The World of Magic Mage Guide

The World of Magic Mage Guide by FrostFireX

Hello, there and welcome to my Mage guide for IMO:TWOM. I’ve posted questions here before so you might have seen me. In this guide, I will outline my ideas of how to be successful as a mage

I’ve played numerous mmo’s before and I usually play the magician class.; in WoW, I was a level 80 holy priest so I have ample experience in being a mage and healer

Being a Mage in IMO isnt easy; at higher levels, you will definitely notice why mages in many games are called glass cannons; to some, this may off put you but to me, its part of the challenge.

Stat Allocation: Mages get the most stat points when you first start off, which is good because mages definitely need them. Max INT and WIS in order to deal more damage and to increase MP and MP recovery respectively.

You should not place any points in any other stat; Some may think that CON is a good idea but mages get the lowest amount of HP increase of all classes even with MAXED CON. You would be better off maxing WIS in order to use your buffs more: Shield/ Prayer of Protection/Heals/etc.

Equipment: As with any class, get the best equipment you can find. +INT gear is pretty much an obvious necessity. Increasing your armor is vital too so you wont die as fast. +HP gear is VERY useful for obvious reasons too; in PvP, more HP could be life or death for the mage.

There are 2 sets of equipment a mage should have: PvP and PvE. PvP is basically more health based gear and PvE which is more mana based, useful for raids/bosses since often the warrior will be tanking and you will be healing them.

Hat: +INT

Gloves: I used +11 hp mittens for a while; very good for PvP. Pirate gloves are a great choice too if you can get them: +Crit, +mana, and either +HP or mana regen. Both gloves are solid though I use Pirate more nowadays.

Cloak: There is a holy cloak which gives more mana and there are also +HP cloaks too. Bulldozer cloak gives more armor. All of them have their uses so in the end, Its your choice. I use +HP or armor in PvP situations and +Mana Cloaks when I am bossing.

Boots: Boots of speed are nice; faster movement=more kills or having the ability to run away from mobs. you could use boots that give +armor or those boots that increase mana regeneration if you want to.

necklace: Raven or Bone because they are +HP. The other ones arent as useful for the mage; maybe coral for PvP against other mages and the +armor ones if you are desperate to get more armor.

Rings: kamkaee gives hp; pirate gives armor and crit; bone also gives hp; coral ring may have uses against other mages as it gives fire and poison resists. Coral is somewhat situational so the other rings are a better choice. There are also +INT rings but I have yet to obtain one
armor: +Mana. Increase its armor too if you can since you will need it

Belts: +HP. Magic belts gives +Mana Regen if I believe so it useful during boss runs when HP isnt as much an issue if you are in a good party

Weapons: Get the ones with the most INT for your level.

Remember: Scroll your gears always for optimal performance in the game

Skills: Unlike the other classes, mages have a TON of useful skills. Warriors have a pretty simple skill path as do rangers. Mages, on the other hand, will have to decide carefully on what they want to do.

Flame Shock: Very good skill early on; fast CD low MP cost. Use it in between the CD of your main attacking skills at higher levels. reset@high lvl if you want

Light Heal: your primary single target heal. I reccomend MAXING this skill. Good for healing you or your party members

Shield: MUST MAX. this skills gives you essentially +80 HP when maxed which can double your max hp instantly. Somewhat long CD so beware of that. Later on, use with Prayer of Protection to get double shielding.

Poisoning: People either find this skill useless or somewhat useful. Im in the latter. If you dont want this skill, then dont take it. its has some uses PvP.

Freeze Trap: Get this to at least level 2. Freezes monsters and other players. Useful.

Firebolt: Medium CD, good damage. Get this to at least level 3

Flare: See post below this one for my updated opinion

Ice Prison: Same as flare

Cure Poison: Only useful if you are poisoned and thats about it. Might save you or your teammate in PvP but its too situational to invest major skill points in.

Teleport: Get only 1 point in this. Very useful for fast escape though long CD is a pain.

