Terraria How to Sprite Everything

Terraria How to Sprite Everything by vinsentcloud

Hello and i will teach you how to sprite.
Program: paint

First of all, find the thing you want to pixelate.
For example a gun in case you want to make a weapon.
First step.png

Open it in paint, or whatever paint program you have, every (or most) paint program(s) has a gridline feature.
enable this feature.
second step.png

Next look for the re-size tool and make your image as small as you can get it, without distorting it of course.
third step.png

Now that your image is small you can use the enabled grid to replicate it into a even smaller gun.
Use the larger image as an example.
the dropper tool helps for coloration as well
fourth step.png

Now that we have our gun, we can now customize and change it to our will. (add fire/water/electric/plant effects.
final step.png Now enjoy your Sprite making freedoms.


Have fun making sprites. And I did use similar colors to reference the original, but you can use a different color scheme to make it more ‘cartoony’ or ‘terraria like’.
Let me know if it works for you, if it doesn’t I can try to help you figure it out.

I just added this feature 9/29/11
Here is the gun with vines on it, With a thorn bullet of sorts. maybe we could say who the bullet hits it does thorn damage or if it hits ground it grows thorns maybe?

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