War of Angels Job Changing Guide

War of Angels Job Changing Guide by DiceZ

Because we got a lot of question for the job-change, we created a small guide, which could be useful for you.

How to change my job?

When your character reached level 20, you just have to complete the quest “New Power“, which is available at the skill-merchant Eras in Enes, to choose between two specialization of your class, which effects on your further skills.

Depending on your class, there are different ways what you have to do. Hunting a couple of monsters, collecting items or defeating a special monster, which is harder to kill. But when you completed your quest you have to choose.

The Fighter is able to become a Knight to protect his comrades with his shield, or to become a Warrior, who theat his enemies with his great two-handed weapons.

The Ranger, master of ranged combat, choose the arrow shooting Archer to concentrate on single targets, or the Hunter with his gun, to get multiple targets in sight.

The Mage can choose the way of the Cleric, to heal his comrades with his skills, or the way of the Sorcerer, to inflict great damage to his enemys.

The Rogue can become a Scout for invisible infiltration on the enemy or an Avanger, to rush the enemy and using his fast attacks to get them down.

Now its your choice, which is your way.
But choose wise, because once you chose your way, its final.

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