DC Universe Online After Level 30 Guide

DC Universe Online After Level 30 Guide by Takeshi-Sama

So I was browsing the forums and found someone asking for a guide to being level 30.  Not how to get to level 30, but rather what to do once you’re there.  I’ve been waiting for someone to give me an interesting topic to write up a guide on, and this seems like it’d be a good idea, give the amount of threads in Gotham that I see that are simply asking “What do I do once I hit 30?
Please keep in mind, this is not an intensive walkthrough of each part, simply a quick description of fights and tasks to perform in each.  For that I would recommend a few other guides which will be listed at the end of this guide.
Also, this is mostly being written off the top of my head while it’s slow at work, so any mistakes I’ve written, feel free to PM or reply with a correction.  This is entirely a work in progress, many sections have a lot of work to be done.
Additionally, this entire guide has been made from the villain’s point of view, so if any heroes want to PM me details to be added/changed for the do-good-ers, feel free to do so.  I’ll be sure to include any contributors in the “Credits” section of the guide.
I’ve been asked to add my character info, incase anyone wants to talk/see me in game.  So far, I’ve leveled three 30s, working on leveling all 6 power sets to 30 and getting a fair amount of experience with each power set (read: I love PVP, need to know my enemy’s weaknesses, lol).
All my toons are on the server “Death & Glory”.  These are my 30s so far:
Vivinix – 30 – Ice <–Main
Triangle Man – 30 – Sorcery
Dementius – 30 – Mental
My fire and gadget toons are in the process of leveling right now, both over level 15, but I’ve been slacking since I’m farming feats on Vivinix.  Plant is last priority currently, just ends up that way with the group of friends that I play with (more healers than anything).
Table of contents:
1. General info
2. PVE
                2a. Challenges
                2b. Toyland dailies
                2c. Duos
                2d. Hard Mode Alerts
                2e. Raids
3. PVP
                3a. Legends Arena
                3b. Arena
                3c. World PVP
4. Gear
5. Recommended reading
6. Final thoughts and credits
1. General info
This part of the guide will be gradually updated with random bits of info that don’t really fit anywhere else in the guide, but are good to know regardless.
Renown – Reputation with a faction, the more you have, the more they like you.  Obtained via quests from certain factions, daily quests from each base (WT or HOD) as well as Bounty quests (also daily repeatable) are both excellent sources.  Allows access to purchase items from said faction, possibly a discount as well but I’m not sure.
Influence – Obtained via Arena PVP, both Legends and normal Arenas.  Earned by killing an opponent player, as well as completing rounds.  Used to purchase T1 PVP gear, as well as sodas.
Mark of Victory – Obtained via Arena PVP, both Legends and normal Arenas. Legends rewards 1 for a win and 0 for a loss, I’m not sure the amount awarded in normal arenas simply because I haven’t played any (gearing via Legends, aiming to have a full blue PVP set before I bother with normal arenas…as well as some bug fixes). Used to purchase epic PVP gear.
Mark of Legend – Mark obtained via Legends PVP. It seems you get 1 per round, regardless of win or loss, though if I’m wrong, someone please say so.  Used to purchase Legends PVP characters.
Mark of Allegiance – Obtained from solo level 30 daily quests.  Used to purchase blue level 30 gear, non role-specific, as well as can be traded in for Marks of Triumph (10 Allegiance for 1 Triumph).
Mark of Triumph – Obtained from Duos and Hard-mode alerts, as well as from trading in 10 marks of allegiance.  Used to purchase T1 PVE gear.
Marks of Dominance – Obtained from Raids and the daily Duo and HMA (the one with a star next to it).  Used to purchase T2 PVE gear.


I was considering making this its own section, but decided against it because, again, not here to tell you how to do everything, just to show you what’s available to be done.  To check your feats, either open the menu and select the icon that looks like a trophy, or press the letter ‘n,’ hit esc, and then click feats.  For every 100 feat points, you earn 1 skill point.  Most can be done solo, many require a group (Duo/Alert/Raid feats), but they’re a lot of fun, and well worth the time.

Feats break down into 3 levels, defined by how many stars are next to the feat.

