Wolf Team Game Guide

Wolf Team Game Guide by Persiangato

Mornin’ folks and welcome to Wolf Team 101. This is a small guide just covering some of the most basic details of the game. It’s not meant to offer strategies, gun recommendations or camping locations, but just a brief overview that will help newer players understand the mechanics of the game in order to help them jump into the fray a bit faster.

Table of Contents

->Getting Started—————————-[AAAAA]
—->The Download
—->System Requirements
—->The P2P Explanation
->Weapons and Purchases——————-[BBBBB]
—->Money Money Money!
->Wolf Transformation———————–[CCCCC]
—->The Wolf Bestiary

============================End Post 1=================================

->Veteran Comments————————[YYYYY] (To be updated regularly)
->Credits————————————–[ZZZZZ] (Missing)

Getting Started [AAAAA]

The Download
WolfTeam is a First person shooter that was recently purchased by Aeria Games and Entertainment. While many players have played this game before, there will be unable to connect to AG&E;’s branch without a new download. So if you have not already, please go to http://wolfteam.aeriagames.com/download and download the client from any site hosting there.

The game’s file size is a 414megabites so it’ll be over quickly enough.

As this is being posted, the game is currently in Full Release. You will not need to redownload if you have run Aeria’s Closed Beta client or the Open Beta client as they both will continue onto the Live release. So one download is all you require and then you’re golden.

System Requirements
The minimum and recommended to run WolfTeam are

All of it should be self explanatory except the Network for most people (and we’ll cover that shortly). If you do not know whether or not your machine can handle it, please go to the Technical Problems Board and create a topic following these instructions.

The P2P Explanation
Wolfteam is a P2P game. Not as in a “Pay-2-Play” (it’s free-2-play, relax) but a “Peer-2-Peer.” In short, what this means is when you play this game you won’t be logging onto a dedicated server nor will be client side. The game is interwoven between all the players in it. When you play WolfTeam your connection will be based off of pinging every other player in the match and their ping with you. The lower the ping, the better! It’s recommended that you have a ping of 90 or below, but up until 110 and you should be fine. Anything past that will cause delays and other players to lag.

The best way to reduce your Ping with other players is to simply play with people nearest yourself. The Aeria Channels are set up like so

Boot-Camp being the first channel is normally where newbies can go and fight with one another. Players with higher ranks can not enter Boot-Camp, so it’s a great place to meet other new players and learn along side them. Moving down the list, you’ll see regional zones set on each channel. You can meet and gun down people from your own timezone for more fun there. Most players tend to hang out in “Pac-West” or the PDT slot of WT.

If you’d like to test your ping please check out http://www.speedtest.net/ and for more information and tests, please see xKross’s Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Guide .

Weapons and Purchases [BBBBB]

Money Money Money!
There are three different currencies in game.

Gold Aeria Points Wolf Points.

Gold and Aeria Points are used to purchased weapons, equipment, and special power up packages in the Shop (image shown below)

Gold is the most important of the three.

Gold is obtained in several different ways, the majority being finishing a game. You obtain gold after every match and it will vary based on performance and if you have any multiplying factors such as being in a Clan, having an upgraded backpack or a Power-User/GP+ special item being equipped. Other ways to obtain gold is through gifting, tournaments, and events. For details and information on those, you’ll have to visit the Wolf Team Events Board and Wolf Team General Discussion Board regularly.

Aeria points on the other hand are required for some of the higher end weapon and package purchases. Aeria Points (which will now be referred to as AP) is purchasable with real life money. 100 AP is $1 USD (Technically you get slightly more AP per dollar due in thanks to promotions and reward points).

AP is what the game runs on in a nutshell. Since WolfTeam is a free to play game, AP is what pays for the cost of the servers, GMs, engineers and so forth.

