Lineage 2 Raids Guide

Lineage 2 Raids Guide by Spudnik

yay a guide on how to raid intelligently and how not to die doing it.

lvl 20-28 you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed only 1 party of about 6. doesnt matter if they dont hit hard or have the best equipment. these low level bosses are simple to take down and require little strategy.

as with every raid boss, the strategy is to hunt the minions first, and when they are gone, u hunt the boss. for the low level raid bosses (RB’s) you need a mixture of the following:

1 elven/dark elven/human knight. this person MUST have the “hate” skill
1-2 healer preferably a cleric.
3-4 damage dealers of any other type. dwarves included.

make sure all the melee fighters have soulshots, and the healers have blessed spiritshots. make sure they use them.

about level 28 your raid grp will need to get bigger. you will need the following:

2 elven/dark elven/human knight. this person MUST have the “hate” skill
1-2 healer preferably a cleric.
5-6 damage dealers of any other type. dwarves are acceptable only if they are NOT using duals. go with 3archers/2nukers or if you want to have all melee grp, get orcs and humans by the handful.

again at 35 your raid will need now to have 2 groups and to be co-ordinated. same setup as before but doubly so.

after lvl 40 your raid will get extremely difficult if not all members are above 40 and have completed their 2nd class transfer quest and have at least SOME skills of their class.

around level 50 your raid will get bigger again, requiring 3 groups of the same setup at the minimum. some particular bosses need up to 6 groups at level 50 to get them down in under 10 mins.

beyond that you are looking at an clan-wide / ally-wide raid.

now for some strategy:

we got the elven/darkelven/human knights for a reason; that is, they have the “hate” skill. this enables the knight to let the raid boss only attack him and none of the rest of the group regardless (to some extent) of the damage dealt. once the knight has used this skill, wait until 4-5 hits have been dealt by him before the healer starts to heal or the rest of the group attacks. this will 85% guarantee your tank to hold the attention of the mob. this is called “tanking”.

once your minions are gone then begins the battle with the old boss. swing away. everyone must hit the boss now. this will get the boss down faster. most raid bosses level 20-28 can be taken down in 10-20 minutes with a handful of people. after that if you still want to take it down fast you will need the aforementioned requirements to be exceeded. i.e. where i stated 2 groups for level 35 boss, bring 3 groups. the only disadvantage this poses is in the looting of the boss. where all bosses give massive exp and sp on their death, they may only drop 1-3 items and only rarely do you get a boss that shoots out 10-15 items on death. so bigger groups can be disadvantageous for the lower drop rated bosses.

hope you find this useful. there isnt much here i know, but it should give you a start.

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