Rising of King Tips Compilation

Rising of King Tips Compilation

Tips by inevitable

1. When starting the game you should follow your missions to get started and it will offer you rewards for completing them.
2. You can earn copper coins through pvp, demolishing equipment, events, and exchanging gold 1 gold coin for 100 copper coins.
3. You can pay copper coins to earn a earl, or a marquise that appears in your Alter of Heroes.
4. Force gives you bonus damage output to your attacking units, while defending. Vitality gives you bonus max hp to your units also while you are defending. You will lose 10% of your vitality points when you do not belong to a guild.
5. Force and Vitality points can be earned through offering items to your guild such as a Radom Head or Chimera Heart. You can earn random heads through guild holdings or paying gold coins for a Radom Box Key located in the shop.
6. Any guild you join will offer you bonus % to your resources.
7. To gain honor you must attack players. Use your honor points in exchange for equipment in the honor hall.
8. Technology gives the most overall points then building upgrades.
9. To gain performance ranking points you must be aggressive attacking other players in pvp
10. To gain skill ranking points you can upgrade your techs.
11. Area of your cities will determine how much you can upgrade or build buildings within that city. The more area your city has the better. 1 prefer 300 area and above.
12. When a certain city that you own is being attacked you can either hide your units in your sub city, or resource mines located on the map, or hope to defend off the attack with your units.
13. If you do not want most of your resources plundered by the enemy attacks you should upgrade your secret where house, or move transport your resources to another sub city using your Coolies/Carts.
14. The success rate in spying someone determines on the enemy spy ratio and your spy ratio. When sending 1 spy to a players city less chances of getting specific information on the players technology, army, or buildings. Send one or more spies (3-5) spies. The more spies sent the more they are most likely to be captured.
15. You can gain resources through plundering your enemy castle, plundering caves, devil village, devil castles, and sending rats to collect the ruins.
16. Killing a NPC devil army they will vanish and within a few hours they will re spawn again with ruins that you earned in the last battle. Send your rats to collect the ruins.
17. You can earn equipment through Instancing, buying keys in the shop to open a equipment box, and buying through the auction. To sell your equipment in the auction, store the item into your bank then auctioning the item by spending 100 copper coins.
18. You can improve your equipment by upgrading them using low level fortify stones to +3 your equipment, then using medium fortify stones, and next is high level fortify stones.
19. To move your City to a different location first you have to purchase a Rheas key in the shop.
20. When challenging other guilds holding you can send all your units and Heroes to help take the enemy holding. Occupying a holding can give you combat bonus, treasure combat, and instancing attack bonus.
21. You can gain Joint defense by paying 10 gold coins to get level 6 crows in your building section. Joint defense can be used to protect a ally guild member by sending your Heroes and your units to help protect their castle. You can also hide your units by undergoing joint defense with your ally guild member
22. You can earn illusion item through attacking NPC or players. Illusion will increase your espionage rate for 24hours.
23. When attacking an ally member from another guild listed in the allied section located in your guild list, you will plunder fewer resources from that player then you would if his guild is not on the allied list.
24. If you wish to have more than 4 sub castles you have to spend 100 gold coins on your palace of Squalor to gain 5, and 500 gold coins for 6 sub castles.
25. You can only occupy 4 mines that include jungle, iron, and gold mine that are located on the map around your castle. If you wish to have two mines of the same type of resources then yes you can. If your mine has been seized by the enemy, the mine will de level.
26. You can complete some events located in the ruin like coliseum located in your castle display picture
27. To get a diligence from the event located in the coliseum you must collect a minimum of 5000 resources and exceeds higher in one collection, you must do this 250 times. You can then trade your rewards in the exchange items option.
28. In the army section you can build Laborers to maximize your current overall population in your castle.
29. Most of your units/defenses will fight besides the following. Laborers, Rats, spies, Moat, Wall, and Fireball.
30. Your hero can gain exp through PVP, instancing, PVE (NPC), defending, holdings, hero quests, and exp scrolls.
31. Using the forge you can gain rewards by using firewood you gain from pvp. Items in the forge you can obtain are equipment, resource materials, etc. Using gold coins to forge can gain you a bigger reward such as a blue named equipment etc.
32. Using the infirmary you cannot revive your siege weapons, and coolies/carts.
33. Very important to refresh your ROK browser every so often to prevent any misunderstanding. It will help give complete accuracy of what your income, events, missions, or any other over time activities that are taking place etc.
34. In your missions you can complete your daily Morale by attacking a nearby inactive level 1 player by sending 1 level 1 unit and your currently free hero. You can complete the 3 Morale by attacking one player.
35. Crystals are use to exchange for items in the Coliseum located in your city display picture. They are also used to complete specific missions. To retrieve a small crystal you can do the following attacking level 1 caves, devil army level 3. To retrieve a medium crystal you can do the following attacking Devil army level 5, Devil village, or devil army level 9. To retrieve a large crystal you can do the following attacking Devil army Ievel5, Devil army level 9, Castle, or Dark Kingdom.
