Lineage II Class Specific Guides from the Words of the Wise Contest

Lineage II Class Specific Guides from the Words of the Wise Contest by Sace

The following guides were entries in the Words of the Wise Contest. The first 10 guides in this thread were included in the voting period, where players voted on which guides were the best. View the results of that poll here. All guides are posted anonymously unless permitted otherwise by the author.


  1. Light Elf Archer Leveling Guide
  2. So You’re a New Spellhowler?
  3. Necromancer: The Hybrid Mage
  4. Playing a Class type: Warlock/Arcana Lord.
  5. How To Be a Dread
  6. Maximizing Your Eva Saint!
  7. A Guide for the Aspiring Titan
  8. The Paladin: withstanding the impact.
  9. Lineage 2 Tank Guide
  10. Blade/Spectral Dancer Class Leveling Guide.
  11. Mage Guide: level 75-85
  12. Guide to Shillien Elder: Serviam – I am here to serve and to protect.
  13. The Way of Shillien Templar
  14. LvLing a Dark NUKER !! (1~85 guide)
  15. Dark Elf Fighter: Level Guide 1 – 2
  16. Guide to Leveling A Summoner In Cruma Tower
  17. Orkish Magic
  18. The Excitement and Power of Being a Spell Howler!
  19. Dwarf XP Guide – AOE with 1 Buffer
  20. Warlord Leveling Guide
  21. Tips for Leveling a Prophet
  22. Guide to Cardinal
  23. Level With Magic!
  24. Eva’s Saint Past level 76
  25. C2Hunting with my Warlock
  26. Saga of the Spectral Master
  27. Levelling guide for Shillien Knight from A grade to S grade solo exp
  28. The Notorious Ghost Hunter
  29. Words of a Wise Doomcryer
  30. A fast and easy way to level a Shillien Knight from C Grade to S Grade
  31. The Essential Support Class, The Cardinal
  32. Leveling guide: Class Type – Paladin/Phoenix Knight
  33. The Summoner’s Guide of Aden: A Level 40-76 Guide
  34. Lineage II – Mage Guide
  35. Once upon a time…! Orc Buffer- Doomcryer
  36. How to play a Ghost hunter
  37. How to raise properly ;P a swordsinger
  38. OL XP via Dwarf Slaying

1. Light Elf Archer Leveling Guide

This guide is for leveling light elf archers and will give general advice from the start of your second class change all the way up to end game levels.

At low levels MP will be your biggest enemy. A bow can quickly run your MP reserves dry, and without buffs from a higher level character your attack speed will be abysmal. To counteract these issues XP at these lower levels is much quicker and efficient with a dagger. You will not be able to use the majority of your second class skills with a dagger, but Vampiric Rage and your quicker attack speed will overcome the lack of skills. Due to your low HP I would not recommend adjusting your stats too much with dyes, but using a plated leather set through both C and B grade will increase your damage output dramatically due to it’s unbalanced increase of strength compared to it’s small decrease in constitution.

Starting at the level where you can use A grade equipment is when your true power as an archer starts to present itself. The equipment is substantially better, and your skills will start to focus on your character’s strengths. Those strong points are foot speed and attack speed. At this point it would be best to switch back to a bow. When XPing always remember to use the following self-buffs; Rapid Shot, Rapid Fire, Blessing of Sagittarius, and Spirit of Sagittarius. The first two buffs will increase your attack speed and attack power substantially. The latter two will decrease the reuse time and MP consumption of skills.

Always try to stay at full range when fighting enemies. You are not a tank and do not try to be one. As you wait for your shot bar to reload in between arrows run away from your enemy. Do not feel as if you have to fire again as soon as you are ready to do so. Run a bit further and separate yourself from the mob to avoid being hit the next time you fire an arrow. If you need to finish an enemy and your HP is in short supply, skills are your friend and worry about regaining MP later. Skills will land the majority of the time, and they do consistently good damage. Also as a bonus you can effectively double your damage output as skills can be used before your shot bar completely reloads; allowing you to use skills in between normal shots. At these levels double-shot and stun-shot are the best skills for use. If you can afford to use MP elixirs, or you hunt in areas where mp herbs drop from mobs you can use over-hit on your skills to boost the XP you are receiving. Cheap Shot versus focus on your weapon is kind of a moot point. Cheap Shot will reduce the amount of MP you use, but you should kill faster with more critical attacks from focus.

Party XP will drain your MP substantially quicker as you will generally be shooting non-stop. Having an equal or higher level recharging class in party is crucial to an archer XP party. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways try to XP in areas where the mobs have light armor, and perhaps even weakness to bow attacks. Also if you have an elemental attribute on your weapon avoid fighting mobs with a resistance to that attribute. Maintaining a high kill speed is your goal for good XP, and any time you have to stop to restore MP or somebody is not attacking because they are out of MP you are not getting the best reward for your time spent.

As you are XPing you will end up in the same area for extended periods of time. Take notice of how the mobs interact and react. Some mobs are social and when you attack one the surrounding mobs will join in on the fight against you. Try to attack the mobs that are not social so you can fight them one-on-one as best you can. Also if you pay attention to the animations that they use before a skill sometimes you can avoid a particularly painful hit by landing a well timed stun shot. Keep in mind the stun-shot does not have to stun them to actually stop the skill, if it causes them to temporarily lose you as a target their attack will also be canceled.

Your third class change skills and gear will open all new avenues of XP for you. For example at level 82 you will obtain the Multiple Shot skill. This skill is extremely powerful and can kill most single HP mobs in 1 to 2 hits. You can attack mobs normally to gain aggression and when you have enough following you use this skill to drop the majority of them. Continuing running from these mobs and fire off a second Multiple Shot to drop any remaining mobs. Also you gain access to the Silent Mind skill which now eliminates MP as an issue in XPing. This skill will stop you from using any MP for a normal bow shot. This changes your method of attack considerably. Use skills as much as possible as the damage output from them is substantially higher then a normal bow shot. You can also start to consistently use your Viscous Stance toggle which will drain your MP continuously but will increase your critical attack damage. It goes without saying at this point focus is the only special ability you want to place on your weapon. It is the best attribute to consistently raise your DPS (Damage per Second) which is directly related to your kill speed.

Try to remember to have fun with this class. It is an amazingly versatile class that shines in both solo and party XP environments. Focus on amplifying the strengths of the light elf, while avoiding the inherent weakness and you will reach your goals in no time.

2. So You’re a New Spellhowler?

So you have decided to make a Spellhowler. Good choice, it is one of the fastest and easiest classes to level. It is also one of the frailest. If going toe to toe with a mob is your thing, you should have chosen a different profession.

You’re a paper cannon with extreme power, your defense is the opponent’s death, and you want to deliver that death as quick as possible.

What kind of mobs to look for: as a Spellhowler when soloing, you want your opponents dead in two shots. Slow opponents you might get in three before being hit, almost never four. The best kill scenario is one where you kill, just barely with one shot or two. Example: if you are shooting a mob, and it takes 3/4 of its life each time, your second shot is doing 3 times the damage necessary to kill the mob.

Damage vs. Experience: Each attack spell you cast equals experience. A mob gives you X amount of experience. In the scenario above you are wasting 2/3 of the damage on the second shot. If you are wasting damage you level slower. It is better to move up to a mob with more exp or move down to one that can be killed in one shot. It is not a perfect world; you will have to adjust and balance to get the best blend of shot vs. kill.

Group Mobs: Unless you have some good back up, I suggest avoiding AOE mobs until the higher levels until you have more experience. “Tempest” is your first area skill and it sure looks fun, but it is weak compared to “Hurricane”. If you can find half health mobs to one shot it is great, but if you have to hit a group twice you may end up with four or five mobs hitting you. It may be best to have someone close by who can give you a blessed rez if you want to try this.

The Basic Attacks:

  • “Aura Burn” is a good skill to keep using at the low levels. When you get in trouble it can clean up a mob fast. Later levels you get “Aura Flash” which is very good in close quarters and on group mobs.
  • “Vampiric Claw” will get you as close to being a tank as you will ever get. If you have several mobs on you, use it to stay alive. It takes to much manna and is not one you want to use often.
  • “Shadow Flare” is your over-hit skill. Use it to get the extra experience. It uses up a lot of your manna though.
  • “Hurricane” is your work horse skill, but there is a skill that uses less manna.
  • “Death Spike”, in the old days it cost you a cursed bone. Now it is free and it takes very little manna. Once you get death spike switch from hurricane to death spike. At higher levels with the skill “Seed of Wind” you will get more damage out of “Hurricane” however you may find yourself running out of manna to fast.
  • “Curse Death Link”, did I mention you are a paper canon. You have to be down to just a few health points for it to really hit hard. You use “Body to Mind” to generate manna and it can pull your life down to nothing. You are one hit fodder for the mobs, and it is a great skill until you take that one hit. Use it sparingly and in safe places.

Your weapon: It is a sword or one handed blunt with Acumen. The two handed staff has a much slower cast speed than the sword and one handed blunt. Speed is everything, the Spellhowler has insane power and avoids the temptation that the two handed staff offers, even more damage. Speed will kill faster than that little bit of extra damage.

The Tat’s: +4 Con -4 Str / +4 Wit -4 Men / +4 Int -4 Men. This gives you more Health, Speed and Power. You sacrifice P. Atk, mana well and a little bit of magic defense. The sacrifices are negligible.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.

3. Necromancer: The Hybrid Mage

The Necromancer is a powerful dark mage that combines the solo potential of a Summoner-type class with the powerful destructive force of a Nuker class. But there’s more to them than that alone. Necromancers are the manipulators of Lineage 2, being outfitted with a variety of skills that produce serious crippling effects to limit their enemies and throw them into a panicked state of helplessness. This guide will provide insight from the experience I’ve had in leveling a Necromancer and give advice on fighting in different styles with their skills, and what kind of equipment is helpful to them.

As mentioned above, the Necromancer is a unique class that can excel in a number of playing styles. Let’s look at the different styles so you can pick which sounds better suited to your preference:

  • The Nuker Style: The tag for the Necromancer in a party is the symbol of a Nuker, and that is what they are at their best. Powerful dark magic allows them to bring down their opponents before they can get a hit on them. If playing this style, you’ll want to use their strongest attack skills like Vampiric Claw and their signature attack spell, Death Spike. To start an attack on an enemy, begin with the Curse Gloom skill. This spell does some decent damage and also lowers the target’s magic defense, allowing your following spells to do more damage. Necromancers are also one of the classes to obtain the Curse Death Link spell; a devastating spell that powers up to slaughtering levels depending on how low your health is. Use the Body To Mind skill to lower your health points (while restoring your mana points) and power up this spell to its highest potential. However, be aware of the risk that such playing comes with. If your health is too low, one overlooked aggressive mob or mob with a long range attack could manage to kill you. This playing style is focused on pure magical offense.
  • The Summoner Style: Necromancers are a unique Nuker class because they are granted the ability to summon servitors to aid them just like Summoner classes can. They are the Corrupted Man, Reanimated Man, and Cursed Man. These servitors can help to create a safe hunting experience for the Necromancer, and probably makes this the most preferred style for Necromancers. Using the summons to draw the attention of the mobs away from you, you can follow up with your nuking spells to bring them down without much fear of being retaliated against. Even if you do find yourself under attack, the Necromancer is outfitted with a summoner toggle skill: Transfer Pain, which shares a percentage of the damage you take with your servitor. Use the Reanimated Man if you are looking for more of a tank with high health, or the Cursed Man if you want the servitor to play a stronger role in the killing of your enemies. Using the Corrupted Man is advised against as he drains 90% of your earned experience away from you. This playing style allows you to protect yourself while unleashing your powerful combos such as the low health/Curse Death Link combo with little worry about failure.
  • The Debilitating Style: This is a role that you will likely play when part of a group that already has decent damage potential. The spells of this style are the crippling curses that leave an enemy less able to hurt you and your allies. Spells like Forget to make an enemy stop attacking you, or Fear to make them cower and run away can protect you and others and allow you to kill them before they regain themselves. The most powerful limiter of that type is the Anchor spell, which first slows down the target’s speed and attack speed before completely freezing them in place for five seconds. Other crippling spells help weaken an enemy’s effectiveness in battle. Weakness and Curse Chaos should be used on powerful melee-type enemies to lower their attack power and make their attacks less accurate.

These three playing styles don’t have to be used separately. You can use a mixture of skills from each style to build your own comfortable hunting experience, like I do when I use the “Fear-yo-yo” trick to make a strong mob run from me over and over again while I wear its health down with nuking spells. Necromancers have a variety of options to choose from, so they can please many players.

As for equipment, the Necromancer is a mage class that has power, but lacks the higher casting speed that an elf has. To compensate for this, it is a good idea to invest in some equipment that helps raise your casting speed. Robe sets for C, B, and A-grade that accomplish this are the Karmian Tunic, the Avadon Robe, and Dark Crystal Robes respectfully. When it comes to what weapons to use, Necromancer needs a strong M. Atk weapon, and it doesn’t hurt to have one with the Acumen special ability to stack on top of your armor casting speed bonus. For C-grade I recommend using an Inferno Staff, B-grade a Sword of Valhalla, and A-grade a Sword of Miracles, all with the Acumen special ability. As a mage, the Necromancer has tough magic defense already, so jewelry can be bought whenever you find you have money to spare for a better piece. To make things much easier, especially if you play full nuker and don’t use summons, raise a baby kookaburra. This little pet can evolve at level 55 and begin to learn powerful buff abilities, as well as recharge your mana as you hunt.

Regardless of how you play it, the Necromancer is a powerful class with a number of options to keep the game exciting as you try out new tactics. Try a taste of them all and train yourself to be efficient in using one of the most versatile and deadliest classes in the game.

4. Playing a Class type: Warlock/Arcana Lord.

In general terms, Warlock is a fairy class to play, fun and rewarding because you are not leveling alone in your play time and you are constantly healing, hitting and controlling two chars at the same time. You summon big cats and they do the stuff for you, in player versus environment tanking and damage dealing, and in player versus player supporting your heal points by the skill Transfer Pain. On the downside you are kind of slow compared with a sorcerer class, but you do not have to stop your leveling time to regenerate mana points.

Summons do not gain experience and do not level by killing mobs. Instead of that you acquire skills that summon greater level servitors. Controlling a servitor is very intuitive, with easy and basic commands: attack, stop, stay and unsummon. When a servitor disappears because its live time is expired you can immediately summon another and it will keep the previous buffs. Each servitor consumes a certain amount of spirit ore when summoned and at regular intervals, depending on its level. Servitor cannot gear a pet stuff but they are able to use beast soulshots and beast spiritshots.

Warlock can use as well a special summon called cubic, a shining symbols that float above the character head. They are unable to be targeted, damaged, or have an interaction with them in any way. They work randomly using its skills automatically, and with the skill Cubic Mastery at level 56 you can have two cubics out at same time. The main cubics for a Warlock/Arcana Lord can paralyze a targeted enemy (Binding Cubic), use a magical attack (Storm Cubic, and Mass Storm Cubic) and cancel all the bad abnormal conditions which were cast on the master (Smart Cubic). Each cubic summon consumes a certain amount of spirit ore when summoned.

Your path to Arcana Lord starts in Talking Island being human mystic level 1 or being level 40 with subclass mode. From level 1 to level 48-52 your game style is basically like a wizard class using the main magical attack skills (Wind StrikeBlaze and Aura Burn), always with the adventurer´s buffs provided by the Adventurer´s Guide. Your magical damage is still good enough for be able to hunt with it until level 50-52, using the summon Kat the Catto regenerate the mana points when is needed, or Kai the Cat for melee damage when you run out of mana points. By this, your equipment has to be Robe Armor type and your weapon a wizard´s one preferably with SA acumen.

When you reach level 50 unless you want to kill lower level mobs you should give up the magical attacks and summon permanently Kai the Cat, who will be your main melee servitor until level 79 when u will start to use Feline King because this one is more powerful damage dealer. The servitor Mew the Catonly can be used in player versus player, because it consumes the 90% of the acquired experience.

You will be a heal points healer for your servitor, a debuff healer, and also a full buffer: you can give it physical shield, magic shield, spirit sharing, haste, wind walk, empowerment (servitor ultimate defense) and warrior (increases greatly the damage and the attack speed). At level 58 warlock class offers the chance to be a party buffer using the summon Feline Queen, who has 2 minutes buff increasing your party´s chance to land a critical attack and increasing the power. Also, at level 56 you acquire the skill Summon Friend, which teleports a party member to your current location, being a important skill when you are hunting in a difficult access spot. At this point your equipment has the purpose of protecting you against accidental attacks by players or monsters, so many people decides to use Light Armor type and keep the wizard weapon with SA acumen.

In order to check the best spots to hunt you can select the Map -> World Info -> Region Info and chose the appropriated level range:

Finally, in player versus player Warlock/Arcana Lord is a great warrior, self sufficient with the master buffs and cubics. Can be very flexible due to the enemy player can go in confusion about who attack first: summon or master. This psychic advantage and the powerful hits of Kai the Cat/Feline Kingbecomes this class in a great class for PvP, fun in PvE and a nice challenge for a good Lineage II player.

5. How To Be a Dread

The path to becoming a Dreadnought begins as a human-fighter. At this point, your character will have nothing in common with the Dreadnought you’re soon to be. The in-game tutorials will guide you through this part. To get a feel for the class you’re going to be playing, it’s a good idea to buy heavy armor and a pole for your beginning suit. There is a particular way you’re supposed to pole mobs and this is what you’ll be doing for exp and whatnot the entire time you level your character.

It’s very simple actually, what you do is gather as much mobs you can handle, bring them to a corner and attack them. Things will stay pretty much the same till your character reaches level 20 (D-Grade), where it becomes a warrior.

This is where you will start becoming more like a Dread. You will be getting heavy armor/pole master, making exping easier. My choice is a Brigandine suit with a Glaive and top jewels. You’ll also get a few new skills you can use while polling: Wild Sweep, War Cry, and Vicious Stance. I suggest using Wild Sweep and War Cry as much as possible, Vicious Stance, not so much. It would be fine to exp outside Dion till you reach about level 30 or 32.

