RAN Online Item Mix System Guide

RAN Online Item Mix System Guide by FM Oracle

What is the Item Mix System?
– Allows the player to combine items to produce a higher grade potion or equipment.

Is this applicable to all items present in the game?
– No, it is currently limited to a finite set of combination. This will be updated on future patches.

Is there a chance of failing on using this system?
– Yes, there’s a chance of failure.

Will I be able to get back the ingredients upon failure of the process?
– No, you cannot.

Is the mixing system free to use?
– No, but its affordable, certain fees are applied depending on the item to be created.

I am not familiar with the items required for mixing, where can I get them?
– Some of the ingredients are sold by their respective NPCs and others can be looted from Monster drops.

Current Item Combinations


Step 1:
Finish the Quest, “Finding Jack”.
– Get the quest from Grocer.

Step 2:
– Decide what you’re going to create (Refer to the table above).
– Prepare the ingredients of the item you’ll be creating.

In this example, we’ll create a Dynamic Mage Shoes [C].
The ingredients are: 1 Mage Shoes [C] and 1 Armor Refine Stone.

Step 3:
Once you have all the ingredients, talk to the NPC and click on “Start the system”.

Step 4:
This screen will be shown once you’ve started the system.
– Simply place the ingredients on the empty slots and click on combination.

Step 5:
Pay the amount required to proceed.

Step 6:
A notification screen will be displayed once the process is done.
And there you go. It has crafted a better equipment.

End Result:

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