36. When trying to upgrade Call to Judgment to level 1 located in your technology, you can build laborers to reach 50,000 population.
37. The faster your units are going from point A to point B will cost you less gold to send them out. If you increase their movement speed in your technology then the less gold it will cost to march that unit from location A to B.
38. Every 12am PS time all of your missions will refresh there for you can complete them again. In the coliseum events you can only complete them once a week. They will refresh on Mondays.
39. To create your second account you must use a different browser example: Google chrome, or Yahoo. Etc. Your second account can provide your main account with extra defenses like Joint defense. They also can provide your main city with resources, ranking performance, and Honor points if you decide to farm your own alternative account.
40. While scanning the map for ruins you can Identify ruin like materials symbolizing a dissembled like wagon with wheels that fell off around cities, and NPC’s. That is a sign of left over ruins.
41. There are 5 colored name heroes from weak-strong: Viscount, Earl, Marquise, Duke, and God.
42. Always be sure to have as many heroes hired at your command so you can undergo more actions by attacking, defending your main city/sub city for extra % income from your hero related skills, and initiating one or more of them to Joint defense your ally guild member to reinforce his or her defenses against an enemy attack. Do not hire White named heroes for they are the weakest among the 4 types. They cannot increase further in their skills, and they provide the least stats. Post your Earls to defend to give your main
and sub city bonuses located in their skill tree. Focus on the other different type of heroes for they are more effective during combat.
43. Your free heroes should never have any reason to sit in your city doing nothing for more than 1 hour while you are active. My heroes are always joy riding in the map.
44. God heroes will not appear in your alter of heroes randomly. Some options will let you summon better quality heroes even a god in the Alter. They are called Hero Letter, Sensing, and Super Sensing. They are located in the Alter below the hero name quality. It is another option by paying gold coins according to which type of refresh you agree with. Hero letter you can pay 10 gold coins to use. The hero that is summoned will be free. More players that participate will give you a better rate to get a better quality hero. Sensing can be used by spending 20 gold coins to summon a new batch of heroes. Super sensing you must spend 100 gold coins to summon a new batch of heroes with better quality then the last they also will be free.
45. If you wish to rearrange your population that is currently working, you can do so by moving your cursor over the display of your resources and left clicking it. This function lets you control the output of your resource income each hour. It also shows additional information on when, what, where, and how you are receiving your resources each hour.
46. Stone hammers comes in 3 colors that are white, green, and blue stone breaking hammers. They break up your equipment pertaining to the color that matches them such as white, green, and blue equipment. Breaking the gear you can obtain the following fragments, Item Fragment I, and Item Fragment II. Fragments can be use to Recast new equipment using one crystallization stone pertaining to that color. The fragments can also be used to exchange for rewards inside the Coliseum.
47. To obtain the stone breaking hammers you have to attack Devil Army or PVP. The probability to gain the hammers is random and will only be obtaining through fighting some NPC’s. White hammers can be obtained through low scale battles at random, Green hammers will randomly appear through low and medium scale battles(level 3, and level 5 devil army), and Blue hammers can also be obtain through some medium scale battles and more likely in larger scale battles(level 5, level 9 Devil army) etc.
48. Equipment that is bound cannot be auctioned off into the auction house. You cannot unbound your item once you have equipped it to a hero.
49. Equip cannot be broken up if they have been upgraded. To degrade your item you must continue to upgrade it till the upgrade fails.
50. You can revive your hero with a Cross of Resurrection I from level 1-10. You can find the Cross by doing low scale battles (level 3 Devil army). To revive a hero from level 11-20 you need a Cross of Resurrection II. You can find these by doing medium scale battles (level 5 Devil army). You can also exchange a green Item Fragment II in the Coliseum for a Cross of Resurrection to revive heroes that are levell-30.
51. You can form War Remnants by having someone kill about 100-150 of your units inside that city. Once you have War Remnants you then can complete that mission.
52. You cannot attack a player that is under new player protection, who is using a guard spell that you can purchase from the shop for 70 gold coins that will last 8 hours, and a guard spell that cost 160 gold coins that will last 24 hours. A player is not under the influence (new player protection) if their city name is not highlighted Green, and if it is Green they are under the influence. If a player name is highlighted Red then novice/pvp is limited.
53. You can find low hp potions (+500hp) by doing low scale and higher battles (level 3 Devil army). You can find medium potions (+3000) by doing medium and higher scale battles (level 5 Devil army). You can also exchange low hp potions in the coliseum using 15 low hp potions and 5 small crystals to gain a medium potion. You can exchange 18 low hp potions and 2 medium crystals to gain a large potion (+10000hp).
54. You can view the map instructions by clicking the “?” sign on the left hand side of the coordinate box located below your compass. The map instructions include important info when figuring out what units the enemy is holding within there grasp.

