Wolf Team Wolves Guide

Wolf Team Wolves Guide by DreamGorilla

Hello all!

Ive made this tips guide so people would know how to survive and kill in Ex Conquest, Wolf Conquest, WolfWar and basically everywhere where they have to use wolfs.


Okay so if you play a wolf in Wolf Conquest, Ex Conquest you will probably need to camp a little or at least take cover, or humans WILL gun you down fast. Now when you use Ghost1, Ghost2, Smart wolves you have a great chance to seek cover and camp.

Now, lets say in Paien Lab map there are some obvious camping spots-DO NOT USE THEM. A average player that plays Paien Lab 3-4 times a day will know these camp spots and will check if you camp there, if you fight humans by shooting some bullets into those spots. So, find a camp spot that you believe isn’t so normal, and you can hunt many.

WARNING: When camping, kill a person or two close to you, check if any other near if they are stay put. Newer camp on the same spot twice+ in a row because then it will be obvious where you will be.

Using your 3rd person view

Now, as you probably noticed wolves have a third-person-view. Its very useful for locating targets. Crouch in a corner, make sure NO PART OF YOU CAN BE SEEN and use the camera, to know what weapons enemies use, their location, if they can be killed without being killed.

Choosing the right moment to attack

Newer charge.
Always wait for youre target to come near you as weapons have wolf stopping power and if hes far enough and you charge, you will barely move ewen if jumping, meaning you won’t be able to attack which will get you killed. Also, make sure all other enemies(if there are any) are near, because you might kill one but then someone a little behind can gun you down easy.

Choosing the right wolf

Now, you probably have purchased 2nd Mutation. If you didnt go buy it in the Shop under Ex-Item right now! It will give you additional 5 wolfes.

If the enemies have one or more turrets, I suggest you use Berserker wolf. Run to a corner, right click and hold right click then aim for your turret/many gunners on ground target and release. You will blow up and if you aimed well and hit them you probably killed at least one-remember, always aim for the turret/a big group of people. Berserkers also have a slow, but 1hit long ranged left click attack that, if aimed well kills a human, even some wolves in one hit.

If enemies are camping far away, without turrets, use ghost wolf 2 as it is invisible on long range ewen when moving.

If enemies are charging you, yet they didn’t arrive yet use ghost wolf 1 as if it stands still/roars is completely invisible.

WARNING: Ghost 2 and Ghost 1 wolves CAN be killed even if they are invisible.

Use Guardian wolf if you have a team ready to back you up, click and hold right mouse button and block, making you hard to kill from head-on but you are vulnerable from side and back SO WATCH OUT!!!

Smart wolf is great when you have to kill small groups of people because its so fast its hard to be shot down. If you hit a dead corpse with a smart wolf, it will drain HP, and for that reason Smart wolf is the only wolf that cannot roar.

Other wolves are very useful also, but have no real purpose, meaning they’re just killing machines with no special abilities. Ice wolf and Psycho wolf both have great abilities but are weak in Wolf Conquest and if many humans in Ex Conquest also.
In WolfWar they are very useful, though.

I hope my guide helped, I will edit it a little bit but anyhow try using my tips, and tell me the results.

Good luck!!!


EDIT: When playing Ghost Wolf 2 pay attention to how visible you are. When you become more visible it means your enemy is near.

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