War of Angels Warrior DPS Guide

War of Angels Warrior DPS Guide by Healingwave

Hello Everyone ^_^ This is Healingwave from Astral here! I’m going to go over a trick here to obilerate bosses or regular mobs (And your mana pool)

The name of the game here is to cancel animations because in games like this animations RUIN dps. The way to do this is to use skills at precisely the right time and you’ll cancel your regular auto attack animation OR your cast time skill animations.

Before we look at this I’m going to go over the right skills to use to get optimal dps. When I said you’ll obilerate mobs and said mana pool. I meant it. Becuase we canceling animations you’re getting more skills in which means more mana being used in a shorter alloted time.

Energiving Shout (ES) – Increases Attack Power, ’nuff said, right?
Satisfying Blow (SB) – Moderate damage and an increase to accuracy.
Pulvering Blow (PB) – Ok Damage but it also has a nice bleed effect.
Weak Point Attack (WPA) – 1 Second cast time High Damage attack AND lowers defenses
Full Moon Slash (FMS) – 1 Second cast time AoE with high damage but 10 second cooldown. Lowers run speed.

Until we get new skills and our Unqiues this is what we have to go by.

Now the process to go about getting the dps I’m talking about!

We’re going to start with a Cast Time skill ( WPA or FMS) And before the cast time is over you spam an instant skill (No cast time) either SB or PB To use 2 skills in the time of one. What makes this possible is the ability to put a skill on hold while it’s on cd (You’ll notice that if you spam a skill even when it’s on cooldown it has a gold outline around it going around the skill in your toolbar) You’ll know when you actually get it right when it cancels the animation of your cast time ability and goes straight to your instant ability animation which is never half as long as a cast time animation.

Now here’s a little tip for planning your attacks.

BOSS FIGHTS – Always start with WPA -> PB This’ll put 2 debuffs one decreasing defense and a DoT (Damage over Time) after that we’d use FMS -> SB Both high damage skills with no extra effect (That applies to a boss fight in PvP it’d be a run speed decrease) There’s no point in using PB again because 1. It’s not off cd and 2. Bleeds don’t stack so you’ll be using more MP and less damage. You’ll always get more dps if you let the bleed fall off and start a new one. I’m not a fan of saving MP but in this case it’s just an extra bonus.

A short of sweet version of what I just said WPA -> PB -> FMS -> SB -> WPA -> SB FMS -> PB (rinse and repeat!)

– In AoE and trash we’re going to do a LITTLE mana conservation so we can do more FMS and a little less single target. Stil, don’t expect to beat a mage or hunter on DPS here, we’re made for single target ;)! When I do this I’d go about FMS -> PB then switch targets and do it again. Spread DoT’s and AoE.

Short and sweet version -> FMS -> PB (Switch target) FMS -> PB (rinse and repeat!)

Closing Remarks

1. Nowhere in this guide did I say this was the BEST. I’m just sick of seeing warriors auto attacking and using one skill when it’s terrible for damage.
2. I KNOW THIS IS TERRIBLE FOR MANA. Buy Pots if you want to get the most of out of your warrior.
3. Kudos for FatalWish/FatalDesire for helping me realize that you can do this. (Even though you despise me)
4. On Boss fights if you don’t feel like buying pots just sit for a bit and get your mana back. They’re long!

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