Die2Nite Newbie Guide

Die2Nite Newbie Guide by GriMmiE

Notes to newbies:
– Plan your foray into the wild well – you only have 6 ap to travel, an additional 12 from drink and food (6 each). We do NOT want to be wasting resources on saving people who did not plan well.
– Remember to bring the drink or food. It is best to ONLY drink when you are thirsty. Water rations are precious before we get a water purifier built.
– Choose a non-depleted location and camp there – every 2 hours you will auto-search and (hopefully) find items. You DO NOT need to be running around wasting AP to find items.
– Depleted areas can be replenished by building a SCANTOWER – which is a PRIORITY as the squares around the town deplete very quickly. The hardest material to get for this is the electronic component – so if you find one – PLEASE KEEP IT SAFE.
– Dusk Until Dawn (http://www.die2nite.com/#disclaimer?id=1 4;sk=c4a4f) – is an extremely useful tool to help you plan where to go/what to find. To get it working you need to alter your settings under soul to “Authorise external applications” first. If your inventory is full and there are items on the ground – update this in Dusk Until Dawn so people know what is on the ground (Click Update).
– There are special sites (I think 6) that contain a lot more resources – it is important to find them soon.

The gates will close 30 minutes before the zombie attack – be back in town by 22:00 to be safe!

1. Search every zone you enter.
Explanation: searching zones doesn’t cost any action points, so there is no downside to searching.

2. Update the external map Dusk Until Dawn (http://www.die2nite.com/#disclaimer?id=1 4;sk=c4a4f) before you leave any zone.
Explanation: the external map is one of the most important tools in the game. A well updated map can save people’s lives and action points, because people will know where to go and what to expect at any given zone.
Tip: If you can’t get the map to work, make sure you have external applications enabled in your Die2Nite profile. Go to Your Soul -> Settings. Make sure the “Authorise external applications” box is checked. Now, log in at the external map application. It will redirect you to the Die2Nite log-in screen where you use your regular D2N credentials.

3. Always mark a zone as depleted if it’s depleted. If a building is depleted, make sure to mark it on the external map.
Explanation: once a zone is searched a sufficient number of times it will deplete. Depleted zones will basically yield only Rotten Logs and Scrap Metal, which are very poor quality items. That’s why it’s important to let other people know that they won’t find any quality items in a particular zone. To do this, just use the Zone Marker drop-down menu and choose “Depleted zone”. This information will be automatically carried over to the external map. Buildings can be depleted (and replenished) independently from the zone they’re situated in. If a building is depleted, it will show the following message when you try to search it: “After a sneaky scout around the building, you are sure there is nothing left to recover. Shame…”. If that’s the case, use the external map to mark the building as depleted (it will be displayed with a big red cross mark over it from then on).

4. Try to spend a lot of time auto-searching outside. Don’t auto-search near the town (up to 3 km) or in depleted areas.
Explanation: auto-searching is a mechanic that allows you to leave your character in a zone on the map to perform a search of the zone every two hours. You don’t need to be online for auto-search to work, so it’s a good idea to leave your character auto-searching before you go to bed or school/work. But be wary where you leave your character. The areas near the town get a lot of traffic from other players. Every person coming through a zone can search it, so the ones in close proximity to the town get depleted very quickly. Auto-searching a depleted zone will only yield low quality items.

5. Drop found items on the ground while moving away from the town.
Explanation: your rucksack has limited space for items. If you fill it with items while going away from town, you will reach a point where no more can fit in it. You will be forced to drop some of the items on the ground. The problem is, you can be really far away from town when this happens. If you had left them on the ground earlier, they would be lying much closer to town, allowing other scavengers to bring them in (and use less action points to do it). Of course, once you’re on your way back to town, fill your rucksack with everything you can find.

6. Always plan your route before leaving town. Try to move in groups.
Explanation: good planning can save you a lot of action points. Make sure you have enough food/water to get to where you’re going and back. Check with the external map for zombies, zone depletion and items. If you move in groups you can enter zones with more than 2 zombies and deplete them faster.

7. Try to haul in at least one heavy defensive item per day.
Explanation: You have one slot in your rucksack for heavy items. Use it wisely. The absolute best use for your heavy slot are defensive items (i.e.: Mattress, Sheet Metal, Door, Concrete, etc.). They are super-valuable and can give up to 8 for the town later in the game.

8. If you’re trapped don’t run away from zombies and don’t fight them with your bare hands. Send a distress call on the forums.
Explanation: you got yourself trapped by zombies, haven’t you? Well, it happens. The worst things you could do now are trying to run away (this will get you injured, which will reduce your maximum action points, give you an infection the next day and probably kill you in two days) and trying to fight the zombies with your bare hands (this action costs an action point and has a very low chance of success). Remain calm and send a distress call on your town’s forum. Make sure to check the “This message is a call for help” box before posting it.

First up, Workshop. Second up: tech to search tower. Lets do it together!
Outstanding! It is imparative that once we get the search tower operational that we get our Great wall Strengthening -> Ramparts -> Upgradeable Wall line complete. Day six attacks can cap 600, day ten can cap 1000 zombies. If we get our defense ahead of the attack curve early, then we will have freed up to take care of critical production resources like the Veggie Garden.
First Priority Upgrades: Search Tower Tier 2
We need to secure an efficient resource chain to facilitate construction.

Second Priority Upgrade: Upgradeable Wall Tier 2
Most efficient / ratio.

Third Priority Upgrade: Workshop
reduction produces less strain on all town logistic elements.


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