Terraria Classes Guide

Terraria Classes Guide by SlimeSlayer

Welcome to the terraria character build! In terraria, there are stat boosting items, but these only give a small boost in one area. With this guide, you can make a character based on a class system who takes full advantage of boosting items.

To start out, we look at a basic class. I call it the explorer. Their armor consists of Magma set or a shadow set. These provide a good boost but with no drawbacks. His accessories are not at all controlled by his class, and they should have a bow, melee, pick and axe.(all classes should have these as they are what starts a terrarian and therefore are the base gameplay.) These are a balanced class who are even in every aspect. This person has gameplay, potions, and everything else completely based on the user.

The next class, the fighter, will strive for close combat and brutaly hitting anything. There armor should be a magma set, and accessories should include feral claws, obsidian skull, and cobalt shield. The other two are your choice. They should have a flail of some kind, a broad sword and/or a short sword. These people have very high offense and defense, and this should be taken advantage of. Potions should include ironskin potion and battle potion.

The next class, the caster, should have a set of jungle armor, but due to the difficulty of getting these meteor armor should be considered. There accessories should include band of star power and band of regeneration. There weapons should include a demon scythe, a magic missle/flamelash, and a starfury. This class has very high mana and has diverse combat styles, but low defense. Therefore should keep a large stack of health potions. Good potions to use are magic regeneration potions and magic power potions.

The next class, The marksmen, should have a set of necro armor. There accessories should include a band of regeneration, and some navigational assist such as rocket boots or a cloud in a bottle. There weapons should include a gun of some kind, preferably a phoenix blaster and a minishark, and the highest tier bow u can get. If you get a molten bow, make all your arrows normal to fully utilize the flame aspect. You should also have a melee, but don’t sacrifice speed for strength. We are after all a ranged class with a marksmen. This class should try to hang back and fire away from afar. Good potions include archer potion and iron skin potion

The next class, my favorite, the scout. His goal is to scout out territory. There armor should be a shadow set, and their accessories should include a cloud in a bottle, rocket boots, shiny red balloon, lucky horse shoe, and Hermes boots. Their weapons arn’t important, though u need some, including a pick and a axe and a magic mirror. The should, if venturing out into enemy territory, simply go as fast as they can to figure it out while using invisibility potion. Good potions are night owl potion, invisibility potion, and swiftness potion

The next class, the ninja, should have a set of shadow armor. There accessories should include Hermes boots, band of regeneration, and a feral claw. There weapons should include the murmasa, and shurukin or Poison throwing knives, and of course a ninja vanity is a great addon. This class should try using guerilla tactics while using invisibility potion. Good potions are night owl potion, invisibility potion, and swiftness potion

The next class, the warlock, is a mix between the caster and the fighter. There armor should have a molten chest, and jungle/meteor head and legs. There accessories should be a combination of both classes, preferably leaning towards caster accessories, and the bands of starpower and regeneration are required. Weapons should include the nights edge and a flamelash/magic missile. A demon scythe is good to have, but is not necessary. This class has a mixed combat for versitility but lacks in extreme melee ability. This class should use heavy ironskin potions and magic power potions

The next class is a mix between the marksman and caster. They currently lack a name.(if you get a name, leave a comment stating your characters username and I will pm you a server IP you can visit for 5 platinum coins from me.) Their armor should be meteor armour due to its ability to subside spacegun mana and enhance magic damage. Your accessories should have a band of starpower, and some marksmen accessories. The weapons need any spell weapon u could want and a spacegun. A bow is nice, but the spacegun allows for no mana and unlimited ammo. This class should use a magic damage potion.

The next class, the rouge, requires some stealthy tactics. This class utilizes a high melee attack, but also keeps the ability to run and attack from afar. This class should have a set of shadow armor/magma armor. There accesories should include feral claws, a cobalt shield, and depending on your armor set, obsidian skull/anklet of the wind. There weapons should include murmasa, a flail, poison throwing knives, and a bow. Arrows are preferably hell fire, but if a molten bow is equipped normal arrows are fine. This class should try to only run away when the threat is to much. They should try to use the invisibility potion but using a ironskin potion is also a good bet.

The next class, the archer, is for a more experienced marksmen. As the name suggestes, rather than have guns, they use archery skills. There weapons should include a bow, a flail, a boomarang class weapon(chakram is a boomarang) and a nights edge/murmasa. There armor should be necro armor, and acssesories should include anglet and and anklet of the wind, an additional navigation enhancer,and if at all possible a ivy whip. They should act like a normal marksmen but with more caution. Potions should be of course, archery potions, and ironskin potion.

Another class, is the gunslinger. He fights with guns, making him a marksmen split off. He should have a Phoenix blaster, a mini shark, and a star cannon. A star cannon is not that good for a new players because of its ammo but it holds the position of highest damaging weapon so it should be considered. His armor should consistent of necro. His accessories should have a band of regeneration and perhaps a navigation enhancer. Agian, acting like a normal marksmen and with the same potions as the archer minus the archery potion

Another good class is a split from the caster. He is called the Battle Mage. His armor should be a set of meteor armor as to give an advantage with the space gun. His weapons should include, as previously said, a spacegun, a light’s bane, and a starfury. Some spells should be considered but the point of this class is to allow simpler combat rather than spells while still allowing the use of magic. This class should focus use with the starfury but if a starfury isn’t useful the spacegun or the light’s bane. Good potions are swiftness potion, magic regeneration potion, and magic power potion.

Another class, further split from the gunslinger, is the Spartan. This class uses heavy weaponry to blast through crowds. He should have a minishark, a star cannon, and a harpoon. A sunfury works comparably well but would force you to take more damage if not careful. Their armor can be necro, magma, or any combination of the two. If you decide to go with necro armor, bring lots of iron skin potions. If you choose magma armor, go with lots of archer potions. Accessories should include a band of regeneration, a cobalt shield, and Hermes boots. This class should just walk forward shooting at stuff. They have a very high damage but don’t get cocky as so do other players. Stay at a range. Good potions to consider are ironskin potion and a swiftness potion.

This class is the other split from gunslinger. Its called the sniper. Now, all guns have dead accuracy so alot of shooting classes could be called a sniper but this class, like others, goes beyond weaponry. A sniper should have a space gun, a phoenix blaster, and all the ammo they can get. They should also keep a sword, preferably a murmasa or night’s edge. Their armour should be necro armour, but meteor may help if mana is an issue. Accessories should include a band of regeneration, a cobalt shield, and a navigation enhancer. A good thing to keep is a ivy whip as it allows for better sniping spots. There is a mod that allows for you to see wider than usual, but I find that expanding the screen, not going full screen, works well also. Some good potions are the hunter potion and mana regeneration potion if using the space gun without meteor armor.

More classes will be added and feel free to leave suggestions in comments. If its good, it will go into the guide.(IN NEED OF POTION SUGGESTIONS) Now, some say these classes are cheap and overpowered but in reality these classes have drawbacks that even them out. Now anyone can make a more than one class to switch between them but say you were fighting skeletron, if it goes into head form and u want to go marksmen for the finish, you leave and come back and he’s gone. There is no imbalance between classes other than the skill set of the people using them.

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