Tips by Magnus

1. Heroes and technologies are just as important to success as the Army size or composition. Focus on improving these as you go along.
2. Technology is the fastest way to increase levels, with the higher techs (costing gold coin) providing the biggest point gain.
3. The higher score, the more charcoal you need to use the Hell’s Forge.
4. Equipment can be gained by doing the instancing. This is located to the right side of the screen. Equipment boxes (if you win) can be recovered in your treasury, under equipment. Once recovered, they will show up under your hero’s equipment bag.
5. You can get heroes from either hero cards (moderator events, or paying 10 gc in your Alter of Heroes), or buying them in your alter of heroes. The larger level of alter, the more heroes you see. White is lowest level, with Green, Blue, Purple and ultimately Orange being better.
6. The color of equipment corresponds to the color of heros. The higher type (blue, purple, or orange) is more powerful.
7. Equipment can be improved (strengthened) using fortifier stones. These are red, blue, or yellow. If enchantment fails, however, your equipment level drops back to zero – not just back one level!
8. Fortifying common (frosted) equipment seems to have most success without failure. A good method is fortifying these up to level 3, then destroying them and using the new fortifying stone to enhance better equipment.
9. If you destroy enhanced equipment, you get a fortifying stone (to the previous equipment’s level) and a few copper coins.
10. Heroes can be improved through there tree. Under the hero, look at the upper right and click on the tree. You can improve capabilities of that hero that will occur when you attack with him, or when he is defending your castle/city. The better the hero (i. e. blue or better), the higher you can get improve.
11. The individual development quests are the best way to get started. This provides a good progression for entry people to start building the right buildings, troops and techs. Once you get in a good guild, you can ask for better techniques.
12. The daily quests provide everything from resources, to troops, to fortifier stones. These should be done daily to help you out.
13. The Q&A; under the mission task provides a quick method to get resources and bonuses to build quickly. There is no penalty for wrong answers, so you can go through them quickly to get the help.
14. The event challenges (seen in your city view on the hill on the right side) can provide you a fun way to challenge yourself and/or to get additional equipment. It is important to check all of these out, because you have to claim these rewards weekly (Sunday), it is not automatic. These special items can be used to trade for equipment or other items within the event menus.
15. One event everyone can do is to do Artemis’ guardianship. This is just logging on daily for a week. The reward is the loyalty amulet. This can be used to get things, or to sell in auction for gold coins.
16. Demeter’s diligence is another easy event, that rewards with Diligence amulet. This requires you to collect ruins 250 times in a week. Each collection must be over 5k ruins. This takes 3 rats to get, so sending 3 rats in waves on your ruins will get this reward.
17. Losses can be healed to a limited degree in the CMD area (upper right). You can use gold, copper or resources to heal to varying levels.
18. Only guilds can seize or challenge for holdings. Holdings provide attack bonuses and limited resource bonuses for those guilds that own them. They can be challenged daily at specific times. If no defending troops are present, then the attacker automatically wins (if they send a hero and troops).
19. You can trade equipment and items in the Auction area (either the hot button to the right, or through the auction tab under the treasury. To put an item in auction, it must be in your bank (tab to the right). Click on item and click auction. Auctioning items costs copper coins, with more coins for more days. It will also cost you 1 gold coin when sold. The minimum you can sell for is 2 gold coins, which means you will get 1 gc upon selling (with one gc going to the game).
20. Items can be broken into fragments with hammers of the same color (e. g. a green item can make a green fragment with a green hammer). Fragments can be recast using a crystallization stone of the same color. They can be recast into equipment of your choosing. This is a great way to complete an equipment set.
21. Equipment sets are a collection of the same type of equipment (i. e. Excellent Soldier XXX) that when worn by a hero (the whole set), provides a bonus to that hero. For example, the excellent soldier set provides a bonus of 20% attack and a 5% experience bonus. Getting a complete set is best. They can also provide training or resource bonuses depending on the type of set.
22. You win boxes during fighting or instancing. These boxes can provide different types of equipment or items for your guild (that give you force or vitality points). You have to buy keys to open these. Some keys can be bought with gold or silver coins, while other keys require gold coins.
23. The best way to build hero experience and get resources to build is by attacking dark caves. These are easy targets that can provide all three resources. You must send coolies or carts (preferably coolies) with your Army to get gold from the caves. A good mix is 250 lvl 1, and 1 lvl 2 and 3 unit with coolies. This builds experience, gets resources, and has no losses. You can use this mix with any level of hero with or without equipment.
24. Build rats as one of your first units. Start with 5 rats, but build to at least 100. These can be sent against any ruin and will bring back resources.
25. The help tab (right) will take you to a screen that you can see the various equipment and items of the game. This also tells you about the different types of units. For specific questions on what type of dark units are at what place (Army, Cave, City, Village, or Kingdom), click on the question mark on the Map page (next to the cords on the right side).
