DC Universe Online Hit Combos and Regenerating Power Guide

DC Universe Online Hit Combos and Regenerating Power Guide by LegatusX

This has been asked many times so I figured I’d run the test and see just how power regeneration works.  The short of it is its based completely on the four tiers of your combo meter modified by your personal Vitalization score (4:1% ratio).  You can tell when you’ve achieved the next tier on your combo meter by the dandy “Good!”, “Incredible!”, or “Superhuman!” and the fact that the color of the text changes as well.  I get what the developers MEANT for this to do, so I’m just going start by saying it should progress in order:  10, 12, 15, then 20 power regenerated every half second.  This hidden buff will continue for four and a half seconds after your last hit with a total of nine ticks.  You also continue to regenerate power while attacking too. So as long as the combo meter is going, power is regenerating.

Now the kicker is, someone in the QA team or the Dev team needs to take a good look at all of this.  Five of the ten weapon trees have a bug in them and the power regeneration is reversed for Incredible and Superhuman.  Here’s the charts listed per number of hits (range) requited, then power regenerated every 1/2 second.  Current bugs listed in red (expect them to be fixed?).

1-4        10
5-10      12
11-20    15
21+       20

Two handed
1-5      10
6-12    12
13-25  20
26+     15

Hand Blasters
1-8      10
9-19    12
20-38  20
39+     15 

Dual Pistols
1-9      10
10-24  12
25-49  15
50+     20

1-9      10
10-24  12
25-49  20
50+     15

Dual Wield
1-9       10
10-24   12
25-49   20
50+      15

Martial Arts
1-9       10
10-24   12
25-49   15
50+      20

1-9       10
10-24   12
25-49   15
50+      20

One Handed
1-9        10
10-24    12
25-49    15
50+       20

1-9        10
10-24    12
25-49    20
50+       15

Something that’s important to note, to get the power regen for that level you actually have to make one MORE hit that it takes to achieve your tier.  For example Staff, you need 11 hits to get 12 power regen even though 10 is in the “Good!” tier.  Once again, probably just another bug.  It doesn’t make sense for you to achieve the next tier up but not get the higher power regen until you make one more hit.

In conclusion for power regen.   All I have to say is LOL @ Hand Blasters.  One full pulse beam is four and a half seconds and 26 hits.  Because hand blasters regen matrix is bugged and because of the threshold tier bug.  One pulse beam gives you the maximum base power regen of 20 per 1/2 second.  I haven’t gone over every single other weapon skill, but I’m going to have to say nothing else even comes close to getting power regenerating that quickly.

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