Zombie Pandemic Quick FAQ

Zombie Pandemic Quick Frequently Asked Questions by Spiderjerusalem

1) Where do I sell/buy item?
At shops. Here’s a list of names and locations:


You can find one at 33:33 and another when you get to the college.

2) Where can I get (item)?
Find the item on the following list, then find the shop that carries it. Look here:


3) Where’s the best place to loot?
Anywhere with military or paramilitary vehicles/personnel. So Swat vans, military vehicles and related dead people are the best lootables. You can start off at 34:32.

4)How do I trade/give/things/send things via mail?
You don’t, it’s not implemented yet.

5) How do I use (item)?
Most non obvious items are used for safehouse construction or to build craftable items. On both cases you need to be part of a clan to use them.

6)How do I enter places?
If there’s an arrow you can enter it, if there isn’t you can’t.

7) How do I drop things?
Click your pic, click the item, click drop.

8)How do I get SP?
You wait (1 SP per 3 mins). Or you go premium (1440 SP instantly, 1 SP per 2 mins). Or you rest at a safehouse living quarters (variable SP regen). Or you use SP items (Adrenalin shot, caffeine pills, buzz cola, kazoom powerbar)

9) Where can I get SP items?
At the premium store, with credits. Or you can loot them if you’re lucky off citybuses, transporters, hot dog stands and scooters. and vending machines.

10) How do I get credits?
You pay for them with real money. Or you get them from filling out sponsorpay/super rewards forms and giving out your email.

11) Where’s this sponsorpay thing?
Shopping cart at the TOP of the screen. Then Get Credits. Then scroll to bottom of screen.

12) I did the sponsorpay thing and I got no credits, what gives?
In my experience it’s a 75/25 pay/no pay. Do some more.

13) The kindergarden quest is broken!
No it’s not. Go to the kindergarden, talk to the child. Keep trying until you succeed. if you’ll go to the big map screen you’ll see that the campus square (41:17) is now lit up in yellow. Go there. When you get there OUTSIDE the campus click the mission icon on the left. Mission accomplished. Now go INSIDE the campus, for your reward (is there a reward? I forget) and a new mission.

Whats up with the in-game interaction? Is there any interaction between actual players?
– You can rescue downed survivors for an xp bonus. Going to the location might not be worth the xp though. Depends on how much of a humanitarian you are. Also, you get to join a clan and help build clan safehouses. That’s as inter-actual as it gets.

How do you get gold coins?
– gold coins are credits. See 10)

What are easy ways to obtain money?
– Loot everything. Kill everything. Don’t work. Run away alot.

What items are that you can find are the most valuable (As in valuable to survival)?
– A molle rucksack (to carry stuff), a BDU jacket and army pants (Carry capacity, armour), some jungle boots, a MICH helmet (however you spell it), gloves with 3+ armour, a decent weapon (opinions vary)

What items are that you can find are the most valuable (Monetarily)?
– BDU jackets are, hands down, the most easily acquirable high monetary value item in the game. They drop from soldiers.

Any types of looting spots (ex. Riot vans, Dead Bodies, Ambulances) are most likely to give you something valuable?
– Swat vans tend to drop swat and riot gear gear, soldiers tend to drop BDUs. Those are your main cash cows.

Any spots on the map (ex. X:32, Y:40 “Wayne Office Building” a.k.a. starting point) that are famous for good/great/useful items?
– Anywhere with a high concentration of soldiers or Swat vans ia a good place to look. There are too many spots of interest, you can start with 3) and just explore your way around. Wirte down the coordenates so you can loot them again later. Or better still… make a map.

Any interesting non-mission spots that someone new to the game should check out?
– Anything with a special colour is usually worth a look. Learning where the all shops and good loot locations are is always smart.

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