War of Angels Leveling Guide 1 to 60

War of Angels Leveling Guide 1 to 60 by Barmonk

Was going to wait till I hit 60 to post this but I figured it won’t change much by the time I go from 57 to 60 and the stuff earlier on will help people now more then later. This is the knowledge I have gained from leveling up. So hopefully my experience will help you level faster and keep you from making some of the same mistakes I did. This is the first leveling guide I have made so it is pretty rough and probably not in the best format but hopefully it helps.

Levels 1-23

These levels go by pretty quick with a small speed bump at the level 19-20 gap. The best way to go about this level range is to just keep doing the quest. There are plenty of them and most levels there are enough to get you through the entire level without needing to grind non-quest mobs. The best way to handle the 20-25% needed to grind through 19-20 is either kill Mutant Lides or to grind out a level or two in the Bat Caves when you are around level 15.

Levels 23-26

The best way to get through this level range is to kill Frog Surveillants while trying to find a DC party. They are considered Elite mobs and give a good chunk of xp but the downside is they drop no silver. If you cannot solo them they are still good xp in a party of 2 people. Also, around this level you will want to continue to do your quest but not turn them in and I will explain why later on.

Levels 26-39

DC DC DC that is really all there is to it. Find youself a good guild or group of people and run it till you vomit. If you can find a Hunter it will make your life infinitley easier since you can start to do AoE runs of the dungeon. Once you reach around level 33 or so the goblins will not be worth killing and you will want to start rushing past them with your knight and cleric. The best way to do this is to have your knight run past the first area of goblins and go through the door that leads to the room with the paths leading to the levers. He should then summon his cleric to him and have the cleric heal him up and then bubble him. He should then procced to run the two lever rooms and then run through to the door with the rast in them and then summon in the rest of your party and continue to do normal killing.

TIP: Keep yourself targeted while running through this place if you don’t you have the chance of targeting a mob and having your guy spazz out and attempt to attack them which causes your guy to run around randomly sometimes.

Around level 36 or so the Rast become pretty slow also so now you can run past them. The best way to do this is once you reach the spot you stopped at before and got summoned everyone now you want to just summon your cleric and get a fresh bubble and heal and run past the first room of Rast. Once you reach the second door you are going to want to summon in your cleric again and get a fresh bubble and if you are not confident in making it with just one bubble have them follow you through and bubble you when the first once drops. If you do have your cleric following you make sure you go through the last door before the ramp room first if not they will reset and possibley agro and kill your cleric. Now just run to the bottom of the ramp and summon in your group and procced as normal. If you have AoE the side room with the trap chest are good xp if not probably best to just bypass them.

Once you hit level 39 you are going to want to turn in all the quest you have been saving since this level is a “hell level” the xp for this level is double the previous level. It will also get you to 40 faster which will increase the power level of your character by about double.

Alternatively around level 37 or so you can move into HG with your group and kill the Mosman Warriors. They are listed as level 35 but they are really level 40.

Levels 40-48

Heaven’s Gate is the place to be. Mosman Warriors to start with and once you reach around level 44 you can move to the Jangos if you are single killing or if you have an AoE you can head over to the Kuschs or Blue-eyed Assassins by the guard at the bottom and kill those.

Levels 48-60

Deviaphone Temple is the next dungeon and the your new home for awhile. Again you will be here for awhile but it is good xp and hopefully by the time everyone else gets here they will have fixed the bosses and made them actually killable without needing 2 clerics and multiple stunning classes. I also suggest you do like you did before because the xp really start to slow down at 59 and all the quest will help you to get over that 59-60 hump.

In closing like I said at the beginning this guide is pretty ruff and not to specific. I do not know how one would go about solo leveling I usually had a Hunter and Cleric with me most of the way.

Here are some Knight specific tips and that will maybe help out some other classes too.

When pulling packs togather for AoE try to limit it to 5 at a time since that is the limit for your AoE taunt and the Hunter AoE till skill level 3 then the cap raises to 6 it seems then at 4 it is 7 targets. If you get more then 5 try and target and auto attack them once it should help hold agro.

Use Level 1 Shield Impact. It will save you a ton of mana and still has the same knockdown duration as the other levels and the damage you do is negligible with it anyways.

When buying new skills don’t worry about the attack ones besides Weak Point attack. When grinding it is the best mana to damage ratio and helps your auto attacks and shield impact hit for more. Pulverizing Attack is also good for grinding the damage to mana on it is good and is especially nice on the caster mobs that debuff your attack since it does not affect the DoT portion of it.

The green armor is better then the blue set for tanks. It gives us plus stamina and has more armor on a few of the pieces.

In closing have fun and don’t stress yourself over the grind find a good group and just have fun playing. Also, after a long session with the same Knight hook them up with some drops or some cash for repairs it is quite expensive later on costing upwards of 11-13gold when at 10-0 durability.

One more thing I forgot that should help people quite a bit is breaking the camps. If you ever played EQ1 you will know what I am talking about. The basics of it is to pull the group of mobs and have someone in the group tag one of them preferably the tank with taunt and then continue running to reset the rest. It is a bit tuffer in this game then in EQ1 since we do not have feign death so we have to continue to run them off in this game but it works the same and should make those harder pulls in HG/DT more manageable.

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