SWTOR Tank Assassin Crew Skills Guide

SWTOR Tank Assassin Crew Skills Guide by DarthRaistlin

There you get the whole game, as a TANKASIN, in one post, VIOLA!


XA. Introduction
XB. Classification of Crew Skills
XC. Crew Skills In-depth
XD. How they work together
XE. Crew Skills bonus usage
XF. Companion Crew Skill Bonuses

XA. Introduction

SWTOR’s crafting system names the crafting skills “Crew Skills”. You may have a maximum number of three skills with one caveat, only one can be a crafting skill. You progress through crafting by sending your companion(s) to create the items while you continue doing what you want.

Crew Skills are classified into three different categories: Mission, Crafting, or Gathering. Crafting and Gathering are self-evident. Mission skills seem to be somewhat like the “Dispatch” mechanic in GBA Final Fantasy Tactics games. You can send your companions on missions and you’ll receive *something* based on the success or failure of such ventures, completely out of your control.

When you send a companion out to complete a task that companion is unable to be used until it is complete. Sending companions out do complete Mission or Gathering tasks costs credits. There is no way to avoid this credit fee for Mission tasks, but you can gather while you are questing (for free!).

For informational purposes, and in case you can’t use the link due to firewall, here are the professions and a short description from SW:TOR Crew Skills

XB. Classification of Crew Skills

¦Archeology – The ability to seek out imbued items like Lightsaber crystals and ancient artifacts.
¦Bioanalysis – The practice of collecting genetic material from creatures and plants.
¦Scavenging – The art of recovering useful materials and parts from old or damaged technology.
¦Slicing – A skill in accessing secured computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable data and rare schematics.

¦Armormech – The ability to work with hard metals and electronic shielding to construct all types of personal armor.
¦Armstech – The skill of constructing blasters, blaster rifles and upgrades.
¦Artifice – The delicate work of constructing Jedi and Sith artifacts.
¦Biochem – The engineering of performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants.
¦Cybertech – The technical expertise to construct gadgets and components for Droids and high-tech armors.
¦Synthweaving – The art of creating lighter outfits and armors that are imbued with supernatural qualities.

¦Diplomacy – The art of conducting and managing negotiations.
¦Investigation – The skill of examining evidence and following clues to discover valuable secrets.
¦Treasure Hunting – The ability to track down and recover valuable items by investigating a series of clues.
¦Underworld Trading – Expertise in the trading of illegal goods and services.

XC. Crew Skills In-depth

Below is what each Crew Skill brings to the table. Each crafting skill is able to make general mods in addition to their own special ones.

¦Archaeology: Color crystals and artifact fragments.
¦Armormech: You can create medium and heavy armor, as well as armor mods. This is better for non-force classes.
¦Armstech: You can create weapons of all types and weapon mods.
¦Artifice: You can create color crystals for weapons, generators, shields, lightsabers, as well as hilt mods.
¦Bioanalysis: Biochemical samples.
¦Biochem: You can create stims of various types (potions, flasks, and elixers for lack of a better term), adrenals, med packs, reusable stims, as well as augmentation mods.
¦Cybertech: You can create parts for droid companions, transport beacons, earpieces, grenades, relics, ship parts, and utility mods.
¦Diplomacy: Medical supplies and lightside/darkside points.
¦Investigation: Research compounds, and you can find schematics for (all?) other crafting Crew Skills.
¦Scavenging: Scavenged compounds and metals.
¦Slicing: Lockboxes, augmentations, and you can find extra schematics for Cybertech. You can also open lockboxes.
¦Synthweaving: You can create light, medium, and heavy armor as well as armor mods. This is better for force classes.
¦Treasure Hunting: You can find gemstones, lockboxes, and companion gifts.
¦Underworld Trading: Underworld metals, luxury fabrics, as well as being able to discover schematics for custom (orange quality) armor. Custom armor is fully moddable.

XD. How they work together

This is the best combination of Crew Skills in order to avoid using the Galactic Trade Network.