To purchase AP you can visit the billing section of AG&E;’s website at https://billing.aeriagames.com/

If you can not buy AP, no worries. There are still contests and events where you can earn FREE AP. You can visit those contests and events in the General Discussion board and Event section for WolfTeam (as linked previously) and in the Main Forum Index.

Wolf Points work slightly differently (they’re also referred to as Weapon Points so you grammar folks can leave me alone already). They’re used to equip your weapons in each match and are non-savable/transferable. You start out every match with a cleaned amount as to where you’re only able to afford basic weaponry. The maximum amount of Wolf Points that can be held at anytime is 2500. This can be extended by using special packages, but for practical purposes, it caps at 2500.

Each time you kill an opponent or take care of a specific action, such as, defusing a bomb or capturing a base, you earn Wolf Points (which will now be referred to as WP). Using the starting weapon set will gain you 50WP each time you respawn, but most of the tiered weapons require 300+ WP to use and with equipping a different pistol or grenade, each weapon set will rise in cost. Past that, everytime you must respawn (die), you’re required to repurchase your weapon! So spending a lot of points and dying in a minute isn’t the best of ideas.

The most efficient way to gain WP is to kill the other team. Your kill streak is the main factor. As each continuous kill will yield more points. Points are as followed

  1. Baby Wolf +250 WP
  2. Battle Wolf +205 WP
  3. Elite Wolf +150 WP
  4. Blood Wolf +100 WP
  5. Monster Wolf +100 WP
  6. Death Wolf +100 WP
  7. Master Wolf +150 WP
  8. Perfect Wolf +100 WP

Killing in quick secession is also an important way to gain GP.

  • 2-Person Combo + 200WP
  • 3-Person Combo + 300WP
  • 4-Person Combo + 400WP
  • 5-Person Combo + 500WP

Please note that you will gain all of the previous tiers as well as the one you hit. For instance you killed 4 people in quick secession, you’ll gain +900WP from a 2-Person Combo, 3-Person Combo and 4-Person Combo all at once.

There are several other ways to gain WP or lose it:
(+) Capturing a Base +50WP
(+) Getting First Kill in a Match +100WP
(+) Getting a Headshot +50WP
(+) Defusing a Bomb +40WP
(+) Planing a Bomb +40WP
(+) Killing a Rival player +100WP
(+) Killing with Secondary Weapon (Pistol) +30WP
(+) Killing an enemy in wolf form +40WP
(+) Snake Attack (Killing enemy from behind) +40WP
(+) Killing the person with the highest killing streak [Also gets you 2kills instead of 1!] +100WP
(+) Sniper Kill +30WP
(-) Friendly Fire -15WP
(-) Dying to a Rival Player -100WP
(-) Suicide -50WP
(-) Bomb Death -50WP

There are more, I’m just an idiot and these are the only ones I can recall.
Edit1 – Updated 7/12/09
Edit2 – Updated 9/28/09

Wolf Transformations [CCCCC]

In some matches, you’ll automatically be set as a Wolf and you can pick through several. However, in most games you have the option to switch between Wolf and Human modes at whim. To do this all you need to do is hit the button 3.

That’s right, no fooling. Hit the key “3” and you’ll swap into a badass wolf. If you’d like to become Human again and switch to your main weapon, hit the “1” key and you’re back to your normal self.

There are several notable advantages of transforming such as increase health, melee abilities, speed/wall running and other special abilities that differ from wolf to wolf.

Ok, I lied. I said I wasn’t going to put in or offer any strategies, but this is something that every player NEEDS to understand. Wolf mode is very important in this game, if you don’t use the form regularly or learn how to you’ll seriously be looking at a 4% win rate.

The Wolf Bestiary
There are nine different wolf forms each with their own talents.

