Jade Dynasty Fishing Guide

Jade Dynasty Fishing Guide by Seldio

Welcome to the ultimate guide of Fishing!

Lately, people are still confused about the whole fishing feature that Jade Dynasty has to offer for its players. This guide will tell you where/how/what you can fish, furthermore you get some basic hints on how to fish efficiently and last but not least the whole point about fishing in Jade Dynasty.

Let’s start with the basics first! If you already know how to fish then stop reading and go fish out some ingame.


Chapter 1: Regular Fishing

1.Introduction / Requirements
2.Fishing Schedule
3.Getting Bait / Fishing Locations
4.Rewards from Regular Fishing
5.Additional Hints

Chapter 2: Fishing Mastery Event

1.Introduction / Requirements
2.Fishing Schedule
3.Getting Bait / Fishing Locations
4.Reward from Fishing Mastery
5.Sonic Stone

Chapter 1: Regular Fishing

1.Introduction / Requirements

You’re probably a new player…the world is unknown to you and you hear everyone talking about fishing. But you don’t know where and how to fish and most important: What is the point of fishing in this game?

Fishing is a nice additional feature in this game, where you simply can relax for quite some moments from all those grinding and solving quests. You can find items by fishing you won’t get anywhere else and also be able to make a quick buck. Most importantly: It’s free and it only takes a few minutes to get something fished out of the pool. The rest is just pure luck! It can be as high as 4 Gold or as low as 1 Copper for you. But don’t give up quickly, if you didn’t fish out what you were looking for. Patience is the key here and eventually you’ll be rewarded in the long run.

To start in Basic Fishing you need:

1. Character Level has to be 35
2. Bait
3. Free Slots in your Inventory
4. 5 minutes
5. Little grain of luck

2.Fishing Schedule

In Jade Dynasty, you have alot of chances to fish. This is quite a good thing for players, who have to take care of family, their job or other matters in real life which prevent you from fishing.
You can fish daily at most 6 times on a set schedule, which is like following:

12:00 p.m to 00:59 a.m
08:00 a.m to 08:59 a.m
12:00 a.m to 12:59 p.m
03:00 p.m to 03:59 p.m
06:00 p.m to 06:59 p.m
09:00 p.m to 09:59 p.m

You can always collect one bait around these times within one hour per character. You can use the bait either during these fishing times or after. That doesn’t matter at all. It’s just important that you get the bait.

3.Getting Bait / Fishing Locations

Now that we’ve sorted out the preparations, you’re asking yourself now how you possibly can fish.
Maybe you already wandered through Sunstream and noticed the Fishing Rod, which is stationed at the Lotus Pond in the western part of the town. Well, don’t worry you only need the bait now. You don’t have to waste your thoughts on the rod because you just use your bait on such rods. When you’ve fished out something, the rod will disappear temporarily and respawns after 30 seconds..just to be used again for the next bait.

We’re talking about baits now all the time, but where do you get one? Far in the back of the Lotus Pond near a tree is an NPC standing around called Ami ( coordinates 125, 150 ). He gives you the free bait during the times I mentioned above.

You can get 1 of 4 different baits randomly and each bait can only be used for a specific area.

A. Earth Worm Bait

If you get this one, then you’re lucky because you can fish right at the Lotus Pond in Sunstream. ( coordinates 129, 107 )

B. Preserved Bait

For this one, you’ve to head south of Sunstream and follow the path until you reach a bridge. Cross that one and immediately turn left to see a rod waiting for you there at the Sol River. ( coordinates 167, -162 )

C. Red Worm Bait

You’ll have to visit Serenity Clearing and fish in the pond there. It’s far to the south in the Sunstream region. ( coordinates 50, -390 )

D. Rice Worm Bait

If you get this bait, your destination will be Fountainhead Hollows far to the north in the Sunstream region. You’ll find the rod on the left side of the big pond there. Some Brigand Bandits are hanging around there as well. ( coordinates -80, 430 )

Here’s a map of all fish locations in Sunstream to show you the way.

So, if you have reached your destination for your bait you got, just click on the rod and wait until the bar reaches the 100 % mark. After this, you’ll have reeled something in, be it a fish or an item. At least there’s no failure because you’ll definetely get something. Better than playing lottery.
Congratulations, you now know how to fish!

