. basically ambush method takes advantage of the fact that heads don’t bob up or down when they walk, so you can just leave your cursor at head-level and wait for them to walk into it. The advanced form of ambush is moving headshot.

there are MANY advantages of ambush, though its main use is camping, basically set your crosshair up at head-level were they come out of a corner, then simply wait for them to pop out, fire, and they think your hacking cuz you couldnt POSSIBLY aim that fast xD

When they are moving up a hill their head will change levels, therefore you wont be able to properly use ambush unless your really good. also you have to wait for their head to be in the crosshair, if they happen to have it closer, you are gonna die.
this is like taking the basic methods… then using a thunder stone to evolve it into rychu (cuz you know rychu kicked pikachu’s ***) some of these are just better uses of the methods, some are mixes.

Moving Headshot
yes, as the name suggests its a way to easily headshot whilst moving. basically its the reverse-ambush, instead of putting your cursor at a spot and waiting for them to come into it, you move your lazy *** so the crosshair goes to him. its sometimes hard when both you and your enemy are moving, but that’s were the fun goes.

well.. the advantage is that your not some fking noob who stands still and gets his head blown off…

the Disadvantage is that you need some skill to pull it off, also when you face someone whos walking patern is so against yours, you kinda start to fail.
Twitch shots
twitch shots are what they sound like, shot that you dont really directly aim, you sort of… how can i put it, feel the shot, so its like a direct reflex. You would have your crosshair near their knee, then you VERY quickly move your mouse to their head and fire, its so quick you don’t really aim, you just do it. furthermore, they are **** pro once you get them, and give the certain sense of satisfaction.

the advantage of a twitch shot (once you have trained it that is) is that you can easily headshot people, even the ones that surprise you by coming out a different side. also… did i mention the satisfaction a well-placed twitch shot brings? its like getting an unbelievably lucky shot, just most you know it was skill.

well there are a couple disadvantages to this method of aiming… the first one is that it is **** HARD! the second is that since its all dependant of feeling and reflex… if your off by just a bit, your off by a LOT (= no headshots at all Y.Y) so every time you play, you have to have a warm-up period of 2 games before you can really start to do well
What do i use?
this is something i have been develouping for a while now, i would say its one of the more useful methods of aiming. basically its a mix between moving headshot and tracking (maybe a bit of twitch shot thrown in) you start with moving… and when and enemy apears you track your crosshair to about two inches (of screen, not in-game) in the direction they are going, (so if their head is (-.-) your crosshair is (-.-)—–+) then you move into them and do a moving headshot. its hard to pull off, but once you got it man its killer

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