26. Guilds are the lifeblood of the game. Get into a good guild to get questions answered, increase your force/vitality levels, and get the resource bonuses from leveling-up your guild. Guilds can provide up to 256% increases in resources, but that takes a lot of time, effort from the guild, and generally money. Guilds can declare hostilities or friendship with other guilds. Hostile guilds provide higher ruins/bounty when successfully attacked.
27. Laborers are an easy way to build up population to work, without having to build the houses or bell towers. However, they provide no attack or defense capability, so they are killed easily if attacked (vs your houses and tower will still be there). This is a strategy issue to consider. Laborers are needed to research call of judgment.
28. Spying:More spies does not equate to better success. Using less spies often works better. However, spying depends on your technology level versus the person you are spying. Spying is also fooled if the opponent is using illusion or other magic.
29. Higher buildings and more advanced buildings (such as Griffen Association to allow for joint defense, or Royal palaces for more cities) require gold coins. If you want to be able to have more than 4 cities, or do joint defense in the future, you should be aware and save gold coins. Gold coins are also needed to increase your hero stable past six.
30. Higher techs and higher buildings require an increasingly large amount of resources. Building your warehouses up early is important to effective growth. Larger storage also allows for better use of collecting ruins or getting help from teammates.
31. Dark units get progressively more difficult and deadly depending on type. This progression goes:a) Dark Caves; b) Devil Army I; c) Devil Army II; d) Dark Village; e) Devil Army III; f) Dark Castle; and finally g) Dark Kingdom.
32. It is a good strategy to spy first. If there are no troops or defenses, you can send coolies and carts with a hero and “farm” a city.
33. Dark Village/Castle/Kingdom’s regenerate after the first “kill”. You have to kill them twice before all defenses and troops are gone. After that, they can be “farmed” with coolies and carts until fully empty.
34. You can only attack a player three times in a given day.
35. You can only get resources from a dark unit (army or city) for the first 21 attacks against that type. For example, you can attack a dark cave and get resources 21 times. After the 21st attack, all other attacks will get hero experience and ruins, but you will not collect resources.
36. You can trade for items in the honor hall using your collected honor. Players gain honor through attacking or successfully defending in Player-vs-Player battles. The bigger the battles, the more honor points you collect.
37. A city’s size is an important feature to look at when enlarging your number of cities. The larger the capacity, the more you can build. The smaller the capacity, the less you can build. The size of the city appears random, so if small a player can destroy the city and rebuild using another Army of Lords. The city size is found by clicking on the city name in the drop down menu in the center-top of the screen.
38. A player’s strength is in his/her army. Cities cannot be captured, heroes can be brought back to life, but the Army is finite. Player strategies can be used to move armies around or hide armies. Whatever strategy is used, the Army is the primary target for most players. Losses taken through battle at a city, can be healed (to various degree) in infirmary; however, losses at mines, jungles, etc cannot be healed.
39. When attacking experienced players, or dark castles and kingdoms, it is very helpful to use fireballs to destroy their defenses. To use fireballs, you must have sanguinary square (lvl 4). You build them in the Defense tab. For dark castles, it takes 50 fireballs to destroy defenses. For dark kingdoms it takes between 75 and 100 to destroy them – better to go with 100. Failure to destroy defenses ties your units up and you will lose more of them in the attack. To defend against fireballs, you build fortress of justices (also in the defense tab).
40. When talking on the chat areas, be careful of the refresh. When you refresh your screen, or just log on, the chat defaults to world chat (vs Guild Chat).
41. You can use Relation (in upper left boxes) to save the locations of friendly and enemy cities. From this window, you can click on the magnifier glass and it will take you there. This is handy for enemies you are attacking en masse, or for cities that you are joint defensing, sending resources to , or farming.
42. You can only send resources to those within your guild. Also, you have to be lower in rank (level) from the person sending resources.
43. Some items in your equipment bags (under heros) can be sent to your bank, and some have to be either used or abandoned. Sending equipment to your bank is a good technique to store items until you can use them (level issues).
44. To increase your bag space or bank spaces, you have to use 10 gc per spot. To open these, click on the square that is “x” marked. You have to have open spaces to receive equipment or items.
45. Use resources as much as possible to keep your heros HP up. Once you start getting HP potions (small for caves and lvl 1 armies and bigger for larger fights), use them to help conserve some of resources and still keep your HP strong.
46. Heroes only defend your city if you put them into the defense (something you should do before logging off). This gives you the extra bonuses from their tree, and helps your Army fight off attackers. If they die, you can always heal them and start building again.
47. There is no effective market system. You can trade for gold coins in the Auction, and convert gold to silver and copper (by clicking on any of the coin symbols in the upper left corner).
48. Do not attack dark armies until you are ready:enough tech, enough hero, enough troops. Armies at level II, III and the towns/castles/kingdoms will kill your army.
49. You can heal troops in infirmary, but you can not heal carts, coolies, rats, or canons/trebs.
50. The higher your hero’s level is, the less experience you get from attacking a dark army. In other words, the amount of experience you get (from atk a dark army or city) decreases as your hero improves.