But you still don’t know what rewards might wait for you deep down on the pond’s bottom.

4.Rewards from Regular Fishing

Finally, we’ve come to the best part of it. I’m sure everyone wants to know about the stuff you might get out of the ponds. Well, I’ll make it short here and list everything up that you might be able to reel in.
First comes, as you may have thought: Fish! Fish is only good for selling to NPC to make some quick money, so please don’t keep it by all means as there is no further use for it and no quest ingame where you might need to trade these in so just sell away.

Also please don’t ever buy from other players. I’ve seen players sometines who sell the caught fish for 3x as much as they’re actually worth be it because they don’t know better or just to scam newbies.


Jumping Lobster-5 Silver
Double Tail Fish-10 Silver
Water Spirit-15 Silver
Sharing Fish-20 Silver
Red-Tail Carp-25 Silver
Zelo Salmon-30 Silver
Stoneback Herring-35 Silver
Cod -50 Silver
Doderleinia-1 Gold
Seven-Gil Eel-1 Gold 50 Silver
Snaky Fish-3 Gold
Flat Lobster-4 Gold
Situ Crab-5 Gold

Next are items, which you might need for finishing up Voyage quests. You’ll earn little Experience points and sometimes nice titles.

Quest Items

Fishing Certificate

This is the most important item. You’ll need it after reaching Level 45 to participate in the Fishing Mastery event in The Billows, which occurs also daily from 06:00 to 07:00 p.m. Certificates can be stacked up to 10.

Soggy Horse Face

You’ll need 10 of these to obtain a title from Ami.

Black Pig Head

If you want another title given by Ami, you need to give him 10 of those as well.

Mystic Scroll

Right-click on them to obtain a random Voyage quest, which will give you a small amount of Experience Points and a title. You can also trade / sell them to other players.

Wisdom Map

This one activates automatically if your character level is identical to the area you’re currently in. In other words this means:

Sunstream Level 1-15
Jadeon Level 15-30
Skysong Level 30-45
The Billows Level 45-60
Doom Bog Level 60-75
Wildlands Level 75 to 90

So as an example if you’re Level 63 you need to head to Doom Bog to activate the Wisdom Map and get a quest immediately. Be sure that you have that item in your bag.
Be careful, as the quest is time-based and you only have a few minutes to finish it. The quest’ll tell you to find an NPC and you can do a quiz, in which you need to give the correct answer. The questions are based mostly on stuff in real life and you’ll get asked about country’s capitals, date of Father’s / Mother’s Day etc.

On a side note, the quiz quest seems to be bugged with certain questions, as there were some people complaining about it on the forum.
Last but not least, you can only use the Wisdom Map for the character who reeled it in and is only usable for characters with a level of 90 or below. You can’t trade or drop it.

Blood Flower

This item is used for one of the Voyage quests that appear on its own randomly with Character Level 9-10. You’ll need the Blood Flower to complete the quest. If you level too far past it you won’t get this quest anymore.

Secrets of Talisman

Same as the Blood Flower, you need this for finishing up one of those Voyage quests.

Destiny Stone

Collect enough of those and then trade them in by Eldest Matchmaker in Sunstream to gain some Romance Points.

Tattered Calfskin Bag

Right-click on the Bag to get a Dim Map. Show it to Nura in Sunstream to get a viewable map and you’ll get coordinates for a Romance Volume Scroll. You need to find Volume of Romance in the Voyage quest “The Romantic” which you can obtain by using a Mystic Scroll. You need to find a total of 3 Volumes to get the “Master of Romance” title.
The item out of the Bag will give you coordinates for one of those Volumes and have a 1-hour timelimit, then they’ll expire.

Ramie / Bark / Torn Fishnet

The above mentioned items are all worth 1 Copper. While it appears, that these are the most worthless items, they’re not completely useless. You can start to use them at around Level 60. Then you’ll get a quest from NPC Unknown Scholar in Sunstream. The coordinates are 192, 124.

