Zodiac Online Quests List

Zodiac Online Quests List by nightflier

Different quest types:

M = Main
R = Repeateble
B = Basic
C = Card
Z = Zodiac
D = Daily
Renown = Renown
Note: I am posting the first levels at which I know the quests are available. There are probably some quests which can be obtained earlier than I posted, but the grand majority should be accurate.

Note: Most repeateble quests stop being available when next repeateble quest starts becoming available. This do however not apply to the three ” Most Wanted” quests.

Note: I write down some quests within “( )” because they are not listed in the quest list you receive when you level up.

Note: This quest list is not complete, but should be very helpful up to level 36.

Note: Not until level 10 quests, did I start checking whether other earlier quests are required.

Note: Even though some quests are available at a low level, they can very hard to complete at that level.

Main format:

– , ,

lv1 quests:
M – Back To Earth, Rainbow Valley, Apollo

lv2 quests:
M – Back To Earth, Rainbow Valley, Apollo
M –  Spinning, Rainbow Valley, Blacksmith
M – Pet, Rainbow Valley, Candy
M – Magic Flask, Bling Spring, Grandpa
M – First Trial, Rainbow Valley, Grocer(Split up team after beating Evilelf, but before completing this quest to avoid trackback due to teleportation)
R – Wisdom Challange, Rainbow Valley, Scholar

lv3 quests:
M – Behind the Curtain, Rainbow Valley, Scholar
M – Hungry Wolves, Bling Spring, Grandpa
M – Passing the Love, Bling Alley, Farmer

lv4 quests:
M – Apprenticeship, Cloud City, Commander

lv5 quests:
Z – The Eudomon, Bling Alley, Zodiac Eudomon

lv6 quests:

lv7 quests:

lv8 quests:

lv9 quests:
B – The Lost Child, Bling Alley, Eric
B – The Baby Wolf, Bling Alley, Injured Wolf( Little boars randomly appear if you walk around close to the location of the npc Eric in Bling Alley.)
B –  A Plague Errand, Cloud City, Detective

lv10 quests:
M – Disenchanting, Cloud City, Hubbert
R – Bandit Wanted, Cloud City, Commander
(Z – The Signal, Fall Alley, Zodiac Eudomon)
(Renown –  You can start doing renown quests. Check other guides for the renown quests.)

lv11 quests:

lv12 quests:
Z – The Omen, Orchid Temple, Zodiac Eudomon
B – Evil Rogue, Fall Alley, Frances
B – Lazy Soldier, Fall Alley, Debbie (Requires the quest above)
B – Coward, Fall Alley, Debbie (Requires the quest above)
B – Escort, Dusk Forest, Outcast (Requires the quest above)
B – Prison Breaker, Cloud City, Inferior (Requires the quest above)
B – Separation, Cloud City, Gladys (Requires the quest above)
B – Prodigal Son, Dusk Forest, Outcast(Requires the quest above)
B – Leverage, Devil Dock, Heather (Branch quest, requires “Prodigal Son”)
B – Good Luck, Cloud City, Forsighter
B – Piggy’s Comeback, Cloud City, Melody
(B – Piggy Leader, Cloud City, Melody (Requires the quest above))

lv13 quests:

lv14 quests:
M – Magical Adventure, Cloud City, Franklin
M – The Comeback, Orchid Temple, Soul of Bonnie

lv15 quests:
R – Sprite Wanted, Cloud City, Commander

lv16 quests:
B – Fake It to Make It, Cloud City, Shane
(Z – The Threat, Devil Dock, Zodiac Eudomon)

lv18 quests:
M – Goal manor Immortal, Cloud City, Commander (Requires “Everyboies Wish”)*
M – Everyboies Wish, Crane Pass, Crane Pass Guardian (Requires “Crane Pass Victory”, also opens up Darkness Mountain)
M – The Conspiracy, Dusk Forest, Outcast (Branch quest, requires “Prodigal Son”, you need to accept “Leverage” then defeat Assassin in Dusk Forest to get Secret Intelligence item, then show it to Outcast in Dusk Forest)
B – Gourd with Blood, Darkness Mountain, Outcast(Requires “The Conspiracy”)
M – Thief Catcher, Cloud City, Commander
(M – Crane Pass Victory. General White, Golden Path ( Requires “Thief Catcher”))
B – The Secret Gourd, Cloud City, Mike (Requires “Gourd With Blood”)
(R – No.3 Most Wanted, Cloud City, Commander)

