Die2Nite Scavenging for Builders Guide

Die2Nite Scavenging for Builders Guide by OmniSzron

ATTENTION BUILDERS! Yes, you! The ones that don’t go outside even when the weather is fine and sunny (and it’s always sunny in Die2Nite). You know that feeling when you would just love to build some awesome structure but it seems there’s no materials in the bank to build it with. It’s not the scavengers’ fault. It’s YOUR fault.

Every builder can and should provide his own construction materials! And all it costs is a mere 2:ap: a day.

How to do it?

1. After you log on after the attack, go estimate the next attack in the Watchtower.
Explanation: This actually has nothing to do with the scavenging part, but it’s so essential and doesn’t cost you anything, that I feel it must be repeated whenever and wherever.

2. Tak a look at the external map and choose a zone next to town to scavenge.
Tip: Check if any of the four zones directly (not diagonally) adjacent to town ([1/0], [0/-1], [-1,0], [0/1]) are zed free (or at least don’t have more than 2 zombies). Choose one of them.
Explanation: You want to scavenge in peace and more than 2 zombies won’t let you scavenge and will trap you in a zone.

3. Head out to the chosen zone.
Tip: Don’t take a water ration from the well or any food with you. You don’t need it and if you leave your water ration at home, someone might steal it. If you take anything with you it will just take up one of your rucksack slots making you bring back less materials.

4. Search the zone.
Explanation: Searching zones doesn’t cost :ap:. Your character may or may not find something there, even if the zone is depleted.

5. You will enter auto-search. Leave your character auto-searching for the rest of the day.
Explanation: Auto-searching will make your character perform a search every 2 hours at the zone he’s at. If his inventory is full, he will drop anything he finds on the ground. You want to spend as much time auto-searching as possible, since it will give you a lot of materials to work with. Auto-searching works even when you’re offline, so feel free to go to bed, work or school and leave your character there.

6. In the evening, before the attack, fill your rucksack with all the materials you found.
Explanation: The zones around town are usually depleted so you will probably find only Scrap Metal and Rotting Logs, but a large supply of those is invaluable to a town. If you left your character auto-searching for most of the day you will have probably found more materials than you can fit in your backpack. It’s OK. Just leave the rest on the ground.

7. Update the external map.
Explanation: You want to let other people know if you’ve left any useful items in a zone so they can pick them up if they’re needed.

8. Return to town.

9. Unload your rucksack in the bank.

10. Check the forums to know what to construct and get on it!

Great job! And it only took 2:ap:, as advertised! If only more builders were as awesome as you!

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