DC Universe Online Gadgets Controller Guide

DC Universe Online Gadgets Controller Guide by Tinygod

NOTES:  Controllers are amazing PVE and GREAT PVP, but you have to understand them.  Firstly as a gadget your biggest asset (after power to team) is your ability to lay down multiple power interaction effects quickly.  We control Electric/Chill/Burning and we can lay them down fast and in AOE.  Try to stay OUT of the fight,  you have no way to soak up damage, I suggest ranged weapons for PVP, though you can do quite well in PVE SOLO (leveling) with the MA build I have in the guide.

ALWAYS BE IN CONTROLLER ROLE, FOR ALL BUILDS EXCEPT THE MELEE BUILD.. we suffer not DPS penalty for our Class Role.  And the returns in VItality (extra power) MORE than make up for the loss of a few +DPS% bonuses from skills.  More powers spammed = more dps.  In melee we do all our dmg with MA and Stealth attacks.. its a ROGUE like build so DPS role is suggested, we dont use much power in it.
ICONIC POWER SELECTION: FOR ALL BUILDS:  Nano-weave, Intimating Gaze, Wisdom of Solomon, Powerful Resistance, Super Strength (comes in hand a lot especially when using barrels.)

ACROBATICS SKILL SELECTION: Rocket assist, Grapple line, Knock-back resistance and recovery, Stun resistance and recover and break out master.  I do not take Zip Line (I may when i try for acro races, other than that its horrible)


The key to Rifle is to use CC to your advantage you can put out SERIOUS dmg and maintain a HIGH hit counter for alerts. 
Weapon Type: Rifle
Movement Type: Acrobatics
Controller Role: (Sticky Bomb, Fear Gas, Taser Pull, Defibrillator, Bomb, Cryo-Field)

DPS Role:  (Sticky Bomb, Cryo-Foam, Taser Pull, Anesthetic, Bomb, Cryo-Field)

* Use Hold Mouse 2 (auto fire) followed by Forward, backward, foward, backward, you don’t have to release mouse 2, this will roll shoot, roll shoot, its decent dmg and gets the hit counter high for power regen

* Rifle lunge actually lunges forward and fires 6 shots (each count as part of a combo) does 20dmg a shot in hard mode alerts which aint bad but it builds hit counter EXTREMELY FAST, just spam lunge.. but make sure to jump back wards and into the air before each lunge, to counter the forward momentum…. which brings us to
* Keep your distance (in pvp target healer, keep power up for your healer) (in pve, target trash mobs and pick them off one a time while using defib and sticky to keep teams energy up, target boss when hes the only one left) this allows you to server 2 rolls, trash clean up and battery.  Dont be afraid to spam MORTAR when ever you have them bunched up.  It doesnt do much hit counter but does huge dmg.

* use Fear gas as an aoe stun if your healer is over run, but pop Cryo-Field first.  They combo into a burning, root, encasement its INSANE CC, but cost 1/3 of your power bar so use sparingly only as an OH SNAP button to save a teammate.
* Rifle has a 5 hit spam Combo, just hit left lick 5 times (its really powerful, but use it only when you know they arent gonna block in pvp, and avoid it in pve), your two hit combo (lift up) is far better, and if you follow it immediately with a forward roll you can keep them in the air for twice as long, finish with a backwards roll.. if they are PVE mobs they are helpless the entire time, in PVP they can Break-Out so be carefull.
* In PVP avoid Auto-Fire for long bursts, if you get lunged its a hard stun.
* In PVP tap right mouse is grenade and its amazing, blockbreaker plus knockback plus aoe, instant cast, no charge timer.  Best skill in Rifles if used correctly.
* In PVP Cryo-Filed is straight evil.  Works people over like no other, especially if you have an ice tank with you DO NOT USE THIS SKILL unless you have surplus power, its a hog.

MELEE GADGET SPEC (Leveling Build) (Suggested for SOLO PVE)
This is a build for SOLO PVE, that has suggestions for what to do when grouped, I stopped using this when I hit 30, but this is MY FAVORITE BUILD for solo content.  Its dmg spike is amazing, and the ONLY BUILD I suggest DPS ROLE for, as MA and DPS Role synergize really well.

Weapon Type: Martial Arts
Movement Type: Acrobatics
POWER BAR SETUP:DPS Role: (Sticky Bomb, Anesthetic, Stealth, Taser Pull, Clown Box and Fear Gas)
Controller Role:  (Sticky Bomb, Anesthetic, Defibulator, Hide(when in groups) or Stealth (when Solo or PVP), Taser Pull, Fear Gas) 
*Start in stealth, drop an implosion mine to retreat to if you get over whelmed (dont open with a mine).
* If you can use taser line to pull them to you ONE at a TIME, you really have to pick your fights with gadgets, you are not an AOE fighter.  Nor can you take many hits.