Once you’ve reached 30, try Ant’s Nest or The Bee Hive. You will get your first detect weakness at 32, which will increase damage done to insects by 30%. You’ll level there till you hit level 40 (C-Grade), when you get new skills, armor, and weapon.

When your toon hits level 40 (C-Grade), this is when it’ll really start looking like a true Dreadnought. You will be getting your first stun, out of four, don’t be shy with it, use it frequently. Thunder Storm may take quite a bit of MP but makes up for it by stunning and hitting all the mobs near you for more damage than your regular attack. You will get another skill called Whirlwind, it’s like Thunder Storm but it doesn’t stun, just hits harder. Whirlwind is useful during lower level exping (40-79) and PvPing but other than that it just doesn’t hit hard enough to do any good. My choice of armor and weapon is the Full Plane Armor, Orcish Poleaxe w/Crit Stun, and top jewels. C-Grade will take a little longer than D-Grade but not by much. You’ll find yourself moving from hunting grounds to find the spot that suits your style till you reach level 52 (B-Grade).

By the time you’re B-Grade you should have gotten these skills: Howl, Thrill Fight, and Provoke. These are all good skills that can be used in both PvE and PvPing. In PvE you can pull mobs from all around with Provoke, reduce their P. Atk with Howl, and attack them faster with Thrill Fight. As for the weapons and armor for B-Grade, I would get the Lance w/ Crit. Stun, Plate Doom Set, and preferably top jewels. B-grade is when I started PvPing with my Dreadnought because I wanted to test out the Revival (a skill that gives back 100% HP when HP is below 10%) and Shock Stomp skills I got, and never stopped. I think NCsoft should make it like the Doombringer’s “Body Reconstruction”. Again, there a many different hunting grounds you could choose from; you just need to figure out which one suits you the best. For B-Grade I suggest the Cemetery and Fields of Massacre. You can level up to 61 (A-Grade) pretty fast in these places without any problems. Use Provoke, to bring all the mobs close, and kill them with Shock Stomp, Thunder Storm, and Whirlwind in Fields of Massacre this leaves no need to get to a corner…most of the time.

Once you reach level 61 (A-Grade) you’re going to want new gear: Tallum Plate Armor Set, Majestic Jewel Set, and Tallum Glaive w/ Health. Fields of Massacre will still be pretty good for exp till about level 70. Once you reach that point you’ll be able to use your Battle Roar instead of Bless the Body as a 35% heal whenever it recycles. With this little boost your toon might be able to handle itself in Pavel Ruins if you use all the skills. There you can easily reach level 78 or 79 while soloing.

Once you’ve reached (S-Grade) you’ll have to understand there are multiple suits you’re going to have to get. Not all at one time of course, Imperial Crusader or Dynasty will be your first choice. I prefer the IC because of the additional boosts you get. Next is Moriai (80+) then Vesper or Vorpal (84+). This is when PvP becomes very fun (84+), I suggest using jewels that up your Stun Rate. That’s just about the only thing Dreads have, stuns to immobilize people. My routine is Final Secret, Rush Impact, Shock Blast, Dread Pool. Then cycle the stuns while periodically attempting to stun whoever it is I’m PvPing.

First Place Winner
6. Maximizing Your Eva Saint!
 by Ceasar1427 of Chronos

Being an Eva Saint can mean taking on many roles. Sometimes you are only needed as a recharger for a nuker, or perhaps a cardinal is in the party. Other times you may be the main healer and recharger. This guide will work to describe the best skills in certain situations and ways to maximize your Eva Saint’s efficiency in any PvE party.

Although rare, nuker and recharger duos are still a good form of experience. As the recharger in the party, it is critical to always keep Clarity, Wild Magic, Concentration, and if applicable, Mana Gain and Prophecy of Water on the nuker. Do not forget to buff yourself with those as well! (Except Mana Gain which cannot be used on a recharger.) With the quick speed of kills, it is also easy to run Arcane Wisdom at all times and pick up hp herbs. As the recharger, it is also your job to pick up all drops. You should be recharging consistently so that if an MP herb drops, you are the main one that needs it. The nuker should not have to stop killing unless you both run out of MP (which hopefully won’t happen).

For a more standard party of nine, no matter what place, if you are the only recharger in party and you have a Cardinal, your main job is to keep the Cardinal with MP. Again, Clarity and Mana Gain on the Cardinal are critical. Also, remember to put Clarity on yourself! Your second responsibility is to assist healing should a bad situation arise due to back spawn or perhaps over pulling. Even though you are the assistant healer, it is still vital for the Cardinal to have MP. With Balance Life being more effective, do not let the Cardinal run out of MP. In a bad situation, even run Arcane Wisdom to help preserve your own MP. Balance Life and the group heals the Cardinal will be throwing will cover your health as long as you stay back away from the mobs. Lastly, work on managing the other group members’ MP. Most standard parties have a Bladedancer and Sword Singer. Many times, they may need MP assistance as well. Once you have cast Mana Gain on the Cardinal, when Mana Gain resets, put it on either the BD or SWS. Then when it resets again, place it on the remaining support. From there, cast it upon any damage dealer that may need. Once you have established the order of toons that need Mana Gain, continue casting it in that order so that it does not run off on a toon that needs it.

For a party where you are the healer and the nuker, using your skills efficiently is vital. One of the best examples is a Dragon Valley nuker party. As the healer in the group, using Major Heal over Greater Heal is imperative. Greater Heal has a much lower healing power and the MP cost is a lot higher. It burns your MP faster for a less effective heal. The 15 seconds HP regeneration bonus is not worth the MP cost. Secondly, for group heals, do NOT use Greater Group Heal. Again, the HP regeneration bonus is not worth the MP cost and the overall heal itself is much less effective. Eva Saint’s receive Mass Vitalize. The skill cures Poison and Bleed, but it also uses a Major Heal. The healing power is much stronger than greater group heal and the MP cost is much lower. It has a 5 second reset period, but using that coupled with a few Major Heals on those that need it will more often than not stabilize the party. Spamming any sort of group heal is a good way to run down MP quickly. My general rule is if 4 or more members in the party have lowered health, then use Mass Vitalize, or Major Heal if that is your Pomander skill. If 3 or less are losing health, single target each player and use Major Heal. The best thing an Eva Saint can do in a DV nuker party is to never stop recharging. Make sure every person has Clarity, including the Fortune Seeker. At the beginning of the party, get in your mind a rotation to keep mana gain on the nukers and even the Fortune Seeker and BD. Never let mana gain fall off them. To keep the party constantly moving and maximize experience, the recharger should continue recharging with the goal that the nukers will always be as close to full as possible. The recharger can then be the primary person who picks up MP pots. This way the nukers continue killing without hesitation. In general, it is also ideal to save Mass Recharge for sudden emergencies. With an hour long reset, do not use it just when everyone is somewhat low. Just keep recharging them as best you can using your own MP conservation skills and picking up herbs. With higher levels, Eva Saint’s will have Invocation, Healer Enlightment, Arcane Wisdom, and Blessing of Eva. Once an Eva Saint is 83+ and has these skills, their own mp will last a very long time. Blessing of Eva completely refills the target’s MP/HP/CP every 15 minutes. Ideally like when picking up herbs, let your own MP run down with the goal that the nukers stay as close to full as possible and then just use Blessing of Eva on yourself. For all nukers don’t forget to buff Wild Magic, Clarity, Concentration and Mana Gain!

Lastly, no matter what, never forget Trance. Eva Saint’s can be great at crowd control with an over-enchanted trance. Encourage the party to follow the main assist (MA) so that if necessary, you can effectively keep mobs asleep and prevent a dangerous situation.

I hope this guide has been helpful to not only Eva Saint’s out there, but anyone else interested in learning about the class!

7. A Guide for the Aspiring Titan

The titan class is one of the most durable and powerful classes in the world of Lineage 2. They can be incredible grinders and make the biggest impact in AoE parties. They are also key figures in bringing down powerful raid bosses. Furthermore, they can be a force to be reckoned with in the Grand Olympiad as well as a driving force in PvP.

In an AoE party, it is important to bring along the proper equipment such as heavy armor as well as a level appropriate pole arm. I suggest either outfitting you pole arm with the special ability haste for increased attack speed for faster killing or critical stun for a general damage decrease that you will receive for being hit by fewer mobs. Once properly outfitted and grouped with a good supportive party (DC, BD, and healer) as well as someone to pull the mobs to you, you become a literal XP machine. Most of my leveling from level 40 to 82 came from AOE parties in the catacombs as well as the most uber AOE leveling zone, The Forge of the GODS (FoG). While waiting for your puller to bring you mobs, it is important to be prepared to take the aggro from them as soon as possible. To do this, time one of your AoE skills (Earthquake or Whirlwind) with the approach of the mobs. This should immediately take the aggro from the puller and direct all the mobs to you. However, this can be dangerous at times and your health can drop rapidly. But then we are TITANS, here us roar. Titans are at their strongest when they get below 60% to induce frenzy and below 30% to induce one of the most powerful AoE combinations in the game, Guts/Zealot. I cannot tell you how many times Guts/Zealot has saved my life and countless XP. To use this, keep a sharp eye on your HP bar and the moment it beings flashing, hit Guts and then Zealot in that order. This not only gives you a 200% increase in physical defense for a minute and a half, but gives you the attack speed bonus of Zealot to increase the amount of health that is restored by Vampiric Rage (VR). Furthermore, using Battle Roar after using Guts/Zealot can give you a healthy HP bonus.

To bring down any mighty raid boss (i.e. Frintezza or Freya), the Titan plays a key role in inflicting quick and massive damage. The most important piece of equipment you need is a Dynasty Crusher with risk focus. This powerful weapon is the only two handed weapon in the game with risk focus, a special ability that increases critical chance when health goes below 60%. With using this weapon in combination with Frenzy/Zealot, you can inflict titanic damage on any raid boss (100,000k+crits). However, make sure the raid boss you are fighting does not use Reflect Damage or you will reflect this massive damage upon yourself. To get HP low enough to Frenzy/Zealot for the raid, bring a conversion weapon (i.e Homunculus with conversion). Equipping the conversion weapon and then following it by equipping your main weapon will take approximately 30% of your health right of the top. Then from there, you can force-attack a NPC right before you enter the raid with armor crush or equip a pole arm and use Earthquake until your HP bar is flashing. There is another way to completely self-Frenzy, but I will cover that later in the guide. Before you are ready to Frenzy/Zealot, make sure you remove any VR buffs from your buff bar. If you forget to remove VR and begin hit the boss, your health bar will fill up faster than you can say fail. This will take you above the 60% range and out of the zone where the Frenzy and Dynasty Crusher combination does the most damage. In many raid bosses, you need a good healer who knows where to keep your health at an optimal level for the highest amount of damage output. If you remain below 60% and in a state of Frenzy/Zealot with a Dynasty Crusher equipped, the raid boss won’t know what hit him/her.

To be effective in the Grand Olympiad as a Titan, you must learn how to self-Zealot. I say this because with the recent reduction of power to Frenzy, you may want to consider a Gut/Zealot combination as opposed to a Frenzy/Zealot combination. It depends on whether you are fighting a magic user or not because the P. Def enhancing effects of Guts would be useless. However, against another melee class, Guts/Zealot can make you extremely hard to kill as well as give you the speed and critical bonuses of Zealot. To self-Zealot wear Demon Robes set and equip a conversion weapon. Then equip the Staff of Evil Spirits with Bless the Body (BtB). Continue to Noble yourself until you receive the BtB buff. Then equip over-enchanted Doom Plate armor and any weapon with a Health SA. Follow this by using Over the Body (OtB) which should make your health just below the 30% so you can use Guts/Zealot. Considering that OtB takes away all of your CP, use Braveheart to get portion of it back. Furthermore you may want to reconsider using OtB against nukers and not Zealot at all. With very little CP a nuker can easily one shot you, so you may just want to Frenzy only. This can easily be done by equipping a conversion weapon followed by equipping a health weapon. This will be enough to get you below 60% and instant Frenzy.

The Titan is one of the most fun characters to play in the world of L2. If you follow my words of wisdom, I promise you that you will have a more enjoyable experience leveling your Titan and utilizing all of the finer idiosyncrasies of the class. Now go and let them here the TITAN’S ROAR.

Second Place Winner
8. The Paladin: withstanding the impact
 by Aquato of Chronos

The choice to play a Paladin may really prove the patience of the most enduring players but may also conduce to glorious achievements.

These key words can help you to figure out what a Paladin’s duty is:

Provoke – Protect – Calm and Awareness – Holiness

Provoke: drawing the attention of his enemies is how a Paladin starts a fight. The use of the skill “Aggression” makes the enemy FORCE its target on you. This means that while it will be busy striking on your indefectible armor, your fellows will have plenty of time to annihilate it. The combination between the skills “Aggression” and “Shield Stun” will make your targets unable to react.

Bullets won’t hurt anyone if you channel them on you: “Deflect Arrow” will decrease the damage of arrows and make archers the firsts to fall.

Remember that somehow the attention will be on you from both sides of the battlefield.

Protect: being the protagonist is a difficult job but when others suddenly become protagonists of a storm of blows, they will count only the seconds between they ask help and you draw the enemy. Keep in mind that “Aggression” is also essential to make an enemy CHANGE its target so that weaker fellows will be saved. Your high physical defense is what a party need to better withstand the strength of its enemies. Use “Majesty” to increase your defense and remember to keep it up with “Iron Will” that will enhance your magical defense as well.

When a fellow find himself surrounded you won’t have time to draw monsters one by one: “Aura of Hate” is what you need. It works like “Aggression” and hooks every nearby enemy.

What if your target is after a friend of yours? Shackle it! The skill “Shackle” can hold an enemy stuck on the ground and give your friend time to recover. You will find this very useful to root enemies who are too strong even for you so that they won’t reach you. Speed is not your specialty, therefore use it also against the fastest targets and become the tracker of the struggle.

In an emergency situation your life is the aspersorium. Whereas the hand of a healer may be busy, your allies will have trust only on your healing skills: the skill “Sacrifice” will take part of your life and give it to your friend. Despite its high consumption of life, it has a fast casting. Being an human has his positive side and makes your Paladin more balanced in order to bear the loss of life. For this reason, be always the one who suffers damages so that healers find easier to focus only on you.

In case the catastrophe seems unavoidable, then you will have the chance to call your hidden and toughest defenses through the skill “Ultimate Defense”. It will make you endure the most powerful blows maximizing your physical and magical defense. The combination of “Ultimate Defense” and “Aura of Hate” is also a good way to start killing a “Raid Boss”.

Trust the party cause you are their last hope and remember that the weak shall be protected.

Calm and Awareness: never underestimate the seconds. Since the Paladin appears to be a calm, patient, cold and peaceful class, it also requires nerve and a patient mind to be played.

The flow of time is your friend and “Shield Stun” is what makes time go slower for your enemies. Take advantage of the shock they are feeling because you will then be free to study the situation. Will you need to immobilize your enemy on the ground? Will you need to heal yourself? If the whole party is assisting you, they will do it according to your rhythm. This is the time to think and pick.

The skill “Divine Blessing” is weaker than “Sacrifice” but it doesn’t consume life. Since it has a slower casting speed, use it while your enemies are shocked. Remember that the party is the heart but you mark the beat.

Always keep an eye on what is going on during a battle. Light armored assassins and archers will usually target the weaker of your fellows and your help will be praised. Keep “Shield Fortress” and “Aegis Stance” up to make your shield stronger even at a 360 degrees area. Be aware of the amount of your HP because, if required, you may invoke the Gods through the skill “Angelic Icon” and destroy your enemies with an explosion of speed.

Holiness: the Paladin has been blessed by the Gods. Demons and undead know this and hate him for this reason. Let them know that the feeling is mutual. The skill “Banish Undead” is what makes the strongest undead vacillate and may kill it with a lethal shot.

Remember that “Holy” is your innate attribute so keep always up “Divine Blade” and “Divine Armor” to better absorb their blows. “Tribunal” is the most powerful holy skill of a Paladin, which curses enemies with a strong debuff, so use it in combination with a weapon blessed with holy attribute. Don’t show mercy, they are already dead.


  • C grade Full plate set + Samurai Longsword Focus SA [Many HPs + Big chance of critical]
  • B grade Doom plate set + Damascus Focus SA [Same reason]
  • A grade Nightmare set + Dark Legion / Sirra Health SA [Big amount of HPs + Huge P.Def.]

Choose weapons with “Health” SA for better results during Raid Bosses.

Try to over enchant your armor to +6 in order to take advantage of the extra P.Def.

Don’t forget your cause and be always righteous.

9. Lineage 2 Tank Guide

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

This is an information guide for all Tank Classes in Lineage II©.
This guide has been divided into a few categories which can be seen below:

  • The basics;
  • Equipment;
  • Skills;
  • Tips and Tricks.

The Basics:

As a Tank, you have a leading position when you party with others. You will be the first one to engage into battle and try to obtain and most importantly maintain the aggressiveness of the monster(s). It is rather easy to obtain the aggressiveness of a monster, however it is more complicated to maintain. This is essential if you want to keep your party members alive.

Keep in mind that communication is very important when it comes to partying with other people. Let them know that every damage dealer (DD) should assist you so you can maintain the aggressiveness and the party will stay organized.

Be aware that as a Tank, you are not meant to be offensive, rather defensive. This means that you must carefully choose your buffs. For example, consider deleting the Berserker Buff when in party. It is after all your job to take the hits, not to deal the damage.


The basic equipment for a Tank Class is Heavy Armour, a one handed sword, and a shield. If possible, try to avoid using Common Armors, as these will not give the set bonus you might require. If you are mostly taking part in groups, keep in mind that you will thoroughly have to choose between the available armors and their bonuses. It is better to be more defensive than offensive when in party.

If you have a broad budget, you might consider getting Dual Swords or a Two-Handed Sword, depending on your class, as an addition to your basic set-up. These weapons can be of use when you are hunting on your own, or when you are in a party with a higher level Tank. These weapons will be of better value if you switch in to Vanguard.