1* = 10 feat points

2* = 25 feat points

3* = 50 feat points

I currently have 50 skill points, though I know there are others with many MANY more points.  The best recommendations I can give would be go through the Booster Gold kiosk missions if you haven’t done so already while leveling, try for all the race achievements (acro is a pain, but I got them all done in a little over an hour), exploration achievements, and buying all the styles from vendors/kiosks in each nightclub/police station as well as the HOD/WT will give you a nice boost.  Just keep an eye on what achievements are in the game.  If anyone has any specific questions regarding these, just PM me and I’ll try to write something up.

2. PVE

PVE is the meat and bones of any MMO game.  Now I realize there are many people who play strictly for the PVP aspect of a game, but without the PVE, there would be no PVP for many games.  PVE stands for “Player Versus Environment,” and has been widely accepted as the acronym for anything where you’re fighting something controller by the game server, rather than another player.

2a. Challenges

Once you’ve hit level 30, you will have access to the “Challenge” version of missions you may or may not have already completed.  These are all solo-based quests, so even if you’re in a group and zone into the same one, you’ll be split into separate instances.  Each of these can be picked up in the Hall of Doom/Watch tower depending on your faction.  These reset at 12AM PST and only reset if you have clicked “Complete” in your journal before this time.  Make sure you enter the portal labeled “Challenge mode” when zoning into each of these.  A quick way to make sure is to see if everything is level 30 rather than what it would normally be.  If you activate the quest in your journal, it will mark the correct portal on your map.

BEWARE: If you complete a challenge, then leave the instance before the quest registers as completed in your journal, you will need to repeat the quest once the instance resets.  I’ve also heard of times when the instance doesn’t reset at all, so you’re basically screwed out of the quest for the day.  To prevent this, I highly recommend staying in the instance until you’ve actually completed the quest and it is no longer listed in your journal.



Boss: Powergirl

Location: Metropolis – Little Bohemia

Description: Enter instance, speak with Parasite, Calculator will ask you to infect 4 meta-students with the parasite. Move down the hall into the library, each meta-student will have a few officers around them.  KO the meta-students, interact with their body, after 4 you will be asked to speak with Parasite.  He will say he needs more energy, have you infect 4 more students.  These are split into 2 rooms with 2 students in each.  Once you’ve infected enough, speak with Parasite, he will open the final room to fight Powergirl.  In order to deal any damage to Powergirl, you must infect 6 students.  These do not have to be meta-students, though KOing meta-students to have fewer mobs on you isn’t necessarily a bad thing to do.  After you’ve infected 6 students, KO Powergirl.  Once she’s down, interact with her body to complete the quest. WAIT FOR THE QUEST TO COMPLETE BEFORE LEAVING THE INSTANCE.

Rewards: 2x Marks of Allegiance

125 renown with Lexcorp

Name: Under a Red Sunlamp

Boss: Supergirl

Location: Metropolis – Little Bohemia

Description: Enter instance, fight mobs on either side to clear a path to the first room.  When you enter the room, you will have a short cut scene of the doctor asking you to teleport captured patients into the tubes, Supergirl will try to stop you.  The doctor will (rather is supposed to) follow you around and trap any patients in the area.  He is somewhat glitchy, often runs to the other side of the room for no reason, or towards an area away from patients.  I’ve found the best way to guide him is to take advantage of the fact that he traps Supergirl when you hit her, this often causes him to walk towards you.  Each time a patient is trapped, pick them up and bring them to the pad in the center of the room.  Once you’ve done this with all patients, Supergirl will fly off and the door to continue on will open.  Kill the mobs in the next room, then interact with the generator at the end of the hall to open the door to the next Supergirl fight.  In this fight, there are 4 computer terminals you have to destroy.  The best way to do this is to tab-target the terminal to be sure your hits are dealing damage to the device.  If Supergirl gets in your way, interact with a patient tube to light it on fire and distract her for a bit.  You may notice you can deal damage to her in this room, but once she reaches half health, she stops taking any damage at all.  Once all 4 terminals are destroyed, continue up the ramp into the next room.  Kill mobs, interact with the 2 large generators, kill some more mobs, go down the ramp at the other side of the room to the last Supergirl fight.  In this fight, there are destroyable baskets scattered through the room.  One (randomly) contains kryptonite, and until you find out which you can’t hurt Supergirl.  Destroy random baskets until the kryptonite appears, then fight Supergirl next to the kryptonite.  Once she’s down, interact with Dr. Psycho to complete the quest.  WAIT FOR THE QUEST TO COMPLETE BEFORE LEAVING THE INSTANCE.