Tips by Cezton

Okay, here is my contribution, and I do feel like I could have gone on and on. . .

Rising of King – Path to World Domination

-if you come into the game with a crap name like 698888, cockass
or zzzzzzzq, restart right away – you might actually make sucsess and
bear the name for a while.

-say hello to world chat, build relations, as you die fast on your own

-in the same world chat, don’t behave like a nihilist, self centered
twelve year old adhd kid

-you start off with 7 days of protection, work hard in these days,
not only to get a flying start, but also to measure up when applying
to your first guild

-when choosing guild, the strongest guilds may be too selective for
you to begin with, but you can prove worthy in a smaller guild and be
accepted later

-go to missions and complete these one by one, you will progress
and get rewards needed to progress fast

-focus on lumbermill first, you will need a lot of wood

-watch your neighbours, if some seem inactive, you can loot these
for resources with a hero and some coolies

-start building new castles as soon as you can. Army of Lords
takes a while to train, and they march slow.

-Place your castles nearby for better logistics. Huddling them
together may however make you an easier target, and reduces your
overall range and farming area.

-when building a new castle, check it’s info by clicking on
it in the castle/mine list while in it. Castle area is how many
buildings it can hold. This is random, so if less than 300,
demolish castle right away and build new one.

-train 300 swordsmen/chaos units/beastmen and 30 coolies to start
attacking dark caves.

-kill npc for resources, xp and simple potions

-you can farm dark caves up to 21 times per day, but you can still
kill them after this, you just won’t get any loot, just ruins

-when you level your hero, he/she will regain full hp, loyalty and

-the first few hero levels can be gained by running simple hero

-a hero will gain xp by defending a castle

-when you find inactive players to farm, do so 7 times per day
to complete daily morale quest

-a hero has skills, the lower ones are passive. This means they
help the hero at all times: luck, agility, strength, intelligence,

-the upper skills are active, and need to be assembled to help.
You can have two assembled skills at any time: resources, training,
building, study, attack, defense, healing.

-luck skill gives your hero better luck. Luck can help in
mysterious ways.

-agility gives your hero better armour and makes him attack faster.
Armour reduces damage.

-strength gives your hero stronger attack, dealing more damage

-intelligence gives your hero better dodge, a chance to avoid damage

-stamina gives your hero more hitpoints

-resources, when assembled and hero is defending a castle,
gives a higher hourly output of resources

-training, when assembled and hero is defending a castle,
gives faster troop training, and hero need only be defending
at the moment the training is started

-building, when assembled and hero is defending a castle,
makes building faster, and hero need only be defending at the
moment the training is started

-enhanced study, when assembled and hero is defending a castle,
makes technology improve faster, and hero need only be defending
at the moment the training is started

-attack, when assembled, gives the army the hero is leading better
attack, dealing more damage. Works when defending castle and when
marching into battle

-defense, when assembled, gives the army the hero is leading better
defense, giving a chance to avoid damage altogether. Works when
defending castle and when marching into battle

-healing, when assembled, gives the army the hero is leading more
hitpoints. Works when defending castle, and when marching into

-When you have a small army attack+defense works better, when
leading a larger army, attack+healing works better.

-there are also 3 special skills, teleport, soul shackles and
soul release, which costs 500 gold each per hero
coins each.

-teleport can be used once per day and costs 20 power. March
army on your target, then go to event, click on that event,
and teleport to arrive at target in less than a minute. This
is very useful and hero must be level 20.

-soul shackles can lock down an enemy hero. Not normally
worth the cost, as one hero less doesn’t hurt the enemy much

-soul release is anti soul shackles, and as such is very
rare and not very useful

-hero colour defines quality. The order is white-green-blue-
purple-orange, worst to best. Within all colours, except orange,
the order is inferior-common-superior, worst to best.

-white heroes cannot gain skills above lv1. Green heroes
are thus much much better, and they show up in altar of heroes
now and then. Pay attention, check altar of heroes every hour.

-green heroes and better costs copper coins to recruit, so
save copper coins for the rare arrival of blue heroes and better.

-a good green hero costs about 10000 copper. A blue can cost
about 50000 copper. Purple or better heroes are usually gained
other ways than altar of heroes.

-troop composition is usually given as X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X,
this is your combat troops, lowest to highest, titans being
the highest.

-when you get about X-X-X-100-50-30-X-X-X you can start
farming devil army i. send 1-X-X-100-50-30. You will lose 1
lv1, but you can heal him with resources.