Every Tank Class has the “Aggression” skill, which provokes the enemy to attack you. In case of multiple monsters, you can use the “Aura of Hate” skill, which has the same effect but additionally provokes all other nearby monster also known as Area of Effect (AoE).

Luckily since the recent update (High Five) some of the Tank’s physical skills now also provokes the enemy. Examples are; Judgement, Tribute, and Shield Slam. Try using these skills while attacking a monster and you will most likely keep the aggressiveness of the monster on you.

One of the best skills for Tanks is the Shield Stun skill. This is the best Stun skill there is in Lineage II. Upon reaching higher levels, you might want to consider enchanting this skill with more time.

Your Physical Defense is what matters most. This determines how many hits you can take, and how effective the hits will be. You will never have enough Physical Defense, so try to get it as high as you possibly can. You can keep your Physical Defense high by continuously using the Majesty skill which increases your Physical Defense by 15%. This skill is also of big interest to enchant, as it will add 1% of additional Physical Defense per two enchantments. (i.e. Majesty +2 gives +16% P. Def)

Tips and Tricks:

A fast way to level up your Tank as well as get to know the class:

Lv. 1~10: Outside any starters village;
Lv. 10~20: Outside Gludin;
Lv. 20~30: The Ant’s Nest;
Lv. 30~40: Inside the Cruma Tower;
Lv. 40~62: Catacombs and/or Necropolises;
Lv. 62~76: Silent Valley;
Lv. 76~80+: Giant’s Cave or Dragon Valley.

Tanks can solo pretty much everything. However it is always more fun and challenging to hunt in a party. If you want fast experience after level 80, try going to the Giant’s Cave along with a Spectral Dancer and a Doomcryer. You should be able to manage very well with just the three of you, and the experience will be fantastic.

The worst enemies for Tanks are by far the ranged ones. As a Tank, you have no distance skills thus makes you forced to run. Unfortunately Tanks do not have a high Run Speed which makes it even more difficult. In such cases, the best option would be to purchase a good bow that matches to your grade.

On a positive note, most close combat fighters are easy kills for Tanks, as you can easily hit back the target.

Third Place Winner
10. Blade/Spectral Dancer Class Leveling Guide
 by Naeri of Naia

The class I will mention in this paragraph is Blade/Spectral Dancer. I’ve played this class from the very beginning of my Lineage II adventure and I have worked out my way of leading this class which I like to share with you.

I would like to start with general description of Bladedancer. BD is very universal class. Maybe the most universal in Lineage. You can play solo, you can exp in any party mage, archer, melee. You can buff, you can debuff, you can be dd AND tank at the same time. Weather is it PvE or PvP, you have a world of possibilities.

How to play BD class itself? It is not hard but it takes a lot of focus. You must be mobile. Fast eye and fast reaction. You have to know and anticipate your party needs depending on situation. Dances really make the difference in any party so you must dance in right time and place so that everyone get all the dances they need. When you play solo or in fighter/archer party you use Dance of Fury first, because dancing speed is based on your Atk. Spd. And then the rest of fighter dances like Dance of Fire and Warrior. Depending on your party setup and hunting zone you add Dance of Vampire for yourself and other melee fighters; Dance of Concentration for healers/supporters in party; Dance of Light if most of party members use Holy attribute and Defense Motion for your own protection. All the time you must examine mobs and see if you can help by adding resist dances like Dance of Aqua/Earth Guard or Dance of Alignment. For mage party the basic dance setup is Dance of Concentration, Mystic, Siren and other defensive dances mentioned before. An 83+ BD has also an amazing and purely offensive Dance of Berserker which works great in any party. If you have SWS in your party you must know which dances are most important and essential to your party needs, and which of them can be omitted to make room for songs. I placed my dance setup in order of their importance so depending on the situation and number of songs needed in party you can add your dances up to 12 songs/dances to fill the bar, but remember that the cost of song and dances is rising with every song/dance added to the list. Keep that in mind when optimizing your cooperation with SWS. You both have to manage your mana to keep the party going. BD/SWS mana management is essential for the party. You must make sure you have Clarity and Bless the Soul buffs on but first you think of yourself. What you can do to have more mana and more mana regen. Enhance your Inner Rhythm and Focus Mind skills as high as you can and of course dances must be enhanced for reduced cost. Step by step you use less and less mana for dances and songs in party and your regen is higher, so you can keep the dances up effectively. At 76+ you can count on Dynasty set and songs from SWS to help you both in mana management. But BD use mana not only for dances. Use Hex for solo/ pt exp and for luring the mobs;Hex is also great on RB and PvP. If you tank the boss you must add aggression of course which is free but you must remember that BD tanking is based on dps and Vampiric Rage not on aggression skill only. You don’t have to take Greater Shield instead of might or delete Berserker buffs to tank. They actually help you to tank because you do more damage and heal faster on Vampiric. If the boss does high damage based on P. Atk. you use Power Break and Demonic Blade Dance which reduces M. Atk. also. In critical situations pop the Ultimate Defense this can save not only you but your entire party. When discussing skills we can’t forget to mention subclass certification skills. In my opinion there is only one optimal setup. I recommend warrior and enchanter for two first sub classes. From 75lvl subs we get great Warrior Ability – Haste, an trigger skill that works great on BD, and Enchanter Ability – Barrier, which is necessary for any class. The third subclass can be anything, because we aim at Master Ability – Focus, passive critical chance skill which, when mixed with Haste and Fighter’s Will from 81lvl, improves DPS of your Bladedancer significantly. When it comes to Emergent Ability I recommend Attack for more P. Atk. combined with enchanting your Dual Weapon Mastery skill also on P. Atk.

When it comes to equipment BD is quite flexible. From C to A grade I recommend Plated Lather set for DPS and fast exp. An A grade BD is starting to be great DPS using enhanced duals and Tallum set. On S grade Spectral Dancer works perfectly with S duals bonuses and Dynasty set. When changing to S80 or S84 equipment SD can face problems with mana when in party with Sword Muse but as I mentioned before skill enhancement and Clarity/songs will do the work.

As you probably noticed I prefer an offensive Bladedancer, with maximum DPS. My Dye setup for BD may seem a bit crazy but in my opinion it works perfectly: +5DEX, +4STR, -9CON. With Vampiric Rage we can tank every regular RB and tons of mobs at the same time. Solo exp in Forge of the Gods or Stakato Nest? Tanking Zaken or Kamaloka 83? No problem with me and my Spectral Dancer

I hope you will enjoy reading my guide as much as I enjoyed writing it. If your play Bladedancer maybe you can apply some of my ideas to your own game style and if you did not know this class I hope my text was also helpful to you.

11. Mage Guide: level 75-85

Leveling at 75 level is a critical moment since you are a step closer to the
3rd class application and just a breath away from getting S grade gear.
So you have to be careful since your equipment does not support attribute so the damage you deliver to the mobs is small and of course the damage you receive is large.

75 solo: So at 75 a nice place you can exp and kill mobs fast with 2-3 shots can be at Pavel Ruins. You port from Schuttgart and you can obtain a quest from the teleport npc when you arrive in order to obtain some extra adena. Herbs are dropping fast there so you wont find any difficulty if you are going solo.

Alternative place for exp can be Forest of the dead porting from Rune Township and try get into the deeper mobs where you can drop them with 2-3 shots.

76 solo: Well here is the big deal. You have made it with your 3rd class quest and some of your equipment has been replaced by S grade. Having added some attribute to your weapon will make you life easier killing mobs and of course your armor will be better if it has some attribute defense! Time to move to the well know island called ( Isle of Prayer) porting from Heine Town. Easy mobs for 2-3 or maybe 4 hits depending on your weapon and class. The adena drop is fair and some drops may occur oftenly like fire stones.

78 solo: The time has come to get the real boost and best adena drop you have ever met so far. The “Primeval Isle” or the well known “dino island” is here waiting for you. You simply port from Rune township and you get the right way from the port to meet mobs like Wind Striders and some small groups with ½ hp. You may need 3-4 hits per mob but the adena drop is really good and even better when you obtain the quest from the sea port where you exchange Bones for adena !

78 Party: Never miss out the chance to get a party at your levels in FOG (Forge of Gods) where you need to aoe nuke if you have equipment with Fire resist where is useful in order to survive. A pole would be useful a spoiler for some extra drops.

Quest: When you reach level 79 you will be able to do the Seven signs quest and get a fast boost aprox.15-20%. Most players in L2 know details but you wont need any help since it is easy to understand due to the helpful guide NCsoft provides.

80+ solo: Well I remember myself still exping in Primeval Isle and getting some great amounts of adena drops . Make sure to get all quests and when you finish with them try speak with the NPC in the deeper place or the Island . He will teleport you to a separate island where you obtain S grade robe recipes.

If you got what it takes ( Top S grade armor and weapon with attribute 150+) you can start step by step visiting Dragon Valley . ( port form Hunters Village to Dragon Valley entrance , normal port). But be aware of the mobs called Drakos they do a lot of damage and they are agro like Necromancers. You may need 4-5 hits or more ! be sure to have a buffer or recharger with you. Why not take your clannies or friends with you and start partying at Dragon Valley. Well a buffer would be a good idea and a recharger even better one !!

81+ Bonus Quest: Well here is the big deal! You get to learn the Magician Will forgotten Spell book increasing your magic attack and casting speed. Also Enlightment is another book you need to learn which boosts your magic attack and casting speed for 10-20 seconds and has a cool down of 10 minutes. ( useful for PVP). Later on at 82 you will need to get protection of Rune , Elemental protection and protection of alignment.

So if you need to get those books you can obtain them from killing mobs in the Fields of silence. With the help of some crazy herbs you find there with a 5 min respawn (Herb of slayer , terminator , guide and immortal) you can one shot those mobs really fast!

BONUS: Be sure to obtain Quest from the NPC in the port of Fields of Whispers and then go at Fields of silence and guess what ! Those quest items are exchanged with Moirai Robe recipes and parts in order to craft your own Moirai set.

AOE Party: You should try a party at the Primeval Isle at this time go hunt the group mobs in the left pass. Be aware to have a nice party setup for buffs and heal since those mobs can stun and drop you easily! Also stay away of Tyrannosaurus its kind of raid boss and needs attention.
A quest takes place here as well for Top A weapon recipes or adena.

83+ Solo: Time to start solo exp at Dragon Valley entrance at mobs called Drakos . Now you don’t need buffer at all since herbs or a kookaburra can keep you alive. Drops are still there!
Lot of Adena and drops like dark stones can make you smile for a while!
Keep there it’s the best possible solo spot.

84+ Party: Just a small step away from 85 ! All you need is a party at Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas or Seed of Annihilation. Just keep your friends close you are going to need them soon or late to enjoy the fun of the game , get the exp you need and of course have a lot of drops to upgrade your equipment step by step !!

Good luck!

12. Guide to Shillien Elder: Serviam – I am here to serve and to protect.

There are two major ways of leveling and becoming a saint:

  1. go for inquistor mode
  2. go for party mode

Inquisitor transformation lets you become mage with holy attacks. You use “surrender to holy” then “divine punishment” but…

  • for this you need “herb areas” – attack skills are going to drain your mana immediately,
  • you need weapons with high magic attack (i.e. adena),
  • you need kookaburra for recharge – no matter how you are going to level, I strongly recommend rising one – great help with mana and somebody to talk in rest time.

Tip: When you change to inquisitor mode you have holy weapon skill. You are in party fighting undead? Transform, buff them , transform back. Now they have holy attribute on weapon.

Party mode. There are small and big parties, but particularly in higher levels it is more useful to split into melee or mage parties. Among your skills you have some pretty good weakening skills – “stigma of shillien” and “wind shackle”.

“Stigma of shillien” is the skill – everybody loves it, other healer classes take it after completion of 3rd class, but honestly speaking stigma from a shillien elder is true, pure and much more painful (I have no proof of it but this is the way it should be . Stigma weakens the target’s resistance to short range weapons – that is you should use it in melee party.

Tip: don’t use stigma on mobs with ½ hp, or when mobs are going down fast – it is just a waste of mana, maybe its better to recharge your damage dealer?

“Wind shackle” Mob with high attack speed or just hitting hard? Wind shackle will cool him down.

Recharge. This is reason why people call you a battery… Humilitating? No. It can get worse. Power of this skill depends on level differences… So if you are in a party with a powerful spellhowler and his kookaburra is recharging him better than you do, he asks you to recharge his pet… Oh, yeah! I am playing Lineage to give mana to a bird!!! How humiliating!

Tip: Use your recharge a lot when you have a lot of mana and there is no need for heal. For a dagger – to use his skills, for a dwarf – to make shots, for buffers .

Root. Great skill. Party with bows? Mobs with high hp? You root them, party kills.

Tip: Three mobs attacking your mate? Root two of them and he should move just a little to fight just 1 without pulling more mobs. 

Just a few words about sleep. Your another role in party is waking people with waking scrolls. Just look for debuffs and practice your reflex – wake him before he knows  Of course to prevent sleeping you should use mental shield – not available in real life 

Tip: Learn your role in party.

“Blessed the blood” Confusing for some. A lot of mobs attacking your friend? This skill will heal some of his HP just from damage.

What about your heals? Unfortunately they are weaker than from other healers and you should remember that “Greater Heal” and “Grater Group Heal” take one place in health bar. It is good you have “purify”. Again look for debuffs and use purify to clean from poison, bleed and paralysis.

Tip: Keep your eye on health bar and debuffs all the time. 

Invocation. You should make macro for this announcing you are invocating. Why? It is a great mana regenerating skill but you are immobilized, you cannot heal, so people should know you are off duty for 30 seconds.

Tip: use it wisely cause long reuse. You really need it in herb area?

Equipment – like all healers you need mana and casting speed. All robes with bonuses to your casting speed are good (“Oh, my karmian, you took me from level 40 to almost 70!”). Weapon? You don’t need magic attack, you need just a special ability – acumen so even Homonukulus with acumen will do.

In a party you should (1) look at health bars of your mates, (2) look for debuffs and (3) know the roles of people in the party – does it sound more complex than a dagger?

  • So if you know who is an Main Attacker, you right click on him. When you have his target, you use “stigma” (optionally “wind shackel”) and watch his health bar:10% down – take it easy, 20%–30% – use heal.
  • If you are in a train party (i.e. party which is pulling a lot of mobs and using pole weapons) you should use “blessed the blood” for the melee that is getting most damage.
  • Not a train party? Suddenly a lot of mobs are around? Root them.
  • Somebody is sleeping? Wake him up before he writes „zzzz”. Did you not forget about “mental shield”?
  • Low mana? Good party should take notice of healer’s mana. Easy pve? Take a sit. Bone chilling pve? Shout that you will invocate and wait for confirmation.
  • Herb area? Mana potions are for you – you can always recharge someone before picking up superior mana herb.

Tip: Listen to what people say, ask what you did wrong.

What about your resurrection skill? Just 20% of exp? In pve situation don’t use it. An elven elder or a bishop should resurrect or go to clan hall, or blessed scroll of resurrection. In pvp situation your mates need resurrection – any resurrection.

Tip: If you are a good healer and people are shouting “HEAL!”, it can mean that: (1) you fell asleep or (2) they didn’t notice that you are stunned, run out of mana etc.

Last words. There is no counter of how many people you saved, sometimes people don’t even notice what you are doing. But standing there in the shadow of their glory/pvp count you just say with a smile: “Yeah, sure, you did it all by yourself”.

13. The Way of Shillien Templar

Important: FIND A ACADEMY.
Go- Abandoned Camp – level 21+.
With 24 lvl u get “Sting” which is nice skill with decent power. Start with “Sting” and finish it with normal sword blows. When u will have hard times just pop the “Ultimate Defense” and hit the mobs with everything u got.
28 lvl – The Ant Nest.
36 – Pailaka in Gludin Village. Next – Alligator Beach to get 39 lvl.

Lets Do It!
With 40 lvl u got few nice skills. “Hex” which lowers p. def of ur target and “Phantom Cubic” which make hex on ur targets itself. We can forget about “Life Leech” which leech life from mobs. Your tactics is – Aggression on mob next hex it and go with Sting. If u run out of mana just make it without Sting relaying on ur sword.
Party – Cruma Tower 1st floor.
When u get 48 try 2nd level of Cruma.
If damage is low go Vanguard.
Solo – Alligator Island
48 lvl -Outlaw Forest or Cemetery.
After getting level 52 buy a b grade shadow weapon(sword and duals). U get Combat Aura – party buff.
At 55 lvl get skill “ Judgment” which is awesome – nice power and is lowering critical chance of ur enemies.
With 55 lvl try Fields of Massacre. 61 lvl – Pailaka in Giran.
With party -Tower Of Insolence.
Solo – Blazing Swamps.
72+ Silent Valley.
73 lvl – Pailaka in Goddart.

So You Made It?!
If U are reading this u probably got 76 lvl and 3rd profession – CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Best 76+ spot – Forge of Gods with a party. Alone – Silent Valley or Varka/Ketra.
If u find a party willing to take u for Giants Cave – GO!
Remember of making Epic Quests at 81 and 82 levels.
At 81 get a Fighters Will.

Tactics of playing Shillien Knight/Templar
This isn’t a pure tank – remember that. This is the best tank for PvP and for melee parties. With ur Spirit of Shillien they will love u and u will get awesome damage output.
While playing u just get a buffs make a “Combat Aura”, summon a cubic’s and start killing mobs or other players. All u need to know is using proper skills in proper order. Start with a “Aggression” next will be “Hex” and “Judgment” while doing that u can hit “Shield Strike” and “Sting”. If ur target wana run just use “Arrest” and spam “Aggression” with a “Hate Aura”. When he is running u can always hit him with “ Freezing Strike” and “Drain/Leech” him from distance + poison isnt a bad idea. With a 83 lvl u got all set of skills which are Awesome on PvP. “Touch of Dead” which lower ur target CP by 90% and take some bufs(it is pvp starter for u. But for best usage of skills u should watch a lot of pvp movies and train urself. When u have low HP go with “Ultimate Defense” or “Vengeance” and take Bow if they run away from u. Remember – u have skills which improve ur defense and shield def but watch ur mana while doing that. Before fight get a “Magical Mirror” and while in fight control ur HP and CP. Always go with at least 20-40 CP pots in ur inventory and some Great pots fro mana/hp and cp from grocery.
I told u basics of that character which is best tank at that moment.
Don’t think that u cant tank with Shillien Knight because u can! Just remember that u don’t have so much life like other tanks and remember that u need to spam “Aggression” and “Hate Aura” plus later “Challenge of Faith”. Best tank is somebody that will have mob always on him and he wont allow it to hit healer(especially him) or other party member.

