Picaroon Online Island Build Order Guide

Picaroon Online Island Build Order Guide by Dragonfly

This is my current build order:

Depending on island size, let’s assume medium to large, i usually start with 6 Foresters, 3-6 Mines, and 6-12 Fishing Huts. I’ll usually upgrade most of them to level 2 fairly early, the increase is about 5 x and the cost is fairly cheap. In terms of the “tech tree” buildings, i’ll usually only build 1 – 1 Farm, 1 Mill, 1 Smelter, 1 Timberyard, 1 Stone thingo, 1 Foundry, 1 Sea Fishing Hut, and all the required upgrades to get up to Siege Cannons so i can defend the island.

From looking at the numbers, it seems to me like there’s no point in building multiple Farms, Mills, Timberyards etc – building space is often the main issue, and the smaller Forester, Fishing Hut and Mine end up producing more resources per space unit than the higher tech buildings, even if they produce less per building, you can fit more of them around.

I’ll usually stick down 1 or 2 Boatyards fairly early as well. Then once i have the required tech, i’ll drop a couple of Warehouses and Treasuries, and i’ll start laying down lots of Housing, maybe around 10-20, and about equal amounts or slightly less of either Bakeries or Fishing Huts, depending on if the island had room for a farm or if there’s more space next to water or in the middle of the island.

Once i’ve got my housing up, boatyards ready and some siege cannons for defense, i’ll probably stick the island on the Defense Ready upgrade setting, and maybe the Merchant Ready one as well, so the required tech upgrades are done without me having to come back to check up on things every half hour.

Once that’s done, assuming i don’t need to spend my resources on boats, i’ll set the upgrade settings to max Food Production and Storage – that gets your housing and food up, which means more population, which means more gold – gold seems to be the main resource bottleneck on a developed island.

And that’s about it. Feel free to share yours

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