¦ Synthweaving: Archaeology + Underworld Trading
¦ Armormech: Scavenging + Underworld Trading
¦ Armstech: Scavenging + Investigation
¦ Cybertech: Scavenging + Underworld Trading
¦ Biochem: Bioanalysis + Diplomacy
¦ Artifice: Archaeology + Treasure Hunting

It has been discussed that Slicing may be worth picking up over a gathering skill, as it apparently makes enough credits to overcome using the GTN. I havn’t tried it myself, so if anyone knows comment and I’ll update it.

XE. Crew Skills bonus usage

In some Flashpoints you can use your crew skill to take shortcuts through the dungeon. Here are some examples:

The Hammer:
¦ A Scavenger can repair the drill and create a passage straight to the first boss.
¦ A slicer can repair an elevator to go up a level and skip trash mobs.

¦ Instead of a long process to open a door, an Archaeologist can simply open the door.

If you guys know more examples, comment and I’ll add them.

XF. Companion Crew Skill Bonuses

Tanno Vik: +5 Armormech crit, +1 Underworld Trading crit
Aric Jorgan: +10 Armstech, +2 Diplomacy Crit
Elara Dorne: +10 Bioanalysis, +10 Biochem
M1-X4: +5 Scavenging crit, +5 Cybertech
Yuun: +10 Slicing, +10 Investigation

Bowdaar: +10 Scavenging, +10 Cybertech
Corse Riggs: +5 Armstech crit, +5 Underworld Trading
Risha: +1 Slicing crit, +15 Diplomacy
Akaavi Spar: +2 Bioanalysis crit, +10 Armormech
Guss Tuno: +10 Archaeology, +2 Treasure Hunting crit

Jedi Knight:
T7-01: +10 Bioanalysis, +2 Slicing crit
Kira Carsen: +5 Synthweaving, +1 Investigation crit
Doc: + 5 Biochem crit, +5 Underworld Trading
Sgt. Rusk: +10 Scavenging, +10 Armstech
Lord Scourge: +10 Archaeology, +10 Artifice

Jedi Consular:
Qyzen-Fess: +15 Archaeology, +5 Bioanalysis
Tharan Cedrax: +10 Slicing, +10 Cybertech
Zenith: +15 Investigation, +1 Underworld Trading Crit
Lt. Iresso: +2 Scavening crit, +2 Armstech crit
Nadia Grell: +10 Synthweaving, +2 Diplomacy crit

Bounty Hunter:
Mako: +15 Slicing, + 5 Cybertech
Gault Rennow: +2 Biochem crit, +10 Underworld trading
Torian Cadera: +2 Bioanalysis crit, +10 Investigation
Blizz: +15 Armormech, +1 Armstech crit
Skadge: +10 Scavenging, +2 Treasure Hunting crit

Sith Warrior:
Vette: +5 Treasure Hunting crit, +5 Underworld Trading crit
Malavai Qiunn: +10 Armstech, +10 Diplomacy
Jaesa Wilsaam: +5 Archaeology, +5 Synthweaving crit
Lt. Pierce: +10 Cybertech, +2 Investigation crit
Broonmark: +2 Bioanalysis crit, +10 Scavenging

Sith Inquisitor:
Khem Val: +15 Artifice, +5 Investigation
Andronikos Revel: +2 Slicing crit, +2 Underworld Trading crit
Ashara Zavros: +10 Synthweaving, +10 Diplomacy
Talos Drellik: +5 Archaeology crit, +5 Treasure Hunting
Xalek: +10 Bioanalysis, +2 Scavenging crit

Imperial Agent:
Kaliyo D’jannis: +10 Armstech, +2 Underworld Trading crit
Scorpio: +2 Slicing crit, +10 Cybertech
Vector Hyllus: +5 Bioanalysis, +5 Diplomacy crit
Dr. Lokin: +15 Biochem, +10 Investigation
En. Temple: +10 Scavenging, +2 Armormech crit

If you know the bonuses for HK, let me know and I’ll add them.

If you see any mistakes I made, let me know.

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