21-40 — Common Brigandine Hvy Set + Shadow D grade Weapons
41-52 — Full Plate Hvy Set Common + Shadow C grade weapons( or commons) with Common Jewelry
52-61 — Still Full plate and c grade jewels but get a Shadow Weapon B grade
61-76 — Tallum Hvy Set/Majestic Heavy Set + shadow weapon b / with best jewels u can afford
76+ — Get best stuff u can Dynasty Hvy Set and a Forgotten Blade Focus is must.
As a tank u should get a Bow too for hitting guys while u are at Ultimate Defense or Vengeance. Higher p. def or p. attack is always better.

Enchanting Skills
We need:
80+ level and a lot of adena and a lot of Giant Codex.
Aura Of Hate – lower p.def
Aggression – lower p.def
Sting – chance
Cubic’s – Power
Drain – Power
Life Leech- Sap
Ultimate Defense/Vengeance – Penalty
Deflect Arrow – shield def
Shield of Faith – Time
Hex/Power Break/Freezing Strike/Lightening Strike/Arrest/Shield Bash/Touch of Dead – Chance
Judgment – Critical Modify
Guard Stance/Shield Fortress – Mp consumption
Fortitude – Stun
Sword/Blunt mastery – attack speed
Wisdom – Mental
Health – Bleed
Final Fortress – P def

Lets make Dyes
Remember don’t + CON on him because he is not made for that!
U can make +STR or +DEX on it even by lowering con if u are going for faster XP.
Everything I had I deleted and now I got +2 dex -1 str and – 1 con.
Make + Int – Wit which is awesome – even + 5/-5 of it.

Tips and Tricks
It is important to get some quest while exping. First one is “Quest for Fishing Shots” which can be taken from each city Fishmaker Guild Member. While hunting monsters u will get Quest items which can be changed in Fishing Shots and later sold in shop. Other one is “Seductive Whispers”.
Put mats in Warehouse.
Pick up parts.
If u lack of money go Sel Mahum Training Grounds and pick up adena.
Try making Labyrinths each day.
Try to find a Raid Boss parties.
If u have money buy a Nevits Hurglasses.
Trade Recommends each day.
Important: “Party” button in left down corner of ur screen is ur best friend.

14. LvLing a Dark NUKER !! (1~85 guide)First of all, we start with easy lvls 1~40.For all these lvls we use the Devotion armor set for +15% cast speed. For lvls 1~20, exp is very easy around Dark Elven Village, and School of dark arts, using the newbie weapon you get from the helper. At 20lvl, a good place to exp is around Gludio. When you hit 30 lvl you can go at Cruma Marshlands until lvl 40. Of course for 20~40 the skill we use is Twister, and if you have a good weapon(common D grade weapon), these mobs will die with 1 hit. Hint:Keep in mind that for all lvls 1~85 we need to use blessed spiritshots which are expensive, so we try to find mobs that die with 1-2 hits.

Now let’s talk about harder lvls to exp! From lvl 40 you get a powerful skill : Hurricane, but from 43 lvl you can use Death Spike , which makes same dmg as hurricane , but uses less mana ( doesn’t need cursed bones!!). So go buy common weapon: Demon’s staff, and armor: Karmian Set for cast speed. We will use this equipment until 61lvl ( no need to buy B grades, so we save money). The right place to exp now is out of Oren : Timak orcs! There you can make the lvls 40~47. Next place is between outlaw forest and forest of evil , where are the mobs Tarlk Basilisks (slow walking salamanders). In this place you stay until 55lvl and then you go to Cemetery until 60lvl (we all know this place good so no need explanation ). Hint:The exp method of wizard is to hit all mobs around you , trying to concentrate them in the same place while they are running to you, and after you kill them you pick drops, so that u don’t lose time.

And now? The next place to exp is Valley of Saints (VoS) for lvls 60~67. First we need to get 61 lvl and wear A grades. Weapon : Branch of Mother tree (good m.attack , sold in Giran shop), and armor : Dark Crystal Robe (also sold in shop). After we get the A grade equipment the best spot in VoS is the entrance spot , where there are many mobs concentrated. Hint:The dyes that you need for exp are +4Wit-5Men , +4Int-5Men , +4Con+5Str (all sold in shop). Additionally , if you wear Demon Set armor , you get +4int ,and you will be able to kill some mobs in the VoS with 1 hit!!!!!(We save much adena and time that way). After lvl 67 , the best place to exp is Pavel Ruins, until lvl 78 ! Many mobs there , no agros , and they die easily with 2-3 hits , depending on your lvl. Hint: Keep in mind that for all these lvls we are using skill Death Spike in order to save mana.

For lvls 78~ 81 the right place to exp a wizard is Primeval Isle. Mobs there die with 3-4 hits with the weapon you have (branch of mother tree). You can keep it until you buy a Dynasty or S80 weapon. But killing mobs with 4 hits is a problem for your mana, because mana herbs don’t drop so easily. Hint:The solution to that problem (if you don’t have recharger) is to lvl a kookaburra at least 55lvl. You can have a kookaburra behind you at low lvls too , but this is the time you really need it! At lvl 81 , you get a new skill : Aura Blast , a very powerfull AOE (skill that hits many targets simultaneously), like Tempest and Aura Flash. With these 3 skills , you can make and kill big trains of 10-15 mobs in Primeval , getting very fast exp this way, and save much adena on BSS –you kill many mobs using few BSS! You can stay and exp at Primeval as much needed , in order to buy a Dynasty or Icarus wizard weapon – with wind attribute of course. After you buy such weapon , you will use Hurricane skill to kill mobs , since it is a wind skill. Now that you have a powerful wind weapon, you also need a good 3×60 dynasty or moirai robe. So keep farming in Primeval , until you get it.

Next place for lvls 81+ (provided you have good armor/weapon) is Dragon Valley(entrance)! There you will find mobs : Drakos and Necromancer of the Valley( are easier than Drakos). And this is the place that will lvl you up until 85!If you have good buffs, you can also make trains of Drakos, and kill them with AOE , like in Primeval. Furthermore , in Dragon valley there are Party Spots, that need full Nuker party (support + 3 nukers). For these lvls , you need to know that party exp is faster and better than Solo , which we were doing until 81lvl. Hint:Always the best way to use your Vitality is in full Party (120% bonus!!!). So when you have full vitality ,go in party and not solo! Hint:Never use Empowering echo skill at exp, because you will get fast out of mana.

15. Dark Elf Fighter: Level Guide 1 – 2

So, you have managed to select your character and choose your look. I know you probably pondered for hours but somehow finally came to the conclusion that the dark elf was for you. With all that out of the way, you find yourself standing in the starting area of the Dark Elves. For all intents and purposes, you are… not wearing much. Don’t let that get you down. Take a moment to soak in all of the scenery but do not linger long. Noticing the exquisite detail on the newbie guide has caused hours of delay on the quest to level 2 for many adventurers before you. My advice, if you must look, have a friend available with a predetermined “safe” word to help snap you back to reality.

Now that you are back on track, you will find your eyes drawn to oddly shaped, almost mutant looking creatures called gremlins. This would be a great time to assess your equipment, and let me tell you, the situation is bleak. You have a child’s play sword and some cloth tatters for armor but they will have to do. I can tell you flat out that killing one of these gremlins, although it gives me no pleasure, is your fastest track to level 2.

Since you have already familiarized yourself with your armor and weapon, it is time to evaluate your options. On three sides of the room you inhabit, there are ramps leading to what appears to be open air. This is certainly an option for those who are less than thrilled about having to touch one of the creatures lording about the room, but not the best choice if level 2 remains your goal.

Let’s face it though; these denizens of dismay probably deserve the sting of your chiseled sapling. At this point, it is time to square off against one.
Stand square, shoulders back, but not too far. Select a gremlin with your mouse. That is a left click unless you have your mouse set up as a lefty; in that case this guide is not designed for you. The fact that you have made it this far in life is its own reward.

For the rest of us, now that we have a gremlin selected, ever so gingerly press down your F1 key. I know I will receive many negative comments regarding this step as F1 may not still be your attack key. I can only say that you should use your best judgment and use the key bind of your own choosing for that part.

Swinging your sword in a clean fluid movement is the expected outcome. Missing the creature is to be expected as your accuracy is quite low so it may take a few swipes but eventually the creature will fall. If you miss excessively you may see the creature actually heal some of its life points. Do not be too discouraged by this… *snicker*. No matter what, the outcome will be similar to this:

Whoala! You are level 2. Congratulations and good luck on 2 – 85!

16. Guide to Leveling A Summoner In Cruma Tower

Cruma Tower, Floor 2, has an excellent and quick way to level a summoner class (elemental summoner, warlock, phantom summoner) from 48-56. Necromancer’s summon is a possibility too, but as the skills are different, may be different speed/style of exping.

The first step is port to Cruma Tower from Dion. From there talk to the NPCs to port into the tower and then from there to the next npc to port up to floor two. From here, go forward and when the path first splits, go for either the right or left, both are identical so does not really matter. After you have picked a side, go past the first room and into a large room. There are various different mobs. There are only two you should focus on, or well several as they are the group mobs.

Each group comprises of 5 mobs. There is the head, the Lord of Darkness as well as the warriors and soldiers, two of each. The soldiers heal, very rarely and not for much, so they are of no problem. So you only have to deal with 3 mobs mainly.

When buffed (with adventurer buffs from town and the summoner’s buffs), attack one group mob at a time with just normal attacks, unless skills are desired for speed. The group mobs go down quickly and once the Lord is down, then the soldiers/healers disappear after a few minutes. I recommend attacking these soldiers/healers first as they are quick and worth a lot of exp. All these mobs are worth a lot and they die fairly quick.

Focus on killing one group at a time and healing when needed, which if just one group, should not be too much of a problem. The respawn on these groups are very fast, even when at higher levels with quicker killing speed. So as soon as one is killed then moved on to the next.

Ignore the other mobs, except for if the agro onto you or the summon. In a matter of hours or days (depending on how much you play and how quickly you do this) you can level very fast. With Cruma having 2x/3x or so mobs, these leads to faster level/drops too, but even with the extra experience they fall quick.

This was tested mainly with an elemental summoner with the Mirage Unicorn summon. This is the strongest of the unicorns at the time, but can be seen as weaker than the other summoner classes, partially due the the lack of the might buff, but still the mobs went down quickly and experience racked in quickly. Even at the higher levels, took an hour or less. Also in the beginning process of this, no nevit’s was used and still was very quick, and was quicker at higher levels even without, though with the addition of the nevit’s 50% bonus, experience did go quicker.

Cruma Tower floor 2 with the group mobs is very effective for summoners. More effective for them than other classes because summoners are damage dealers/tanks combined with healers/buffers giving them a lot easier time. Use this area to quickly level from 48-56 for summoners. Even at 56 when mobs turn light blue is effective if can stay in, but once you leave at 56, you cannot re-enter due to Cruma Tower level cap.

17. Orkish Magic

1. So it begins !

Greatings traveler i see you chose the way of warcrayer. Let me explain you how our class works.
First of all you must realize that we warcrayers take power from making others stronger
our magic and skills help other class to reach their max power. Warriors role is to crush enemy in
combat, wizards cast their spells healers heal wounded, our role is to provide buffs and add some
activity from other classes duty. We can fight we can cast spells we can heal a bit but remember
no one like us give buffs! Lineage 2 is a social game so the best way to you for getting top level
and top gear is to play with clan and friends in party. If for some reasons you can’t it also can be
done solo.

2. Orc mystic overview.

Warcrayer is a hybrid class that combines all aspects of characters activity in game. You can do
almost everything but you are a master in nothing excluding buffs that are your true power.

POWERS : Best CON, MEN and STR from all mystic classes.
10% of standard melee damage transferred as MP.
ROLE : Depends on play style different in party and solo.

3. Equipment.


  • Party:
  • Solo:
  • Jewelry: TOP C COMMON
  • Dyes: CON+4/STR-5; WIT+4/MEN-5; WIT+1/MEN-2


  • Party:
    • Armor: AVADON ROBE
  • Solo:
  • Jewelry: BLACK ORE SET


  • Party:
  • Solo:
  • Jewelry: MAJESTIC SET


  • Party:
  • Solo:
    • Weapon: BLADES OF DELLUSION >+4
  • Dyes: CON+4/STR-4, WIT+4/MEN-4, WIT+1/MEN-1


  • Party:
  • Solo:


  • Party:
  • Solo:

4. Equipment suggestions.

Weapon element should be suited for places and enemy you usually hunt for example : Fire if you like Giant’s cave, dark if Monastery of silence, holy on hellbound etc. It’s totally normal that player can’t afford so many weapons so peoples standard chose is usually holy or wind because those element are most flexible in PVE and PVP.

Armor element also depends on common activity and if you are PVE or PVP palyer. For raids and PVE give 3 top elements to dark, water, earth.
For PVP top 3 should be wind, water, holy.

Augumentation also depends on activity for solo mode and party PvE best would be activated on hit ability (stun, paralyze) and critical rate bonus.

For PvP elemental nuke if you like nuker play or activated on hit if melee mode.
Epic jewelry: each would be great if you are rich enough to get it.
Cloak : Zaken, frintezza, freya.

5. Play style.

Solo : First thing you need to get is a great wolf (latter fenrir) this pet combined with your buffs act as your personal warrior. Remember that you can control wolf with a difference to you max 19 levels. Using wolf give you the nice bost in killing speed also will save your adena. Start fight by casting drain then switch to melee you+fenrir. Next mob will heal your hp when you start with drain, if more mobs use CC skills like sleep and fear, if hp drops you can use chant of life to restore some HP in time. Keep buffs active and trigger Great furry as offen as possible.

Party : Your main goal is to keep buffs active on your party (COV) and on 83lev great furry in melee. Use CC skills (sleep, fear ) if your party face more enemy. Also you can provide some HP from chant of life. You can also use drain to restore your HP and add some DPS. You can assist in
melee to recover your MP and to trigger Great Furry that is ensential in melee party.

6. PvP

Solo : you can try to drain opponent and ocasionaly stun plus add burning chop. To gain advantage you can also sleep or fear and move out off enemy range. If you are melee specialized use fists (pvp enchanted) to cancel enemy buffs.

Party : Keep buffs active on your party, depending on your party (range, melee) you can try as a targeter or assist trying to trigger great furry, stun or cancel some of enemy buffs. Also you can try confuse the enemy using sleep and fear. Drain in mass pvp is not so good like in 1vs1 but you may use it to restore your HP. Make sure you always have mana for quick rebuff !

Olympiad : similar to solo but if you are melee, use robe set to buff before match. You can save some mana when you cast buffs on toggle (arcane wisdom).

7. Skills Tips & Tricks:

  • Use earth chant in PvP and war chant in PvE.
  • In mass PvP use enlightment to cast buffs.
  • Enchant your buffs for duration if you are melee or for cost if robe user.
  • Cast chant of life if you use arcane wisdom to avoid hp lost.
  • Chant of Victory enchant for decrease penalty.
  • Light armor mastery enchant for mana regeneration.
  • In Oly games do not forget to have bow + focus in inventory.
  • Use your magic against melee and your melee potential against casters.
  • Fear enchanted for success rate is a key to victory in 1v1 PvP.
  • Turn to stone skill can save your life 8s of invincibility.

18. The Excitement and Power of Being a Spell Howler!

This game offers so much diversity, so much interaction, and the graphics are out of this world. But, beyond all that I thoroughly enjoy playing my character. One of the reasons that I enjoy playing my StS so much, is her class – Spell Howler or Storm Screamer. I was hooked from the first time I saw the old Lineage II game box, back in May of 2004. I’ve been playing ever since – through numerous job changes and assignments, a deployment to Iraq and back again. I’m very much into athletics and academics, and military tactics – my StS in LII offers all of that.

The Dark Elf wizard class is the strongest of all casters (higher MAtk), and by far the best looking with the best variety of skills – nothing else comes close!!! The Spell Howler rules all. I’ve been playing mostly my SH/StS since Prelude in late May of 2004, and have enjoyed every minute – all the way through Level 84 currently. I have done that without ever using any type of third party program, or anything like that (no one else has ever had any of my account information). Until recently, with the Anniversary Event, I have never had a second account/buffer – but when the new Anniversary Event happened, I had to take advantage of it for a SE – I huge advantage (and some of my best friends – back in the old days.

Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy my StS so much (besides the unmatched graphics, variety, skills, playing world – as well as what I call, battle tactics in LII). Incredible magic power, with the right gear (I have rarely been at the top level, or had the top gear – but since the first few months of playing – I’ve always been close). I just love the MAtk power that you have as a StS – normally (with just CH buffs) have MAtk at about 4,550+, easily buffed to 9,000+ with some assistant buffs. Fully buffed I’m easily over 13,000 MAtk. Back on Devianne when I came to sieges and PvP, people would be yelling, “OMG it’s ___ – take him down!!! “ or “Holly H___, RUN!”. I have to tell you, that it is just amazing and fun to be there!

Some of the great advantages of SH/StS is the diversity of skills too. A vast array of weapons/skills, as well as both Wind (hugely significant), and Dark magic skills. Light Elfs (only other duel element caster) can’t regenerate Mana at the amazing rate SH/StS can – another HUGE advantage. The ability to regenerate mana (using Body-to-Mind), and draining life are significant advantages. Another advantage (not well-known) is the healing ability of SH/StS. This was more powerful at the SH level (when top-level was 75) than now – but still a huge advantage. So many skills, so many weapons, and so powerful – a well-played SH/StS is a force to be respected on the battlefield and in a party.

