Parallel Kingdom Vegetation Guide

Parallel Kingdom Vegetation Guide by mimerneos

Parallel Kingdom has several kinds of vegetation. Some you walk around and gather, some you harvest every once in a while, and some you can even plant yourself.

Image Mourning Trees
The most common Tree in Parallel Kingdom. When you tap it you will get two options:
Chop down: To chop down the tree for Wood
Harvest Berry: Takes the Mourning Berry from the tree. If left alone, the Berry will be back in 6 hours.
This tree also releases fragrant aromas that magically soothe your wounds, so you can stand around them to heal.

If you find yourself claiming some territory and you’d like more Mourning Trees around, you can use your Mourning Berries to plant some more trees. Just go to your Items list, select Mourning Berries, and choose “Plant.”

Image Mourning Tree Sapling
When you first plant a Mourning Berry, you’ll get a sapling. These little guys will get sick once a day and require tending. After about 5 days of tending they will grow up. By planting many saplings at a time, you can grow a forest of Mourning Trees that you can Harvest berries from or cut down for Wood.

Image Sick Mourning Tree Sapling
This is what a sapling looks like when it needs tending. Just tap it and press “Tend” to give it some TLC. Make sure to tend to it every couple of days otherwise it will die.

Image Great Fern Tree
By tapping this tree, you will receive Great Fern Sap which is an essential ingredient for crafting many different items. You can also chop this tree down for Wood.

Image Dusk Tree
This tree produces clouds of vile spores that poison the air and ground, slowly sapping the life out of almost any living thing close by. The only thing to do with this tree is to leave it alone, or if you can handle the noxious odors, chop it down for Wood.

Image Thistles
A herb with alcoholic/bitter make-up which grows randomly around the world of Parallel Kingdom. You’ll probably want to pick these up when you see them since you can mix them with Carnivore Lily Petals and make Rolly’s Serum.

Image Oleander Bush
This is a somewhat rare bush found scattered around on land. You can pick up the Oleander Flowers, which are used to make Inspiration Topic and Anti-poison.

Image Lichen
Lichens are a rare symbiosis of fungi and algae. If you are looking for them, they can found scattered around various places on land. These should be picked up when found as they are used to make the very useful Inspiration Topic.

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