lv19 quests:
B – Farmer’s Gift, Goal Manor, Mr. Parr

lv20 quests:
M – Old Friend, Cobweb Woods, Geralyn (Requires “Goal manor Immortal”)
M – Evil Spider, Goal Manor, Flap-eared Pig (Requires “Geralyn”)
M –  Bad News, Goal Manor, Flap-eared Pig (Requires “Evil Spider”)
M – Geralyn, Goal’s Mansion, Geralyn Disguised by Pig (Requires “Old Friend”)
B – Beggar’s Secret, Cloud City, Jasmin
B – Fairy’s First Thing, Cloud City, Jasmin (Requires “Beggar’s Secret”)
B – Fairy’s 2nd Thing, Cloud City, Jasmin (Requires “Fairy’s First Thing”)
B – Mother’s Illness, Cloud City, Samuel (Requires “Fairy’s First Thing”)
B – Pork Soup, Cloud City, Samuel (Branch quest, Requires “Mother’s Illness”)
B – Recovery, Cloud City, Samuel (Branch quest, Requires “Mother’s Illness”)*
B – Blessing Purse, Cloud City, Soul of Heaven (Requires “Pork Soup”)
R – Beast Trainer Hunt, Goal Manor, Gary
C – A Paint of Cakes, Cloud City, Pub Owner
C – Anticlimax, Cloud City, Diana
C – Fake Hobby, Cloud City, Chelyn
C – Evil Longicorn, Cloud City, Commander
C – Public Enemy, Cloud City, Sword Guard
Z – Another Possibility, Maple Valley, Zodiac Eudomon
(R – No.2 Most Wanted, Cloud City, Commander)
(R – No.1 Most Wanted, Cloud City, Commander)
(D- Daily Quest, Cloud City, Beggar)

lv21 quests:
B – Good and Bad Luck, Cloud City, Diana (Requires Cursed Bearskin, which is a VERY rare drop required from bears in Darkness Mountain)

lv22 quests:
B – Evil Giant Bear, Cloud City, Commander
B – Blacksmith’s Food, Cloud City, Mrs. Lee (Requires “Fairy’s 2nd Thing, branch quest, you may deliver food to Poor Devilkin instead, also after delivering the good to Poor Devilkin you can retake this quest and deliver it to the blacksmith)
B – The Runaway, Dusk Forest, Poor Devilkin (Requires to start but not complete “Blacksmith Food” and instead deliver the food to Poor Devilkin)
B – Sympathy, Dusk Forest, Poor Devilkin (Branch quest, requires “The Runaway”)
B – Cold Heart, Dusk Forest, Poor Devilkin (Branch quest, requires “The Runaway”)

lv23 quests:
R – Withered Beast Hunt, Goal Manor, Gary
lv24 quests:
(Z – Force of Zodiac, Maple Valley, Zodiac Eudomon (Yields lv24 super weapons))
M – Flaming Hell, Hell court, Soul Judge (Requires “The Forbidden Hell”)
M – Perfection, Maple Valley, Maple Spirit (Requires “Giant Peach”)
M – Giant Peach, Maple Valley, Maple Spirit (Requires “Giant Willow”)
M – Giant Willow, Maple Valley, Maple Spirit (Requires “Flaming Hell)
M – The Forbidden Hell, Hell Court, Soul Judge(Requires ” The Fog”, splits up in to two branches, one with Peter in Flaming Hell 1 and the other one with Jessica in Flaming Hell 2) M – The Fog, Maple Valley, Maple Spirit (Requires “Bad News”)

lv25 quests:
(Z – True Power, Chill Pass, Zodiac Eudomon) B – Cobweb, Goal Manor Grocer, Grocer

lv26 quests:
B – Evil Tree Wanted, Goal Manor, Gary

lv27 quests:
B – Proof, Goal Manor, Woodman B – Unexpected Help, Butterfly Peak, Jessica (Requires “Zodiac Order”) pet
B – Zodiac Order, Butterfly Peak, Sword Warrior (Requires “Proof”)

lv28 quests:

lv29 quests:

lv30 quests:
(Z – True Power(Continued), Lake Abysm, Zodiac Eudomon)
B – Fierce Tortoise, Chill Pass, Fisherfolk
B – Trumpet Shell, Dragon Wing-room, Princess of Dragon
R – Rock Goblin Wanted, Chill Pass, General Lee
C – Paranoia, Goal Manor, Gary
C – Spreading the News, Goal Manor, Woodman
C – The Evil Master, Goal Manor, Bread Vendor

lv31 quests:

lv32 quests:
M – Demon Party, Dew peek, God of rain (Requires “Poisoned Rain”, boss has 12050 hp) M – Poisoned Rain, Chill Pass, General Lee (Requires “Perfection”)
B – Achelous’s Tortoise, Chill Pass, Achelous*

lv33 quests:
(Z – The Right Path, Mega Forest, Zodiac Eudomon)
R – Evil Mushroom Hunt, Chill pass, General lee

lv34 quests:

lv35 quests:
M – World Disaster, Chill Pass; General lee
B – Bad Lucks, Chill Pass, Witch (Make sure you get the feather quest item from the boss in this quest, because that quest item is needed to start another quest)
B – Strange Plume, Golden Path, Miser (Requires feather quest item from the boss in the quest “Bad Lucks”, you might not get it during the boss fight so be careful!)
B – Finding the Medicine, Precious Garden, Herbalist (Requires “Strange Plume”)

lv36 quests:
R -Evil Coral Wanted, Chill Pass, General Lee
Special thanks to GM Iris and Blackout for explaining how to get the quest “The Conspiracy”. I would never have figured that out on my own.

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