They are Basic Wolf, Power, Guardian, Ghost, Ghost 2, Beserker, Smart, Ice, and Psycho. They all have a different WP Cost, Health, Strength, Amount of Successive Attacks, Movement Speed, Howl and Ability. Here’s the run down

Basic Wolf

Cost +50WP WC/S2
Health ~ 200HP  
Strength ~ Normal  
Attack Combo ~ 3 (Right, Left, Right)  
Movement ~ Normal  
Howl ~ Normal  
Ability ~ None

How to Use and defeat.

This is the Basic or “Normal” wolf. All of the other wolf’s stats are based off of this one. You have the option to switch into the Basic wolf at anytime in the majority of the modes. It’s important to get used to the feel of this if you want to accomplish anything else with the others. They only have one special thing over most other wolfs and that is their triple attack combo. They can use three slash attacks almost simultaneously which is exclusive to Base and Ghost wolfs. Their final hit in the combo does x1.25 damage of the rest of their attacks so it’s important to land that final blow to help ensure victory.

Since they excel at nothing, it’s a pretty easy target to take down. They’re bulking and lack any long-range skills allowing most people to pick them off with guns if a player decides to run around as one on a map. If they’re too close to tear down their HP from a distance, quickly switch and fight them off as a Wolf yourself. Relax and let them rush towards you and use their first attack. It’ll always be from the right, so dodge to the left to avoid it or go more right so their next blow can’t hit you and then strike them down with your own combo. Never stand still in a wolf fight. Never.

Power Wolf

Cost -250WP WC, -450s2, -650Ex-Con
Health ~ 260HP  
Strength ~ High  
Attack Combo ~ 2 (Right, Left)  
Movement ~ Normal  
Howl ~ High
Ability ~ None

How to Use and defeat.

This wolf is one of the most used. It has a good mix of power, speed and HP with little WP cost for use. They have no difference in range or ability as compared to the Basic wolf, just that their attack power is higher. It drops the need for “perfect timing” that Basic wolfs need for their combo, but leaves off a single hit of succession as well. Using this wolf is exactly the same as the standard.

Since their power and HP is increased, it isn’t recommended that you just blindly take on. A single strike could be more then enough to take you down so it’s good to scope out these users before confronting head on.


Cost -850WP WC, -1400s2, -1600Ex-Con
Health ~ 850HP
Strength ~ Strongest!
Attack Combo ~ 2 (Right, Left)  
Movement ~ Slow
Howl ~ Strongest!  
Ability ~ Block

How to Use and defeat.

The Guardian wolf is a BEAST. One of the strongest and most dangerous forms around, but it comes at a massive 850WP cost per use. Not only do they have a powerful attack, but their HP is a whopping 850 (and +99 long-lasting shield), more then four times a Human’s. They also have a special ability called “Block.” With this skill, you can use your claws and shield your head and chest and deflect countless bullets from you. While blocking you’re still able to move, so Guardian is a Wolf that can actually leave himself out in the open a good majority of the time. One of the best ways to use this wolf is to confront someone, block and advance while they’re shooting. You shouldn’t drop block until your opponent needs to reload or you’re safe from fire. Once they’re on the run or need to reload, just rush and finish them off with your slash. An other way is to move out in a small group. Have one member be a Guardian and an other a Ghost wolf. While they’re busy fleeing from or shooting at the Guardian, allow the Ghost or any others to blow down the lambs.

Beating Guardians is just as simple as their own strategy. Don’t stand still and don’t blow all of your bullets on their block. Remember, ammo needs to be conserved in a lot of matches. Fire in bursts or even fake having to reload to get them to drop block. Remember your friend da grenade. Use a fast wolf like Smart or Ghost or keep one busy while you have a team mate take care of him from around. PLEASE remember that they don’t tend to go alone, so if you see a guardian be on the look out for his ghost pals who aren’t so safe from Bullets.


Cost -500WP WC, -800s2, -700Ex-Con
Health ~ 200HP  
Strength ~ High  
Attack Combo ~ 3 (Right, Left, Right)  
Movement ~ Fast  
Howl ~ Weak  
Ability ~ Invisibility*1

How to Use and defeat.