He is in search of the Four Treasures of Writing and the above items are needed to craft one of those: the Xuan Paper. You’ll need to have all three items in your bag. The NPC will give you an item, which you have to click on to craft the Xuan Paper. As reward, you sometimes get Flameflaring Beads. You can give these to the Special Ops Agent to get rare materials used for crafting Charms.
Also, you’ll get pages from the Esper Saga Tome. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough of these at this point to tell you what rewards await for you there if you collect all of them.

Sticky Glue

This one is also used for the Four Treasures of Writing. In addition, you need Wolf Hair and Green Bamboo to craft a Wolf Hair Inkbrush. You can get Wolf Hair from blue-named Ungracious Wolves which are scattered around Sunstream. Green Bamboo can be dropped by Bamboos in Jadeon, either Bamboo Heights or Bamboo Peak.

Carbon Black / Pine Black / Santalum

Another three items you can get out of fishing. These are used for the Four Treasures of Writing quest as well. You can craft Pine Black Ink out of those.

Eera Mud

One of the items for the last of the Four Treasures of Writings. You also need Glowstones and Jade Stones to craft a Glazed Inkstone. Glowstones can be found if you dig Blazed Stones in Kunlun Mountains, but it’s dangerous for low level people because it’s a Level 120-135 region and monsters will most likely 1-hit kill you.
Jade Stones can be found out of Mirage Crystals in Moontop Hollow in Jadeon.

Now you know how to use everything that can be found during regular fishing. But you only get at most 6 baits each day if you make it to every fishing time, so it’ll take you long time to get most of the stuff. Well, then just read on to make fishing more profitable.

5.Additional Hints

Well done, you know everything now about fishing and you reeled in quite some treasures already but it’s going real slow for you because you most likely will only get 2-3 baits each day, depending on the dutys you have in real life. So, you can get 6 baits at most for your character each day-you can have at best 8 characters on your game account. So…did anyone forbid you to make additional characters who can collect bait as well? Nope, not at all.

By creating 7 more characters, you can have up to 48 baits each day if you would be able to always make it but don’t turn everything upside down now in your real life just because you have to collect them now with x characters.

Remember that real life always takes priority and a game shouldn’t stay above this.

Edit: The following informations all don’t apply anymore as of introduction of Jade Dynasty:Ascension expansion. The level requirement for fishing was raised to LV 35 which of course will take a bit more effort than simply leveling your alt chars to LV 9 to start with fishing. Therefore, it’s more a bother to a casual player to do this with all his / her characters just to be able to fish more often daily. Even though, I tried to adjust it a little for now, just in case you still want to follow it somewhat.

Of course, if this doesn’t frighten you you can still do it. You just need to gain XP in Jadeon and / or Skysong to get to the goal faster. Also take green / red Dispatcher quests with you to get a good amount of Taichi Pill to speed things up.

A last tip would be to seek help from a powerleveler. Some of them nowadays will level you to a certain level ( usually LV 30-40 ) without charging gold – while in return they’ll gain Charity Points with every level you get.

So, the only problem now is to level up every character, since you need to be Level 35 to obtain bait from Ami. Following the next steps, you can make a character ready for fishing within around 2 hours.

1.Create a game character of your choice. Don’t waste much time on thinking of a name because after all it’s just another character which is used for fishing and storing items.
2.Speak to Tanis Ka after logging into the game and get the Tigeren / Turtoil Crystal and the 2 hour Double XP Buff to make it go even faster. If you did choose an Athan Faction, of course visit Guli the Senior then for buffs.
3.Get your weapon from Blacksmith NPC, choose the Staff because it is ranged. This just applies, if you’ve created a human character.
4.Don’t bother with anything else and just go out of town heading north, switch the region and go to the warp portal to reach Jadeon region ( coordinates 36, -427 in Jadeon ).

