RAN Online Archer Dex, Pow, Vit Build for PK and CW

RAN Online Archer Dex, Pow, Vit Build for PK and CW by Prince

Advisable Lvl 2 reset = 160 (For Crono buff)

2 Alloy rings
2 Jade Rings
2 Silver Rings
Beidas Necklace
Hunter Alloy Bow (2nd element +5 pow)
Hunter Bow (2nd element +5 dex)
Competition Bow (2nd element +5 int)
ENHANCED SET (+20 dex total)


Arrow Assault = lvl 4
Kawasu = Master
Cripple Shot = Master
Arrow Storm = lvl 2
Evasive Chant = Master
Star Fall = Master
Slow = Master
Dance Of Death = Master

Note: Hanggang DOD lng kc Combo Type ang mga Dex Archers
Use ur Enhanced + Jade Ring + Beidas and Hunter Bow +5 dex and Beidas Neck.
to save 42 Stat..

Pow Skills
Force Shot = Master
Bow Strike = Master
Bow Mastery = Master
Armor Piercing Shot = Master

Note: 150 pow is needed to master APS..
Use ur Alloy Rings and Hunter Alloy Bow +5 pow and Beidas neck.
to save 22 stats

Int Skills
Shockwave = lvl 2
Sacrifice = Master
Eagle Sight = Depends on ur stats

Note: Dont add any stat to ur int..
Just use Silver Rings, Beidas Neck., Competition bow +5 int

ETC skills
Range Mastery = master
Focus = master
Crono Shift = depends on your level

ALL YOUR EXCESS STATS will be added to your Vit..

Addendum: PvE variant for level 157 (FM’s Build):

Arrow Assault – level 4
Kawasu – Master
Evasive Chant – Master
Arrow Storm – level 2
Cripple Shot – Master
Starfall – Master
Slow – Master
Dance of Death – Master
Lightning Strike (optional)

Force Shot – level 6
Bow Strike – Master
Bow Mastery – Master
Armor Piercing Shot (optional)

Shockwave – level 2
Sacrifice – Master
Eagle’s Sight – Master

Focus – Master
Range Mastery – Master
Titan Will – level 6
Chrono Shift – Optional
Light Speed – Optional

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  1. Agatha says:

    how many distribution points for pow? and dex? This site is useful by the way. Thank you so much senpai :)

  2. toper says:

    tanong lang po saan po mahuhunt hunter bow tsaka composition bow na may 2nd element?

  3. emerson says:

    Can we reset the build? Back to zero?

  4. Anonymous says:

    actual build

  5. glenn says:

    does ran ph and ran gs archer skill the same?i want to follow this build but im not sure if the skill are the same…

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