Jade Dynasty Ascension Comparison Guide

Jade Dynasty Ascension Comparison Guide by DouJiYan

For all your ascension needs:

Stat Bonus



eg. ascend at level 143

=81.336% (which means you will only receive 81.336% of any stat bonus offered at 150 ascension)

Skill Pts

Tome Pts

Asc. Faction Skills level 1 – 10 (google translated… so really bad lol)

edit: translated ones expire in several minutes, use the original ones below and translate them w/ google.

Dagos: http://zx.duowan.com/0910/120159591325.html
Felkin: http://zx.duowan.com/0911/122844634646.html
Fuwa: http://zx.duowan.com/0912/124719050650.html

Google Translator: http://translate.google.com/#


-reserved info for douji-

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