Sims Social Double Energy Guide

Sims Social Double Energy Guide by Rmaul

Ok so i found an easy way to get stuff done without getting out of energy too fast. So i will share some tips.

First of all, as u probably already know, BE INSPIRED at all times. That helps with money, by alot.

Now, if u have more than 7 friends this might work for u too.

First time u log in The Sims Social every day, u will get a daily bonus. But u will also get 5 FREE energy to use at each of your friend´s houses. So u ask, how does that help me? Ok…

As u log in the first time, make sure the first thing u do is get inspired at your own house. Eat, pee, sleep, etc. A good tip for those starting and with low friends is to get the trait INSANE at level 2. That way u can talk to plants and raise your social without leaving the house or spending energy.

Once u become inspired, go to any skill item and use 5 energy on that. ( u can use more if u have alot of neibors cuz u will replace it later )

Open your quests on the left and check what u need to do to complete them. Now for the most part it will ask u to interact with other sims or do stuff around the house. Here is where we use the extra bonus for visiting someone.

Instead of going to a friends house and using it all to chat useless stuff, use the bonus to get your quests done. So before using your own bar energy visit a friend and check if u can do what is needed in his house. Dont waste all the bonus at once, finish your quest first and see what is needed next. If needed go back to your friends house and use the bonus again. Rinse and repeat until u cannot do anything else to update your quests at a friends house. Remember for the most quest u can MAKE CALLS, USE COMPUTER etc at a friends house.

Now another tip is, when u use all 5 bonus on a sims friend house u will get 1 energy to your normal energy bar if u choose to SHARE. So BEFORE u use all 5 energy bonus with your friend make sure YOUR OWN ENERGY BAR IS NOT AT MAX ( 15 energy ) as they will not be added past 15. If it is, go back home and use some energy to level skills then go back and finish the bonus with your friends.

If have many neibors u can turn 15 energy into ALOT of energy and get your quests done way faster. And save your own energy bar to do stuffs u actually need to do at your house. ( like making money )

Also, try to eat, sleep, take showers, and pee at your friends house, that way u will not break your own stuff so u dont have to repair it and waste energy. Yeah its mean but works lol

I hope it helps. Let me know if u have any questions.

— rmaul

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