So, how do you build a powerful SH/StS? You got to get the levels, like anyone, know your skills (like using all three powerful AOE skills at level 82, and using your “bubble skill”), and have the gear. You don’t need the very best gear, or fastest computer, to be effective – I’m proof of that.

Do what you can to optimize your casting speed! That is absolutely critical for SH/StS – one of our weaknesses is slower casting speed (and armor as a caster) – counter-balance that! Get +5 on WIT for your Dyes (and +4 on INT – have to max that too – – you can Regenerate Mana – don’t worry as much about MEN). You need “speed”, as much as you can! And good armor (I can’t afford top crystal-elemented armor, but I do have 120 for each peace). Good defense becomes more important the higher levels you get – and often that means Killing super FAST – so casting speed (and decreased re-use time) are extremely important. Also, the faster you cast – the quicker you can regenerate mana (BTM – Body to Mind), and hit your enemies with that devastating Nuke (or Silence – or even Slow – all very powerful weapons, among others for SH/ StS). It’s not unusual – well-buffed – for me to drop a top-level player in 2-hits as a StS with critical (Wild Magic is invaluable – as well as Clarity!!!).

How do you level and get the good gear? Two separate issues, and some very simple answers – and strangely, related. If you’re soloing (or with a SE or pet for MP/heals) – anywhere that you can 2-hit, or 3-hit a monster, and where you can kill FAST (if you can do AOE – that’s awesome! Faster XP, more exciting – just don’t die – – that kills your leveling in L2) is good. Aim for yellow to light green (at the lowest end) for your mobs for XP. Kill fast – use your skills, replenish mana with BTM (2 casts, BTM at earlier levels /78 and below). But….the best way to level, and the best way to get the gear you need (especially at Level 76 and above), is groups!!! SO much more fun too – and what LII is all about – being in a clan and having fun together! You will level much faster, have much more fun, and get the gear you want (it still takes a lot of time and effort to get decent gear in L2 – it can be painfully slow, but a good clan is essential). Use your skills – especially in parties/group leveling/PvP and Sieges. If you get good at using them, and have a good set up – and have a fun clan that you can do fun stuff with – in my opinion, NOTHING is more fun in any video game that I’ve ever played, than being a wickedly powerful SH/StS in Lineage II. I’ve been crazy about SH/StS and LII for 7-1/2 years now, and I’m gonna keep on going!


19. Dwarf XP Guide – AOE with 1 Buffer

Dwarfs; the strongest pvp race in Lineage II, and the easiest to level quickly! Well, ok this may not be completely true, but they are not difficult to level – although leveling past 75 requires a buffer friend.
I suggest using cookies to bribe a Real-Life (RL) friend to play. It should work, RL friends love cookies.

The early levels from 0-20 I suggest leveling up around dwarven village due to the adorable NPCs. These levels will pass before you are finished laughing about having bright pink hair anyway. It’s not important where you go, although the Orc starting areas make me angry. No wonder Orcs freak out and frenzy on things, it’s pent-up rage from having to explore the Orc areas.

Once you have acquired level 20 you are ready to leave your dwarfish friends and explore the wonderful land of Kamalokas, raid bosses, and possibly catacombs, pending the dwarfs find you worthy of such adventures. Unfortunately you cannot buy their approval; you actually have to do your class change quests. Kick Toma for me, he used to be a jerk.

Well, it’s common knowledge that AOE is the best XP, so I’m just going to send you to the catacombs until you get 76. Bye-bye have fun. /fast-forward Grats! You are level 76 and now are a Maestro or Bounty Hunter! I mentioned earlier that you should bribe a friend to XP with you based on your ability to bake cookies for said friend. Let’s see how that goes for some various situations:

1) Say you make really good cookies, and you can talk your friend into being an ugly Orc. Tell them to become a Doom Crier (DC). This is an especially good choice for ADD friends as they can buff then spend the next 5 minutes chasing butterflies and licking shiny things. These toons are especially ugly, so it may require cookies with sprinkles, and definitely don’t tell your male friends they will be wearing dresses for their entire lineage experience. Maybe you should add frosting to the cookies too.

A DC will enable you to AOE Forge of the Gods (FOG) which is an amazing XP zone and gives good drops as well. If you are a spoiler you will be delighted to learn that the stakato mobs at the entrance spoil crafted leather, but watch out for the p. attack lowering debuff these mobs cast. If this area proves too hard or if you are a War Smith you would prefer to kill the bug or human type mobs for element stone drops. Also, bug hats are adorable on dwarfs, so I suggest obtaining one of these to XP in the bug areas. Excuse me, “very adorable” since everything is “adorable” on dwarfs. When you get to 82 you can graduate to Crypts of Disgrace (CoD) for appropriate level mobs.

2) Now, let’s say that you made bad cookies, or your friend is allergic to green. Do not fear; your friend does not have to play a smelly Orc. You may have them make a Shilien Elder (SE). Many Lineage II players appreciate the… let’s go with allure… of the Dark Elf, and if they can accept the concept of fighting in a swimsuit this may be the toon for them.

To XP with an SE you will have to have buff potions: Greater Swift Attack Potions for yourself and Greater Magic Haste Potions for your friend. You should have plenty of AA to buy these things since I stuck you in a Catacomb for the last 56 levels. Sorry about that. You will also need a 150+ elemented pole with Crit-Stun to XP in this combination as it is not as strong as the Dwarf-DC duo. You can graduate to CoD when FoG is too easy.

3) Let’s say that your cookies were not just bad, but vile, and made your friend sick and angry. In this case your friend would make a Prophet (PP) to XP with you. These are actually very strong toons in 1vs1 PvP, but they are not really the best duo for a dwarf because they don’t have VR. If you have Olympiad, Zaken, or Antharas Earrings they will help, as can Milk or Cocktail buff potions or a level 65+ Improved Buffalo. However, chances are that if you are in this winning situation you also do not have these things, and FoG is not the place for you. You should really take cooking lessons.

With a PP (lol I said PP) you do have an added bonus of elemental buffs, so you should go to a strongly elemented area such as Monastery of Silence (MoS) or Pagans. I suggest a chapel or darkness room in Pagans for this case. You may have to work on elemental stones for your armor in addition to having a nice pole for this combination to be effective. Kick your friend in the shin, but not hard enough to make them not buff you or you’ll be in even worse shape. Graduate to upper MoS.

4) Last case, say you made good cookies and your well intentioned friend is really stupid, and does the wrong class change quest! Now you are stuck with an Over Lord (OL) as a buffer! Well, at least your friend meant well, it’s not like he went and made a PP or something.

You can probably level in FoG due to the awesomeness of OL debuffs, but your friend will need good gear as well since he will get occasionally get agro. You will not have VR, so the VR items which help a Dwarf-PP combination will be helpful here as well. Unfortunately your friend is probably really dumb, so he may not be able to play his toon properly, and you may want to move to upper Giants Cave. Graduate to Stakato nest as CoD mobs resist debuffs.

20. Warlord Leveling Guide

Warlord: The Warlord class consists of the use of a pole arm from levels 40-75. Monsters are generally killed in a group. Warlords can also single target monsters if needed.

Skills (listed by importance value): 
Shock Stomp (temporarily stuns nearby monsters and has a chance to cancel their target)
Fell Swoop (temporarily increase the number of monsters effected by pole arm attacks)
Thrill Fight (decrease speed, increase attack speed)
Provoke (used to draw monsters to the skill user)
Battle Roar (temporarily increases and restores health points)
Detect Weakness (Additional damage to the specific type of monster. There are multiple forms of this skill, use skill based on what monster type you are hunting)
Revival (fully heal yourself when your health points drop below 10%)
War Cry (temporarily increase physical attack)
Thunder Storm (damages nearby monsters with a chance to stun) *used at earlier levels when Shock Stomp was not learned
Vicious stance (used to increase critical damage, will consume MP)
Lionheart (significantly increase resistance to paralysis, hold, sleep, shock or debuff attack temporarily)

Hunting Zones: 
Town of Giran, Catacomb of the Branded. Used to level from 40-48.
Heine, Necropolis of Worship. Used to level from 40-48.

Monsters to kill from level 40-44: Gigant Confessor (42), Lilith Shaman (42), Barrow Priest (40), Barrow Overlord (40)

Monsters to kill from level 44-48: Gigant Commander (45), Lilith Commander (45), Grave Priest (47), Grave Overlord (45)

Item grade: C

Dungeon monsters are a bit harder, but will provide the best experience/kill rate from levels 40-48. As you level, you may progressively move deeper into the catacomb/necropolis. Monsters in this catacomb can be done solo.

*Must have adventurers’ guide buffs. You should be able to use the Provoke skill in the middle of the room and pull all the monsters to a 90 degree angle corner for best performance.

Town of Giran, Tanor Canyon. Used to level from 48-52.

Monsters to kill from level 48-52: Nightmare Lord (47), Nightmare Keeper (45), Nightmare Guide (43), Tanor Silenos chieftain (50), Tanor Silenos Shaman (48), Tanor Silenos Warrior (46), Tanor Silenos Scout (44), Tanor Silenos Grunt (42)

Item Grade: C-B

These are field monsters, general are weaker then dungeon monsters. These field monsters are group based monsters. DO NOT USE PROVOKE, run over to the group leaders to gather monsters and proceed to the closest 90 degree angle if possible. DO NOT pull every group in sight! Start off with one group and work your way up to find out what your limit is. Monsters in this field can be done solo.

Dark Elf Village, The Patriot’s Necropolis. Used to level from 52-62.

Monsters to kill from level 52-56: Lilim Knight Errant (54) *Will Stun, Nephilim Swordsman (54) *Will Stun, Sepulcher Archon (55), Sepulcher Inquisitor (57)

Monsters to kill from level 56-62: Hell Keeper Medusa (58), Purgatory Conjurer (59), Lilim Priest (60), Nephilim Bishop (60)

Item Grade: B-A

Dungeon monsters are a bit harder, but will provide the best experience/kill rate from levels 52-62. A Buffer (Warcryer preferably), healer (any) or Blade Dancer will help with the kill rate, but not yet required at this level range as long as you have Adventurers’ Guide buffs. Monsters in this catacomb can be done solo, but recommended to bring company.

Hunters Village, Catacomb of the Witch. Used to level from 62-72.

Monsters to kill from level 62-65: Purgatory Tarantula (64), Tomb Guardian (65), Lilim Assassin (66), Nephilim Scout (66)

Monsters to kill from level 65-72: Tomb Sage (67), Purgatory Gargoyle (68) *Will Stun, Lilim Soldier (69), Nephilim Archbishop (69) *Heals other monsters in range

Item Grade: A

Dungeon monsters are a bit harder, but will provide the best experience/kill rate from levels 62-72. At this point, the better buffs you have, the more efficient your experience/kill rate is. A Buffer (Warcryer preferably), healer (any) and Blade Dancer is required. Additional support class such as a Sword Singer will help speed the leveling process, but not required. Also additional damage dealers preferably with a pole arm will also speed up the kill rate process. Soloing is not recommended.

Dark Elf Village, Catacomb of Dark Omens. Used to level from 72-75.

Monsters to kill from 72-75: Crypt Preacher (72), Lesser Ancient Scout (74), Lilim Slayer (75), Nephilim Royal Guard (75)

Item Grade: A

Dungeon monsters are a bit harder, but will provide the best experience/kill rate from levels 72-75 and over. It is essential that you have a Buffer (Warcryer preferably), healer (any) and a Blade Dancer. Additional support class such as a Sword Singer or damage dealers preferably with a pole arm will help speed the leveling process, but not required. Soloing is not recommended.

21. Tips for Leveling a Prophet

Leveling in lineage, as you know, is very difficult compared to most video games. With the right knowledge, the grind can be reduced significantly. Guides like this one are a great place to start in leveling and playing your character most efficiently. The Prophet class may be one of the most difficult classes to play. Their solo capabilities are very limited and groups prefer to have the more convenient Warcryer class to buff their group. If played right, Prophets can make a significant contribution to the party.

Soloing is not out of the question for the prophet. They have the ability to fully buff themselves and heal themselves. Another strong point is the ability to wear heavy armor. While wearing heavy armor and a melee damage weapon, the prophet can solo fairly well.

However, soloing is not where a buffer shines. They need a group where their buffs benefit the entire party. The difficulty in grouping with a prophet is the time it takes to buff a full party. It takes time to buff nine people. As long as the prophet starts to rebuff the group before buffs start to fall, there will be no downtime. It is very important that one pays attention to the time left on buffs. A good way to do this is by buffing yourself first. Visually you will see the buffs countdown timer begin at 59 seconds. This is your cue to begin rebuffing the group. Macro usage can help reduce the necessary concentration but it is slower. Another way to help buffing is by setting up two bars for each situation. Have one bar for buffing fighters, and one bar for buffing mages and healers. The buff process this way will be much quicker than using a macro.

It is also important to be careful not to give unnecessary buffs to people. A dual sword user does not need bless shield for example. People can become over buffed due to this. People can remove them by themselves saving you the trouble, but often people will not pay attention to their own buffs. When creating your buff bar before beginning leveling, pay attention to the monsters you will be fighting. If the monsters do fire damage, be sure to give everyone Resist Fire, if there is space on their buff bar. Be mindful of what buffs can help who, and what buffs will only be a waste to your mana.

Mana regeneration can also be an issue when buffing an entire group. Sometimes you may have to not buff some buffs to reduce the mana strain. It is good to be fighting as often as possible with a melee weapon to absorb mana. Sitting is also good, but the group will appreciate extra damage and a prophet that is always there paying attention to the party to assist with healing if necessary.
The equipment for any class is very important. For groups, wearing robes is important to achieve the highest casting speed for buffing the group.

The type of weapon is less important. A melee weapon is necessary to receive the mana recharge from melee. A blunt weapon may be a good choice due to the increased accuracy. For buffing, any acumen weapon can be beneficial to increase the speed of buffing.

Many Prophets do not pay attention to these simple leveling tips and the group suffers for it. It is often difficult to find a party as a prophet because of this. A reputation of being a Prophet that keeps everyone’s buffs up at all times, or assists the healer keeping the group alive, can get you noticed by people. It is not often that a Prophet fits this description.

22. Guide to Cardinal

IntroductionThe Cardinal class is an active healer that has many different play styles. While other classes may be limited to the grouping style specific to their class, a Cardinal is welcome in almost any type of group, and there are even a fair amount of solo capabilities. This guide will give you an idea of how it is to play a Cardinal, and give you some tips to get from start to finish.

The Cardinal needs to stay alert at all times, which makes it a very active and fun class to play. They are also a good economical choice, as they don’t use as much Adena while grouping and are not as item dependent as many fighter classes.

Many believe that you have to play a fighter or nuker class to be able to enjoy the game; however, playing an active support class such as the Cardinal gives you much more varied play.

The PathThe path to Cardinal is Human Mystic > Cleric > Bishop > Cardinal.

Levels 1-20 as a Human Mystic you have decent healing spells as well as nukes. You can easily play solo all the way up to level 20 using your nukes; however, it is a good idea to try playing as a healer as well. If you decide to nuke, slow moving double HP mobs are a good choice, you can find these on the north part of talking island.

Levels 20-40 as a Cleric you’ve begun your path as a support class. Even though magic weapons will boost your magical skills, using a fighter weapon such as dual swords is a good idea. You don’t have the same damage output as a fighter class, but since you have buffing and healing magic, you will be able to hunt without resting. It will also make you the ideal duo partner, and help you complete your class change quest. Larger groups also work well, and this is a good time to start practicing your grouping skills.

Levels 40-61 as Bishop you’ve chosen to specialize as a healer. The Bishop is also a strong undead, or any type of mob if you transform into theInquisitor. If you enjoy playing solo or duo, you can keep going like this for a while. Choose hunting areas with undead mobs and you can use all your spare MP to quickly kill a few mobs now and then.

Once you start preferring bigger groups, it’s a good idea to buy a weapon with a Special Ability which improves your ability as a healer.

  • Acumen is a good idea as it boosts your casting speed and you won’t have to use Battle Heal in tight situations
  • Health will boost your HP and survivability, which is both good for PvE and PvP
  • MP Regeneration or Boost Mana. Regeneration is usually better, since in the long run Boost Mana doesn’t actually give you more MP to use.

Levels 61-76. At this point you will most likely move towards the group healer. There are many types of groups to try out from here on out. Large & small regular groups, pole arm groups, PVP groups of any type, Kamaloka instance groups, AOE Nuker groups – you are needed in all of them!

If you haven’t already joined a Clan with people you enjoy playing with, doing so will help you find groups. Since Bishops have the highest experience return on resurrection in the game, and are usually the preferred healer for groups, they don’t have trouble finding friends.

The Tower of Insolence is a very good place to form large nine player groups which give you great experience gain all the way up to level 76.

Levels 76+ as Cardinal. A whole new area of the map has opened up for you. You will be able to join any type of groups across the entire map.

Cardinal Specialties & Tips

Skill usage
While Greater HealGreater Group HealMajor Heal & Major Group Heal are your core healing spells, other healers have them as well. Your most important unique spells that you possess are:

  • Restore Life heals 30% of any target, perfect for high HP targets such as Tanks and Orcs.
  • Balance Life balances out each party members HP by percentage. This can heal very much of party members by sacrificing some from others. This makes you a vital class in PvP situations, Boss Raiding and pole arm groups.
  • Benediction heals your entire party fully, but can only be used when you are low on MP. Great for saving the entire party in tight situations.
  • Prayer is a buff that you Bishops/Cardinals possess. It will increase the effectiveness of all your healing spells
  • Resurrection & Mass Resurrection. Cardinals have the highest experience return rate. Use this wisely and unselfishly and you will gain lots of friends.
  • Arcane Wisdom, Divine Protection, Salvation, Miracle and Sublime Self-Sacrifice are some of the even more specialized skills you get at higher levels as Cardinal.

MP ManagementHere are some tips on how to master your MP management, which is a vital skill for any Cardinal.