*  If you cant pull one, stealth up handcuff one, stab and QUICKLY finish him off

*  Taser pull / sticky nade combo into a  finish with a 3 hit combo.  Repeat this its your bread N butter (tazer pull than sticky nade than 3  hit combo, alternate to 2 hit after 3 hit if they are still alive) Do not sticky first if sticky goes off they will be immune to taser pull.

* Do not spam LUNGE in PVE.  It will only make you fly across the map and draw 10 more mobs you didn’t want to fight yet.
*  Get Clownbox quickly it will save you more times than it should, and does HUGE damag in PVE (because mobs dont move away from it they just stand there and take it lol).

*  Use Implosion mines as fall back points, use 2 hit combos and repeat over and over to finish mobs that are CC’ed so as to not AOE and free others.
* Never use a combo on a mob if you are not being effected by a +% to DPS, Your main forms of this in this spec are from Sticky Grenade and Taser Pull, without them your damage will be pittiful.  You deal 40% more damage on average while under the effects of taser/sticky.  If you are in DPS mode that is.  If you are in Controller mode those same attacks will return energy to you and group mates.  This is why in DPS mode you don’t do more damage than Controller mode,  instead  your powers buff your DPS and in Control mode they do not, they buff your energy supply.

*  In pvp approach from above and stealth out of the air (acrobatics) you’ll drop down in stealth and remain in it.  Great way to quickly land surprise attacks.  In Supper speed you can do the same thing with a big jump but timing is harder

* Avoid using “HIDE” (Smoke bomb skill) it does not work (in PVE GROUPS it is good however, as it drops agro (think of it like a detaunt with a broken stealth mechanic.  You will have it as a pre-req for getting clowbox however Its completely broken and will get you killed in PVP or SOLO.  Trust me
* Use Clown Box in PVE Solo Only, other wise you have a healer in group PVE and PVP it will just be a good way to get your self tossed to the bakc line and eaten alive

* Stack Precision over Might with this build, and do damage through DPS % Boosted Melee attacks instead of powers.  Save powers for key interrupts and to keep DPS boosted when your hit modifier drops.

BOW / MELEE GADGET SPEC (Advanced build, takes knowledge to use) (good in PVP/PVE)
Weapon Type: Bow
Movement Type: Acrobatics
Controller Role: (Sticky Bomb, Cryo-Foam, Bomb, Defibrillator, Taser Pull/Fear gas (your choice), Gag Glove)

DPS Role:  (Gauze Grenade, Cryo-Foam, Bomb, Asphyxiation Gas, Taser Pull (grounding over fear), Intimidation)
* In pvp the combination of Taser Pull or Gauze Grenade and Cryo-Foam is amazing, it Roots/Burns and does decent damage especially with gauze grenade.  Use Gauze if they are already grounded, save taser pull for if they try and run
* Use your Kick up Launcher ability to get distance on the enemy, or Explosive Shot from trick shots with the forward motion

* Use bomb sparringly, as an opener and a finisher its great, other wise it will kill your power fast, avoid using it more than once in a PVE boss fight, its a decent debuff, but you need your power for Defibrillator and Sticky Bomb spam.
* Asphyxiation Gas is WIN when you’re being jumped, will send them for the hills.. also a decent finisher.  Since we dont have anesthetic in this build, its a great Supercharge dump.
* You can use the Finishing Volley from Kick up Launcher (hold mouse 2 after a kick up launcher) without actually landing Kick up, best part is the arrows at the end will knock them up into the air, regardless of rather or not kick up landed.  Use this combo from a distance followed by Flury shot for decent spike damage.

* Dont forget about your 2 button aoe Impact Arrow in the arrow tree, I always forget it but when i remember it its amazing
* Arrow Fling looks  bad on paper, but does sick damage for how fast it is and is a Knock back.  Averages 150 damage at 30 and is spamable.
* Bow Slam is arguable the best PVP skill in the game, it is a block breaker that comes after 3 hits of a combo, and on demand.  Most pvp players (if they are good) will block during your melee combos, to get a free hard stun when you try and execute the end of it.  if they don’t / arent blocking finish it with a Arrow Fling after 2 hits for GOOD damage, if they are blocking Bow Slam them for a free hard stun.  Amazing skill and always over looked.

