Blackshot Rifler Guide

Blackshot Rifler Guide by manutdfan10

Hey everyone!

I tot of creating this guide so as to teach newbies about the rifles,and wat are the best builds for a rifler.

* Disclaimer: I am posting everything on this guide based on my experience and knowledge about the weapons.

** I created this guide to let people know about the guns briefly,and let them choose which gun they think is suitable for them.


In Blackshot,there is a wide range of rifles,ranging from the IMBA ones,to the most reliable default weapon,M16A1.

Choosing the best rifle to kill is not advisable,it is best to choose your favourite or best rifle according to your playing style.

For me,i obviously use my HK as my best weapon,next to my AK.

It is also chosen according to your preferred mouse sensitivity.

Now,to the rifles[BP First].


Used by the best rifle masters,as they can control the gun’s recoil to let the gun perform at its best.
For novices,its not advisable,as once you get to know the more balanced guns better,u would eventually get your skills on the AK-47.

Pros: A effective gun to kill with.
Cons: High recoil which requires steady hands.


It is one of the most balanced guns in the game,it is a gun for both tappers and sprayers.
Novices should definetely master this weapon.

Pros: Allows for easy control.
Cons: Not a very sensitive gun,requires higher sensitivity.


It is a fast,decent damaging weapon in Blackshot.Many people use this gun to advance themselves in mastering most of the rifles in the game.

Pros: Very fast firing rate to put your ooponent to bed.
Cons: Might take more than a magazine to kill a person sometimes.


One of the guns which require fierce,fast and rapid tapping.If you can master this weapon with flying colours,u are well on your way on being one of the best rifle masters.

Pros: Very powerful gun,does not need much bullets to kill.
Cons: Only for tapping unless u play bursts.Reloading is also a very tedious action.


One of the guns which are suitable for ”EPIC” sprayers,if you know what i mean.Galil is definetely NOT one of the weapons new players should play with 1st.

Pros: You can spam all you like.
Cons: No reloading,and after your 150 bullets finish,GG.


This rifle has great durability and performs when u need it at most.It has improved on the recoil and damage to give you an upper hand in battle.

Pros: Easy handling,relatively an easier weapon to hold than the AK-47.
Cons: The weight is really a let down.


One of the guns which can clear a team without needing much reloads.It is a gun which is formidable if you can use it well.

Pros: Fast like the FAMAS,damages like the HK416,it is a devastating weapon.
Cons: You might stop sometimes finding yourself dieing because your magazine has finished.


The easiest and perfect gun for begginers.Begginers can learn to love and rely on this gun when their bp runs short.[This gun is applicable to unlimited duration if you are using the Adam/Cathy character.]

Pros: Basic and easiest rifle to play with.
Cons: The damage is not very high,resulting in a let down for you.


Has one of the best durability for a rifle in Blackshot.Can perform at the needed time,but might also fail you if you do not ue the gun properly.

Pros: Low recoil and decent damage allows for effective killing.
Cons: The gun might fail you at some times because of where you aim.


If you have mastered this gun,its GG when u enter any game in Blackshot.
[Im halfway there]

Pros: Fantastic damage,effective firing rate.
Cons: Very high recoil,and heavy.


Overrated but good durability.People who have mastered this weapon are really players not to be messed around with.

Pros: Good durability,decent firing rate.
Cons: Above average damage,heavy to a certain extent.


Very reliable gun,but the magazine capacity could let u down at some moments.

Pros: Very decent damaging gun.
Cons: Magazine capacity and useless reloading technique.


A very,very,very,good gun to kill with.

Pros: Fast firing rate and good damage.
Cons: Jerks at some moments which might cost you.


A very reliable and almost no recoiled gun.

Pros: Perfect novice gun.
Cons: Damage is a let down.

From all of this,the best gun which would be for a novice would be the XM8.

As novices would not know about controlling recoil,so the XM8 would really help them in killing.

Gears To Be Used[Recommended by me]

*-Noise Reducer
The weight of the rifles might let your footsteps be heard,so its better to use this.

*-Armour LVL 4
Very useful against people who use snipers especially in TFM.

To increase your speed while walking.

*-OS Fiber Helmet MK-1
To stop 1 headshot.

(Optional) *-Sub-Zero Blood
To increase your focus on your opponent when under fire.

The Build I Use:

Rifle: AK
Pistol: I Drop :P
Knife: Standard
Grenade: Frag Grenade
Gears: Guardian 2,MK-1,Armour LVL 4,Dominator,Noise Reducer.

Now for the IMBA guns of Blackshot.

The Cash Rifles.

*Btw these guns Pros And Cons are not really there.So there is no need to know about the Pros And Cons


It is an imroved version of the AK-47,which allows you to headshot much more easily than the AK-47.

Enfield[Gachapon And Supply Box]

It is a slow firing rate gun,however,it is effective.


One of the best guns in Blackshot,simply magnificent weapon.

Famas Camo

A more durable version of the original FAMAS,this camo version provides you with the extra camoflauge(it works,trust me).


Easier to handle then the normal G36,and much more effective in getting the job done.


It is a gun considered the WORSTLY imbalanced gun,and some clans even ban their players from using it ==.It is because the gun is really very hard to stop in battle.


A much more versatile version of the K2,this gun offers much more HS probability than most guns.


Very easy gun to play with,feels like there is no recoil.

M4A1-DGI-C(Supply Box)

Best M4A1 version out of the three guns,as this gun has power packed damage,awesome firing rate and fantastic light weight.However,whenever you switch to the gun,the ”pull-back” action takes too much time.


This gun offers devastating impact on its opponents,and literally raises your HD rate by a very large difference.

XM8-S(Supply Box)

This gun is the perfect gun for all novices.The only gun comparable to its recoil is its original form the XM8.


A very similar version to the M16A1,more like an M16A1 fused with a M4A1,but the recoil is …..


A much better gun compared to the CAR-15,however the CAR-15 is much lighter though.

From ALL these cash rifles,i would say the best rifle for a novice would be the XM8-S.

AK-DGI-C(Supply Box)

A very well-though version of the AK-47.It kills efficiently,and is perfect for a person under heavy fire.
It is also a good anti-sniping gun.

Pros: Good damage,good firing rate,not too heavy.
Cons: The ”drawback” action when you switch to your AK-DGI-C is a real letdown.


A very effective weapon,however it is really very IMBA if you ask me.

Pros: Devastating damage,goor firing rate,lighter a bit than the original AK-47,and the recoil is also low.
Cons: Not much,if you know any Cons please tell me

I hope this guide would let people and beginners to learn more about which rifles are good for them.

Please leave some suggestions as to how i can improve this guide.


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