Facebook The Sims Social Saving Energy Guide

Facebook The Sims Social Saving Energy Guide by BroKenHarrison

Energy is what the game is run on, correct? So it only stands to reason, you want to keep as much as possible. Here are my tips for keeping your energy.

1) Don’t fulfill your needs at home. This sounds rude to the real world, but let’s remember this is a game. You never have to clean the toilet or shower if you don’t use them at home. Your TV won’t break down, etc. Go have fun, use the restroom, shower, sleep, etc at friends’ houses and you won’t waste energy fixing and cleaning in your home.

2) When you are close to leveling up, run your energy as low as you can…keep it around 0-2 when you are ready to pop a new level. You will get 15 when you level up, so don’t be at 14 and don’t quit playing when you need only ten or twenty points to level up (if you can).

3) Gift energy! When you gift energy, the recipients are asked if they want to send one back. That’s a one for one trade, and costs you nothing. Do it as often as the game allows.

4) Wait for social interactions. When you click on your neighbor and select an interaction, it costs energy. If you don’t need a specific action, wait a few minutes. Usually, if your sim needs social, (s)he will go and get it. This works especially well with new neighbors, but particularly poorly with higher level socials (inseperable+, BFF+)

5) Help your neighbors. Most of the time when someone requests a commodity (milk, paint, etc) and you fulfill it, they send you a +1 or +3 energy back!

6) Don’t waste your Buzzes on Fun Potions. You can replace fun with some time in front of someone else’s TV or stereo (see #1) Use three at a time to make +5 Energy!

Hope this little advice will brighten up your day and conserve your precious energy!

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