5.Use your Crystals to get a nice ATK / DEF Buff and then defeat the monsters around to level up really fast. Always use Heavy Blow Skill to 1-shot Ebony Monkeys and Snoutnose Savages.
6. Always just level up as long as the mobs are pink / white. Then you just move on to the next stronger ones. Repeat the process, until you are around LV 25+, then just continue traveling to Skysong which is to the west of Jadeon. Don’t forget to buy yourself LV 15 Gear from Tailor. Or simply just use the newly introduced Treasure Chest to get some nice HP potions which are stacked at 999, this should last you long enough until you reach your goal. Always take appropiate green and red quests from Dispatcher quests that match with the monsters that you’re currently fighting to make it faster. Taichi Pill make a huge difference in the beginning and you’ll often get 3-4 level at once just from turning in one red quest.
7. As soon as you’re done, go back to Sunstream or teleport there and logout at NPC Ami. Your character is now ready to obtain baits.

At most it’ll take you around 90-120 minutes to get one character ready for fishing.
Now that you’ve more baits, your profit will also rise and you’ll get more quest items, Certificates etc.

Now you’ve all the knowledge about regular fishing.

I, the player, wish you the best of luck and hope you won’t lose your patience and keep going. Remember that you’ll always be rewarded at some point if you just don’t give up.
If you’ve reached Level 45 and want to know more about the Fishing Mastery Event now, then continue reading.

Chapter 2: Fishing Mastery Event

1.Introduction / Requirements

Got tired of the regular fishing already and want to go up to the next higher stage? Well, Fishing Mastery is waiting for you then. It’s for players who’ve at least reached Character Level 45 and own a Fishing Certificate to be qualified as participant there. Great prizes await you here, which are far more worth than what you’d normally get from regular fishing starting with Fish worth some Silver to Scallops and Halfbeaks, which’ll reward you with a nice XP Boost or the two most precious fish out in Jade Dynasty which everyone is eagerly trying to catch and is the main goal of this competition. You can win the Silver / Gold Medal to exchange for great prizes.

To start in Fishing Mastery you need:

– Character Level 45
– Fishing Certificate ( obtain these from Regular Fishing or buy from other players )
– A good portion of luck
– At least 9-10 free space in your inventory
– 10-30 minutes of your time and a good amount of patience

2.Fishing Schedule

Fishing Mastery is a daily event, which only occurs on Realm 1 to 5, so be sure that you’re on the correct realm or else you’ll miss out on it. The event is starting at 06:00 p.m and lasts for exactly one hour. During that time you can use up your baits to reel in fish and / or items. If you have leftovers, you can use them the next day. But make sure that you don’t use baits anymore if there’s only less than a minute left because then you’ll have used up a bait but won’t get anything in return because the rods simply disappear after one hour.

3.Getting Bait / Fishing Location

There we are again with the baits..well, this time it’s gonna be much easier. You just need the Fishing Certificate this time to obtain 10 Dragoncave Essence, which act as bait for the Fishing Mastery Event. You can get those baits from the Roaming Fisherman NPC in Sunstream. He’s located right next to Ami. Once the clock shows 06:00 p.m you can trade him your Certificate and he’ll give you 10 Baits to use in the event. The competition is held in The Billows to the south of the town Laguna Collective.

Multiple rods can be found there near the river and on that small island next to it. Though there are like a dozen of rods available, they’re used up pretty fast since most game server have already far more than 500+ players which are above the level requirement for this event so expect to really have competition here regarding the rods.
You can use a rod after you’ve used one of the baits in your inventory by right-clicking on it. A quest activates then and you have to reel something in within one hour or the bait is lost.
If you have trouble clicking on a rod because something / someone is blocking it, just shift-click on the rod. You need to be really fast with that as other players just rapidly shift-click on the spawnpoints of the rods until they appear.

Please don’t get upset and don’t start talking in a obscene way just because you were not fast enough. Just wait for the next one-keep in mind that it is a competition after all.

You can find rods at around -210, 90 or on the small island -203, 108. If they disappear they’ll come back in half a minute.
If you were lucky and reeled in the Tuna / Moy Fish, make sure to trade it to the Roaming Fisherman at 06:50 p.m, especially if you have the Moy Fish. Only one person can trade in the Moy Fish for a Gold medal and 5 players can have a Silver Medal so be quick with it. Otherwise you can only sell it to an NPC because these fish have a 10 hour duration only.

4.Rewards from Fishing Mastery

Now, back to the informations people like most to read when it comes to events-the rewards. I won’t make a long speech now, so here comes the list. It is divided again between fish and quest items.


