Vanguard Faction Guide

Vanguard Faction Guide by Saoraid

My guild asked me to explain them all the stuff about this citizen faction stuff. To some it is still confusing, so I sat down for half an hour and tried to structure it and ended up with this write up.

I hope it helps a little.


Faction Types
there are 2 different kinds of faction for every city.

1. City Faction (determines if you are KOS or not). This is the faction that the NPCs in a town are on. It is the faction that you can influence by work orders, diplomacy and killing mobs that give you faction.

2. Citizen Faction (determines which rewards you are entitled to in a city, has nothing to do with KOS)under 1000 Citizen Faction you dont even see a reward at the Faction Vendor. This faction can only be influenced using faction coins.

Coins that you trade in however do influence both factions, city faction AND citizen faction, which is the reason that you get KOS with certain cities. (see list in the bottom) Which cities, depends on the city that you chose to fight for.

if you get KOS you can repair your CITY faction wih KOS cities (and get non KOS again)

+ doing work orders
+ by killing mobs in newbie areas/dungeons or in general by mobs that give faction with the city that you are KOS with. (i.e. every newbie zone has a dungeon, mobs in there give faction for the city the newbie zone is attached to.

Keep in mind, that if you ONESHOT the mobs they wont give faction, so let yourself get hit!!!

Faction Coins:
we are not talking about money coins. we are talking about faction coins. They are called i.e. “a gold coin of Martok” (if you are on Martok faction). You get the coins by killing mobs that give you XP. This is random, so any mob that gives you XP has a small chance to drop a coin for you.

you do not loot those coins, they get automatically added into your inventory. These coins you trade in for CITIZEN FACTION.

Copper = 2 faction
Silver = 10 faction
Gold = 100 faction

Gold Coins drop off mobs level 30 or higher.

you can change coins into the next quality. I dont know the exact conversion rate, but I think its 20 gold coins for 1 plat coin or so.

Platinium Coins

those are the coins needed for all of the rewards. You get them by killing certain boss mobs (see list at the end of the post)who have CAPS NAMES like VELZETHOK or BAELTHON. Again those mobs have to give XP for your character if you want the plat coins.

General stuff:

+ following level 10 you can sign up for cities. you do so by visiting the city faction registrar (usually next to or near the diplomacy trainer) of the city that you want to fight for.
he gives you a diplomacy necklace (which is also a nice diplo item as it has cool diplo stats). as soon as you equip the necklace mobs will start to drop coins.

few important notes:

+ You can sign up for ANY city you want to. So yes, your dwarf could fight for Martok and get the Martok faction rewards. However, keep in mind that you will get KOS with other cities based on your choice.

Take for example Martok, if you max your CITIZEN faction with Martok to 18.000 to get the faction armor as well as flying mounts, etc. you will get negative CITY faction (which will result in being KOS there if you go for the whole 18.000) with, Bordinars, Cael, Khal, Leth Nurae, Tursh, Rindol, Tanvu and Mekalia. so think about it BEFORE you start grinding coins.

+ you can theoretically get more than one faction reward, yes even the highest ones. if you plan to do that, get ready for some serious faction grind as you have to repair your CITY faction first so that you are not KOS any longer before you have to get up your CITIZEN FACTION for the town you choose. Some towns may work together if they dont take faction hits from each other, but in general try to settle your mind before

here is a list with stuff that you currently get for your plat coins based on citizen faction.

(Level 30) = 1000 faction + 50 Platinum
(Level 50) = 18000 faction + 150 Platinum (100 if you have the level 30 mount)

Flying Mount:
(Level 50)Pegasus = 18000 faction + 450 Platinum

Arms = 1000 Faction + 1 Mold
Shoulders = 3000 Faction + 2 Molds
Wrist = 3000 Faction + 2 Molds
Waist = 5000 Faction + 2 Molds
Hands = 5000 Faction + 2 Molds
Head = 8000 Faction + 3 Molds
Feet = 8000 Faction + 3 Molds
Legs = 9000 Faction + 4 Molds
Chest = 11000 Faction + 4 Molds

1 Mold = 10 Platin Coins!

Mount Pics:

Faction Chart:…on%20Chart.png

Plat Coin dropping Bosses:
Vanguard Plat Coin Dropping Mobs Guide

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