  • Do not use more skills than needed, and heal in good time so that you aren’t forced to use Battle Heal.
  • If one target receives a lot of damage continually, hold off for a moment and use Balance Life. If you have Vampiric Rage in your group, most other players will heal up themselves after this.
  • Sit when your party is not in immediate danger, and use Invocation when you know you will be safe.

While +MEN tattoos would help you with MP management, most Cardinals have to learn to cope without.

+WIT Tattoos give you increased casting speed, which is very helpful in many situations. Wit also increases the experience return rate of your resurrection spells.

In addition, you may also want a +CON -STR tattoo, as it increases your survivability.

23. Level With Magic!

This guide is for casters who use a mana pool to defeat their enemies. Casters kill their monsters before they reach them, while this guide takes into consideration high Magic Defense monsters and efficiency. I will go over the following areas: Langk Lizardmen Dwellings, Cruma Marshlands, Execution Grounds, Hardin’s Private Academy, Ivory Tower, Outlaw Forest, The Cemetery, Iceman’s Cavern, Forest of the Dead, Swamp of Screams, Pavel Ruins, Primeval Wharf, and Dragon Valley. This guide assumes you have hit level 20 from your starter zone.

Beginning at level 20, warp from the gatekeeper to Langk Lizardmen Dwellings. This open area has several huts with lizardmen. Lieutenants and shaman are your targets here, as they have a fast spawn rate. Throughout this guide, classes with slowing abilities should be used first to reduce damage taken.

At level 24, take your new skills to Cruma Marshlands. You’ll be hunting Mist Leeches, Horrors, Stakatos and Ants. Don’t enter Cruma Tower, as it’s a X2 health monster area. Bring Greater Antidotes if you plan on fighting spiders north of the tower.

Once you reach level 28, enter the Execution Grounds. Head east of Dion to eventually find a fork. You’ll take the northern path which will lead to a tight area with Hangman Trees, Dead Seekers, Basilisks and Neer Crawlers. Neer Crawlers and Hangman Trees are aggressive here, so kill those in the area first. Kill yellow monsters and below here.

Upon leveling to 36, travel to Hardin’s Private Academy. This area has Windsus, Grandis, and Fettered Souls. Grandis are the only aggressive monsters here, while Fettered Souls have X2 health.

After second class changing at level 40, make your way to Ivory Tower. Fight your way through Enchanted Eyes and Manashen Gargoyles. Avoid fighting golems as they have high Magic Defense. As you level here, eventually move to Shackles and Enchanted Gargoyles. Bring decent jewelery here to fight against the Eyes and Shackles.

When you hit level 48, your next destination is Outlaw Forest. Talrk Bugbears, Basilisks and Gargoyles will be your targets here. Once you’ve leveled up here, make your way north to the Oel Mahum. Watch for Oel Mahum Shaman as they have X2 health and are social to other Oel Mahum.

Moving into level 55 you’ll be at The Cemetery. The key is the center area, with Roving Souls, Soul of Ruins and Tortured Undead. Soul of Ruins are agro, while most others are social, so pay attention to Line of Sight. The area abit east of the center of the Cemetery has Supply Orcs, and Gargoyles which are aggressive.

Once you hit level 60, travel to the Ice Merchant Cabin. Work your way to the Frost Tarantulas and Ice Golem group monsters. This area allows Area of Effect(AOE) spells to be effective. The golem groups have 1 aggressive golem, which makes it possible to AOE all of them. Once you’ve casted a spell on them, move in a circle around them to move them closer together. It’s possible to AOE 2 golem groups at the same time with good jewelery.

Leveling to 63 allows you to fight monsters at the Forest of the Dead. This area has Resurrected Knights, Corrupted Guards, and Trampled Man. Corrupted Guards are aggressive, so kill them first. It’s possible to AOE with a spell hitting each target luring them to you. A well timed AOE will kill multiple mobs if enough damage is done on the initial nuke.

Level 69 takes you to the Swamp of Screams, which contains 2 types of Stakato monsters, Splinter and Needle. They have the Strong Magic Defense modifier, although it appears not to work, so ignore it. Splinter Stakatos will be your foes first, while leveling up through this area grants access to Needles if you want. Giant circular spawning pools lurk in this area; a Stakato may flee back to one when weakened with the possibility to spawn 4 aggressive Frenzy Stakatos. You will get a hazardous zone debuff if you hunt inside them, which increases the probability of Frenzy Stakatos spawning with mobs you fight inside of it.

Reaching level 72 moves you into the Pavel Ruins. This area is full of ½ health golem mobs. These monsters come with an advantageous catch; they have a chance to be resurrected with 90% max health after death. This allows for easy AOE and constant monster spawns. It’s possible to AOE about 4 golems at a time, depending on gear and buffs. Pavel Safety Device appears here, which has a chance to spawn 2 golems upon death.

Once you’ve third class changed at level 76, Primeval Isle Wharf will be your next hunting zone. It is accessible from Rune Township by either ship or teleportation. This zone favors casters as herb drops are oriented towards them. AOE is possible with Transfer Pain or Summoner pets. Pachycephalosaurus and Wild Striders are aggressive here and can come in chains of 2-4. Ornithomimus and Deinonychus present ½ health groups. They can also be x1 health monsters here.

After leveling to 82, make your way into the Dragon Valley western entrance. Based on your class, you may need to hunt in a group. Vortex based skills allow for burst damage which are beneficial here. Focus your burst spells on the Drakos. Necromancers can be killed without it, but pay attention to the Explosive Ghosts that spawn. Make a target macro to focus these quicker, they are weak. Necromancers are social to other Necromancers and so are Drakos with other Drakos.

This guide has covered spots with the solo mage caster mindset. Take advantage of newbie buffs, blessed spiritshots, and remember to buy new common gear or luxury shop gear at level 40,52, and 61.


24. Eva’s Saint Past level 76

Leveling in Lineage II can be a tough task! Especially when getting past level 76. This strategy guide will focus on leveling up the class Eva’s Saint Past level 76. After completion of your third class transfer quest you will want to focus on numerous things including, but not limited to; Armor and weapons, Leveling zones, and social aspects of Lineage II such as leadership, making friends who play classes you will find useful, and so on. This guide will explore ways to effectively level your character past the level 76.

Gaining armor and weapons is a very useful and obvious way to help your character succeed In lineage II. There are multiple ways to gain armor and a weapon but one great way to do so is to find a powerful clan. Many of the great clans in Lineage II will assist you in finding armor and a weapon that suits you. For example a clan member of mine helped me find an inexpensive Arcana Mace, which suits my class Eva’s Saint very nicely! Now that your level 76 you will need S grade armor and an S grade weapon. These items do not come cheap, but with the right clan finding S grade can be a painless process.

There are several fun and exciting places to gain experience points in Lineage II when you’ve reached level 76 and higher. One very nice place is theGiant’s Cave. This cave of giants offers great experience and a great social atmosphere that every lineage II player desires. Also you can gain experience in the giants cave all the way up to level 85. Specific groups are formed in giants cave using close range or melee type characters paired with a healer class using the specific skill Stigma of Shillien which can be used by the healer class Shillien Saint , or by the other two current healer classes Eva’s Saint, or Cardinal. Although the Cardinal and Eva’s Saint do not initially have this skill they can use Skill Change an ability all healer types have upon completion of their third class transfer. This skill is used to borrow or steal a particular skill from either one of the other of the two healer classes.

Lineage II is a society oriented game. You will want to explore the social aspects of the game such as making friends and playing in parties of 2 to 9 persons to gain experience. Especially once you’ve reached level 76 and higher you will want to focus on making and joining party’s. Especially when playing the class Eva’s Saint making and joining parties will be of great use to you. Your strong points consist of healing and buffing other players so finding parties will be very important. One great way to easily and quickly make parties ,if you’re an Eva’s Saint “Or either of the other two main healing types,“ is to befriend many players who use “Tank,” type characters, or heavy armor/main assist type classes such as; the Shillien Templar, Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, or Eva’s Templar. The more Tank type classes you have on your “Friends List ,“ the better because most parties you will be a part of will need at least one healer class “ such as yourself,” and one and tank/main assist type class.

Gaining levels in Lineage II past level 76 is a fun, challenging, and exciting journey. If you follow my guidelines you will surly find success! Especially if you play an Eva’s Saint like myself. Please have fun playing lineage II. Hope to see you in game!

25. C2Hunting with my Warlock

Over the next tutorial I’ll try to explain what, in my opinion, the best strategies to quickly upload your Warlock. This guide focuses on levels 40 – 61.

Grade C
Armor: Set Karmian
Weapon: Homunculu’s Sword (Acumen)

After the second class we can access Kai the Cat, which will be our companion for many levels. In the early grade levels c our character even as a nuker can hunt, so it is advisable to take advantage of this to at least level 45. A good place to hunt is the crater of Ivory Tower, because the herbs and leave moobs are together.
Once past the level 45 will be necessary to sumon our dear Kai the Cat Beast Soulshots We source and a good place to go hunting is north of the Ivory Tower to the left of the road. Another recommended place is the Outlaw Forest where we can catch up to level 52.

Grade B
Armor: Set Light Blue Wolf (if possible my advice is to continue with the set Karmi)
Weapon: Sword of Valhalla (Acumen [This is a personal choice, in my case I continued to Homunculu’s Swordit because the cat is the killer])

A good place to hunt for these levels is Forsaken Plains, where the tigers give good experience and also leave a multitude of herbs, not to mention that you have the option of dropping a weapon you B (common object). Another good site is Fields of Masacre. Personally I prefer the option of Forsaken.

Grade A
Armor: Set Robe Dark Crystal Robe or Tallum Robe
Weapon: Sword of Miracles (Acumen)
Once you reach level 61 the best place to start hunting is the Forest of the Dead. From level 65 you can try to hunt in Swamp of Screams or on the outskirts of the city of Goddard.

Hunting Group

Another way to get on the warlock is to go in groups. In this case, your character can work in two ways: DD or assistant.

If you like hitting is the time to send your cat in the forefront. It’s impressive statistics of attack that can reach well buff. If instead you prefer to dedicate to the contemplative life I recommend you call the queen of cats and watching to give the blessing and the gift of the queen.
To end the tutorial will discuss about the cubes. At these levels the warlock has two types of cubes, the attack cubic (Storm Cubic) and another that can cause the target anchor (Binding Cubic). If you go in party, can use the Mass Storm Cubic and each group member have in the head one of these cubes. Remember always use Transfer Pain!!!!

You know everything for start your adventure as warlock only need to have a little patience. Personally I encourage you to try this char, the possibilities are endless and you do not need anyone and you’re the one who helps all, you are the best party possible, enjoy!

26. Saga of the Spectral Master

Level: 76
Start Location: Fairen (4th level of Ivory Tower)
Classes: Phantom Summoner
Repeatable: No (Party)

The quest can be taken from Fairen who can be found in the 4th level of Ivory Tower.
She sends you to Summonner Noctisse, who is in the Darkelven guild of Aden.
She is very ill, and she asks you to get her medicine from Magister Kamilen in Goddard.
In the Dark Elven guild of Goddard, talk to Kamilen. She needs an ice crystal to create the medicine.
You can get an Ice Crystal from Chef Jeremy, by completing The Finest ingredients Part 1. 
When you have an ice crystal return to Kamilen, who gives you the medicine.
Take it to Noctisse, who gives you Resonance Amulet #1.
From Hunters Village, teleport to Northern Enchanted Valley, and find the first Tablet of Vision. When you talk to it it takes your amulet.

Now, go to the Valley of Saints. And find the second Tablet of Vision. Talk to it. Nothing Happens. There are Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge around the Tablet. They look like female angels, and they have the voice of a chicken.Hunt them until you get Resonance Amulet #2. Return to the Tablet of Vision. It takes your amulet.

Now you have to find the third Tablet, which can be reached from Ketra Orc outpost pretty easily. When you talk to the Tablet, Vision Guardian Shakiel will appear. If the summon attacks him, it dies, because he activates some kind of reflect damage buff on himself. Don’t worry. As a phantom summonner you have the power of the Death Spike, which can help you out. It will make ridiculous damage on him, but u can kill him this way. I made 30-40 Death Spikes on him and he was dead.Another way to kill it faster: It kills you’re summon, when it’s attacking with melee. I’ve tried Silhouette’s Steal Life. It works perfectly.When he dies, you get Resonance Amulet #3 Talk to the Tablet of Vision, which of course, takes your amulet.

Now return to Ivory Tower and talk to Fairen. She tells you, that you must get a Divine Stone of Wisdom. To obtain a Divine Stone of Wisdom, u will need level 2 Alliance with Varka Silenos or Ketra Orcs. U have to choose which side to ally with. Alliance with Ketra Orcs or Alliance with Varka Silenos

If your alliance level is 2 or higher u can take Magical Power of Water/Magical Power of Fire quest from Wahkan/Naran Ashanuk. When you have a Divine Stone of Wisdom, return to Fairen, who gives you

Now you must go back to Aden and talk to Noctisse again. She will tell you, that you must kill Archon Of Halisha in order to get the 5th Resonance Amulet. You can kill her at Four Sepulchers, but that is really hard.
Or you can go to Shrine of Loyalty and kill 700 mob including:

  • Grave Scarab Scavenger Scarab
  • Grave Ant
  • Scavenger Ant
  • Shrine Knight
  • Shrine Guard

Each of them drops 2-3 Halisha’s Mark. Its Better to have a party you can be finished very fast. When u have
700 Mark, leave the party and kill one mob. Halisha appears. Kill him, and she drops Resonance Amulet #5

Now find the 5th Tablet of Vision, which is in the North-Western part of Wall of Argos. Talk to the Tablet, which takes your amulet, and shows the location of the last Tablet. Go to the Forest of Dead, and find the last Tablet.
When you talk to it, 2 Mysterious Servitors are going to appear. Kill the one you can’t talk with. After it disappeared, talk to the Mysterious Servitor. It gives you Resonance Amulet #6 Talk to the Tablet. It takes your amulet. Now go to Fairen. Talk to her and finish the quest.

Congratulation Your Done!!!

27. Levelling guide for Shillien Knight from A grade to S grade solo exp

Lets go back to game now, my favourite class in Lineage II is the Shillien Templar, as I enjoy the possibility of leading a party in an exp party or in a raid boss party.

I chose for my presentation the leveling up of a shilien knight during his leveling up between A and S grader, lvls 62 and 76 ( when the Shlilien Knight becomes finally a Shillien Templar). Since the A grade I starting using as armour, the Tallum Heavy Set Total Armour: 435 P.Def, Effects:
and for the rest: Head Tallum, Full Body Tallum Plate Armour, Tallum Helmet, Tallum Plate Armor Gloves, Boots Tallum. For the jewel set, I simply used the majestic common jewel set, in order not to spend too much adena on A grade. As a weapon I reccomand for tanks a normal Tallum Blade with a common Dark Crystal Shield. The Heavy Tallum set did great job.

As for hunting areas.. as a knight, my favourite SOLO exp spots from lvl 62, were Valley of Saints, teleporting from Rune Township and Tower of Insolence (TOI), teleporting from Aden. Because of my dark attack and of my skill banish serafims, I actually lvled up faster than anyone in TOI fighting the angel race mobs. You can find the angels starting with the tenth floor of TOI. But please be careful with the spirit ores, you really need huge quantity as in low lvls, the skill banish can fail sometimes on seraphim. Around 68, I moved for solo exp in Wall of Argos, tele from Goddard, and at 73 in Hot Springs, same Goddard teleport gk. In WOA was fantastic, as I finished several quests there, Watching eyes quest and other multiple quests, having to deal again in some of it with the angels, and I killed few hundred there (where probably more than one thousand as I repeated quest several times ), with a simple shillien knight skill, banish seraphim. Great exp again, I loved to see them banished with only one skill, and was quite entertaining to show off in front of other classes in that hunting area. At Hot Springs I started some quests around 73 lvl, that counted for the S grade – Saga of the Shillien Templar. Not best exp ever, but I had my fun there, too. Be sure to use your shield strike skill, mobs are very aggressive and never use aggression on them. The mobs are dangerous, kill them one by one.

From personal experience, I understood that the proper SOLO zone for me to exp a Shillien Knight lvl 74 is Varka Silenos Post, which counts on my Top number 1 hunting zones from lvl 74 to 76 (I still exped there at 78, hugely recommended exp spot for solo tank players).

As you notice on the map of the quests , Varka quest is very important in order to become an S grade player, during the Saga of the Shillien Templar series of quests. So my exp lvl range is now 74/76. how I made it in such a few time to lvl up a tank (knight, Varka is the proper place for you). You can teleport from Goddard town gk to Varka Silenos post. Be sure that you have a big amount of damage dealer A grade shots, some healing pots and elixirs of life. The spots out of the small Varka village, left and right before the entrance, are the low lvl mobs. Don’t try go inside the village till you are 75 at least. Mobs are aggressive and you can die easily from a mage mob. Just go on the fields around the area, for Varka footman etc, and you finish first quests of the Saga in Varka, during your lvling up. Once 75 move into the village and no worries if you die several times, be sure you have enough SP from exp, because once arrived at 76, you will need tones of SP for the skills. At 75/76 you can move to Varka Silenos Village (choose tele nobles from Goddard gk if you are 76 and a nobles or walk carefully through the village, Varka is a large spot for exp). Be sure you have good buffs on you, as a tank you fly exp inside Varka. Aggro, run around the officers, generals and the silenos great magus, and stay away from the mages like silenos great seers. You have to kill the nukers one by one, with only one hit they can do loads of damage, use shield strike again. As a tank you don’t have many damage skills, but you have something that others don’t : good HP lvl, and ultimate defence. Good luck and thank you NCsoft, Lineage is the best!!!!

28. The Notorious Ghost Hunter

How do I play a ghost hunter? How do I equip the class best? For starters, the ghost hunter is the third class change of the dark elf rogue. This class uses a dagger weapon and dual daggers if preferred when your level is in range. The ghost hunter has low physical defense and magic defense. But it’s highly recommended to substitute evasion for defense. This assassin specializes in back stabs and speed.