Mana Feed: I find this useless since mages are mana heavy. Unless you are going to increase the mana of another mage, this skill isnt worth 4 skill points in really

Carnivalize: MAX this skill. Trades HP for MP which is VERY USEFUL. You can get +100 Mp from this and you can just heal yourself for hte HP lost. Money Saver too as many MP potions kind of stink

Ice Lance: It does less damage than the fire skills of equivalent level. Higher mana costs too. Stick with ice prison or freeze trap for frezzing purposes

Flame of Kotaru: your first AOE mage spell. I’d say getting this to level 3 is a good idea. Great on mobs. Very useful.

Prayer of Protection: heals and gives you a shield? Yes, please. MAX this skill and better yet it stacks with shield.

Doom: Get this. Increases your damage significantly. Warrior+rage+berserk+high level atk+curse=utter pwnage

Healing Wave: Hmm, the a DoT healing spell. I’d say 1 or 2 points isnt a bad idea; use this before the warrior attacks the monster. It will heal the warrior while you can use a damage spell instead of say a light healing. I have not gotten this skill yet so if anyone could shed more light on it, it would be useful.

Stun: guess what it does. it stuns. get this for PvP. One or two pts should be sufficient. More if you want to be hardcore PvP

I haven’t gotten access to these skills yet but I’ll give input based on skill description and what i hear about them (these are all my OPINION and if you disagree then tell me why. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Firestorm: I’m guessing this is an AOE skill. Not too sure about this. Advice would be appreciated

Sara Blessing: AOE heals. Very useful against mobs and is more mana efficient and a lot faster than healing 4 players individually. Get this to at least lvl 3.

Silence: good for PvP. points can go into this

Fear: I think this skill is good

Hellfire: Its probably your best single target damage spell. Not too sure on CD but I would say it would be useful to invest in.

Neutralize: removes crystals. VERY USEFUL PVP. Stops warriors from using heavy strike and can stop rangers since they rely HEAVILY on crystals for attacks. If you plan, on PvP often, get this. It can negate a warrior’s berserk!

Flare: Get this skill but Make sure you also get FB since the CD is long here. this has a pretty long CD and you dont want to be stuck using FS while your opponent attacks you

Ice Prison: minimum of 1 point is needed for mob control and for you to escape. FT is better for PvP so get some of both.

So that’s my take on the mage skills. TBH, mages have a lot of different choices, so many that the mage can either focus entirely on PvP(fear,silence,neutralize,poison), on PvE (with all those heals and aoe spells), or a mix of both. You may not be able to get all the skills you want so choose carefully: do you want more PvP/damage dealer or more PvE/support healer

I’m not too sure on the high level skills so I wont suggest any skill allocations yet. When I get there, ill update this guide. It will take a while to get all the core mage skills maxed, much more than perhaps the other classes but I’d say its worth it.

PvP guide

Being a mage PvP is hard; warriors can sit there and tank all day while using the deadly combo of berserk+rage+slam. Rangers can attack from afar. Mages can hit hard but die instantly so you have to be aware of what is going on at all times.

I think there is a pvp triangle in this game: warriors have an advantage over rangers, rangers over mages, mages over warriors. Of course, skill points, level, and equipment are all major factors in your success too.

When PvPing as a mage, cast shield and PoP. Have them on AT ALL TIMES. Otherwise, you’re dead.

Against Warriors: Use stun and Freeze Trap to prevent them from getting to you. Use Poison to drain their HP and watch them suffer. If they try to Wild Charge you, try to use teleport to get away fast if you can. As long as you stay your distance, warriors are beatable-but not easy. Watch out as warriors tend to stock up on +resist items against mages

Against Rangers: freezing them is kind of useless as they will still hit you. Rangers can snare you to slow you down and they hit fast. and Hard. Soul Drain is a pain too. When you get to a high lvl, use neutralize to effectively stop the ranger-for a little while anyway. Weakness is a pain since they can -16 your armor-and mages have very little of them to begin with. Hit them with all your spells and makge sure shield is on at ALL times. Play smartly and you will have a chance.

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