Ghost is a deadly little guy. Fast moving, fast attacking and comes with a GREAT special. The Ghost wolf (1) can turn completely invisible if he’s standing still for three seconds or longer. Ghosts are great for those who enjoy camping, base games, duos with Guardian wolf and assassinations. His attack is on par with the power wolf and still has a three hit combo from the Basic. Whether you want to advance forward or sit and wait for a fly to pass by your web is up to you. Just remember that wolfs can latch onto walls and stay there by running on them and then hitting the “Fire” key. So you can wait for people to kill from above as well.

Ghost (1) is a PAIN and generally isn’t alone, but is restricted to just a few modes. The best way to handle a Ghost wolf is simply to gun it down before they can get to you. While they’re invisible completely you may not be able and see them, but you’re still able to gun them down. Take out your secondary weapon and fire or listen to track them down. They still have a small amount of HP, the weakest roar, and are incapable of hiding when moving so they’re an easy target for veterans and snipers.

Ghost 2

Cost -500WP WC, ?, ?
Health ~ 200HP  
Strength ~ High  
Attack Combo ~ 3 (Right, Left, Right)  
Movement ~ Fast  
Howl ~ Normal  
Ability ~ Invisibility*2

How to Use and defeat.

Same as Ghost 1, this is a fast moving, fast attacking, auhsome special little devil with a slight exception. Ghost 2 always has a default invisibility and it never changes. It’s based off of the distance you are to your enemy. The closer your are the more visible you are, if you’re about 50paces in front of somebody they can’t see you at all ^^. So the best way to use this guy is to always find an opportune position before you become fully visible to the other team. A great way to use this wolf is with a partner like Guardian. ANY distraction is enough to sneak behind enemy lines and clear out an entire group of people and turrets. Ghost 2 is Vital to Wolf-Conquest modes and D2 Matches. A team lacking one is considered gimp in my opinion. The partner with a Guardian thing for Ghost wolf is much more powerful when it’s a GW2 and Guard together.

You stop a ghost 2 the same way you stop a rock from rolling down a hill with one finger, right at the start. They have a “low” amount of health, just 200 and a slightly stronger roar then the basic. If you’re paying attention to the screen you should never have a problem with missing the exact second when one becomes visible and easy to kill. Most wolves shouldn’t go out against them one-on-one, but engage it if you must. Don’t let it run to your team mates especially since you don’t know if they can see them yet or not.


Cost -600WP WC, -700s2, -1000Ex-Con
Health ~ 260HP
Strength ~ High  
Attack Combo ~ 1 (Right)  
Movement ~ Normal  
Howl ~ Normal  
Ability ~ Self-Destruct

How to Use and defeat.

The Berseker wolf is sometimes called the Suicide or Terrorist wolf, but to be politically correct, he’s the Extremist/Berserk wolf. He has the longest slashing range of all of the wolfs and a very high attack, but below average health (compared to others at his cost) and can only use a single slash before his delay. It’s a great form, but suggested only for players who really know what they’re doing. If you could get in close enough to swipe at an enemy twice and you still haven’t taken them down, it’s best to just self destruct on the spot in order to ensure at least taking someone with you. This rush wolf is great for getting teams to split up from each other. One thing about the special, is to know that it isn’t like a grenade. He fires three rounds of damage straight forward (and with a good bid of distance) from his own body. The area the wolf is facing is the path it fires. You can still change your direction mid-explosion, but chances are you won’t be able to kill the enemies in front of you with just one charge. This explosion tactic is wonderful for taking out turret and sniper users which allows the rest of your team to rush in while the enemies lines are gimped.

Berserk wolf is dangerous, but isn’t much of a threat when you stack him against a Smart, Guardian or Ghost wolf. Gunning him down isn’t a problem since a Power, but letting him get anywhere near you is insane. Never attempt to fight this wolf in melee and if he is in range never stop moving and firing. The last thing you want to do die with more then one of your team mates, so if you spot a Berseker wolf, keep some distance when covering your team mates.


