Facebook The Sims Social Strategy Tips

Facebook The Sims Social Strategy Tips by sixf00t4

  1. NEVER spend your energy repairing your own stuff. That’s what friends are for
  2. NEVER practice skills unless your inspired. It’s worth the extra money, and it’s free to get inspired.
  3. Never leave your sim at your own house. They will end up breaking all your stuff while you’re away
  4. For the same reason as above, never use your own bathroom/shower/sink. You might break it. Go to a friend’s house
  5. Use your daily free turns to repair and clean your friends stuff
  6. Check your friends facebook walls for gift and item help links
  7. Don’t waste money on lower quality stuff. Wait for the 6800 TV. you only get 10% when you sell stuff back, so avoid having to do that!!
  8. Because of the reason above, leave stuff in storage, you never know when you’ll need it or want it back.
  9. Low on simoleans? buy something with social points and sell it to get the same value back in simoleans.
  10. Need someone to click your item help link on your wall? tage them with a comment so they get the notice.
  11. Watch your level up meter, once you level up, your energy goes to 15, no matter how much energy you have left. If you’re close, don’t click the energy orbs to buy time while your sim practices/wastes energy
  12. Save those boost potions/bars/drinks for when you’re close to leveling but have to leave the PC soon. Once you level and burn through the 15 again, go ahead and leave.
  13. create a facebook friends group called “simssocial” and all your playing friends to it. When you want to post something to your wall, hit privacy settings, specific people, and then type ‘simssocial’ then all your other friends don’t see all the wall spam
  14. once you created a simsocial friend group, you can view everyone in that group through your news feed to make sure you see everyone’s wall gift/item links
  15. Fill your room grid completely like a jigsaw puzzle because weeds will grow anywhere outside, no matter what the flooring. If you want a patio, create a room and fill it with trees and what not, as if the walls weren’t there.
  16. When you click someone’s wall link, like the post too so they know you stopped by.

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