Rewards: 2x Marks of Allegiance

125 renown with Lexcorp

Name: The Demon Inside

Boss: Raven

Location: Metropolis – Tomorrow District

Description: Enter instance, go to first room, you’ll immediately get introduced to Donna Troy.  She is a very simple mini-boss, basically just deal damage until she is down.  If you find yourself having difficulty with this, don’t touch her until all other trash mobs are dead, this takes a bit more time but makes her much easier to deal with.  Interact with the terminal and continue into the next room, drop a few mobs, then meet Starfire.  No real strat here either, simply do damage, she drops fast.  Interact with the terminal at the door and move into the next room, down the hall, into the room with 4 terminals.  There’s one towards each corner, each guarded by 1 mob. I prefer to kill all 4 mobs, then start the terminals, but either way works. When you start a terminal, 2 mobs will spawn from the door you just entered from.  Kill them and move onto the next terminal.  After all 4 terminals are activated, the next door will open and Cyborg will come out to fight.  Again, just deal damage, he’ll drop like a rock.  Move down the hall, around the corner, into the final hallway, drop the 4 mobs there then open the door to reveal Nightwing. No real strat here either, he jumps around a bit and does a spinning move (similar to the duel wield 9xtap-1xhold combo, without the 9xtaps) that you should stay away from but again, nothing serious.  Once he’s down, talk to Raven to open the portal to her soul.  Enter her soul, watch the cut scene, then fight the Ravens.  Not much of a strat here, just fight each of them one by one as they become active, dodge-roll out of the way of her raven blast and tornado things, then take down the last one with a possessed Raven by your side.  Once you’ve downed all 4 Ravens, talk with the possessed raven to complete the quest.  WAIT FOR THE QUEST TO COMPLETE BEFORE LEAVING THE INSTANCE.

Rewards: 2x Marks of Allegiance

125 renown with Cult of Trigon

Name: Reign of Blood

Boss: Doctor Fate

Location: Metropolis – Chinatown

Description: Probably the fastest challenge mode so far (under 5 minutes to complete is my best time so far). Enter the instance, kill the mobs in the first room, hit the mob near the shielded door to drop the shield, kill some more mobs, continue into the next room.  Interacting with the orb in this room to spawn a few demons (allies) as well as drop the shield to continue on.  Kill mobs, jump off balcony to another orb.  Same thing as last time, interact with orb, kill mobs, move into final boss room and interact with ankh to spawn Doctor Fate and Brother Blood.  3 main phases in this fight, the normal phase, the life-sap phase, and the invulnerable phase.  To start, just damage him, he teleports around sometimes, just stay away from the gold orbs on the ground. After a bit, Brother Blood will start stealing health from Doctor Fate.  If you stand within melee range of Blood, you will regen health (very small amounts, but something).  Continue doing damage, he will return to normal phase, and eventually to the invulnerable phase.  In this phase, he will float to the middle of the room, you won’t be able to target him.  He spawns the same gold orbs wherever you or Blood are standing, which explode a second or 2 after they appear.  They spawn in sets of 3, one every second or so, 3 in a row, with a few second gap between each set.  Just run around the room, they are super-easy to avoid, you should never get hit by one of these.  Wait out the invulnerable phase, then rinse and repeat the first 2 phases until he’s dead.  He will normally go invulnerable a 2nd and possibly 3rd time depending on gear/role/etc, but it’s possible to do this without letting him do so more than once.  Once he’s down, talk to Blood to complete the quest.  WAIT FOR THE QUEST TO COMPLETE BEFORE LEAVING THE INSTANCE.

