Lineage II Cheats for Wolf Test

Lineage II Cheats for Wolf Test by Melkhyn

Since I’ve repeated the get-a-wolf quest many times, I’m quite used to the final Q&A; test. Nothing too hard and yet quite annoying, if you give the wrong answer to any of the questions. Cause you know what this means….: that you have to repeat the journey through all of the three towns again, talking to the NPCs and all.
Here a summary of the infos that you will need to be able to answer correctly to all of the questions.
Read CAREFULLY each question and possible answers, cause at times there are traps.
Now, let’s see if you can learn something more on wolves:

a) If your inventory is low or you have exceeded your weight limit, you can use your pet to carry some of your items.

b) Dont use your pet too often on errands, no matter how useful they may be.

c) You can resurrect your pet within 24 hours.

d) Wolves are canines.

e) Canines include dogs, raccoons, foxes, jackals and timberwolves.

f) Wolves’ lifespan in the wild is unknown, but wolves in captivity can live from 12 to 15 years.

g) Wolf’s sense of smell can detect an object as far as 2.4km away.

h) They hunt in packs of 7-14 with a male leader.

i) Fully grown they’re no larger than a man (and not as heavy!!) and can be distinguished from dogs by their drooping tails.

j) Around Dion are Dire Wolves, the oldest and most primitive type.

k) In Elmore, are the Kasha wolves in Orc Country, and Black Wolves in Dwarf lands.

l) A wolf’s fertility period is normally 1-2 months, and the pregnancy lasts for approximately 60-62 days.

m) They will give birth to 3-6 cubs, but can produce up to 10 cubs at a time. In places such as between rocks, under cliffs and caves.

n) Wolves are omnivorous.

o) A full grown wolf can easily devour a calf or goat whole (or wild birds!!).

p) Wolves also eat flesh of dead animals, wild pheasants and even berries.

q) They can go without food for 5-6 days, but cannot live long without water.

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