Stoneback Herring-35 Silver
Cod -50 Silver
Doderleinia-1 Gold
Seven-Gil Eel-1 Gold 50 Silver
Snaky Fish-3 Gold
Situ Crab-5 Gold
Tuna Fish-10 Gold ( see quest list for further information )
Moy Fish-20 Gold ( see quest list for further information )
Zollow Lobster-20 Gold

Quest items

Tuna Fish

Congratulations to you, if you caught this one. You just got a chance for second place rank in the Fishing Mastery event. Up to 5 people, who trade this fish in by Roaming Fisherman can obtain a Silver Medal, which you can trade in again for nice prizes. If you get more Silver Medals during one week, you’ll get even better rewards from Roaming Fisherman, though I can’t tell much about it as chances are pretty small that you get more than one medal in a short time.

If you trade in one Silver Medal you’ll get 10 Treasure Bowl, which you can give to Tonni to get Esper-specific items to use in Bloodsmelt.

Moy Fish

Even bigger congratulations to you, you’re the winner of the day- at least almost if you’re the fastest one to trade it in to the Roaming Fisherman. It’s the same like with the Silver Medal..if you get more of them during one week, prizes given out will be better.
I don’t have catched a Moy Fish ever but I have informations on the prizes.

Most of the time you’ll probably get crafting materials used for especially good pieces of gear it seems.

Items I know about are currently:

Yasho Tooth
Yasho Bone
Yasho Heart
Yasho Ashes
Yasho Hide

They’re all used for crafting Celestial gear. These items might come in handy at later levels.


Sometimes you’ll fish out a Scallop. Open it and you’ll get a Voyage quest. There are 5 different quests you can obtain from Scallops and upon completion you’ll be rewarded with items and Taichi Pills which are converted into experience points based on your current character level. The items you get out from Scallops are mainly used for obtaining titles and you need to collect quite a few.

Expect a in-depth Scallop guide pretty soon in a separate thread or else this would become too large here now.


Another good item for you! Halfbeaks are kind of a fish you can give the Roaming Fisherman to get 10 Taichi Pills which are converted into experience points based on your level. Trade Halfbeaks in within 10 hours because they’ve a time-limit on them.

Wonder Medium

Sometimes you reel in 10 pieces of Wonder Medium, which you can trade in at Taisung the Tao NPC for an Level 135 Esper Medium. You can find Taisung the Tao in Jadeon between Guard Tyr and Guard Saith in Crystal Hall.

5.Sonic Stone

If you’ve already participated in the Fishing Mastery for quite a while, you might have noticed system messages in your chat window saying that xxxx has fished out the Sonic Stone and knocks on it- waiting for what’s gonna happen now, also with the information on which realm it happened.

This is basically the introduction of a unique elite mob to spawn in the shallow waters nearby: the Yaksha Ranger. He spawns right among all those Ironshell / Infested Pincer to the south of the fishing rods. He does only little damage and is defeated pretty fast but the best part of this mob is: He is dropping large quantities of provision items ranging from Grade 3 to 8. The one who did the most damage on him is allowed to pick up first, others are following soon.

Don’t be surprised if others are starting to pick up your loot as well, you wouldn’t be able to pick up everything on your own anyway in a short amount of time because it is so much, it’d simply disappear before you can manage to collect everything.

Also, if you see your name displayed in the chat window that you’ve fished out the Sonic Stone, be quick and move to the Yaksha Ranger’s spawnpoint- though you probably will just pick up the leftovers as there are lots of players camping him around his spawn point and furthermore other players who are realm hopping just for him and looting the dropped stuff.


This concludes the ultimate fishing guide: Now you know everything about fishing in the world of Jade Dynasty. I hope you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful, even just a little bit. I wish you the best of luck in your fishing career: “May the Moy be with you”

Additional note:

If you have any additional information to add, especially regarding the medal prizes be sure to share it with us. I’ll add it as soon as possible then. Also, please contact me if you found any mistakes in this guide that needs correction. If there are still questions unanswered for you, I’ll be glad to answer them here or privately. Thank you for your time reading all this.

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