Rewards: 2x Marks of Allegiance

125 renown with Cult of Trigon

Name: Shipping and Handling

Boss: The Huntress

Location: Gotham – Burnley

Description: Enter instance, kill first few mobs, wait for Catwoman to pwn the detective, talk to Catwoman.  She will open the door to the next room.  Kill mobs, go up ramp, kill some more mobs, go up another ramp, kill some more, then find yourself at a room with skylights. When you enter the threshold for this room, mobs will drop in from the skylights, 3 at a time.  Kill them (9 mobs total) to activate the console to open the door to continue.  Continue on, kill some more stuff, until you see Catwoman fighting a few cops.  When you enter and the cops go down, Huntress will come out.  She has 3 phases, as well as a timer until the building is raided by police.  Her first phase is normal damage, just keep hitting her.  She will eventually do one of two things; get explosive arrows for her duel pistol..er…crossbow…mini-crossbow things, or go stealth.  If she gets the explosive bolts and you have the gear, just beat her down while she’s shooting, otherwise LOS until she runs out of bolts.  If she goes stealth, stay near Catwoman and attack whenever you see her appear.  If SWAT raids the building, stay on Huntress, as they all just walk away once Huntress drops.  Talk to Catwoman to complete the quest.  WAIT FOR THE QUEST TO COMPLETE BEFORE LEAVING THE INSTANCE.

Rewards: 2x Marks of Allegiance

125 renown with The Rogues

Name: The Last Laugh

Boss: Robin

Location: Gotham – Joker’s Fun House

Description: Enter the instance, drop some mobs (if you have super strength, the giant balls do massive damage), continue into the next room, drop mobs in front of the console to open the door.  Once the door is opened, drop the mobs in front of the next console, then interact with the console to kill basically everything on the floor below you.  Drop down to the floor below you, kill the mobs that are still alive, enter the threshold at the far end of the room and interact with the console there to kill the entire hallway ahead of you.  Continue further on, kill mobs, etc, until you enter an area that looks exactly like Joker’s Vault.  Loop around the room, exit the same way you would exit the Vault, but instead of a warp, you drop down a hole.  Once you’re down there, kill the mobs, go up the stairs to start the fight with Robin.  Robin is very similar to how he plays in Legends PVP, meaning he jumps around a lot and does the spinning staff move on occasion.  Nothing really notable about this fight, just take out Robin.  Once he’s down, interact with Harley to complete the quest.  WAIT FOR THE QUEST TO COMPLETE BEFORE LEAVING THE INSTANCE.

Rewards: 2x Marks of Allegiance

125 renown with The Rogues



You are able to earn a total of 12 Marks of Allegiance in 1 day from these.

2b. Toyland Dailies

There are 3 Toyland daily quests that are also picked up in the Hall of Doom/Watchtower.  Each rewards 1 Mark of Allegiance and all 3 can be completed in under 10 minutes with a bit of practice.  These will be more of a description of how to complete rather than a walkthrough, mainly because of the race.

Name: Once More With Rockets!

Location: Stryker’s Entrance

Description: Goal is to kill 20 flying toys.  Start by standing on the large arrow on the ground, this will launch you to a floating platform with another arrow, which will launch you to another…to another…to another, and finally to a platform with a toy that you can interact with.  You cannot interact with this toy without going through all platforms from the ground up, and once you touch the first arrow on the ground, you lose your movement mode and gain superspeed.  Once you interact with the toy, you turn into it, which has flying, and 3 powers.

1 = AOE damage.  Fairly useless never had to use, usually doesn’t get as many kills as you can get by using the strat below.

2 = Self-heal.  Instant cast, heals an insane amount, might as well use it if you need to.

3 = Self-destruct.  Use to exit the form if you complete the quest before it runs out.

My method: Fly towards any mobs you can find spamming MB2 -> Tab over and over. From what I can tell, it takes 2 hits to down a mob with the laser shot (MB2) though I usually end up hitting them several times afterwards because they don’t actually die immediately. There is a time limit on the toy mode, after which you have to start from the bottom again, but I’ve never timed out using this method.

Rewards: 1x Mark of Allegiance

Name: Toyland

Location: Stryker’s South End

Description: Goal is to kill 15 of a specific miniature toy.  Hit the wood boxes until they explode into several present boxes.  Interact with present boxes until you get a black orb with electricity coming out of it (also has an objective symbol on it).  Pick up this orb and bring it to the female toy on the ledge above you to allow you to interact with it.  Interact to become that toy, which has 3 powers as well:

1 = AOE damage. This is the only damaging attack this toy has, so use it wisely. Will 1-shot all miniature toys around you, has a cast time and a cooldown.

2 = Self-heal.  Has a cast time, but is pretty much necessary at some points.

3 = Self-destruct. Used to get out of toy form.

My method: Use MB1 and MB2 to knock around the unimportant toys, keep an eye out for green shields (same ones that Nanosynth OMACs create).  The toys with these green shields are the ones you need to kill.  Just run around until you have 5-8 on you, then use power 1, then power 2 (your health will definitely be low by then if you do it this way).  Do this a 2nd time, possibly a 3rd if needed, search the entire area for extra mobs, probably the fastest of all 3 toyland dailies.

