Wolf Team How to Improve your Skills

Wolf Team How to Improve your Skills by vpetrovici

Understand your game. Learn everything about the maps you play on, such as vantage points, secret (or just less visable) locations, areas where players are the most vulnerable. Learn the weapons , how to use them in more than one situation effectively.

Develop good instincts. Learn to shoot when something moves. Throw a grenade if you can’t see your enemy.

Read about game, and further your knowledge of it. Learn about strategies, tactics, and use this to your advantage.
Practice, practice, practice!, with your guns and grenades. For example, find safe points in room and memorize how to throw the grenades into popular camping points.

Concentrate on when you see your enemy, and when he sees you.

Read your enemies. If somebody spots you, you’re now engaged in what I call a “mind war”. For example, if you plant the bomb , the enemy will know your general location. You can either guard the bomb, strike while they’re defusing, or run the map looking for the enemy. On the other hand, if you’re playing the opposite team, think about where your opponent might be waiting or watching.

Play against good players. You won’t get anywhere killing newbies all day.Learn it the hard way from the top wolves themselves.

When you find a player who isn’t a jerk and you get whooped, talk. Make friends, ask questions, get answers, and learn. Give them the occasional “Wow, where were you?” or “How did you do that so fast?”. They’re bound to share some tips with you.

Play often. If you skip out for a few days, you’re going to get rusty. Also, play in medium bursts, around two to three hours per session, two to three times a day.

Never give up! Giving up usually means you’ve hit your peak, though you have more to put out. Some players quit and hate the game because of a bad match or two, or an embarassing moment. Unless you have a problem with the game itself, and it’s not some anger issue, quitting should never be an option. Just remember, “Progress over time, and victory is mine.”

Play with friends. It makes the experience more fun, and you can have those post-games talks about what went right, wrong, and how to improve. Plus, you have people to cheer you on when you win, and pat your back when you don’t.

Never, and I mean never, play music while you play the game. It takes a piece of your mind that could be used for concentrating, and it wanders off and pays attention to the music. Unless you’re a “vibe” player (using music to keep your emotions calm, while normally they’re hard to control), music is not recommended.

Some Gameplay Tips by species1

1 – Turn your game volume to maxim

2- Press SHIFT when you walking near corners .. that way you will walk silent and you can hear if someone comes or it`s near you.. also watch the mini-map to see if it is an enemy or a team mate the person you hear coming.

3- Never use your gun unless you use it against enemy.. if you shoot pointless enemy will hear you and he will come to you or he will simple throw a grenade in the spot where he heard the shooting.

4- If in room is a higher rank and you decide to follow him because you think its more safe try to be silent.. in tunnel`s don`t walk on water .. enemy will hear you from far away and you will put put in danger both of you.

5- Don`t camp.. unless you have a sniper .. if you camp with a riffle all our teammates will be mad lol and you will die anyway.

5- When you throw a grenade and don`t hear nothing then its a clear zone there and you can go .. but if you hear the grenade exploding with a weird sound then it means you made some damage to an enemy and you can go kill him.. but be careful.

6- Use Your radio messages to announce when you spotted an enemy or if it`s a clear zone, that way your team mates can search other zones or then can come help you.

7- Always shoot at the head that way you get a easy kill ..and shoot 3 or 4 bullets at a time.. when you are far away from enemy.. that will give you more accuracy.

8- To become a better player you need to have a good INSTINCT .. you must guess from where the enemy will come / where he is / or where he hide`s.

9- Play lot of Ice-Hold to rank up faster … and when you play it.. try to rescue your team mates before you go attack… that way you have a better chance to win .. if you can`t rescue him ..trick your enemy . use your instinct`s .. and kill the enemy… or better go the other way and kill the enemy from behind.

10- To kill a WOLF very easy .. even with a pistol in case your riffle is out of ammo .. shoot the head of wolf.. with 2 shots of pistol you can easy kill a wolf.. from close range if you use pistol

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