Picaroon Online Basic and Advanced Guide and Tips

Picaroon Online Basic and Advanced Guide and Tips by Artemis

This is what i always do to make a Tribute Island/Trading Island For Food and Lumber and some ores

-> Capture Island
-> 6 Fishing Huts
-> Fill the forests with Foresters
-> Fill the ores and crystals with Mine
-> Build a Farm (OPTIONAL) -> Build a Embassy
-> Maximize Food and Resources Production at Upgrade Plan (Do not Maximize EVERYTHING – It’ll also Maximize Embassy which is a waste of resources)
-> Change Tribute Table
-> After a Hour, Build a Timberyard &
-> Build Fishing Huts x5-10 &
-> Check once every hour or two and change the tribute table
-> Fill the remaining Spots with Fishing Huts (Save some for Seafishing Hut Quest
-> Build Warehouse x1 -> Maximize Storage at Upgrade Plan
-> Once Warehouse lv 2-3
-> Build Another Warehouse
-> Build Merchant
-> Trade Route

Warning: This Guide will be SLOW Because of the LACK of GOLD -> Resolution: Use Specials OR Transport of Gold (Merchant Needed)
->Carnivale +350 + Tax Extortionate
-> Rabbit Time (Rmb to use People to avoid overload)
-> +25k Gold x2-3 (x1-2 if Resolution 1 is used)

Option 2 -> The FAST but NOT Tribute way till awhile later on

-> Capture Island
-> 4-5 Fishing Hut
-> 3 Forester
-> 3 Mines
-> 1 Embassy
-> Maximize Food and Resources at Upgrade Plan
-> Wait Awhile
-> Smelter, Stone Mason, Timberyard
-> 4 Seafishing Huts
-> Max them
-> 1 Embassy
-> Change Tribute Table
-> 3 Housings
-> 1 Treasury
-> 1 Warehouse
-> 1 Boatyard
-> Wait till 30k+ Gold ( Use Rabbit Time, +**k Gold Etc )
-> Foresters on whole Forest
-> Mines on every ores
-> 5-6 more Seafishing Huts
-> 1 Merchant (OPTIONAL)
-> Defences (Preferably Lens Defence-Nid Foundry)
-> 1 More Treasury (Switchable with Defences)
-> 1 More Warehouse (Switchable with Defences)
WARNING: THE SECOND GUIDE HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED. IT was Altered Based on Someone’s Island. When It’s Useful OR it needs more improvement (Please Stat) please send me a E-mail at artemishunt1994@hotmail.com

Why Scouting is Important?

You may want to know whether anyone is AROUND and ABOVE u for ur island/islands to be safe and sound.

Reason #1 -> ISLANDS DONT MOVE….Unless it’s a Turtle of course.
Reason #2 -> Easy to plan a attack (Check whether Allies are nearby)
Reason #3 -> Easy to Exterminate ur opponent
Reason #4 -> Scouts are CHEAP
Reason #5 -> You WONT feel sad when ur Scouts are DESTROYED!!!.

Bad Reason #1 -> You will have a higher chance of getting exterminated first as you know where the person base/capital is
Bad Reason #2 -> Your Scouts will DIE if strayed too near the island

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