Rewards: 1x Mark of Allegiance

Name: Fun For Girls and Boys

Location: Stryker’s North Yard

Description: Goal is to carry the reactor to the top of Stryker’s.  When you lift it up, you turn into a toy with Acrobatics as your movement mode, regardless of what type you normally have.  Just follow the waypoints, dodge obstacles, and you’re golden.  I won’t go into much more depth with this one because it’s all a matter of practice.

Rewards: 1x Mark of Allegiance

You are able to earn a total of 3 Marks of Allegiance in 1 day from these.

2c. Duos

Duos are similar to challenges, in the way that they are recycled content that you may have done while leveling, however they are now level 30 and allow you to have a partner with you when you do them.  I’ve seen many posts regarding what combo of roles is best for these, and the answer is….whatever works for you.  I personally run with me and my partner in DPS mode for the sake of speed, but any combo works, just some take longer than others.  It’s a good place for healers/tanks/controllers to practice their skills for the Hard Mode Alerts and Raids to come.  Each duo rewards 2x Marks of Triumph.

Once you’ve done a duo, you can re-enter them, however you will not get boss dropped loot or Marks until it resets (12AM PST nightly).  As far as I know, these can only be done via the On Duty menu, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Duos, as well as Hard Mode alerts have a “Daily” which is indicated by a star next to its name.  If you complete the daily duo, you receive 1x Mark of Dominance.

Name: Gotham University

Boss: Isis
Mini-boss: Necro Magent Gruhn
Rewards: 2x Marks of Triumph

Name: Gotham Mercy Hospital

Boss: Mister Freeze
Mini-boss: Two-Face
Rewards: 2x Marks of Triumph

Name: HIVE Base
Boss: Queen Bee
Mini-boss: Booster Gold
Rewards: 2x Marks of Triumph

Name: OMAC Base

Boss: Brother Eye
Mini-boss(es): OMAC Sigma, OMAC Delta
Rewards: 2x Marks of Triumph

You are able to earn a total of 8 Marks of Triumph and 1 Mark of Dominance in 1 day from these.
2d. Hard Mode Alerts

Hard Mode Alerts (HMAs or HMs) are 4-person instances.  2 of these are recycled content, 4 others are new at level 30.  There are (currently) 2 difficulties of HMAs, “Normal” and “Medium”.  Normal HMAs don’t recommend anything, whereas Medium HMAs recommend T1 and 200 dominance.  Neither of these recommendations matter at all, all of these are easily doable by a coordinated group of fresh 30s.  Knowledge>Power, per say.  The rewards given by HMAs are based on how many bosses are in the alert, as well as the difficulty. This is where I’ll break down and not go into such detail, since there are already several other very good guides on all HMAs.  Instead, here’s the breakdown of each HMA, it’s difficulty, how many boss fights with names, and what reward you receive.

As stated previously, HMAs have a daily as well, which is indicated by the star next to its name.  If you complete the daily HMA, you receive 2x Marks of Dominance.

Name: Area 51
Difficulty: Normal
Bosses: Subprime Regulator Alpha; Subprime Regulator Beta; Subprime Regulator Zeta; Prime Servitor

Name: Ace Chemicals
Difficulty: Medium
Bosses: Babyface; Sludge Thing; Punchline; Duncan and Rinty; Clownsanity; Chemo

Name: Smallville
Difficulty: Medium
Bosses: Doomcrazed Giant; Lady Doombringer; Dr. Richards; Doomsday

Name: Stryker’s Island
Difficulty: Medium
Bosses: Rogues; Grodd; Meta Human Leaders; Rogues unite

Name: Arkham Asylum
Difficulty: Medium
Bosses: Poison Ivy; Scarecrow; Mr. Freeze; Villany United (All 3 together)

-Villains Only-

Name: Hall of Doom Armory

Difficulty: Normal

-Heroes only-

Name: Watchtower Containment Facility
Difficulty: Normal
Bosses: Prince Ulgo; Brainiac Eradicator; System Hacker

You are able to earn a total of XX Marks of Triumph and 2 Marks of Dominance in 1 day from these.