-devil army i, ii and iii will be gone from map when killed.

-collect the ruins of the devil army you kill by sending
it when you send the attack, and use speed choice for the
giant rats to arrive later or same time.

-20 giant rats is usually enough for devil army i, then
70 then 330 for ii and iii.

-when you get about X-500-X-400-120-50 you can farm devil army i.
Send 1-X-500-X-400-120-50-30 (or when you get the next troop
1-0-0-400-120-50-30-20 for more speed). This will give much
better xp.

-when you get about 400-400-50-100-100-100-70-50 you can
farm dark village

-when you get about 1000-1-1-1600-500-400-200-100-50 and
good tech, you can farm devil army iii with low losses

-when levelling heroes, the hero only needs to survive the
attack, his abilities otherwise isn’t extremely important.

-when attacking players, some of your units will not be
targeted before your lv1 are killed. These are the
0-0-0-X-X-0-0-0-X units. So, a typical attack would be
sending X-1-1-X-X-1-1-1-X troops plus carts/coolies.

-if you play orcs the orc chieftain will also be protected.
This is a strong advantage for attacking, and thus you
can see some experienced players favour orcs

-Orcs stink though. . . bad! :-)

-the 1’s above can be revived for no loss, but they will
buy your other units time to deal out damage.

-the same applies for defense, if you have at least one of
each defense, you will buy time for your troops to kill off
the attacking units.

-this is a wargame, and you will at some point lose your army
or most of your army. Your job will be to die hard and rarely.

-the best way to do this is to present a defense that hurts
bad to penetrate. The second best is to hide your army.

-a strong defense is joint defense. To send joint defense
from a castle, you need griffin association, crows or bloody army
(human, chaos, orc) lv6.

-joint defense, while in a castle, will pose multiple targets for
the attackers, and will not be visible on a spy report. With 5
heroes with troops in joint defense, you can take out a much stronger

-you can joint defense your other castles, guild member’s castles
and even your own mines. If you joint defend your own mine,
the troops cannot be revived however.

-troops can stay in joint defense up to 36 hours.

-your first 10 gold coins spent in this game should absolutely
be on joint defense, possibly also the first 20, for the ability
to send from your main and to your main castle from a subcastle.

-the best stuff in this game requires gold coins, but you can
manage without buying gold coins. If not paying for coins, you
must trade for gold coins.

-fortifier stones, good equipment, and stuff from event building
can be sold for gold coins.

-event building is in castle view (not in map view) on right
hilltop. Various weekly quests can be completed for badges,
which in return can be traded for good gear.

-for example, you can get a shock longsword by loggin on all
days in 9 weeks, killing npc for 16 courage and collecting
many ruins in 11 weeks.

-one way to keep your giant rats safe is to march them very far
at 20% speed overnight.

-you can get a fair idea if a player is online or not by spying,
then spying again ten minutes later, and compare all results.

-to check for joint defense, send a probe attack just prior to main
attack, sending a hero and one troop (or one of each revivable
troop), read report, then call back if heavy joint defense

-if you see a subcastle of an enemy, and want to know the
coordinates of he main castle, you can look for the player
in the ranking lists or use an item called Kars’ Promise.

-you can use items like lie or illusion to make your defenses
and army look stronger than it is

-if all troops or defenses of an enemy are in even numbers on
a spy report, he may be using lie ir illusion, and the numbers are
in fact half

-disguise is an item that prevents spying

-crystal ball gives instant spy report, dispite disguise

-return scroll can be used on a returning army, and gets it back
within a minute

-rheas key is a valuable item that can be used to move your castle
to a chosen location, or random location if broken rheas key.

-gather small, medium and large crystals to fulfill quests, daily
quests, and to trade for fortifier stones.

-use fortifier stones to enhance hero equipment, making them more
powerful. +1 through +3 needs low (red) fortifier stones. +4 through
+6 needs mid (blue) fortifier stones. +7 through +9 needs high
(yellow) fortifier stones.

-demolish hero equipment for copper coins

-if hero equipment is +X when demolished, you get a +X fortifier
stone with the copper.

– +X fortifier stones always enhances an item to +X, never fails.

-It takes a lot of attempts to get something to a high level,
costing you many fortifier stones

-You can buy amulet in shop, each amulet can be spent to give
you at attempt to enhance an item once with +10 chance of success,
and the item will not revert to 0.

-talisman can be used to exchange 10 low fortifier stones
to 1 mid fortifier stones: click the fortifier stones to get
window up, not the talisman

-hero gear can be broken up to create fragments. Green items
like helmet, leggings, boots, earrings, amulet and gem gives
green fragment i. Green items like shoulder pads, breastplate,
ring, weapon and shield, gives green fragment ii.

-fragments can be used to create new items. This needs one or
two of each fragment, and a crystal of the same colour. Click
fragment to get formula window up.