Cost -200WP WC, -480s2, -400Ex-Con
Health ~ 160HP
Strength ~ Normal  
Attack Combo ~ 2  
Movement ~ Fast  
Howl ~ NONE.  
Ability ~ Health Drain

How to Use and defeat.

Meet the renown “Cheap” wolf. Players rated this the most dangerous wolf in GD a while ago which I found strange at first. Overall it just looks like a cheaper WD form of a Ghost wolf, but his ability is outstanding. With health drain and mastering your right click attack you can pump your armor up faster then most players would be able to widdle it away with gunfire. His armor can go up to 260 with health drain. Although he has a weak attack, he’s meant to be more then a tactical wolf. This..oddly is a rush wolf much like berserk. You just need to avoid all Tunnels where fighting is dependent on gun fire or you’re doom. Important! While most people think shooting or hitting an enemy after their dead is just for mocking purposes, it isn’t. The smart wolf can actually gain armor from slashing a dead foe. So make good use of their corpse after killing them and regain your +260 health before you move on. (Tip brought to you by Scarpyz)

The best way to take down a smart wolf is somewhat like Ghost Wolf 2. Make them move around if they want to earn a kill, enter small corriders/tunnels where the next entry way and exit are a far way apart. They’re harmless if they can’t get to you for their special.

Ice Wolf

Cost -550WP WC, -750 s2, -700Ex-Con
Health ~ 200HP
Strength ~ Normal  
Attack Combo ~ 2 (Right, Left)
Movement ~ Normal  
Howl ~ Normal  
Ability ~ Frost Orb

How to Use Ice Wolf written by pjxno37

Ice Wolf: The frost orb special (or ice shard/ice grenade as I like to call it) is a very useful ability. When holding the right mouse button down, the wolf readies the orb, and a sort of general path of the orb is shown on screen. The attack acts much like a grenade, being lobbed from the wolf’s right hand and bouncing off wall and objects, finally exploding after a few seconds. The explosion does no damage, but covers targets in ice, slowing movement considerably. You have unlimited ammo using this, but you must roar every time to reload the ice. Melee attacks can also cause the ice effect.

Ice Wolf is VERY effective when other wolves are around, especially Smart and Ghost because of their speed. The ice grenade can easily launched around corners, leaving others exposed for faster wolves to finish them off. Just be careful when throwing it around corners, it’s also easy to accidentally bounce it off a wall close to you since it’s thrown from your right hand, and the explosion effects anyone caught in it. Aside from its special, it’s mostly like the normal wolf, and can be easily taken out the same way. Note – Their special requires you to hold down fire for more than one second.

Psycho Wolf

Cost -400WP WC, -500s2, -400Ex-Con
Health ~ 200HP
Strength ~ Normal  
Attack Combo ~ 2 (Right, Left)  
Movement ~ Normal  
Howl ~ Normal  
Ability ~ Unstable Orb

How to Use Psycho Wolf written by pjxno37

Psycho Wolf: I don’t have that much experience with this one, but it can be pretty good in the hands of a skilled (or pretty lucky) player. The unstable orb (or psycho orb) is similar to the ice grenade in terms of unlimited ammo and how to reload it, but it is a straight shot. When readied, a little circle appears on screen, showing where the ball will hit. You need a direct path to a target to hit, but when it does, the ball doesn’t do damage, but actually pulls the target right to you…kinda like a tractor beam. I’m not sure it this works on team members too.

Psycho Wolf is a lot riskier to use than ice since it has the same parameters like the normal wolf, but doesn’t have the advantage of of being around corners. I should also note that the ball moves a lot slower than a bullet. Sorry, but I haven’t really used this wolf successfully yet, so all I can say is that if you’re spotted aiming the orb/ball, you will be an easy target.

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