When you pass level 76 the fastest way to level will be in parties of six or more. From levels 76 through 85, the fastest way to level will be in Forge of Gods with a poling party, Hell Bound also with a party, and The Monastery of Silence Solo front rooms. But when you pass all the leveling and boring stuff, you will find yourself PVP’ing. I highly discourage involvement in quests. However, there are two quests that will give you an extremely high amount of experience and sp, which is helpful, when grinding can take a long time. One of the two quests is Seven Signs which you can execute at level 79. The other is The Injured Dragon and you must be level 75 or higher to complete.

The ghost hunter plays a very big role in PVP (player versus player). The most useful thing that the dagger can do in mass PVP is kill the healer & mages. Sometimes the dagger will kill heavy armor users but very rarely. Although, the ghost hunter is very strong, it’s a very difficult class to play. You will need to think quickly and act even faster. The most effective way to kill people in PVP or anything in general will be to strike your enemy in the back. You have an assortment of skills which help you to confuse your opponent and stab them in the back. Skills such as trick, evasion counter, bluff, hide, and quick step give you an opportunity to strike your enemy in the back. Whether it’s a stun effect or your enemy losing your target, you will have very little time to move behind them and attack. But when you find their back use backstab, dual blow, and lethal blow in that order. However, before you even think about going to PVP you must have high evasion, average physical defense, and good magic defense. If you ever have a choice between evasion and physical defense, you will need to choose evasion to be a successful ghost hunter. The benefit of having more evasion over defense is that, your target will miss every skill and regular attack. Many people don’t know this but you can dodge magical and physical skills and when you have high evasion, it will increase your chances to dodge the skill. Be cautious because stun damage cannot miss.

But as far as having element on your armor you will need to make sure that you don’t have more holy defense than any other because almost zero class types use holy attacks. On your weapon it would be smart to use holy because other users are thinking that nobody will attack with holy. Holy element on your weapon is very good because it’s very easy to get a hold of an EE, bishop, or SE that has the holy weapon buff. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a buff that increases yours holy attack by 20. Getting this buff will bring your element damage up higher and there are only two types of this buff. Plus 20 holy damage and plus 20 dark damage but you will have a better chance getting holy weapon.

29. Words of a Wise Doomcryer

So you choose to enter the world of lineage2 in the form of a warcryer/doomcryer! Warcryers are one of the most powerful party members a party can have when they either facing powerful mobs or an enemy party. Keep always in mind that a warcryer is as versatile as his party can handle.

As a warcryer your life starts after 40 level since till then the levels go too fast and all you got to do is hit mobs with whatever you got to get there. From level 40 and as you gain levels you are gradually given a set of the most power full buffs that every damage dealer want to have on when he fights. As a warcryer one of the first things you need to consider is always having your party with the best buffs you can give them. This seems kind of easy but in harder situations and especially when pvping the warcryer must always check the buffs that his party members have and if someone is missing something you should immediately recast. Always check if party members have nobles buff and be aware that as a buffer you should check and be sure that all are ok with what they got. A tip for pvp is every 20 or so seconds recast the combo buffs and acumen so to be sure that all members have the most basic buffs. I am not going to explain all buffs, their names and what they do, cause probably by the time you hit 40 you will know, plus mentioning them won’t help anyways since you need to work with the so to be able to utilize them properly. On the other hand I have to highlight that not knowing your buffs or giving useless buffs just to be sure, does not make you a good warcryers. The max buffs a toon can have is 24 this means that the nobles buff, your buffs, the EE/SE buffs, cardinals and individual self buffs have all to fit there, so think before giving any buff that is on your skill bar.

One also difficult thing you will face when playing a warcryer is your standing place during the battles. If you think that a warcryer buffs and just stands back and waits, you are totally wrong. Warcryers are given 3 more skills that if used properly they can change the outcome of every battle. Those skills are sleep (dreaming spirit), fear and stun (hammer crush) . The skill you will use most is sleep so to crowd control and help the healers and rechargers jobs. On the other hand if someone attacks your healer or in difficult situations you will need to spam every one of these skills since no healer, no party. Don’t underestimate or think low of these abilities. The above 3 skill, if used strategically, they give a big advantage since you can block incoming attacks, crowd control or make the enemy loose their coordination, buying you and your party time to react and output the most of your damage. When your party is under attack, whatever you face as enemy, never miss a chance to use these skills

The 3rd but not with less meaning, than the others above, is that warcryers are assisting damage dealers. Your damage dealing capabilities may not be equivalent to a destroyer yet you do output quite a punch and to help this punch hit harder you have 3 skills: burning chop, hammer crush, steal essence and a toggle that pumps up your p-atk (tip: keep this toggle always up since the mana cost is minimum). Never loose a chance to hit your opponent may he be mob or enemy player, even one hit counts. Spamming hammer crush and burning chop in any enemy is the best choice and has the chance to give him a dot de-buff or stun him (for higher than 83 level warcryers burning chop has also a chance to open another buff for your party). Also with steal essence you can easily regain your hp in the middle of a fight by doing damage to your opponent and taking at least 80% of it as hp so don’t fear to take damage.

So naturally comes the question what should a warcryers be equipped with. A warcryer in party should always be equipped with robe set that boosts casting speed and a mage blunt and a dagger (best if you can have both if not stick with the blunt). The robe set gives you the ability to have a large mana pool from which you can drain during difficult situations. The blunt and dagger are so you can maximize the damage and skills output of your toon. Blunts allow you to use your stun and better cast magic and dagger help with burning chop, assist damage dealing and canceling buffs in pvps. For solo exp a light or heavy set may help more and a dagger or sword will max the output damage, but remember you are a party toon.

One last thing that you will probably spot first is that warcryers (all orc mystics) have mana vampiric rage 10% to the damage they do to opponent, so never hesitate to use skills as far as mana goes , since you will always have plenty.

30. A fast and easy way to level a Shillien Knight from C Grade to S Grade
( For the purpose of this guide, I will use a Shillien Knight as an example)

As a newly promoted C Grade Shillen Knight, the best armor would be a full set of Full Plate Armor, preferably enchanted to at least +3. As for the best weapon, I found that a Samurai Long Sword with Haste was most useful as it increases your attack speed. Use the sword to at least level 43. At level 43, I used a set of C Grade duals, such as the Raid*Raid. This is most useful being that the Shillen Knight gains the ability to transform to Vanguard stance, giving you the ability to use dual swords for faster hitting, thus killing faster! Use the vanguard skills such as double strike and triple strike. You can safely and quickly work your way through The Branded Catacombs solo as long as your fully packed with healing potions and Mana Potions or in a small party to ensure the most experience points possible. So, from level 40 to about level 52, this is where you will live!

At level 52, B grade, the best armor suited for the Shillien Knight would be a full set of Blue Wolf Heavy Armor, once again enchanted to at least +3, and the best weapon, once again leaning toward duals would be a set of Samurai Long Sword*Samurai Long Sword duals. The best places for fast and easy leveling for the B Grade Shillien Knight would be either in The Apostate Catacombs (from Oren) or The Enchanted Valley (from Hunter’s Village). I chose to switch up between the two places just to cut down the monotony of seeing the same scenery all the time. The Shillien Knight can easily solo these areas in Vanguard Stance as long as you are fully packed with Healing Potions and Mana Potions. These areas are also great for small parties as well! You will work these areas until at least level 61.

Alas! Level 61! At level 61, the newly appointed A Grade Shillien Knight can finally move on to better armor and a better weapon! The best armor for the A Grade Shillien Knight, I found, was a full set of Tallum Heavy Armor enchanted to at least +3 being as it had a weight limit of +5759 which is great if you chose to solo most often. The best A Grade weapon, once again is a set of duals, preferably the A Grade set of Damascus*Tallum duals. The Shillien Knight, now very strong at A Grade can solo in many areas such as The Witch’s Catacombs and the Wall of Argos. Since these areas don’t drop potions to benefit you, you will need to be fully packed with Healing Potions and Mana Potions which are the most important potions to keep you alive! If you prefer to solo in areas that do drop beneficial potions, the area outside of Goddard and the area outside of the devastated castle is the place for you! If you should choose or so happen to find yourself in a party in these areas, the experience is still pretty fast and very easy. You will work these areas at least until level 70. When you reach level 70, you can move on to better areas such as the Hot Springs and The Forest of the dead, in which to solo, these areas also drop beneficial potions as well as good for parties. You can work these areas until at least level 76, which is S Grade! So, there you have it folks, Leveling a tank class from C Grade to S Grade made fast and easy! Enjoy!

31. The Essential Support Class, The Cardinal

Hello and welcome to Lineage 2. A lot have changed since the game first came out almost six years ago. This guide is intended to focus on the support function of Cardinal’s in Lineage 2. There are three types of healers in Lineage 2 these include; the Human Cardinal, Elf Eva’s Saint, and the Dark Elf Shillien Saint.

The Cardinal is the one true healer class of them all. This class is equipped with the most powerful healing skills and abnormal status removal skills. Each healer class has access to skills past level 40 like Greater Group Heal, Greater Heal, and Greater Battle Heal. The Cardinal however has skills that further increase healing output with Major Heal and Major Group Heal that are double the power of their greater counterparts. To aid there healing Cardinals have the skill Restore Life which can heal a players health bar by 30%. Benediction is a good heal for your party when you are below 25% mana and your party needs a heal to survive, this will restore your parties hit point bars to 100%. Purify that curse paralysis, poison, and bleeding. Vitalize will heal and curse poison or bleeding at higher levels. These skills will help you in player verse environment (PVE) and player verse player (PVE) applications. The key difference between a good and great healers is knowing what skill to use at the right time. Since the Cardinal is the only true healer class you do not possess as many support buffs as the other healer classes. Your primary buffs are Body of Avatar and Prayer. Body of Avatar will increase your parties maximum hit points by 30% at its max level. But your most use full buff is Prayer, this skill can increase the healing of your skills by almost 25% of the normal power.

Leveling this class can be one of the hardest to do but the more difficult class is to level its said the more powerful it will be in the long run. Starting out you are just a human mystic with basic offensive and defensive skills. Wind Blast will become your best friend if you are fighting monsters by yourself. Make sure you talk to the Newbie Guide and take part in the quests he directs you to. This will get you to level 18 the fastest. After reaching level 18 you will want to start your first class change quest, this quest will give you enough experience to reach level 20 or 21. Now you are a human Cleric. This time you have access to another offensive skill called Disrupt Undead. This skill only dose damage to undead creatures so this will effect your leveling spots. Upon reaching level 35 you can start the first of three quests that will allow you to transfer into a Bishop. The first one is Trial of the Pilgrim, the second is at level 37 called Testimony of Trust, and the last one is at Level 39 called Test of the Healer. Once you have finished these quests you will become a Bishop. There is a short cut to the class change quest that was introduced with the Gracia patch. Just Reach level 40 and then talk to the Blueprint Seller Daeger located in Giran where the blacksmith is, he will send you on a short quest but will needed to pay 3 million adena for an item to complete the quest.

Now you are a Bishop and have just leaned your new and improved healing abilities. You can either assume your role in a group as a healer or continue to solo gain experience. Once you reach level 44 you will have access to a skill called Inquisitor, this skill when activated will disabled all of your current class skills except Invocation, Holy Weapon, Celestial Sheild, Hold Undead, and Turn Undead but will give you access to four offensive skills to help you deal damage, these skills are Divine Punishment, Divine Flash, Surrender to the Holy, and Divine Curse. These skills will become your solo leveling bread and butter. The best part about these skills is you do not need to train them after learning the Inquisitor stance, they will automatically level up at designated skill levels. Divine Punishment is a single target nuke that uses holy as its elemental damage. Divine Flash is an area of effect (AOE) nuke that damages monsters in a small area. Surrender to the Holy is a debuff that will decrease the resistance to holy attacks. Divine Curse is another debuff that will decrease the effectiveness of healing abilities your target uses also making the target loose hp while the debuff is in place. at this point in time you should have acquired a relatively high magical attack weapon and a set of armor to increase your spell casting speed. Make sure you are using bless spirit shots for the grade of your weapon because this will double your damage of skills and increase the speed of the skills you cast. Having a high magic attack weapon will also increase the success rate of debuff skills like Trance. Trance is a single target skill that will put your target to sleep for a set length of time. Sleep can only be dispelled by taking damage or receiving a waking scroll from another player. The Inquisitor stance will prove very useful in gaining experience with out the need of grouping. Just note that all monsters in the world of Lineage 2 have elementals that they are weak and strong verse, sorting out which are weak verse holy will improve your damage and overall leveling speed.

At this point you should have reached level 70 or more, this is the point when grouping will be more beneficial to you the solo grinding. Now is the time to make use of your healing abilities and support your party.

32. Leveling guide: Class Type – Paladin/Phoenix Knight

One oft the best ways to level a Paladin, is to do it in group with the regular skills he has (hating, stunning, etc.). But not always a Party is available. A Excellent way to level it alone, do it as follow:

  1. Buy a 2 Handed Blunt/Sword for your Grade. Common weapons are ok too.
  2. Be sure that you get your buffs from the “ Adventurers guide” in town, and be selfbuffed.
  3. Search for a spot where the monster let drop pots and not use root skills.
  4. Now activate”Vanguard” skill. Try so often you can use the “Boost Morale”. Hit the monsters on normal attacks and only short before they down use the Guillotine Attack to maximize the XP. Only when you are full with MP use the “Tribunal” or “Cleave” it will be otherwise to costly in mana. When you are surrounded by monster AND your HP go not down quick, then use “Full swing” as bonus…. At begin of the fight one time… be sure that all monster stay alive at low HP… and then as finishing move again to get overhit xp.
  5. Survival Tips:
  • When hp fall under 30% use the Angelic Icon skill… together with Vampiric Rage from “Adventurers guide” you should can bring your HP up again.
  • Be sure you have additional “greater heal pots” on you.
  • When you see the fight will not go good for you, or you pulled too much, leave the “Vanguard” stance, go in “Ultimate Defense” (For that you have not to change your weapon) and go back in “Vanguard”. When you timing is good, you have 20-25 Seconds left on UD with a 2 handed weapon and Vampiric rage.. Have fun ,-). When your HP should fall down nevertheless under 30 % remember… “Ultimate Defense” and “Angelic Icon” works together to maximizing this effect.
  • Do not use your selfheal “Holy Blessing” for HP regeneration. It is to slow and costly in MP. But for healing Poisoning effect it serving you well (see below).

Changings on lvl 76-77:

Now you will loose the possibility to get yourself the buffs from “Adventurers guide”. On the other hand you can now overenchant skills. All what is described above will work further. But following things you have to do additional:

  1. Overenchant “Aggression” in “Attack” / “Holy Blessing” in “Cure Poison” / “Sacrifice” in “Power” / “Ultimate Defense” in “Decrease Penalty”
  2. Now you can pull AND decrease attack strength from monsters for 0 MP cost. Cure with your own skills Bleed AND Poison, and you can heal yourself with Sacrifice (minimal heals at OE +6, but higher is better) for again 0MP, at least hoping on a magic critical what gives a lot of HP back (this thing is for healing BETWEEN fights when you find not enough pots, cause all other will take to long.
  3. Now do it further as you have done as Paladin in the past (P.S. Varkas Silenos is a perfect Spot for this tactic).

Changings on lvl 78-82

  1. Now you have got “Touch of life”. The time you worries about less HP regeneration has ended. The “Sacrifice” effect is under this Skill maximized (got the 30% Bonus too) and a real argument. For both Skills you have to leave “Vanguard” but the duration is 2 Minutes for the “Touch of life” buff and will so tick for you in vanguard more than 1:45 min further. When its even to short for you, you can overenchant it in “Time”. With “Soul of Phoenix” you can level quite relaxing. You can use it as “Mana/HP Refuel skill” when you fight until dead. But be sure to have a “Recovery Scroll” with you.
  2. The thing with “Ultimate Defense” works with “Vengeance” exact in same way too. Except you have to switch short on your shield to activate it.. and then back on your 2 Handed Weapon. Don’t forget to Overenchant “Vengeance” in “Decrease Penalty” too.
  3. With “Symbol of Defense” on level 80 you have a 3th skill who you can use as “Ultimate Defense” tactic as described above. But take care.. it is interrupt quick and cast time is long. So you should plan BEFORE if you have to use it or not…. When for example much monsters stay on same place around or else.

Some Tips for leveling in Groups:

In a group think always what is your Job. Prevent your party members from taking damage. But this means not only to “Aggression” and take the damage on you… cause so the healer has nevertheless to heal.

When you are in a group mainly out of Range DD… you can “Shackle” the monsters instead of using “Aggression”. Taking NO damage is even better than taking the damage on yourself.

When you are in a Mellee group then the “Aggression” “Shield stun” is the standard to save MP.

But when you have several mobs around and you are NOT in a “Area of Effect group”. It is ever a nice Idea to make a “Hate Aura” to get the attention and then using a “Mass Shackling” make view steps aside.. and you will not reached from some mobs… decrease your damage often enorm.

Now a word to a quite important skill “Shield stun”. It is not only for interrupt a monster.. it is very effective in controlling mobs too when you have 2 on you. When a Shield stun has landed, each hit the monster get, a chance is that the stun effect ends. But when you stun him and let him stay… he is for the full time of 9 Seconds out of the fight. This thing may be can help you in pvp against Summoners or Dark Avengers too.

“Now be welcome in the armed Brotherhood from the church of Einhasad. May be the Goddess of light always shine your path.”

33. The Summoner’s Guide of Aden: A Level 40-76 GuideI have played lineage II since C2 and throughout that time have always played as a summoner, this guide is a compilation of my experience of levelling a summoner.

Throughout levelling to level 80 there is always two options to take, option 1 is a quick levelling zone in which not much adena is gained or even lost, and the other option is levelling inside catacombs, gathering Ancient adena as you go and selling this for a nice bit of adena.

Level 40 -52
Equipment needed: Homunculus + acumen and karmain robes total cost – 6million-7 million.