-fragments can be gained from npc. Crystals from attacking and
killing players (or draw) – and also from defending and winning.

-green crystals are not uncommon from simple pvp. I have gotten
blue also. I am not sure if purple and orange is possible, or only
from heaven forge

-use recast (fragments+crystal->new item) only for the best items,
or to complete sets

-the crystallization stone (crystal) is worth most of the value
of the best item of it’s colour

-the main method of gaining gear for your hero is through instancing.
try and run as hard mission as you can, but it costs healing potions
or resources to heal your hero.

-the top missions for each level can yield blue items, but it is

-temple (athens) missions can yield orange or purple items, but it’s

-there are also forge stones, which I have not seen gained from
anywhere but heaven forge (gold coins) or events. A blue forge stone
can be used to convert a specific green item to a specific blue

-when using forge stone, the upgraded item must be +0. You can ‘fail’
an enhancement in order to make it +0 if it’s enhanced already. Murphy’s
law does however say that unlikely as it will be, this attempt will
succeed, but such is life. :-)

-you gain honour points from attacking and killing player troops.
You can collect these and trade for hero items.

-from npc, pvp and instancing, you gain offering boxes. These
require keys to open. Keys can be bought with gold coins, or silver
coins. If you get silver coins from event, this is a good way to
spend them.

-you cannot sell hero gear after it has been worn. So, think
about this before putting it on: Would I gain more from
selling this item for hard needed gold coins, or should I
keep it?

-offering boxes gives items like radom’s head and papias sword.
They give you force and vitality points when offered to guild.
When you have enough force or vitality points, you can use papias
swords to gain force or vitality level. This gives your army
better attack and more hitpoints and helps you in battle.

-you gain radom’s head from holding. The rest come from events
and gold/silver coins.

-when winning a holding battle, one may gain two or three

-when killing enemy in holding battle, one may gain force points.
The more army you send, the more you may gain.

-spending a few gold coins on force/vitality is a good move.

-if you quit a guild you lose 10% of your force/vitality level.

-copper coins are rare, so try to revive your losses with resources
only, at 10%. You need the copper to recruit heroes, and a little to
sell your stuff in auction.

-steam tanks/trebuchets/soul cannons and titans cannot be revived.
The same applies to all con-combat units, like rats and coolies.

-the server operates in one time zone. Check and learn when the
new day and respawns occour in your own time zone.

-npc respawns at 03:35, 11:35 and 19:35.

-Holding battles occour at 12:00 and 21:00 server time. Guild
members send troops to holding in the hour before this.

-If your castle is attacked, you may gain a war remnant. This
behaves like a permanent building, and opens up for magic
buildings like magic base and magic portal.

-Magic Portal allows you to teleport your troops to another
of your castles.