2e. Raids

Ok, because of work and college, my raid experience is fairly limited.  I’ve done Batcave a few times, but not enough to know every aspect of each fight or memorize what drops where and how much, so instead, here are some links to the guides I recommend:

3. PVP

PVP, or “Player Versus Player” is pretty much anything that puts you up against another live player in direct competition to obtain a goal.  Even if that goal is to kill the other side more.  PVP is an ever-changing beast, and often the most dynamic part of a game.  It’s also one of my favorite topics, so having all these exploiters ruin the fun is kinda ticking me off, however the combat system has me intrigued, so I’m going to grit my teeth and bare it.  The game is very good, and I’ve already set up the Legends Pricing…so I’m probably going to end up giving it t least 9 months before I give up on it. xD

So for the time being, this will be a area.  If anyone else would like to write up something nice to put in here, I’ll post it here with full credit to you, so feel free to PM or post anything you’d like to be added.

As previously stated, PVP rewards Influence, Marks of Legends, and Marks of Victory.  I haven’t really paid attention to how much you earn from each round, beyond the Marks of Legends, which you receive 1 per Legends Arena, regardless of win or loss I believe.  As always, if this is incorrect, please let me know so I don’t misinform.

3a. Legends Arena

3b. Arena

3c. World PVP

4. Gear

Gear is a much smaller part of the game than almost anyone thinks it is.  Especially in a game like this, where not everything is based on passive percentage chances.  Despite this, gear is a good thing to have, and the more you know and all that jazz.  Because this is aimed at level 30 only, I won’t include any information below level 30.  This is not specific style information or locations of gear, but rather a few key details that I feel help people form opinions of gear.

– At level 30, DPS will be tilting their preference of stats from Precision to Might.  This is not an end-all fact, good DPS is still sustainable with high precision, however you’ll find gear will stack less precision and more might as you gear up.   The reasoning for this is because while you’re leveling, your only means of regen is weapon combos or leaving combat.

Once you hit 30, a lot more group content occurs, so having a controller will be pretty standard, thus allowing more power usage.  This doesn’t mean you should spam powers, only that they will become a much more important part of your rotation than they were while leveling.

– A role requirement DOES NOT require you to be in that role to wear the gear, only requires that you have access to the role.  Even if you’re in damage role, you still obtain ALL stat bonuses from that piece of gear.

This means that if a piece of healer gear drops and you’re a tank, you can’t even equip the gear to get the style.  Unless you are completely trolling the group you are in THERE IS NO REASON for you to NEED in this situation.

– Levels of Gear can be discerned by the color of the gear.  This does not mean it will necessarily be better than anything lower level than them.  All tiers of gear can have role requirements.

– “Common” – Starter gear and bought off vendors.

– “Uncommon” – Random drops off almost any mob, almost always “Integrates on Equip.”

Blue – “Rare” – Generally only drops from named mobs or bosses, almost always “Cannot Trade.”

Purple – “Epic” – Generally only drops off named mobs or bosses but has a lower percent chance of dropping than blue items in most cases, and I’ve actually seen more of these as “Integrates on Equip” than I have blue, lol.  But generally, these will be “Cannot Trade.”  Additionally, there are drops of this rarity that are considered “Iconic” pieces of gear.  They offer a style that is generally the name of the hero/villain they drop off of (eg. Scarecrow’s Hat) and are Integrate on Equip.

Orange – “Legendary” – Extremely rare drops.  Only one that I know of is the one from The Vault that turns you into a kryptonian ghost or something.  If anyone knows of more, please let me know so they can be added.

– What stat you should focus on comes down to your class/role and style of play.  There are the commonly accepted ideas of though both Tanks need Dominance, Ice Tanks stacking Defense due to their passive buff, while Fire Tanks stack HP; Controllers require Vitalization and Dominance, and then apparently should be stacking Precision to increase DPS; Healers need to stack Restoration.  While leveling, most focus on Precision, as it increases the DPS of your weapon, which is your primary source of damage while leveling.  All of this is what I’ve interpreted from my own play (3 level 30s, Ice, Mental, Sorc), as well as much discussion on these forums as well as others, however this is all entirely opinionated currently.  If someone’s done the theorycrafting, then please let me know, but until then, it all comes down to how you play.  I’m not saying someone will be an awesome healer with no restoration gear, but rather order of priority can be tweaked to very large extents.

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