Picaroon Online Hints and Tips

Picaroon Online Hints and Tips by Justice and others

  • There is a 250 ship unit limit.
  • The world map wraps around like in Pacman! So if you go off the edge of the map to the east you will end up at the other side of the map to the west. If you go north off the top of the map you will appear at the bottom of the map to the south. (This feature is currently only working in detail view)
  • To claim new islands you need to attack them. Use a ship with landguns like a bombship. (normal submarines don’t have land guns)
  • If you claim an un-owned island you will be rewarded with a random special!
  • You can spend in-game gold using the Embassy. You can buy different value packs of specials.
  • Admiral upgrades have astonishing consequences: the difference you can make to armour and speed for your fleets makes them absolutely worth the investment in protecting admirals. There are specials to help in protection and in points awarding. You too can have a fleet of ships that can whizz over the map like grease lightning.
  • If a settlement has no food then the production rate of all other resources will halve, and population increase will be zero
  • Stationary fleets will slowly repair themselves to 75% of full health, unless they are near a boatyard in which case they will repair to 100%
  • Stone Masons will automatically repair other buildings in the settlement (slowly!), with higher level masons repairing more damage each time.
  • You can add more ships to be built to an existing ship construction queue. Just click on the queue, change the quantity and hit modify!
  • Upgrading defensive buildings increases their firepower
  • Upgrading boatyards increases the speed with which new ships are constructed
  • Upgrading warehouses/housing/treasuries increases your resource/people/gold storage
  • Upgrading merchants allows you to create more trade routes: 1 route per level of merchant
  • You can build ‘Forester’ buildings on top of trees.
  • You can build ‘Mine’ buildings on top of rocks and crystals, so long as the ground is flat enough.
  • Upgrading airship pads increases the amount of ammo that can be stocked in any nearby airships
  • Scuttling airships can cause damage to enemy fleets below and to enemy islands.
  • Specials can be used on Airships – 2x lighting strikes will bring one down.
  • Build houses to increase your population. More people will allow you to build more things at the same time.
  • If you build on an island with an active volcano then you’re going to need Stone Mason buildings to repair the volcano damage. You might need up to four of these for a very active site.
  • Use Light Cutters and Lens defence buildings to defend/attack Air ships.

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