If you choose the option of quick levelling then the best place by far is Cruma tower, Head there by teleporting from dion with your level 40 summon and make sure you get newbie buffs, Cruma tower consists of two levels, you can kill the monsters inside cruma tower floor 1 till level 47 it won’t take long at all to get to this level here, the monsters are fairly straight forward except that they have an AoE stun, therefore its best to keep out of range and let your summon do the killing while you assist using pre-40 nukes and heals.
After getting to level 47 its time to head upstairs, You can level here till 52, the monsters here are straight forward again however they can silence so it’s best to make sure your summon always has agro.
However if you decide to take the Catacomb route you can level from 40 to 52 at Catacomb of Branded, you teleport here from Giran- Giran harbour – Run north till reach CoB.

Level 53-61
Equipment Needed: C grade will suffice, however Karmain robes can be upgraded to Avadon robes, you don’t need any other weapon than Homunculus till S grade.

Levelling to 61 is easy enough, the best place to level is at enchanted valley, and you can teleport here from Hunters village.
The monsters here range from their normal self at the beginning of enchanted valley and the deeper you go in they become elder versions of themselves at higher levels, this means that you can level at the entrance of EV from 52-55 and then after 55 head deeper inside and level to 61, all the mobs here are straight forward with 3x hp mobs, easy enough to kill and nothing to be warned about. All you will need to do is assist with heals.
IF you decide to go the catacomb route then from 52 to 61 you want to head to Catacomb of Apostate, you can teleport here from Oren – Plains of lizardman then run to CoA.

Level 61 – 70
Equipment Needed: Dark Crystal Robes, A grade jewels, Homunculus + acumen.

The best place to level at these level ranges is by far Forest of the dead, this place unlike the others before need a little bit more skill to tackle, the monsters here can root and bleed and poison luckily enough summoners have blessing servitor and cure servitor these can cure bleed/poison and root so they become very handy here.
This Place consists of night monsters and day monsters they vary very slightly and not really of any importance.
There is a quest here that can give you experience for collecting items through hunting here which can be a slight bit of help.
As your level gets closer to 70 you will go deeper inside the forest and eventually encounter vampires which are easier to kill than the monsters at the beginning yet they are higher level.
Throughout levelling here let your summon do the killing, keep track of the hp and make sure to support as much as you can with heals and the two skills mentioned above.
If you decide to go through the catacomb route then Catacomb of the Witch is the best catacomb to go to.

Level 70-76

For these last few levels you can prepare for your third class change whilst levelling, the first place you want to go to is Hot springs, here you can pick up a quest to get a quest item called Ice crystal needed for the third occupation, the monsters here stun so as of before, make sure your summon is taking all the agro and just support with heals. During doing this quest you are sure to level up towards level 76.
After doing this quest the next quest needed for the third occupation is alliance with ketra orcs or alliance with silenos, I always go for alliance with the ketra orcs, to do this quest you simply need to get 100 badges and you receive a trust mark level 1 needed for the quest later on.
after doing both of these quests if you have not yet turned level 76 then the best place to level for experience is Silent valley, you can tackle SV at level 72+ and gives extremely good experience.
This place is a little tricky for summoners as they attack the master of pets directly and never the summoner so make sure transfer pain is always on and battle heal is ready to heal yourself.
If you follow this guide you will surely get to level 76 in no time at all.

34. Lineage II – Mage Guide

This guide includes:

*best XP zones, D grade – S Grade
*best equipment until this time(D – S)
*class types: spellcaster/Nukers(like Human Mages, Sorcerer, Spellsinger,Spellhowler etc.)
*Zones: Dion Territory,Forest of the Dead(FotD), Valley of Saints(VoS), Ivory Tower Territory, Pavel Ruins

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

tipps for nukers:
use Blessed Spiritshots (bssp)
only use your main skill, if an mob is near you use a short-range-skill
like Aura Flare.
Fear is a usefull skill to avoid your Death.
Kookaburra(lvl 55+) can be usefull if your mana is low, but its expensiv
dont pull too much mobs at one time

I bought evrerything real, but if u have not much money buy more common stuff.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Level 20-35 ((40) including Class Change Quest tipps)

The best equipment for level 20-40 is probably a magician Common – Staff of life and the common – Mithril Tunic, stockings (also the full robe CQ):you could buy it in the Giran shop.Who has a lot of money can buy everything real.(i would not do that)

when you reach level 20 go to dion fields through the eastern gate,
there you can quickly reach level 25!

With level 25 you can go to the execution grounds (look at map south-east of Dion/there is no teleport from Gatekeeper)at the middle stage
where u can find the Neer Crawler. i prefer not to fight against the Hangman Trees
they have root and can hold you on the ground…. (they have alot of damage)
As you continue up to a level 30-35.

Caught on the first level 35(CCQ)quest, you should be after level 36.
Accept the quest with 36 “Pailaka – Song of Ice and Fire” (Accept this quest in Gludin Village, front of the Church-Inspector Adler)
This quest gives you a whole level, one earring, a ring, and full vitality points.(!warning! there is one bug and end boss in this dungoen, if u need too long to kill him he get full hp,
i was angry about that.. but finally i killed him. its hard but u can do it!warning!)
start out at lvl 37 class change quest. then you’re 38, 50%.
the remaining 50% you can easily reach in Death Pass (everywhere).
At 39 beginning at the last class change quest, then you’re level 40.

Level 40-51 (also to B-Grade)

With level 40 you need better equipment, I recommend common – demon robe set
and a common – ecliptic sword. real equipment is not worth it yet.

From level 40 you’re ready for the Ivory Tower Crater.
there you level from 40-45 (if you like a bit higher)
observed in the Crater: the Eyes have strong M. atk.
So you need good jewelrys, the eyes are aggressive.
to level 45 + you can get out of the crater and level around the crater.
(with the Formor and such) there is to be observed only .. dont pull too much suddenly. ^^
it remains there until level 51.

51 – 76

B Grade equipment: the best is use the Avadon Robe set and a Sword of Valhalla
(depending on if you have money or not, buy real / common. I recommend that common, but it is difficult to get it in common.

With level 51 you can go to the Valley of Saints.(teleport from Rune)
you can level there about to 64.
watch out: the Blader… if you attacking them they summon one minion.
the magus have slightly strong M.atk.

If you’ve reached A Grade, go to the Forest of the Dead (teleport from Rune)
remain there until lvl 68-71.
In the Forest of the Dead, it is best to level only in the night
at day less mana pots
mobs better at night (more xp)
There is not much to note, you do not die as fast as in Valley of Saints.

With 68-71 you can spend in the Pavel Ruins for a while.
to S degrees, so to speak. (68-71 -> 76). : )
beware: Pavel ruins every mob respawn once.
so dont pull two at same time with low level.
(try out)

If you follow that you‘ll get quickly lvl 76,
I wish you good luck at all.

35. Once upon a time…! Orc Buffer- Doomcryer

if your playing style is exping alone or in party this is your character!
from level 1, look for a clan, some important clans have lot of passive buffs that help you so much and in academy you’ll receive the “academy circlet” that decrease 50% the exp loss when die;
before exping ask always to newbie guide the buffs support, make the newbie quest and try with others kamaloka (gludio-dion) to hit level 40 very fast.

remember to obtain a pet, i suggest you the tiger one, it gives you empower, bless the body, bless the soul and heals or a wolf that help you in exp with strong physical damage; every 2 weeks remember too, to sign on catacomb (dawn) and on territory ward battle (for nobless and some usefull jewels).
Orc has all the buffs you need for fighter exping so equip with light armor (plathed set) and blunt weapon (common). at the begin try exp on catacombs (branded,apostate), at that level mobs are soft and drop is very good and you can sell ancient adena or seal stone to make good profit!.
how to use this character? active soul cry toogle, spam hammer crush and burning chop and you’ll become the owner of that area. if you pull to many mobs, don’t panich, use steal essence, don’t take care about Mp, when you give a physical hit you recover MP and your exp will never end.
then go to forsaken plans (silent valley teleport) and hit 61 lvl fast or continue on catacomb witch and dark omen.
remember to open the map on quest section and complete their request, you’ll receive some important reward and exp-sp like pailika (36 jewels, 61 bracelet for talismans ,73 lvl shirt and both quest give you full vitality, not bad!).
at 74, go goddard city, teleport to hot springs area, make the finest part 1 quest, obtain ice crystal hitting mobs then scrool, go ketra, take the alliance wih ketra orc quest, scrool again, teleport to varka and go kill them! both of this quest will request you on 3rd class change quest.
when you hit S grade try to make a good blunt weapon with fire attribute and exp on silent valley until 80. the playing style is always the same until this lvl. after that it’s time to party! you’ll go to forge god like puller for the poler or on dragon valley with other fighters and you’ll become 85 faster than other ways.
on party you’ll use the others skill more often, like dreaming spirit (sleep), fear and chant of life (party heal).
for a super PVE alone and in party equip you wih light armor and 2 handed blunt fighter weapon but don’t forget that your casting speed will suffer and your pvp counter never hit big numbers.
otherwise with robe and mage acumen weapon you’ll become better in pvp than before but your party exp will be so boring.
hope this guide will be usefull, best regards!
36. How to play a Ghost hunterA Ghost Hunter is a dagger class character, its uses daggers, light armor and is one of the great damage dealers in lineage II. A good zone to level from 76-83 is Giants cave and the surrounding area. To start with being 76 you want to head under Giants cave which is called silent valley and hunt here, Good armor and weapon’s to have is a angel slayer and draconic armor, tell you can afford better then you well want to get a dynasty knife and dynasty armor. You well need a party not a large party but best suited to go with u is a tank, heals, and a buffer. The mobs located in the area are week to melee attacks so you well do lots of damage here. To start off on your rotation while in this area you always want to be behind the mob, the rotation that works best is: backstab or deathblow and then just regular hit tell u get a proc of dagger mastery when this happens you want to use backstab or deathblow once again. You should run through these mobs with a decent group in about 10-15secs. Stays here tell u hit 78.

Once you are 78 you well want to start looking in the party matching channel for GC party’s GC stands for “Giants cave” there is two levels of Giants cave upper and lower both have same mobs. Once in a group always let your tank hit first and be behind the mob just regular hit tell you get a proc of Dagger mastery and then use backstab or deathblow, a lot of the time you well get a half kill when this happens the mobs life drops dramatically and is why people love to have daggers in there GC party.

Once hitting 80 you need to get a couple new skills leathalblow and Critical wound these skill are a must have what critical wound does is increase the critical chance of everyone in the party on the mob you put it on, critical wound well speed up the time it takes to go through mobs in GC and at this level speed and time are key if you want to level up fast. Lethal blow is another deadly attack skill which has a chance to do a half kill. Your new rotation well be critical wound then regular hit tell u get a proc of Dagger mastery then lethal blow then back stab, but if you get a half kill with lethal blow then there is no need for the backstab skill because you want to maintain your mana as much as you can. Stay in GC tell your 83 you can go higher in here mobs well still give great experience.

Here is a list of the mobs you well encounter in GC and silent valley while leveling there so you know what to expect, lesser giant scout, lesser giant mage, lesser giant elder, lesser giant, legoul. A word to the wise when you’re in GC and you see a legoul walking around the room and its getting close to your party these mobs need to go down first and as soon as possible because they well alert other mobs and it just cause a frenzy you or your doesn’t need so what you want to do is shadow step behind them backstab or lethal blow and regular attack tell their dead, also these mobs are very agro so keep a eye out for them to save you unwanted trouble.

Thanks for reading my guided and hope it helps you out on your way to becoming a great ghost hunter in the world of lineage II.

37. How to raise properly ;P a swordsingerAs a party-buffer your choice of hunting spots is mainly defined by your party!

If forced to solo – which you should try to avoid at any cost – pick areas that are low on mobs with stunning capabilities and aggressive groups and try to engage monsters that are weak to sacred attacks (Holy Blade) after lvl 43.Also taking on monsters with a hit multiplier is not to sensible as far as effectiveness goes.Always engage one target at a time unless being the puller (Sprint+Song of the Wind & Earth)
for pole parties.

You`ll need to use soulshots and potions of alacrity/scrolls of (xyz)… to finish your enemies quickly …there is little help to be given here, soloing was and is expensive.

The Cemetery near Aden is always a good choice, especially since there are usually enough buffers around to offer their services (5 – 10K depending on the market)….simply work yourself upwards as you advance in level and take advantage of the quests given at Aden,
Catacombs/Necropoli are a fine hunting ground as well – a lot of enemies down there a “weak to sacred” and the benefits of the “7 Signs” are well-known.

Swordsingers work quite well in a duo with high damage classes like archers/daggers and destroyers, as your main songs enhance the respective abilities of those classes and smooth any shortcomings they might show in PvE.
Just make sure in advance that you choice of weapons at least matches your partner’s…
I also had very good experiences in a conventional duo with each Elder class and Battle prophets.
If you manage to get into a duo with a Temple Knight you may want to take some screenshots and file them under “rare” – nevertheless it’s a constellation well worth trying.
Out of my experience, Swordsingers and nukers do not add up well as the songs have little to offer to those classes.

As pointed out earlier, joining a raid party as member of the main hate tanks group can be very beneficial as far as effectiveness and fun go (and of course, the financial part is to be considered too).
The defensive songs like Warding, Earth and Vitality can be used to full extent here and Hunter might be helpful at least slightly as far as aggro control and HP return via Vampiric Rage is concerned.
Another aspect worth considering in this situation is the frequent use of Psycho Symphony – especially useful if the Raid Boss is well within the level range of the supporting Swordsinger, which increases the chance of success while using it.
Anything that hinders, slows or weakens the Boss is a boon towards your healers MP.

Never forget that you possess Ultimated Defense and several self-healing buffs – just using self-buffs, Hunter & Earth as well as the occasional Elemental Heal almost guarantees non-stop hunting at green/light blue areas, especially since the Herbs came into play.
Check if you couldn`t just return solo to a hunting ground that you braved some levels ago while in a party.

38. OL XP via Dwarf SlayingMy biggest suggestion for leveling quickly in Lineage is to find something that makes XPing fun for you. Leveling can seem like a daunting chore, but if you are having fun you will hardly notice your percentages increasing. Personally I enjoy partying with dwarfs. They are so cute, and they look very adorable dead. My real goal is to kill the dwarf as many times as possible while not dying myself.

Preparation for XP is an essential part of any Lineage II process, and my unique XP method is no exception. To XP via dwarf slaying you must stock up on resurrection (rez) scrolls. This is the most important part of the process if you actually intend to gain a decent amount of XP while killing your chosen dwarf.

Picking a hunting area is also essential for this process – you want an XP zone where the dwarf can kill the mobs without the need for debuffs or excessive heals, but not so easy that the dwarf can survive without you. I suggest Crypts of Disgrace (CoD) since the mobs here are highly resistant to debuffs. This will give you an excuse for you to not help the dwarf when it feels endangered as your debuffs would not be an aid anyway.

Now before heading to the XP area I make sure to buff myself. This will lower my MP and provide me with a way to save myself if I need to run away from the mobs quickly if unintended agro occurs. When the dwarf arrives I tell it to go pull. Dwarfs have a very low int score so this often works, and the dwarf will go pull without getting buffs for itself. Congratulations you have killed the dwarf once. This one was practically a freebie, but we will count it in the score anyway. 1 Point, off to a good start.

The dwarf will now say something like “lol your mp was down lol I thought you buffed lol” or something with lots of “lol” in it. I expect you will “lol” yourself at this point, but simply rez the dwarf and apologize, saying you had buffs you thought they did too. Now you have to buff the dwarf with some OL buffs, but most players do not know which buffs are which for OL buffs. This is why OL is the best class for dwarf slaying. I suggest leaving off the ———haste buff——- and Victories of Pagrio.

The dwarf will certainly pull once without these two essential buffs, and at least once more after you give them one of the two. Often this is good for over 5 dwarf killing pulls before the dwarf finally realizes they need to read the buff descriptions. Let’s set our total score to 3 points to be generous to the dwarfs intelligence.

I realize you have most likely not gained any XP at this point. You may wonder why we don’t skip these previous steps. Although low on XP, these first few steps initiate the fun part and this is a game; it should be fun after all. See, at this point your dwarf has died at least 3 times, likely more, and will start looking to get even. Dwarfs are very easy to anger, and the wrath of a dwarf is the most fun part of the XP process.

Properly buff your dwarf at this point, and ensure you have full buffs as well. You will need them. The dwarf will pull a train, and ask you to start healing it. This is the point where the type of dwarf you are Xping with becomes important to know. There are actually two different kinds of dwarfs, even if they all appear the same.

If you are leveling with a Warsmith heal on some pulls, and not others. This will allow your dwarf to think you are trying to save it while simultaneously killing it repeatedly. At this point the rate of XP is determined by you. You can either kill the dwarf rarely for the best XP rate or kill the dwarf continuously for the slowest XP rate but most entertainment. You may also “forget” to rebuff certain buffs to kill the dwarf as well, as dwarfs are generally too focused on hitting things to look at their buffs.

The biggest risk associated with grouping with a Warsmith is the risk that this dwarf will sacrifice itself to kill you for revenge. It is not really a smart move on the dwarfs part, but let’s face it, it is not entirely out of the question. The dwarf may pull an extra-large pull, die, and leave you with the agro. For this reason I suggest standing far enough away from the dwarf that you are able to either run from the mobs or BSOE before the mobs kill you.

Spoilers are more tricky. “Forgetting” buffs and neglecting to heal them at critical moments is still a viable way to kill these pesky dwarfs, however with a spoiler you have to balance the dwarfs intellect with how many times you can kill it. This is because spoilers have the fake-death skill which allows them to instantly lose agro. If you have healed them or buffed them during the pull the mobs can possibly come to you. Be sure to stand back to BSOE or run if such a thing happens.

If the spoiler does anger to the point of attempting fake-death be sure to either run or BSOE quickly so you do not die. Often a couple mobs will stay aggroed on the spoiler after a fake-death, so the spoiler may still die after this. That’s worth two points. How many points can you accumulate before you reach 85?

Honestly, In the end the most important thing is to have fun. It’s a game. Relax and slay some dwarfs.

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