RAN Online How to Open the 10th Inventory Line

RAN Online How to Open the 10th Inventory Line by Mojeff

Normally, 4 Inventory Lines are open if you create a new character..

To Open 5th-9th Inventory Line:

-Purchase 5 Backpack Extension Cards from Itemshop or In-Game Market
-Right Click every Backpack you purchased, this will add 1 (1X6) Inventory Line automatically
-1 Backpack = 1 Inventory Line, up to 9th line

To Open the 10th Inventory Line:

-Purchase 1 Value Box (Novice Student Kit or Bling-Bling Set) from Itemshop or In-Game Market
-Right Click and will open the 10th Inventory Line for 30 Days, You can stack up to 12 months using 12 Value Boxes
-And also this will open the “P” section of your locker
-You will still get and use the items inside the Value Boxes (Novice Student Kit or Bling-Bling Set)
-10th Inventory Line has expiration, so you will need to buy Value Box again if you want to open it once it expires
-You can see the expiration date in your character details by pressing “C”

If you still have items at the 10th inventory line and the Novice Kit’s validity expires, all items in that slot will still be there. Same with the locker, you cannot place anything but you can remove the placed item even when the 10th line expires. To be able to reactivate this line, use another Value Box.

Items in the “P” section of your locker, however, will not be affected. Like lockers 2 ~ 4, you may remove items from that locker, but could not insert them again unless you use the Novice Kit again.

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