-Magic base allow you to sense movement in a nearby enemy

Tips by raZor

1. When starting first you follow mission.
2. Get your novice platinum pack in time. the reward has an expiration so you better get it on time.
3. There are 6 kinds of mission; you must follow first the development collect reward afterwards when done the mission.
4. Join guild to acquire the guild quest. Joining guild give extra boost of resource.
5. Upgrade Lumber mill, Gold mine, Iron mine as soon as possible to lvl10, and get resource for upgrade in mission Q&A.; It will give you too some boxes for offering.
6. Open boxes and offer it to guild, upgrade your force and vitality. “Note” (Force) give ATK bonus for your army (Vitality) gives HP recovery to your army. I will give much help to you.
7. Upgrade library and it will give you the way to upgrade technology, it also give tech point and speed up ratio on tech upgrade, the higher the library the higher the speed up ration the more upgrade to make.
8. Upgrade munitions works and it will lead you the way to recruit army’s. The higher the munitions work the faster the recruitment.
9. First recruit army 200 lvl1 and 100 coolies and raid caves for resource and ruins.
10. npc respawns at 03:35, 11:35 and 19:35. Back to normal army counts and ruins.
11. But before the raid upgrade hero first by using ancient scroll records that can be collected in Q&A; mission.
12. Use double exp scroll to lvl up hero faster, it gives double exp of your hero can get in winning the battle. You can get that scroll in Q&A; mission.
13. Equip items for your hero to make your hero more efficient in battle.
14. Upgrade or enhance the item of your hero as much as +3.
15. Upgrade skills of your hero, your hero your choice of skills just be sure you assembly it.
16. Use rat to collect left over ruins. When Attacking devil army send use the speed function for rats to collect at same time and you will get the ruins immediately.
17. Build royal palace, recruit army of the lord build sub castle and upgrade as soon as possible.
18. Recruit more carts and coolies, transport resource from one castle to another for upgrade supports.
19. Watch out warehouse; upgrade warehouses, to have great capacity to hold your resource.
20. Got to map; look for exterior mines and occupy, it will give extra boost of your output resource /hr.
21. You can only occupy at most 4 exterior mines. At first occupy 1 for wood, 1 for iron, and 2 for gold. Two for gold because it is hard to get from NPC.
22. Call back army in your exterior mines, if someone kills your army in mines it won’t appeared in Infirmary.
23. If your armies died in battle go to military (CMD) and select enter into Infirmary. Infirmary recovers your died army, 5 choices 10%, 35%, 45%, 60%, and 70%.
24. If you have already a guild, go to holdings and joined to challenge other guilds to Occupy holdings, send your armies and hero to holding. Winning the holdings will give force points and blessings of treasure. Blessing of treasure gives combat bonus, treasure combat, and instancing attack bonus.
25. Always check your daily mission. Collect war remnants give extra 2k points. Attacking 1 player castle gives you morale and gives you 200 points and army lvl1, and if you 3 castles give 600 points and army lvl2, and if you attack 7castles you get 1k points. Do it every day.
26. When using spy upgrade first your Intel in technology that helps you detect more info and greater chance of counter detecting. Send only 4-5 spy, lesser spies has great chance to be successful for counter detection but gives you lesser info. , send too much a spy has a great info to be detected but it also has greater chance to be detected and killed.
27. If you don’t have money to have gold coins do such event in coliseum every week.
28. Coliseum event, log in every day to get loyalty.
29. Collect using 3 rats and get greater than 5000 resource in 250 times to get diligence.
30. Collect loyalty and diligence, if you have 3 loyalties and 1 diligence exchange it to light of civilization in order to have much tech point to upgrade technology 1 light of civilization gives 100 tech point.
31. If you don’t need tech points sell your loyalty and diligence in auction.
32. Sell diligence and loyalty at affordable prize. If no one buys your item you lose your copper coins without payback. So be wise when selling.
33. Sell also your fortifier stones if you don’t need it.
34. Forging give you different item. Hell forge give common but useful items. Heaven forge gives rare item. The expensive the rarest item can get.
35. Try your luck in sending hero’s letter cause 10 gc. But what is 10 gc if you get God (orange) hero.
36. Hero’s Quality white(viscount)
37. Be active on forum. Sometimes forum has a special event for everyone that make you play hard for their special rewards.
38. Don’t speak taboo word or else got angry and farm you for you to leave and stop playing.
39. Follow the decision of the guild in terms of friendly and hostile.
40. Don’t attack friendly guild or else you will be remove in guild. Attack hostile guild that has an increase of resource to be plunder.
41. Attack NPC they gives you some item like illusion, charcoal, hammers, crystals and etc.
42. Charcoal is needed to hell forge.
43. Illusions make your defense double in the info for those who spy you.
44. 3 Small crystals can be exchange to Fortier stone in daily mission. For you to sell and have gc.
45. Medium crystals give resource large and dark crystals give speed up.
46. Check also your war mission. Each crystals has a corresponding rewards that helps you acquire speed ups by attacking dark village, dark castle, dark kingdom, and devil armies I, II, III.
47. Teleport runes of your hero’s can be use one’s a day. Be wise of using it.
48. Save gold for you to upgrade royal palace and build more up to 7 castles.
49. Upgrade your leadership fundamental for you to have more attacks at the same time. It will give you less time to do the event of rat’s collections.
50. Spy before attack to have Intel about targets castle defenses.
51. If he/she has a guild that has joint defenses send probe 1 min before your main army hits his/her city.
52. Don’t hesitate to ask question.
53. Instancing give boxes and item for hero.
54. Honor can be obtain in pvp honor has a corresponding item to exchange.
55. Guard spell makes you out to battle no one can attack you. But if you attack player under that spell it will lost that effect.
56. Using Disguise other player prevent from spying.
57. Make some hostile player. So you can direct access to his/her cords.
58. Making hostile a player even he use rheas keys to move castle you still be able to know where he/she is.
59. Joint defense can acquire when you reach crows to lvl 6 but you must pay 10 gc.
60. Defend your castle by hero. Defending gives exp points.
61. If you don’t have JD try to let your army room around the map before living. Send them to attack in far away area. For your army be safe from attack.
63. Trumpet “ shout what on your mind”
64. Make friend you’ll find interesting person her. You can also ask him about the game.
65. If you have guild and your lacking of resource to upgrade, let them know they will help you as long as they can.
66. Sanguinary square when reach lvl 3 leads you to create fortress of justice. When reach to 4 can create fireball that can knockdown enemy defense.
67. Back helps you to exchange gold to silver, silver to copper.
68. Build defense helps your castle to be strong. Attacking player must kill first defense before your army. “Caution” defense won’t appear to infirmary.
69. Be wise in upgrading to your cites. Area are limited only don’t do always upgrade there still more important upgrade in future.
70. Before leaving let your building, technology, and army busy. Build and recruit.
71. Enjoy and have fun. Rock the world of ROK.

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