DUEL PISTOL plays similar to rifle, in that you want to keep your distance and pick your fights in PVP.. however instead of mortar spam we are going to focus on AOE full auto with intimidate.
Weapon Type: Duel Pistol
Movement Type: Acrobatics

Controller Role: (Sticky Bomb, Fear Gas, Taser Pull, Defibrillator, Intimidation, Bomb)

DPS Role:  (Sticky Bomb, Cryo-Foam, Taser Pull, Anesthetic, Bomb, Intimidation)

* Use Hold Mouse 2 (Full Auto) Once in Full Auto you can press “A” or “D” (or what ever you bind strafe keys to) to enter an AOE Full Auto.  Unless you are in PVP and have to block break FAST always combo Full Auto with Intimidation.  This is great in PVE, it can lock down entire groups of mobs, better than any CC we have short of a power combination root.  This also does HUGE DPS, and in PVP if left alone you can force an enemy team to retreat fast.  Basically in PVP it will break their blocks, and if they dont block they eat dmg increased Full Auto plus the stun effect.. Intimidation by itself is MEH, Full Auto by itself is good but not great, but together they become amazing.

* Use defib when ever you can, but make sure you toss a sticky before you do (keeps power gen coming).
* Your rolls are not as good as rifle, but can be used faster (unless you are in full auto).  And remember you can preload the first hits in the roll from the air.

* Keep your distance (in pvp target healer, keep eng up for your healer) (in pve, target trash mobs and pick them off one a time while using defib and sticky to keep teams energy up, target boss when hes the only one left) this allows you to server 2 rolls, trash clean up and batter.  Dont be afraid to spam MORTAR when ever you have them bunched up.  It doesnt do much hit counter but does huge dmg.

* In PVP avoid Full Auto for long bursts, if you get lunged its a hard stun.  Use this only when you have breathing room, or the enemy team is turtling (AOE Intimidated Full Auto)
Taser Pull and Sticky Grenade do NOT combo for power regen, use one or the other.
* With HIGH DOMINANCE and in CONTROLLER ROLE, Taser Pull is an amazing stun, don’t forget that, you don’t HAVE to follow it up, you can use it as a lock down.
* In DPS ROLE, use BOMB to deal massive damage to stunned opponents or as an opener, but avoid using while being attacked, Taser Pull – Bomb – Cryo-foam- Sticky – back roll barrage, mortar is a life ender, but its more than 3/4 of your energy as well ( I pvp in controller role personally, but do solo content in DPS)
* After MUCH testing I can say that Super-Strength does NOT increase bomb-damage, instead Bomb sometimes hits twice, its bugged, this led people to believe that SS was causing it.  It is not.  SS is still a very good skill in Open World PVP and in Alerts however, as it causes burning and a massive healing debuff.  Follow bomb with Sticky Nade for great power inteaction for Decent damage spike.  In groups use Gauze Grenade.
*  If you arent sure whats about to happen in a fight.. IE: hes coming for you but you are not sure if hes gonna lunge, block break etc.. pop intimidation and tap right mouse.. just keep tapping it as this is a pre-req attack for your roll.. if he lunges finish the role and he will wiff, this leaves him open to attack.. plus if you nail him, it will most likely stun him.

Banter1279 added:
*  Gauss Grenade molds nicely with your forward lunge attack.  As soon as your feet leave the ground you can trigger Gauss, still get the knockback effect of the lunge, and the grenade will hit them immediately almost every time.  This doesn’t work as well with Sticky Grenade because usually you will lob the nade over your opponent for some reason.  Overall this is a very nice Burst DPS sequence than can be chained back to back – especially when in DPS role and your opponents are back-peddling.
*  The biggest thing about Intimidation is the increase it brings to your Crit Rating.  When you use it with your full-auto attack (which TinyGod is right in saying that this is THE skill to use it with) only trigger the full-auto for the initial duration of your Crit Increase (hard to miss – the Crit numbers start soaring)  This lasts for only a few seconds but can be devestating.  Anything longer and you risk being interrupted.
*  Magnum shot can be used for quite a few of your attacks but seems the most effective with your forward and backward lunge.  The attack is a bit buggy though and will appear not to trigger a lot of the times.  The work around for this is, much like the Gauss Grenade mold, to hold down your right mouse button as soon as your toons feet leave the ground.  You can easily forget in the fast pace of PvP but if you remember this simple tactic Magnum will trigger 9 out of 10 times.

Essentially the key here is to stay mobile all the time.. Duel pistols has the most mobility of any weapon set IMO.. always be diving and rolling.

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