Tales of Pirates 2 Genesis Quest Guide

Tales of Pirates 2 Genesis Quest Guide by siaoxbomber


Hi all ^^ Siaox here

Ok no more crap, Challenge Genesis Quest is a repeatable quest where all classes and characters are entitled to. All players are required to sail around TOP to get a continual quests from each Haven’s operator but you are not required to kill or collect any items on the way, hence in the end, a Amplifier of Strive will be rewarded to you and the time taken for the journey will be recorded too.

Black Dragon Equipments is also rumored to be able to be gotten from which one of the operators(NPC) said so. Lol, who knows XD

My timing:

1st Try: 4000+ Seconds ~ 1h 20min === Amplifier of Strive
2nd Try: 3600+ Seconds ~ 1h === Amplifier of Strive
3rd Try (By using my voyager): 3000+ Seconds ~ 45min === Amplifier of Strive
4th,5th,6th,7th Tries: 2500 ~ 2800 Seconds ~ 40min+ ===  Amplifier of Strive

Therefore i concluded, your timing doesn’t affect what reward you get. But who knows? Use a High level ship (Mine only Lv 30 Eagle), With Pure Sea Voyager, With Item Mall Items which increase ship’s speed, some manufactured item to increase ship speed and try doing it ^^ i think u can complete it within 30min XD. Who knows u can get BD EQs XD Lol.

Cant be bothered to do now… waste of time XD (if only got better reward ^^) or if i needed to collect amp of strive for upcoming 3x or 4x exp =D


1) A decent ship – Goddess/Great White Shark/Eagle will be recommended for it’s Speed, Fuel and HP as you will be encountering several  Lv50 – Lv70+ sea monsters

2) Voyager will be recommended due to current, tail wind and algae entanglement .

3) Time – It takes at least 45min ~ 2h depending on your speed/lag. Hence get prepared to be thoroughly BORED!


1) Amplifier of Strive – Double you Exp for 30min
2) Bawcock Letter – Record the time you took to complete the quest

Tips for the Quest

1) Use auto movement (Click your mouse on the sea until your pointer become a boots, which meant auto move)
2) Sometime don’t avoid High Level monsters too often Cuz you can repair/refuel at next Haven easily.
3) Remember to refuel/repair your ship although u are desperate to finish it XD
4) Getting Wood Bundle & Fish meat is a good choice to start the quest
5) Using manufactured ship items such as Ship accelerator or atomizer can be a good choice if u can afford or make it.

Walkthrough – whole journey

1) Get your quest from “Coddy” at the south of Argent bar (2217,2911)
2) You will only be able to activate the quest with your first slot (Wing slot) free. (So remove your wing temporarily)
3) Now you shall start the quest with the clock ticking right NOW!

This will be all the Havens which you be needed to go

1st Haven:
Sara Haven – Ascaron (3097,3530)

2nd Haven:
Hubble Haven – Magical Ocean (136,3432)

3rd Haven:
Gelada Haven – Magical Ocean (1328,3783)  [ if you do not find , visit  1550.3700 and check  edit by jancy ]

4th Haven:
Ethio Haven – Magical Ocean (3194,3507)

5th Haven:
Karmas Haven – Deep Blue (768,3775)

6th Haven:
Salva Haven – Deep Blue (194,1715)

7th Haven:
Lahu Haven – Magical Ocean (3498,923)

8th Haven:
Aerase Haven – Magical Ocean (2042,635)

9th Haven:
Norite Habour Haven – Magical Ocean (464,468)

10th Haven:
Reagen Haven – Ascaron (3153,674)

11th Haven:
Halla Haven – Ascaron (2040,1416)

12th Haven:
Albania Haven – Ascaron (1497,1707)

Woot You Reached!
Last Stop:
Thundoria Habour – Ascaron (1056,1324)

After you docked, you will be asked to find a sailor (Pls refer to your quest log for the person^^) and you will be rewarded.

The Quest ends here.


– Everything based on my experience, none taken from MMOSITE or PKO. (As if you go see Snowy’s Afterlife Expansion Guide, he hasn’t completed his guide on this part )

– Thanks and feel free to provide opinions on my guide ^^

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