Terraria Kill Cthullu 2 Hours After Character Start Guide

Terraria Kill Cthullu 2 Hours After Character Start Guide by fuerchter

Hi guys,
so this is my “guide” on how to kill cthullu about 2 hours after you started the map/char.

I will basically retell what I did to get there.

1st part: 0 to cthullu
1st day:
I got a stack of wood, got 20 stones, killed some slimes with the copper pickaxe (so that i’d have enough gel to build the furnace and to build some torches). On the way exploring the surface I gathered some of the mushrooms (to craft regen potions and healing potions later). Then I built the workbench, the furnace and eventually the anvil ,after collecting some surface ore (it makes sense to carry the crafting equipment in your inventory instead of building a house). While exploring some of the surface I already kept an eye out for a demon altar and natural caverns. I entered one of the caverns when about half of the day was over and searched for some ore in the cavern to make a bow with (silver or gold bow). I also needed to collect copper while doing so, preparing copper armor.

1st night:
I made flaming arrows for my silver bow and jumped around on the surface waiting for demon eyes to appear, avoiding the zombies (getting 3 lenses that night).

2nd day:
On that day I found some sand to make my potions with, found some dayblooms and iron ore and consequently made some ironskin and regen potion (which i kept in preparation for cthullu). Also I tried maintaining wood, stones and gel, the main ingredients for my arrows.

2nd night:
Gathering 2 more lenses, killing the demon eyes.

3rd day:
Tried finishing my copper/iron armor (I failed ^^, basically had to fight cthullu with copper head and foot gear).

3rd night:
Gathering 2 more lenses which enables me to make the suspicious looking eye.

4th day:
Building an arena.

4th night:
Fighting cthullu (with my now-gold bow, 500 flaming arrows, 3 ironskin and 2 regen potions and a bunch of lesser healing potions).

The thing about this strategy is that I’m basically skipping the (gold) armor (except for iron or copper armor) and the grappling hook and it may be hard to go to the corruption and kill the eow without maintaining ironskin/regen potions (i didn’t actually try that yet, my only goal was to kill cthullu as fast as possible).
An optional accessory you may craft is a watch so you can keep track of when the night will start so you don’t miss the demon eyes (if you’re planning on going deeper into the caves).
You may also craft the bowl of soup if you have the time to harvest clay and goldfish (to get the well fed buff)

2nd part: cthullu to eow/demonite armor
From cthullu’s loot i crafted light’s bane and revisited my natural cave to go down to the cavern layer. There I only looked for chests (boomerang), skeletons, dead miners, piranhas (hook), some iron ore (chains) and a bit of copper ore (to finish my copper armor and get the set bonus).

The hook took a bit of time in my case but thats based on chance.

I also found some hearts in the cavern to increase my hp to 200.

Next I thought about where the nearest corruption was and entered it. I searched for some free orbs that aren’t enclosed but found none. Another strategy to get an eow spawning without having to make worm food would be bombing the stones in the way of the orb (which i forgot about). So I made worm food from 6 vile mushrooms and 15 rotten chunks, built an arena in the corruption and fought the eow (again using ironskin and regen, the enchanted boomerang i found in the chests and light’s bane).

I was then able to build the demonite pickaxe to free the shadow orbs. In the case i found the ball o hurt i was able to use this strategy, else I would have had to fight the eow in the arena still.

I fought the eow 3 times to get demonite armor.

BTW: I will probably replay this again soon to measure the more accurate time since this time I made some errors, wasting important resources.

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