Dragon Age Legends Mage Summon Spells Guide

Dragon Age Legends Mage Summon Spells Guide by Tim Wauters

Summoned pets are fun to use, but as they are now fairly useless. I’d like to see that changed.

To start off, this is how they are:

Spider: (cost) 1 mana, 2 hearts health, 20 atk, 8 def, 20 agl, 9 lck
Wolf: (cost) 1 mana, 3 hearts health, 15 atk, 10 def, 25 agl, 10 lck
Halla: (cost) 1 mana, 4 hearts health, 15 atk, 25 def, 20 agl, 10 lck
Bear: (cost) 2 mana, 5 hearts health, 30 atk, 24 def, 12 agl, 6 lck
Bronto: (cost) 2 mana, 5 hearts health, 25 atk, 16 def, 20 agl, 30 lck
Drake: (cost) 3 mana, 6 hearts health, 35 atk, 20 def, 23 agl, 20 lck

To quickly calculate and compare your pet’s upgraded stats download an easy to use spreadsheet here or here.

They fixed it all with this latest update.

Although increasing the Drake’s defense by 5 or more, making it at least equal to the Halla’s, could still be argued for, the first having drakescales for a hide and all.

This leaves just one final thing to do:

For these new abilities to be of any use / effect, mages need to command their pets, so we can use them as any character, minus the bombs and potions option (good luck trying to make an animal use a team injury kit). This however also means that mages, since they need to focus on making their summoned companion obey, can control only one pet at the time.

OR the summoned animal needs to stay for more then a single wave. My suggestion would be that in addition to the +10% stats and +half a heart the pets get at every upgrade, they get a +1 wave boost at the 3rd, 6th and 9th additional point invested in a summon, allowing a fully upgraded version to stay up to maximum of 4 waves. This way it actually has the time / turns to use some mana moves of its own. And of course since the mage has to lure the pet along to the next wave of enemies, and he lacks proper herding training, (s)he’ll have to make do with just one pet.

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