Lineage 2 Mammon’s Dyes Guide

Lineage 2 Mammon’s Dyes Guide by Midair

Merchant of Mammon sells Dyes of both degrees:

-regular for characters without 2nd class-change
-high degree for charcters with finished 2nd class-change

really cute is, that he only sells the best dyes, which are the ones
lowering an ability by only the same amount as they raise another,
unlike other dyes which demand more sacrifice

he displays them in the order shown below
this block is repeated ascending from regular(1st) to high degree and then
from effect +1/-1 up to +4/-4(last)
this should also help to figure the ones with cut-off text

+Str / -Con
+Str / -Dex

+Con / -Str
+Con / -Dex

+Dex / -Str
+Dex / -Con

+Int / -Men
+Int / -Wit

+Men / -Int
+Men / -Wit

+Wit / -Int
+Wit / -Men


regular: 42k AA

high degree 1: 60k AA
high degree 2: 72k AA
high degree 3: 108k AA
high degree 4: 174k AA

no blank scrolls required

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